A Missing Morgue Watchman (2)

So, everyone told everyone about the past in the morgue in detail, and then went home to sleep. Now that the little devil she placed in front of the morgue has been caught, we can clear this bush early tomorrow morning. On the fourth day, the third child died for no reason, and people in the village began to talk about moving out. Now seeing that children in the village are being killed one after another, and the death conditions are the same, it is very likely that the perpetrator of the crime has also been injured. … Continue readingA Missing Morgue Watchman (2)

Shadow Dance

This is a video of Duan Mengyu dancing with a girl. The girl in the dance is blindfolded and very charming. Meng Yu follows behind with a loving expression. Mayfair watched the video with sadness. When she turned around, she found a letter on the table with familiar handwriting: Meet in the rehearsal room at nine o'clock in the evening to rehearse the dance. The graceful dance steps inspired her to miss him. Because they had broken up, although the two of them were close to each other, they felt out of reach. The so-called shadow dance turns out to be a performance between people and shadows. … Continue readingShadow Dance

The Ruffian Hero Cheng Nuo Is Dead, Don’t Look Up

There are words on the screen of my mobile phone, “Little Lin’er”. I suddenly felt a little strange in my heart. I couldn’t help but want to look up and look up slowly. Suddenly Xiao Lin’er grabbed my shoulder, I was startled, and suddenly looked at the scared little Lin’er widened. Her eyes looked at me in horror, and I thought she was so unfamiliar, as if we had met for the first time. She shook her head slightly and begged. “You must not look up.” I couldn’t help but be very curious about it. She died after looking at it. What did she look at? I went back to the rented house and hid under the bed, and didn’t dare to come out. … Continue readingThe Ruffian Hero Cheng Nuo Is Dead, Don’t Look Up