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[Collection of short and medium supernatural novels] 23 extremely short horror stories

23 short horror stories

Welcome to the "23 Very Short Horror Stories" feature. Here, we have collected 23 extremely scary and creepy stories for you. Each story is short and concise, making people feel endless fear in a short reading. These short stories have different themes and styles. Some are about vengeful curses, some about mysterious ghosts, and some about gruesome murders. Each story is presented in a very short length, with ups and downs in the plot, which catches people off guard and makes people constantly guess the development and ending of the story in the exciting reading. In this feature, we will take you into the world of these very short horror stories, giving you a sense of suffocating fear.We will analyze in detail the themes and plots of each story, as well as the horror elements and psychological undertones behind them.

[Collection of short and medium supernatural novels] Collection of classic ghost stories

Collection of classic ghost stories

Welcome to the "Classic Ghost Stories Collection" feature. Here, we have collected for you the most famous and classic ghost stories in the world, so that you can listen to them all at once. These stories have passed the test of time and become classics in the literary world. They can arouse the interest and resonance of readers no matter when or where they dream about ghosts . These ghost stories come in a variety of styles and themes, including horror, mystery, supernatural, fantasy, and more. Some stories are about ghosts and vampires, others about demons and wizards. But no matter what, these stories can leave you feeling an unusual sense of fear. In this feature, we will take you into the world of classic ghost stories and let you feel the gripping and creepy storylines.We'll break down the background and history of each story, as well as their context in the text.

[Collection of short and medium supernatural novels] Supernatural events in rural areas in the 1980s

Supernatural events in rural areas in the 1980s

Welcome to the special topic "Supernatural Events in Rural Areas in the 1980s". In this feature, we take you back to the countryside in the 1980s to explore those creepy supernatural events. The countryside of that era was intertwined with mystery and superstition, and there were many stories that are still unexplained. We have collected some supernatural incidents that happened in rural areas in the 1980s to reveal to you the strange stories hidden behind ordinary life. These supernatural events involve many supernatural phenomena, including ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc. The events are frightening and tense, and each story has its own unique character and style. Some stories are about love, others about sacrifice, but they all have a common goal, which is to make you feel an unspeakable sense of terror.In this feature dream about ghosts , you will

[Collection of short and medium supernatural novels] Let A ghost story that makes people afraid to sleep

Ghost stories that make people afraid to sleep

Welcome to the "Ghost Stories That Afraid to Sleep" feature. In this feature, we have selected some creepy ghost stories for you, so that you can feel the fear and tension welling up from the bottom of your heart. These stories are mainly intended to scare you, keeping you awake late at night. These ghost stories involve a variety of supernatural phenomena and mysterious events. Some stories are about evil spirits and apparitions, while others are about weird legends and curses. Each of these stories has its own unique character and style, but they all share the same goal of making you feel an unspeakable sense of dread late at night. If you want to experience an unusual sense of fear, or want to challenge your courage and imagination, this topic will be your best choice.Please feel free to share with us

fire and fish

There has been bad luck all week, and yesterday's fire pushed the unlucky atmosphere to a climax.

Yesterday I was the only one staying in the dormitory to sleep. I slept so darkly that I dreamed that I was eating kebabs, and suddenly I smelled something burnt. When I opened my eyes, the dormitory was already in flames. I went to open the door in panic. Unexpectedly, the temperature of the door handle was already extremely high. I was burned as soon as I grabbed it. What's even worse is that the door of the dormitory has deformed under the high temperature. I kicked it for a long time without opening it.

Our dormitory was on the sixth floor, and escaping from the balcony would obviously only allow me to die in another way. I hurriedly poured half of the water in my basin over myself, thinking that I might be able to live a little longer. Then I followed what the book taught me and covered my mouth with a towel and lay on the ground to avoid being suffocated by the smoke. But the fire showed no sign of weakening, and the sultry heat and thick smoke had already made my consciousness increasingly blurry.

I'm really going to die this time…

The last sound I heard before losing consciousness was the sound of someone opening the door in the corridor. When I woke up again I was already lying in the hospital.

I felt it, and except for the pain on my skin, it seemed to be nothing serious, at least I wouldn't be disabled.

The doctor told me that several classmates had already come to visit me. However, considering that burns are most afraid of infection, we will not let them in again in the future. I looked at the bedside, and sure enough there were a few bouquets of flowers and some fruits, as well as the two goldfish I raised in the fish tank. Just now I was worried whether they had been cooked by the fire.

I lay in a daze in the ward for the next few days. At first I felt comfortable not going to class, but then as my consciousness became clearer, I slowly felt that something was wrong.

The hospital is very sunny, and the curtains have never been opened. There was almost no sound of people walking in the corridor, only my doctor came in occasionally. Moreover, there is only one doctor these days.

There are no nurses, no caregivers, not even a family member of a patient who went to the wrong room.

Although I have never been in an intensive care unit before, it feels like it shouldn’t be like this…

Finally, I couldn't help getting out of bed and opened the curtains. There are no windows behind the curtains, and the bright light I usually see comes from a small energy-saving lamp! Unprepared, I suddenly felt a numbness in my scalp: This ward is fake!

I hurriedly looked at the fish tank, and then I noticed that one of the fish seemed a little sluggish. I took it out and pressed it gently in my hand. Part of the fish's body fell off, revealing the circuit and button battery inside. .

Fake, all this is fake!

At this time, familiar footsteps came from outside, and the doctor was coming in. I grabbed the fish tank and tiptoed to the door.

my sleep talking

The door was opened gently from the outside.

As soon as the doctor came in, I aimed the fish tank at his head and hit him. The doctor screamed and fell to the ground. I took advantage of the situation and put my knee on his neck, and said sternly: "Be honest! What on earth is going on in this ghost place?"

The doctor was stunned and said with difficulty: "You, please don't kill me…"

"Cut the nonsense and answer my question!"

The doctor said: "This is all fake. You will know after you go out and take a look."

Now that my injury is almost healed, this doctor shouldn't be able to do anything to me, not to mention that he has been blinded by my fish tank. I let him go and walked out of the ward. I was dumbfounded.

I'm not in the city!

There is a wilderness outside the ward, and I thought it was morning, but it was actually late at night. There were a few wild dogs or other animals in the distance, their eyes flashing blue.

My "ward" is actually a prefabricated house, standing alone in the wilderness.

The doctor took advantage of my daze and tried to run away, but I caught him.

"Honestly where is this? What time is it?"

The doctor stammered: "I don't know either! They hired me to pretend to be a doctor here to stabilize you and then take care of your injuries. This is the suburbs of X city. Today is October 17th, and you are already here I've been in a coma here for half a month."

I was completely dumbfounded and almost thought it was an April Fool's Day prank or something out of a suspense novel. I was actually thousands of miles away in City X, and I had been in a coma for half a month!

"What do you want from me?"

The doctor said with a sad face: "I really don't know! I only work and get paid. You can't tell me anything else! I only know that the electronic fish seems to be very high-end and is used to eavesdrop on you talking in your sleep."

daydream? What's so good about the sleep talk of an unlucky college guy?

Suddenly I thought of what happened during the summer vacation, and my heart tightened.

I went to my uncle's house during the summer vacation. He was an antique dealer, but some of his business channels seemed not very legitimate. I heard from him that when he was young, he was imprisoned for tomb robbing. I thought I would encounter something exciting with him, but nothing happened until I returned to school.

Could it be related to this matter?

I opened up the lifelike electronic fish and found an SD memory card inside. I installed it on the doctor's phone and found that it actually contained a lot of recently recorded audio files.

I clicked on one at random and vaguely heard my snoring coming from inside. The doctor seemed to feel that there was no place to escape in this wilderness, so he came over to listen.

Suddenly, my snoring stopped in the audio, and then my voice came from inside.

It was definitely my voice, but the content it said was unimaginable, and the tone was extremely unfamiliar. It sounded extremely strange in this weird cold night:

"My name is Lin Yunsheng, male. I was born in City

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