Ghost Eyes Spying On People Chapter 234 Changes In Various Stages


Of course I want to know.

Don't want to know what to do?

Yang Jian looked at Wang Xiaoming strangely, as if waiting for his answer.

"Is there no problem with the ghost domain remaining like this?" Wang Xiaoming did not answer first, but first confirmed the current situation.

"No problem, but I won't last too long." Yang Jian said.

Wang Xiaoming said: "Of course, using the ghost realm is very taxing on oneself. I know very well that ghosts that can use the ghost realm are not so easy to suppress, so you are special in my eyes. If you don't Kill my biological brother and I think I will fall in love with you.”

"I'm not gay, thank you." Yang Jian said.

"You understand what I mean." Wang Xiaoming said; "Let's continue the previous topic. What do you think a normal baby should do after it is born?"

"I'm not an obstetrician and gynecologist, how do I know?" Yang Jian said.

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Peeping through the window to see ghosts_Ghost eyes to peep at people_What does peeping into people mean’/>

"The first thing after a baby is born is to open its eyes and see the world clearly. The same is true for ghost babies. Therefore, the ghost babies in the first stage will kill the people they see. After the baby sees the world clearly, it will then have physical contact. , to further perceive the world through the touch of the skin, this is the second stage of the ghost baby, killing anyone it comes into contact with."

“Perception is not separate, but superimposed.”

Wang Xiaoming said, "When a baby is born and sees and touches ghost eyes , what will happen next?"

"Did you hear that?" Yang Jian frowned.

"Yes, hearing is the key, so I guess that the ghost baby in the third stage should kill the person it hears the sound," Wang Xiaoming said; "But this is just a guess, there is no basis, and there is no evidence to directly prove this. It’s the third stage of ghost baby transformation.”

"Then what if your inference is true? What about the unknown fourth-stage ghost infant?" Yang Jian said.

Wang Xiaoming said: "I don't know, because the third stage is just speculation. It is very unreasonable to speculate based on speculation. I will not do this kind of thing to spy on people , because wrong information can easily mislead people." , thus causing the ghost controller to enter a wrong dead end when facing fierce ghosts."

"Once you make a wrong choice, you die. This is not a game and there is no chance to start over, so I only make speculations about the third stage."

"Unless it can be confirmed, I will not proceed with further speculation and research."

"Don't see, don't touch, don't listen." Yang Jian narrowed his eyes.

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Peeping through the window to see ghosts_Ghost eyes to peep at people_What does peeping into people mean’/>

Combined with the previous situation when facing the ghost baby, I gradually became more convinced of Wang Xiaoming's conclusion.

When Zhou Zheng died at school, the ghost baby saw himself when he was born, so it first chased him. Later, it chose to attack Wang Shanshan because of the existence of ghost eyes.

This is called seeing.

Then, the ghost baby grew up into a ghost child and began to hunt down Wang Shanshan who left the palm prints.

Why wasn't there a chase at the beginning?

Just because Wang Shanshan had not yet met the second condition at that time, the ghost baby had not yet grown into the second stage.

When the ghost baby reached the second stage, Wang Shanshan began to be attacked.

As for the third stage, hear.

This cannot indeed be confirmed, after all, it has not been confirmed personally.

But combined with the previous two situations, Yang Jian is 70% sure that Wang Xiaoming's inference is correct, and the condition for the third stage is not to listen.

_Peeping at people with ghost eyes_Peering into windows to see ghosts

But if this is the case, it will be too difficult to deal with the ghost babies in the third stage.

You are not allowed to see the ghost baby, you are not allowed to touch the ghost baby, and you are not allowed to hear the ghost baby.

If this is the case, then this supernatural event has evolved from easy mode to hard mode, then to hell mode. If there is a fourth stage in the end, it will be nightmare mode.

If you don't cheat, you basically have no chance to play.

All need to cool down.

"So you are very important. Ye Feng can die, but you can't. If you die, Dachang City will really be over."

Wang Xiaoming said: "So I can share the research results of the past few days with you, but I will not disclose them to others. In my eyes, they are just cannon fodder, and you are the key."

"Because my ghost realm can meet all the conditions of not being killed at the same time?" Yang Jian immediately understood what he meant.

Hiding in the ghost realm, he would not be seen by the ghost babies outside, would not be touched, and would not make a sound to be heard.

It equals perfect restraint.

<img src='' alt='What does it mean to peek at people_Peering into people with ghost eyes_Peering into windows to see ghosts


"Yes, you have a ghost domain. This is the only chance for a comeback that I can think of at the moment." Wang Xiaoming said: "What makes me even more happy is that you used your own method to control the second ghost. This ghost's ability I don't know, but I can touch the ghost baby regardless of the conditions.

This is again a very important point. "

"So, you have the conditions to imprison the ghost baby, but what you lack now is an opportunity, so I want to create this opportunity. It doesn't matter if I sacrifice a few ghost masters if necessary."

"So you are saying that I am very lucky to be the savior of this city?" Yang Jian said.

Wang Xiaoming said, "No, this is not lucky. On the contrary, you are unlucky. It's just that the places where you are unlucky are different. Strictly speaking, I am the lucky one. After all, I am a protected being."

"indeed so."

At this moment, Yang Jian squinted his eyes and looked at Wang Xiaoming again.

No wonder this guy is called a national treasure researcher. Even if the higher-ups give up Dachang City, they will not give up on this Wang Xiaoming.

His mind is indeed very smart.

And this kind of intelligence is not used to memorize pi, memorize English words, or do business to make money, but to deduce supernatural events.

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Without direct contact with ghost babies, the rules of ghost babies can be summarized through some scattered information and some research.

Or this complex supernatural event with at least four changes.

If he had a mind like Wang Xiaoming, the supernatural incident he encountered would not have been easily solved.

"You have thought everything clearly and clearly. It would be a pity not to become a ghost controller with this kind of ability." Yang Jian said.

"It's a pity that I became a ghost controller." Wang Xiaoming said calmly.

Yang Jian smiled: "Indeed, ghost controllers are short-lived. As an ordinary person, you can live for at least another fifty years, but as a ghost controller, you can only live for a few years at most."

"Where is the ghost baby in Dachang City now?" Wang Xiaoming said: "With the speed of the ghost baby's movement, I believe it has already reached its destination."

Yang Jian glanced at Ghost Domain.

At this moment, the map of Dachang City changed in the ghost domain. He made the ghost baby fall into hallucination, and through this method, he found the location of the seventh street that did not exist in Dachang City.

"It is walking randomly on the road now, but its general direction is towards Beicheng District, which is where Ye Feng and He Chuan disappeared." Yang Jian said.

"Then we have to wait a little longer." Wang Xiaoming said.

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