The Eyes In The Corner Of The Legend Of The Red Ghost (1)

Eyes in the corner (8)

Although I really wanted to go to the firewood house to find out, but at this time, it was the real business to send Xiao Yang to the hospital as soon as possible. I quickly helped her put on her filial attire, picked her up and ran to the gate.

“Don’t go!” Xiao Yang slowly woke up a little bit, she found me running towards the gate, struggling to pull on the corner of my clothes, and said weakly.

“No, I want to inform everyone, I don’t know what will happen later!” I continued to walk towards the door.

“The door is locked!” Xiao Yang said weakly.

“What?” I just walked to the gate, I pushed hard, and it was locked!

“Lao Qian will come to open the door tomorrow morning! Let’s continue with the legend of the red ghost . I’m fine, let’s go back and have a look!” Xiao Yang was still very weak, but he seemed to be looking forward to it.

I had no choice but to carry her back to the wing, put her on the bed, and cover her with a quilt, but I still did not dare to go to the woodshed. I stood up, walked slowly to the rear window, opened a slit slightly, and looked outside. The pond was still calm, and a rope from the shore led into the water, which should be the shrimp pot Xiao Yang said. I looked at the woodshed from a distance, it was dark and nothing out of the ordinary.


I turned around and was a little puzzled. I started to think about the yin wind just now. What was that? Is it a ghost? Otherwise, Xiao Yang would be in so much pain, why would it be okay to wear a filial piety? I must ask my second uncle about this matter, but at least we have to get through tonight. I don’t know where the wind has gone, maybe it’s by my side!

“Qingyuan, take me to see it!” Xiao Yang lay on the bed, propped up his body slightly, and looked at me expectantly.

“No, I think it’s dangerous! Let’s stay here!” I seemed to be making excuses for not being able to.

Suddenly, Xiao Yang’s eyes widened and he stared at the window behind me in horror.

I turned around abruptly and saw that in the distant firewood room, in the darkness, there was a vaguely like a person standing, glowing with light, she was looking straight at us! I took a step back in fright and looked back at Xiao Yang.

“It’s her!” Xiao Yang struggled to prop up her body, I knew she wanted to get out of bed to see what happened.

“I’m going! You rest!” I stepped forward and supported Xiao Yang to lie down. When I said this excitedly, I didn’t know where the courage came from. I really wanted to take it back, maybe because I wanted to see her. “Bar.


“Come back and tell me!” Xiao Yang also knew that he couldn’t leave, so he lay down reluctantly and looked at me.

I smiled and nodded to her, but in fact, I don’t know if I can come back out of this door.

I slowly approached the firewood room, the “person” disappeared again, and the surroundings were quiet, but this quietness made my heart beat faster. But the more frightened I became, the more terrifying things came to my mind. I suddenly thought that the gloomy wind just now brought my grandmother’s body into the woodshed again.

I stood far away at the door of the woodshed, the door was opened again, I picked up the flashlight tremblingly, and illuminated the surroundings, but it could not illuminate the inside of the woodshed! I stood there in a daze, not daring to approach, I thought, let’s go.

Just as I turned my head, a “person” suddenly appeared in front of me, her face was facing mine, only a few centimeters at that moment, she looked straight at me, that’s the look! I felt a chill on my face , and fell to the ground in fright, looking at her in horror .

“You…what are you doing!” I wanted to run, but my legs didn’t obey me, so I could only watch her slowly walk towards me. She walked slowly beside me, squatted down, looked at me blankly, I didn’t dare to move, she paused for a while, picked up the flashlight I left aside, and threw it into the pond.

“This…” I looked at her in amazement, but I noticed that she seemed to be no different from anyone, with long hair on her head and wearing a cheongsam that could not be bought now, very simple. Only the chill when she walked up to me made me believe that this beautiful woman in front of me was a ghost.


“Don’t use something so bright at night in a place like this.” She stood up expressionlessly and reached out to help me up.

I didn’t dare to reach out, I stood up quickly, looked at her cautiously, didn’t dare to look elsewhere, didn’t dare to move half a step.

“Can you see me?” She looked at me carefully, but asked a superfluous sentence.

“I…I saw you when I was a child.” The first time I talked to a ghost, I was a little nervous.

“Oh, I’ve been here for more than fifty years.” Her tone seemed a little emotional.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” I asked boldly.

“Who am I? I almost forgot. That day, I was here waiting for that man to come as usual. He never came, but a group of ferocious people came. They… they killed me, and then I stayed there. Waiting here, from waiting for one person to now waiting for two people…” She looked a little blank.


She was immersed in her own story, but I was even more at a loss than she was.

“Can you see me?” She turned her head suddenly and asked the same superfluous question.

I nodded my head in fear, I thought the ghost would not be forgetful.

“Then… that man, you should call him grandpa.” She looked at me coldly.

“Grandpa?” I was more and more surprised.

“My daughter died after giving birth to a son, why are you coming to see me now?” She suddenly looked at me with relief.

“I think you’re mistaken, my mother isn’t dead yet.” I think this ghost is a bit indifferent.


“Oh? You should doubt your birth. Only blood can let you see me.” She smiled at me, but it didn’t look so scary.

“Anyway, it’s you who’s talking.” I gradually stopped being afraid of her, since she regarded me as her grandson.

She smiled at me, did not speak, but seemed very kind.

“Why did you do that girl like that just now!” I suddenly remembered the terrible scene just now.

She looked at me in surprise and shook her head.

“Who else isn’t you?” I said angrily.

“Have I told you that I don’t have a neighbor?” She pondered for a while, then looked at me with a frown.

I gasped, she meant, that gust of wind just now was another ghost! I was suddenly very uneasy, and suddenly looked at the window of the wing, and vaguely, I saw that Xiao Yang on the bed seemed to be gone.

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