The Ruffian Hero Cheng Nuo Is Dead, Don’t Look Up

I’m Ying’er. I’m in Class A of Senior One in XXX school. I didn’t go home after school. Instead, I lived in a rented house. I especially like to read horror novels. People are here, my parents haven’t come home from a business trip for a few months, and I don’t have much hope for them to come home sooner.

I read horror novels online when I turn on my computer.

“The ghost is here~~~ the ghost is here~~~~~~” I looked down at the computer desk, it turned out that the phone was ringing, and it was my friend who changed the ringtone.

There are words on the screen of my mobile phone, “Little Lin’er”. I pressed and answered, holding the phone close to my ear.

“Little Lin’er, what’s the matter?”

“Little Ying’er, please come and sleep with me, will you?” I heard a trembling voice, too much trembling, and crying, as if she was afraid, what was she afraid of?


“Okay! I’ll go right away.” I frowned and nodded. Turn off the phone and stand up.

I grabbed my bag and went out.

When I walked to the dormitory building, I suddenly saw a little girl in white at the gate of the dormitory building. Seeing her face was yellow and thin, I was frightened. I thought she was sick?

I hurried to her side and asked her worriedly.

She looked at me with a smile and looked up slowly, what was she looking at above? I was suddenly a little strange in my heart, I couldn’t help but want to look up, slowly looking up, and suddenly Xiao Liner grabbed me I was startled, and suddenly looked at Xiao Liner who looked scared and stared at me with wide eyes and fear. I thought she was very strange, as if we met for the first time.

“Don’t look up!” she begged, shaking her head slightly. “You must not look up.”


I nodded, puzzled.

“Sleep with… me, I’m so… so scared…” She shook her voice, and I nodded and helped her walk into her dormitory.

I woke up in the morning and found that Xiao Liner was gone, thinking she must go out to buy breakfast, I got up with a smile.

Suddenly a little girl ran out in a panic, I was startled, how could she run so fast? Seeing the panic on her face, I suddenly became worried.

“Xiao Lin, what are you doing? What are you scared of?”

“Little…Lin…Er she…jumped off the building and died…” Xiaolin stammered.


I heard her speak, like a thunderbolt from the blue, and ran out of the door in a panic…

That night, I stood at the gate of the dormitory building silently looking ahead, thinking that Xiao Liner told me not to look up, why is this?

I can’t help but be very curious about it. She died after looking at it. What did she look at?

I couldn’t help but slowly raised my head and looked up, my wide eyes suddenly flashing a look of fear.

“Ah!” I screamed in terror, turning and running frantically.

I went back to the house and hid under the bed. I didn’t dare to come out. Smile at me, no, weird smile.


“Boom…” was the sound of footsteps.

I broke out in a cold sweat, and I really regretted knowing not to look up. My face was getting paler and paler, and my whole body was shaking violently.

The footsteps gradually disappeared, and my heart gradually relaxed, but I still felt uneasy, so I opened my eyes to see if the ruffian hero Cheng Nuo was dead , I felt relieved, and slowly climbed out and looked up. Looking at my room, I couldn’t help being stunned, this… what is it?

This is not my room, another unfamiliar room, so familiar, it’s my home!

“Also~~~~I~~~~Life~~~~~~” I heard the cold and cold voice, I couldn’t help screaming in horror, and ran downstairs frantically, when I suddenly encountered two corpses that were already rotting Stinking, their faces are gone, and the bleeding is so miserable!

I accidentally fell to the ground and suddenly found that this corpse had gold earrings on its ears. I opened my eyes wide to see if their hero, Cheng Nuo, was dead . These two corpses were my parents!!!


“Also~~~~~I~~~~~~Life~~~~~~~” I heard the cold and cold voice again, my whole body was shaking, I slowly turned around and watched the female ghost in the school uniform float over, She smiled at me slyly, something flashed in my mind, I looked at her with wide eyes in horror, so it was… I remembered…

I’m really going crazy!

“Ah…” I couldn’t help screaming…

That night, Xiao Lin and her good friend went to the gate of the dormitory building. Xiao Lin sighed and said, “Xiao Ying’er is so pitiful.”

“What a pity, please wash your head well, she is a murderous demon, her character is very strange, lonely, and every day she says never look up, what does that mean? Hmph, she really It’s abominable, she personally pushed Xiao Liner, her good friend, to jump off the building, you know, the police went to her house to investigate and suddenly found two corpses, it was too tragic, I heard that the faces of the two corpses were cut by her It’s too scary to leave! I never thought she would treat her biological parents like this.” Xiao Lin’s good friend Xiao Xue cursed in displeasedness.

“I said she was very pitiful and longed to need her parents to accompany her. Her parents were away on business for a few months. She was often at home alone, feeling unsafe at home. Symptoms, alas!” Xiaolin said sympathetically, the more Xiaoxue saw her sympathy, the more unhappy she became.

“Don’t look up!” Suddenly hearing a gloomy voice, Xiao Lin and Xiao Xue’s faces turned pale with fright.

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