The Campus Was Shocked By The Death Of Yomon's Husband: A Series Of Murders Caused By Hide-and-seek!read Online

"Brother, let's play hide and seek!"

"No, you can't play hide and seek here."

"No, I don't want to pull. I just want to play, I just want to play!" As he spoke, he started to cry.

"Ah–" It's a sunny day. I said comfortably. Today is my first day at A Vocational School.

After dividing the dormitories, it was a peaceful night. I almost forgot to mention that the dormitory is for 4 people. The one facing the door is No. 1, and the one next to No. 1 is No. 2. On the upper bunk of No. 1 is the handsome guy Liu Sa, who is so handsome. They say that pretty girls have no brains, and when they see handsome boys… they are no exception.

The person facing Liu Sa on bed No. 2 was Liu Jin. (Jin Meiren.) In addition to being cute, he is very cute. Except that he is a boy, he looks like a girl. He looks like a beautiful woman and has similar vocal cords. The vocal cords also make his voice sound more interesting. He has a better figure than a girl and looks better than a model in any clothes he wears. He is quite sinful. 1 The one on the lower bunk is Zhang Ming with four eyes. It is said that students with perfect scores in various fields come to vocational schools instead of going to university! Eh. The world has changed. The lower bunk No. 2 is mine. Liao Xian! Nothing, mediocre, ordinary, destined to be mortal.

Before I knew it, it was summer vacation, and a month of summer vacation had passed. There was a girl who confessed her love to Jin before but was rejected. She sadly committed suicide at home.

"Today, let's go eat hot pot!" Brother Sa said.

"Support! Brother Sa's treat!" I immediately jumped up and supported him with my hands and feet.

"It's up to me, but… I still… want to go…" Jin said shyly.

"You all go, why would I stay?" Four Eyes smiled slyly, "I don't want to miss the delicious meal. Hehe."

"Are you…are you…animals?" Brother Sa pretended to be innocent, "Can it be made in AA?"

"Your treat." The three of them said in unison.

At a hot pot party, we talk happily over wine and talk about everything. Jin fainted from the drunkenness, but she was still somewhat conscious.

After three rounds of drinking. Brother Sa settled the money and said he would take Jin back first. Four Eyes goes shopping with me. I heard about a midnight mobile phone store with super cheap mobile phones and limited edition ones. So we parted ways, and I went to buy a mobile phone with my half-drunk eyes. It's all a lie. How can there be a midnight shop? Bijin and the others came back 10 minutes late. When I came back, Siyan said she felt uncomfortable and was beaten back.

He walked to the door of the dormitory with his seemingly confused eyes, but unexpectedly heard a blushing voice. Fortunately, my best friend asked me to take care of his cat, so he gave me the key to their dormitory, otherwise I would have to sleep in the corridor. Brother Sa was really unruly. After feeding the cat food and covering my four eyes with quilts, I felt sleepy. I fell asleep in bed in a daze.

In the morning, the first ray of dawn kissed my forehead, while my four eyes were still asleep.

I murmured in my heart: Why do I feel that the position of Siyan's shoes is wrong? Is it an illusion? At this time, Meow Meow crawled out from under the four-bed.

"It turns out it's you!" I picked up Miaomiao and scratched him. It felt comfortable and rubbed against me.

"You exist, deeply in my mind…" A text message came from the phone.

Class teacher: You four, you have nothing to do. Come over and help the teacher do something.

I was speechless when I saw this text message.

"Whose text message?" Si Yan muttered and got up.

"It's from the head teacher. Ask us to come over and help. I'll go find Brother Sa and Jin. You go first."

"Yeah." Si Yan went to the toilet.

Jiefu layman Sina_Yangmenzhijiefu died_Jiefu means

Siyan's cell phone fell on the bed and he started to check it. A text message from a long time ago: He and he and her, if we don’t understand it, there will be no solution. No solution means 0.0 means it disappears.

This is a divine horse. Whatever, put it back. So I went to the bathroom to wash up briefly and then returned to my dormitory.

"Brother Sa, Jin, get up and get up. The head teacher has asked us to go, so hurry up! I'll go there first." I woke up Brother Sa and Jin, and made sure they received the message I said, and then I went to the teacher.

When I arrived, Brother Sa and Jin arrived after a while. The head teacher brought all his children.

"Ah! Mom, what a beautiful big sister." The teacher's son pointed at Jin and said.

"I'm not a sister, I'm a brother~~" Jin squatted down and said seriously.

"Young Yan Wuji! Don't mind Liu Jin." The head teacher immediately smoothed things over.

"Mom, I also want to play with this handsome big brother and this beautiful big brother." The teacher's son said happily. Was it obvious that I was being disliked?

"Okay, Liu Sa. Liu Jin. Please take care of my diaper superman. Liao Xian and Zhang Ming stay here to help me." The head teacher said.

Brother Sa and Liu Jin led the teacher's children's papers out.

A long time passed.

"I'm going to the bathroom." Siyan stood up.

"Yeah. Go ahead." The head teacher didn't even raise his head.

"Xian, are you going?"

"I won't go, I have to finish the approval quickly. But if you are willing, please send a photo of using the toilet so that I can upload it. Haha." I replied helplessly.

5 minutes later. "You exist deeply in my mind." I just turned off the ringtone on my phone and saw a picture of four eyes on the toilet. "Xiao Xian, put your phone away first and get rid of the test papers first." The teacher said. I silently put the phone aside.

After 10 minutes, Jin hurried in, dragging the teacher's son with him.

"It's bad, Brother Sa…is missing!" Jin said breathlessly.

"What? What's going on?" The teacher stood up immediately and looked serious.

"Mom. 555, I… was… playing hide and seek with… my brothers, but… the big brother is missing. 555. Missing…" The teacher's son said with a choked voice.

"I'm back." Four Eyes walked in, "What happened?"

"Liu Sa is missing. Are you looking for her while you are playing there?" the teacher asked.

"It's in the school. The scope of the game is the entire school. I didn't reply to the text messages. I turned off the phone when I called. I've searched around the place where I played, but I can't see it." Jin said eagerly.

"Liao Xian, please call the police. The others will follow me and Liu Jin."

Jiefu of Yangmen died_Jiefu layman Sina_Jiefu means

"Yes, I understand." I picked up the phone and said, "Hey, is it 110…"

After searching the entire school, it was already dark. The teacher's husband sent his son home. We returned to the dormitory. Because the police told us to stay in the dormitory and not wander around so that we could be questioned more easily.

As I looked at the book, I felt very flustered, wondering why the good person was missing. Jin's eyes turned red from crying.

"Do you know?" Four eyes broke the calm.

"What?" I replied.

"There is a legend in this school, and there is also an unwritten rule: No! Can! Catch! Confuse! Hide!" Siyan suddenly emphasized his tone.

"So, it seems that there really is." Jin raised her head and looked around.

"I heard that there used to be some classmates here who didn't go home during the summer vacation like us, so they got together and got bored. Someone suggested playing hide-and-seek, so a few friends started playing together. It just so happened that there happened to be people wandering around. The robber was nearby, and a boy accidentally stepped into his territory. The robber was afraid that he would be exposed, so he killed the boy, divided his body, and buried it in the woods. The soul of the student was full of resentment because of the violent death. So, he and him The people who were playing hide-and-seek together also died inexplicably. From then on, as long as anyone plays hide-and-seek, someone will die , and there will be as many deaths as there are people playing." Four Eyes Suddenly he looked at Jin and me.

Jin's face turned pale with fright.

"No way. You can't pull it by chance. Brother Sa can't…" Jin lost confidence as he spoke.

The police came later, asked a few questions, gave a statement and a quotation, and then left. Also, Brother Sa’s body was found, but it was dismembered and the head was missing.

At night, no one fell asleep. I heard Jin tossing and turning on the upper bunk.

"Jin. It's okay. You'll be fine tomorrow." I comforted Jin. So, Jin became quiet. I still heard Jin's cry. So, I texted and chatted with Jin. Jin asked me what happened during the day. I said it all. Jin said that Siyan was the murderer of Brother Sa because he was the only one…

I fell asleep unconsciously. It was dark in the dream, but I heard someone calling me: Xiaoxian, Xiaoxian, come here quickly, I am here…

"Who is it? Who is it? Come out. I can't see it!"

Suddenly his eyes met another pair of eyes. "Ah." When I stepped back, I accidentally tripped and fell. Only then did I see the true face of these eyes. His eyes were wide open, with blood gurgling from the corners of his eyes. His face was pale and his purple lips were dripping with blood.

"Brother Sa…" I said softly.

"It's me. I died miserably. I died miserably. But I don't know who killed me." Brother Sa's head floated in the air and talked to me, spurting blood every time he said a word.

"I don't know either. I wasn't there at the time, so I couldn't help it." I said bitterly.

"Xian, I can't find my body. I can't find it, I can't find it, I can't find it. Otherwise, give me your body!" He said and fiercely rushed towards me.

"No!" He screamed and rolled off the bed.

"Xian, what's wrong with you?" Jin lay on the bed and looked at me.

"It's okay, I had a nightmare. Haha." He was so embarrassed. Still broke out in a cold sweat.

A day without incident.

What does Jiefu mean_Jiefu layman Sina_Yangmenzhi The death of Jiefu

"Then, let's hide and seek." Jin said.

"I don't want it." I refused decisively.

"In this way, we can find the boy's soul, and we can ask him where Brother Sa is. Maybe, I can meet Brother Sa!" Jin said, shaking me crazily.

"I…" I lowered my head, "Okay, I promise you. I'll go."

"You've all gone, can I not go?" Si Yan said helplessly.

So, we played hide and seek in the woods. The four eyes looked like ghosts, so Jin and I went to hide. I very cunningly hid on top of the big tree, where the leaves were lush.

After 5 minutes, I saw Si Yan and Jin. They passed in front of me. (Standing high to see far away) But I think Jin is walking a little weird, as if he is injured.

"You exist deep in my mind": Jin was injured, I helped him to rest. I'll see you later.

"I'm going too." I texted back. So he shouted and climbed down from the tree.

Arrived at the dormitory.

"Jin, wake up." I shook Jin, "Jin…"

"Jin is awake." I waved, "Look around, Jin is awake."

"Xian. I just accidentally fell down and fell down , and unexpectedly I fainted. I made you worry." Jin said with a pale face.

"Just wake up." Si Yan continued to read the book.

"Be careful, he is not a good person." Jin whispered in my ear.

Little did he know that his action was viciously recorded.

Just like that, I lay on the bed thinking about what Jin said and fell asleep. In the dream: Jin and I talked a lot.

When the first ray of sunshine kissed my face, I got up. Glancing at the dormitory, Jin He was nowhere to be seen. I opened my phone and saw the text message, which I had sent four times before. I called Jin's phone number.

"The customer you are calling has turned off the phone…" Hang up, Jin, the phone is turned off?

"Siyan. Where are you?" I called Siyan.

"I'm here." The dormitories were pushed away. Four eyes were covered in sweat.

"Why are you so wet?" I asked.

"It's 39 degrees and the bathroom doesn't have air conditioning. How can we not get wet?" Siyan said as he changed his clothes.

"Have you seen Jin?" I lowered my head and asked again.

What does Jiefu mean_The death of Jiefu in Yangmen_Jiefu layman Sina

"No. He went out early in the morning." He answered me without even looking at me.

"You're lying. How come he made no sound when he went out with an injured foot?" My voice became deeper.

"You slept like a baby." He looked at me. "What's wrong with you? What's wrong?"

"Stop lying to me. I know you killed Liu Sa, and Jin is probably dead too. Why, why did you do this?" I tried my best to raise my head and look directly at him.

"You know everything?" Four Eyes said disdainfully.

I was startled. "It's really you."

"I really don't know where you got the evidence to doubt me, and you are so sure. I was in the toilet when Liu Sa died, and I gave you the photos. How do I know whether Jin is dead or not? The police can't find out. Do you doubt me about something?" Four Eyes answered affirmatively.

Suddenly, Siyan's body softened. Lying on the ground.

"Hey. Si Yan. What's wrong with you?" I knelt down and pushed Si Yan.

Suddenly, I was pushed directly to the ground by a force. Four eyes pressed on me and pinched my neck.

"Do you want to kill people and silence them?" I asked.

"You know too much." Four eyes looked at me a little slyly and said.

The four eyes look wrong. It should be said that it is different.

"You are not Siyan, who are you?" I tried my best to open Siyan's hand.

"I am him, and he is me. Haha. I am his split other half, do you understand? Those things he dare not do, I will do it!" Four Eyes increased his strength.

"No, don't hurt him, he is my friend, he is innocent!" Another tone came out of Siyan's mouth.

Suddenly, Four Eyes stood up.

"Run quickly. I can't… control… him… anymore." He shouted at me with four eyes: "Run away!"

I started running. I ran towards the easiest place to hide – the woods. Because, I saw Four Eyes chasing after him.

"Stop!" Four Eyes roared.

I dodged and entered the woods. Fortunately, my four eyes were slow.

"Jin! Brother Sa, I brought him!" He shouted with his last breath, facing the big trees.

When my eyesight goes dark, I don’t know anything anymore…

The setting sun touches my eyes.

What does Jiefu mean_The death of Jiefu in Yangmen_Jiefu layman Sina

"I'm back to… the dormitory?" I was happy and excited. From the corner of his eye, he saw Si Yan changing clothes.

Could it be that everything just happened and that was the rising sun? I thought to myself.

"Are you awake? Xian." Si Yan asked with concern when he saw me.

"Well. Are you tired? Can you help me like this?" Si Yan said softly.

"Huh?" There were all questions in my mind.

"You're so stupid. I'm Jin." Si Yan said playfully.

"You are Jin. What about the four eyes? And if you are really Jin, don't do such disgusting actions." I said a little surprised and helplessly.

"I'm Jin. Hehe. By the way, how are you sure that Si Yan is the real murderer? We have no evidence." Jin asked me again.

"First, if he went to the toilet and didn't post photos, I wouldn't doubt him. I don't believe that my friend is the murderer. Second, there are only two reasons for posting photos: 1. He is just bored, 2. He wants to hide something. . Third, there are flaws in the photo. I saw Brother Sa’s shadow. Why I am sure it is Brother Sa? It’s very simple, because Brother Sa was wearing pants with chains that day, and I saw the shadow of the chains. And… "

A pair of hands grabbed me tightly. "I'm just saying, I'm so perfect, what's the problem? I didn't expect that I'm so smart that I'm mistaken for my cleverness." Another one with four eyes said.

"Hmph. You kill me. It's useless. I've already sent the picture to the teacher and the police. I've also attached my opinion. You're waiting to die. …Okay." He said struggling.

"I want you to accompany me to death!" Siyan roared with increased strength.

My blood was not circulating and I fainted from lack of oxygen. At the moment when I felt like I was going to die, I saw Jin and Brother Sa…

When I woke up, I was already in the hospital.

"Are you awake?" the teacher said.

"Thank you very much. Liao Xian, if it weren't for the pictures and recordings you provided, we really wouldn't be able to do anything against Zhang Ming," the policeman said.


"That's it, you should listen to it yourself."

Put on your headphones: Why did you kill Brother Sa and Jin?

Why? hehe? Is this something you deserve to ask? Why? It's their own fault. hehe. Do you remember it? May 27th. Ji Lan.

Ji Lan? Is that the girl who confessed her love to Jin but was rejected? The one who committed suicide in the end?

suicide? Haha, don’t think it’s that simple. It was Jin who forced him to death.

No, how could this be done?

No? You ask him to go. hehe. Can't ask anymore. I tell you. He rejected Xiaolan, but he also showed Xiaolan photos of him and Xiaolan’s ex-boyfriend Liu Sa! I was worried about Xiaolan, so I transferred to another school and came here, but she committed suicide. They dated after that. I never knew why Xiaolan died, but when I came back that day and heard their voices, I knew that Xiaolan was talking about him and him and her. No solution means 0.0 means it disappears. What means. I transferred to this school because of Xiaolan, and suddenly I discovered that Jin’s mobile phone number in Xiaolan’s phone was exactly the same as Jin’s, so I knew they were the same person.

At that time, I was drunk, but it was not intentional. I didn’t want to send it to Xiaolan, so I accidentally pressed the wrong button.

But Xiaolan is dead, do you know? all because of you! because of you. So I want to kill you adulterers and adulterers! I used hide-and-seek to knock Liu Sa out, took her to the toilet, and took photos. I twisted off his head and put it in the water tank. Ha ha. It's still hide and seek, but it's a pity that you destroyed it. It's a pity, damn Jin, I haven't lived long enough for you to wake up. I don't know, who told you to always be so dead when you sleep? I still cut Jin's body into pieces, and I'm ready. The only thing is that I sweat a lot. I buried his body under the tree. hehe. Let them never get together.

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