Mei Niang Of Liaozhai

Twenty miles to the south of Tongzhou City, there is a deserted garden, I don’t know when it was built. Because it is rumored that there are often ghosts and ghosts appearing in that place, most of the scholars who have passed by and stayed here for several years are missing or missing. It is said that they are all in the cold winter season.


In the late winter, the leaves are falling, the mountains are empty, the fields are barren, and the chill is chilling. For several miles around, there was a desolate scene. There are only a few sparse plum blossoms beside the post road with red buds, each of which wants to express their fragrant thoughts.

Xue Yuanchen pretended to be a scholar, but he looked a bit like him.

Pushing open the decayed garden gate, the withered grass in the yard spreads over my knees. After looking around, the pavilions and pavilions have long been damaged. The pond was also full of ruins, and there were still a few ruined lotus stalks and some dead branches floating in the muddy water. The protruding rockery is covered with fallen leaves, like a weather-beaten tomb. There is a deep path leading to the backyard, where the weeds grow wildly into a forest, and there is still a wintersweet by the well, blooming enchantingly. I don’t know who the former owner was, but I can imagine the elegant scene here many years ago.

Although the side rooms are dilapidated, they have not collapsed, and after cleaning, they can still accommodate people. Presumably those foreigners passing by here are also sheltering from the wind and rain. But why is it always the scholar who is missing here? This time Xue Yuanchen came to investigate this matter.

Xue Yuanchen cleaned a wing room, although the decayed smell of the old house could not be removed. The house is neat and clean, and the couch is spotless. I picked up dead branches, lit the fire to make tea, and looked out the window, it was gray, it was probably going to snow tonight.

The cold night is quiet and the scenery is bleak, there must be a deep meaning. I remember the master who taught him to exorcise ghosts and catch demons on the mountain said so.

After drinking three cups of tea, Xue Yuanchen couldn’t help thinking. What did the scholars who stayed here in the past do? Scholars naturally read books. So, he picked up the “University” and “The Doctrine of the Mean” that he had brought with him and began to read them seriously.

After three o’clock at night, there is still no abnormality. Snowflakes fell outside the window, he turned on the fire, and fell asleep on the corner of the table.


Waking up in the morning, the bright white outside the window wraps the whole garden very vividly. The gloomy scenery of last night was gone, and a scent of wintersweet came to the nostrils.

In order to find out the truth, Xue Yuanchen plans to stay here temporarily. So he swept away the snow in front of the door and pulled up the weeds in the yard.

The sun shines on every corner of the garden, and the universe is bright and bright, where are the ghosts? Xue Yuanchen couldn’t help smiling slightly. However, as the saying goes, there are no waves without wind, and the mystery here still needs to be understood.

Xue Yuanchen went to Tongzhou City to buy food and wine, and then asked someone about Huangyuan. The wind was tight, the chill was blowing, the sky was gray, and snowflakes floated in an instant. When Xue Yuanchen arrived at Huangyuan, night had already fallen early.

Light a fire, drink and eat to warm up. After a few drinks, I’m already drunk. Thinking about it, what went wrong? Is it because I don’t look like a scholar? still? Anyway, just wait.

With drunken eyes, Xue Yuanchen opened a book of poems. Read it aloud: “Jinse has fifty strings for no reason, one string and one column think about the Chinese New Year. Zhuang Shengxiao dreamed of butterflies, Wangdi Chunxin entrusted cuckoos. There are tears in the moon and pearls in the sea, and smoke in Lantian’s warm sun. This feeling can be regarded as memory. , but I was at a loss at the time.” This is Li Shangyin’s “Jinse”. It’s such a good poem, even Xue Yuanchen, a fake scholar, can read the charm and emotion in it.

Suddenly, a woman’s slight sigh was heard outside the window, the voice was ethereal, with deep resentment deep into the bone marrow. It makes people feel miserable, like in a dream.

Xue Yuanchen wanted to finally wait for the monster to appear, but he felt a little confused when he thought of the sigh just now.

When he went out to take a closer look, he was nowhere to be seen. There is only a pale moon falling on the white snow, which is extremely cold.

The fragrance of plum blossom penetrated into my heart, Xue Yuanchen leaned on the table and fell asleep.


The next morning, Xue Yuanchen walked around the garden. Only the backyard has not been cleaned by him, the forest of weeds is a bit mysterious and strange. And the wintersweet blossoms are equally gorgeous.

Xue Yuanchen used the spell passed to him by his master to calculate, and it turned out that this wintersweet plant has been around for thousands of years. The sigh last night must have been her appearing in a human body.

Xue Yuanchen shouted immediately: “You evildoer, since you have practiced for thousands of years, why don’t you devote yourself to the Tao, but instead kill innocent people in the world.”

When he was about to attach the talisman to the wintersweet tree, the wintersweet tree immediately turned into a human form, a pink and delicate woman. As the breeze blew, she looked like a graceful fairy, with a kind of categorical innocence and elegance that made people dare not look at her.

There were tears in her eyes, so charming. Xue Yuanchen couldn’t help but stare dumbfounded.

Thinking that this plum blossom essence has some unspeakable difficulties, and then recalled what the master once told him not to kill living beings recklessly. Xue Yuanchen put away the talisman.

Look at the Plum Blossom Essence again and think twice.

Xue Yuanchen left a word, “Come to my wing tonight.” Then he left.

It was that sigh again, with a long and deep resentment.


At night, the cold air soaked this barren garden even deeper.

Xue Yuanchen lit a fire early to make the atmosphere in the room warmer. After making clear tea for guests, he actually treated the plum blossom essence as a guest.

A gust of wind blows, and the half-hidden door is pushed open with a “squeak”, and a fresh fragrance blows in. A graceful and slender woman walked in, with her head bowed, a plum blossom hairpin was inserted obliquely in her hair, and a few plum blossoms were also inlaid on the white gauze.

The moment she raised her head, Xue Yuanchen was in a daze. It was an extremely beautiful face, somewhat charming, somewhat graceful, and also somewhat indifferent.

Don’t say that he is a scholar who is full of wind, flowers, snow and moon. He thinks that any man in the world will be moved by it, including Xue Yuanchen who has been practicing for many years.

“Tell me what you have to worry about right now, but you have to explain why so many scholars are missing here.” Xue Yuanchen said calmly.

“I have been here for thousands of years. At that time, it was a deserted suburb. My sisters and I lived happily here. I don’t know which year, an employee from the city built a garden here, so I lived in this quiet place. Continue to practice in the backyard. Until I become a human, I met and fell in love with the young master in this garden.” Plum Blossom Essence said in a mournful voice.

“What happened later?” Xue Yuanchen’s intuition told him that this should be a poignant love affair with a ladyboy.

“This son is an elegant scholar. We spent the past few months reciting poems and composing music. We were in love for several months. Later, the outsiders found out that they wanted to separate us forcibly. The son became ill because of thinking about me, and died of illness. His family buried him in the backyard. In the bamboo forest, I was afraid of being sad when I saw things, so my family moved away. Since then, I have never left here, and I swear that I will stay with him forever and be with him forever.” Plum Blossom Essence has burst into tears.

Xue Yuanchen sighed heavily. It turns out that the demon also has a karmic relationship, an infatuated demon.

“Then can you tell me the whereabouts of those missing scholars?” Xue Yuanchen couldn’t help becoming serious when he said this.

“I don’t know.” Plum Blossom Essence looked blank, her heart was still floating in those old memories.

Xue Yuanchen felt confused in that look and eyes without the slightest pretense.

“Call me Mei Niang, that’s how he called me back then.” Plum Blossom Essence said quietly.

“I’m Xue Yuanchen. I’ve learned Yi from a teacher since I was a child. In recent years, I’ve been hunting ghosts and subduing demons for the benefit of the common people.” Xue Yuanchen thought it was funny. Maybe he wanted to make friends with demons.


The snow falls without dust, and the dream is lingering. In the past few days, Xue Yuanchen got along with Mei Niang and felt that she was pure and perfect, like a proud wintersweet flower.

At night, Xue Yuanchen chanted poems under the window, like a scholar.

And Mei Niang always looked at him infatuatedly, the look in his eyes was heart-pounding and sad.

This is a happy time, although Mei Niang just misses him in her heart. But Xue Yuanchen was shocked by her infatuation, immersed in her beautiful love.

He realizes that he has inexplicably fallen in love with Mei Niang. This is an absurd thing, before all the truth is found out, Xue Yuanchen cannot allow himself to have such feelings.

Xue Yuanchen remembered that his master gave him a precious mirror when he went down the mountain, this mirror could reflect the past and future of demons and ghosts. If he wants to know Mei Niang’s innocence, he only needs to look at it with a precious mirror to know the answer. These days he has been hesitant, he is afraid that the disappearance of those scholars is related to Mei Niang.

In Mei Niang’s eyes, it could be seen that she was innocent.

It was night, and he was wandering in the backyard. I remembered that Mei Niang said that the son was buried in the bamboo forest in the backyard. The vicissitudes of life have changed, and the bamboo forest has long since ceased to exist. There are only large areas of weeds, which are ten feet high.

He pinched his fingers and wanted to calculate his own future, only to remember that his master said that Taoists could not calculate his own destiny. The master just said: “There is a definite number of cause and effect in the world. If you escape the calamity of love, you will stay away from the world of upside down.” So his name is Yuanchen.

It was Mei Niang’s sigh again, she had practiced for thousands of years, but she could not escape the catastrophe of love after all. Is that man really worth her sinking for life after life?

“You should forget!” Xue Yuanchen said heavily.

“Some people, some things will never be forgotten.” Meiniang whispered, every word seemed to be sighing.

“You still have a long time, and one day, you can still achieve a positive result.”

“I only envy mandarin ducks, not immortals.”



As winter draws to a close, Mei Niang tells Xue Yuanchen that the scent on her body will slowly dissipate after the beginning of spring, and will bloom again in the coming year. But she is still guarding here, accompanying him who is buried underground.

Xue Yuanchen has stayed in the garden for several days, although the reason is to find the whereabouts of the missing scholar. But there has been no abnormality these days, except for Mei Niang’s appearance. Could it really be related to Mei Niang?

Xue Yuanchen didn’t want to believe that Meiniang’s infatuation and chastity were beyond doubt.

The precious mirror is still wrapped in the luggage, and it has not been taken out for a long time.

Wait a little longer, Xue Yuanchen comforted himself like this.

Still reading poems at night, Xue Yuanchen read many touching sentences in the poems. There are too many people who have been fascinated by love since ancient times. Mei Niang gave up a thousand years of Taoism for a dead person, and Xue Yuanchen forgot his responsibility as a Taoist priest for a goblin.

The unsolved cases that have been accumulated in Huangyuan for many years will eventually be solved.


On the day of Lichun, it began to rain, soft as silk, stained with tears of idiots.

Xue Yuanchen rushed to Tongcheng early to buy food and wine. Today is Mei Niang’s lover’s birthday. That son who has passed away for many years, did he know that there was a woman guarding him like this in the Nether Realm? Xue Yuanchen and Mei Niang were together as a demon, but they couldn’t find his soul. Was he reincarnated? Still lost in spirit, unknown.

In the room that once contained her lingering love with him, Xue Yuanchen and Meiniang drank heavily. Wine turns into tears of lovesickness in the intestines of sorrow, it is better to get drunk and rest.

After drinking countless cups, they slumped down on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

A gust of cool wind woke Xue Yuanchen up, and he looked at Meiniang who was lying beside him, her face was pure and beautiful. A thought suddenly occurred to Xue Yuanchen, at this moment, taking a picture of Mei Niang with a precious mirror, she can completely return her innocence. Maybe it can also be seen that her future has a story related to herself.

In a daze, Xue Yuanchen took out the precious mirror, and scenes of Meiniang’s past flashed before his eyes.

At this time, Mei Niang was stroking Xue Yuanchen’s body in her sleep, whispering softly with her mouth full of sweetness. Xue Yuanchen’s whole body went limp all of a sudden, and he realized that he was unable to wake up to see what happened in the mirror.

Uncontrollably hugging Mei Niang into her arms, the moonlight fell softly. Xue Yuanchen smelled the bone-piercing fragrance, as if Mei Niang wanted to disperse the fragrance. Just when he was most ecstatic, Mei Niang immediately picked him up and walked straight to the backyard.

In the scene of leaving the room, Xue Yuanchen saw Meiniang walking towards the backyard with another man in her arms like this in the mirror. Xue Yuanchen was just puzzled, he didn’t understand what Mei Niang would do.

Mei Niang carried Xue Yuanchen through the long weeds and came to a grave. It turned out that behind the weeds was the tomb of the young master, and the surroundings of the tomb were clean and dust-free.

The moonlight is leisurely, this is a poetic night.

“We will stay together forever and never be apart.” Meiniang murmured.

“Yes, stay together forever and never separate.” Xue Yuanchen finally understood what Mei Niang was going to do. He seemed to see Baojing acting out their current scene. Xue Yuanchen was a little sad, Mei Niang would never forget that young master, so every year on his memorial day, she would bring a scholar to his grave.

She lifted the cover behind the grave, carried Xue Yuanchen in her arms and committed herself to sneak in.


Xue Yuanchen did not expect that there would be so many bones in the tomb, let alone such an ending.

Mei Niang missed him so much, so on this day she would unconsciously repeat such a thing, that is, bring a scholar to his grave to be buried with her.

I don’t know which scene is being played out by the precious mirror on the couch at the moment.

Mei Niang cut the veins on Xue Yuanchen’s body, and his aura gradually weakened. Seeing the bright red blood staining her white dress, blooming like enchanting plum blossoms.

Xue Yuanchen remembered what his master said again, “There is a definite number of cause and effect in the world. If you escape the calamity of love, you will stay away from the upside-down mortal world.”

In the end, he still did not escape the love robbery.

Xue Yuanchen used his last strength to find the talisman from his sleeve, and stuck it on Mei Niang’s body.

“I will always be with you.” Yes, Xue Yuanchen will always be by Mei Niang’s side, never let her be lonely, never let her walk out of the grave again, and hurt more living beings.

A demon, Xue Yuanchen and Mei Niang closed their eyes with a smile.

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