The Kingdom Is Dead Chapter 29: Peace And Evil Clouds

"You mean, the top priority now is to find the crown?" Zhang Yicheng heard some clues, "I know a few good people who know archaeology and can help you find it…" When it comes to treasure hunting, Zhang Yicheng immediately Thinking of Qin Ge, the old man must be interested in this kind of thing.

"Thank you for your kindness, but it's best for ordinary people not to go in that place!" Tong Guohu said, "I already have an evil spirit in me, so I won't attract other things, but if it were someone else, I'm afraid it would be dangerous!"

"You mean… you have found the place? And there are other things inside?" Zhang Yicheng was stunned, "What is it? How many are there?"

"A year ago, I identified a place…" Tong Guohu didn't seem to want to continue the topic of "other things", "Judging from the traces outside, it was 100% the place where the Taiping Army's treasure was hidden, but I didn't go in at the time… "

"Why didn't you go in? Just because there were other things?" Zhang Yicheng was puzzled, "What if someone else takes the crown away during this year?"

"I have already said that there are evil spirits in me, and those things should not pose any threat to me. But at that time, I thought, since I didn't find the true immortal anyway, what's the use of getting the crown? The crown should be National treasure, if I had taken it then, it would have been troublesome to carry it with me…" Regarding the question of whether anyone else had gone in, Tong Guohu didn't seem to bother to answer. He just took out a stamp album from the rattan suitcase and opened it. There is only one letter in the stamp album. Judging from the faded color of the paper, it must be old. The content of the letter is as follows:

My younger brother Yuanfu cried:

Yesterday, I received a letter from my brother and found out what was being said in the court. I had no way to defend myself and could only weep about it. This was the beginning of many suspicions. It was actually a rumor. I hope my brother would never believe it. From the moment I received the Holy Order to this day, my brother's determination to serve the country has been evident. He led the soldiers of the three armies in a bloody battle, and did not hesitate to die in order to defeat Hong Ni. However, if you hear false rumors and use your sins to cover up your mistakes, how can you comfort the spirits of hundreds of thousands of soldiers in heaven? Since the den of thieves was restored, the remnants of Hong Ni have caused unbridled mischief, which is indeed my dereliction of duty. However, the ferocity of the attack on the city and the tenacity of the thieves exceeded our expectations, and as a result, we have been unable to control them.

The thieves rebelled against Chu Ping and spread false rumors that the thieves' treasury had a mountain of gold and silver. Only more than 40,000 taels of silver were found, which was not enough to cover the food and salary consumption of the three armies. How could the kiln be restored to the sacred state? On the 21st, Li Chendian was sent to pursue the rebels on the city walls, killing more than a hundred thieves, capturing the thieves general Li Xiucheng, and punishing Hong Ni. Yu Zhen arrived in Yunnan secretly a few months ago. We have followed the instructions given by Li Xiucheng. Ci, he sent his confidants to Yunnan to investigate. The thief general Li Xiucheng has been escorted to Beijing. If there are rumors and those who do not believe their true feelings, they can investigate themselves.

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The God of the Kingdom of Death_What does the death of the Kingdom of Death mean_The Kingdom of Death’/>

June 29, the third year of Tongzhi

It probably means: I received a letter from you (referring to Zeng Guofan) yesterday and learned that there are some rumors (against me) in the court. Brother, I am so speechless that I can’t explain it clearly. I can only cry to you, brother. In fact, these are all It's a rumor, I hope you don't believe it. From the time I was ordered to fight against the rebellion until today, my brother, my desire to serve the country has been evident. I led my brothers to fight day and night, and risked death in order to kill Hong Xiuquan. However, those rumors actually described the achievements of our army as crimes, (this calls me) How to comfort the souls of hundreds of thousands of soldiers who died for their country? Since the capture of the rebels' lair, the remaining troops (of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom) have been causing chaos everywhere. This is indeed my fault. However, when we first attacked the city, the brutality of the battle and the tenacity of the rebels' resistance far exceeded our expectations. After the siege, they failed to implement effective control over the city (as planned).

When we just conquered Jiangning (called Jiangning in Nanjing), we only confiscated more than 40,000 taels of silver from the holy treasury of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, which was rumored to have mountains of gold and silver. This amount of money was not enough to pay for the food and salary of the army (consumed during the siege). How could there be kiln gold to hand over to the court? On the 21st, (I) dispatched General Li Chendian to pursue the rebels outside the city, killed more than a hundred rebels and captured the enemy general Li Xiucheng alive. After a sudden interrogation of Li Xiucheng, it was learned that the remnants of the rebels The treasure has been secretly transported to Yunnan a few months ago. I have also sent my close men to Yunnan to track it down according to the clues provided by Li Xiucheng. Now Li Xiucheng is on his way to Beijing. If anyone only believes in rumors, he will not believe it. (My) words from the bottom of my heart can be left to their own questioning.

"Who is Yuan'?" Zhang Yicheng asked.

"It's Zeng Guoquan, the leader of the Hunan Army who conquered Tianjing and annihilated the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom! This letter is a personal letter he wrote to his brother Zeng Guofan!" Tong Guohu said, "Zhongyu people are like this. People who do nothing do not He can make meritorious deeds, but he will never make mistakes; but if someone has made some achievements, no matter how careful he is, some irrelevant people will jump out and find fault, and Zeng Guoquan is the victim!" Tong Guohu took off his glasses and gently touched them with his fingers. He gently rubbed the bridge of his nose and said, "Zeng Guoquan was known as a greedy and ruthless person in court, but this time, he was really wronged…"

According to legend, Zeng Guoquan was known for his evil intentions and ruthlessness in fighting. As long as he was a member of the Taiping Army, he would kill them regardless of whether they were defeated and captured or surrendered voluntarily. After attacking the city, he tacitly allowed the soldiers to enter the city and do whatever they wanted. In 1861, Zeng Guoquan captured Anqing and killed Hong Xiuquan's first-line general Chen Yucheng. At the same time, he beheaded all the more than 16,000 Taiping soldiers who surrendered. He was nicknamed "The Barber" for this. After that, Anqing The whole city was looted for three days, but not a penny of "kiln gold" was handed over to the court. After the capture of Tianjing, Zeng Guoquan first set off his troops to burn, kill, loot, and then raid the Taiping's holy treasury, but still failed to pay the court.

It would be reasonable to say that there is not much money to grab for a small, painless place like Anqing, but it would be a bit of a stretch to claim that there is no money for conquering Tianjing. According to the financial system of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom at that time, "No one in the world should be selfish, and all things belong to the Lord", nearly half of China's wealth would basically be concentrated in Tianjing, its home base. Moreover, this concentration was absolute, even if your family had If you pay all the money, I will give you food to support you, instead of paying a percentage similar to taxes. At the moment, the Qing court is signing treaties everywhere, sending money, and giving out welfare. Good food, good drinks, and good weapons are provided for you. After Tianjing was captured, if you didn't turn over a penny, it would all be put into your own coffers. Isn't this just cheating? As a result, rumors spread widely between the government and the public, accusing Zeng Guoquan of setting up troops to massacre the city and pocketing the war profits. Even his brother Zeng Guofan, who was in power and dominated the government and the public, could not suppress it. And this letter is exactly what Zeng Guoquan swore to his brother to express his injustice. According to Tong Guohu's analysis, if the same content is replaced by an official document, the credibility will be very low. Documents in the officialdom are nothing more than writing a few flattering polite words and looking for some objective reasons to get rid of it. But if it is a family document, If you believe it, the credibility will be very high. No matter how greedy Zeng Guoquan is, there is no need to tell such lies to his brother who always supports him.

The God of the Kingdom of Death_The Kingdom of Death_What does the death of the Kingdom of Death mean

"The treasures of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom are in Yunnan? At Du Wenxiu's place?" Zhang Yicheng frowned, "Are you sure the crown is with the treasures?"

"It's not 100% sure, but the probability is very high…" Tong Guohu said, "Hong Xiuquan's crown is made of pure gold, weighing nine pounds and five taels, representing the ninety-five nobles. It is inlaid with more than three thousand gems of various kinds, excluding the crown. Not to mention the formation inside, the crown itself is also a priceless treasure! After making Tianjing their capital, the upper echelons of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom were extremely extravagant and spent money like water. It is said that their holy treasury had been destroyed several years before the city was destroyed. It was all squandered, but I think that no matter how much Hong Xiuquan squandered, he would never have taken the crown to a pawn shop! Therefore, after the fall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the crown was most likely to remain in the world. After the fall of Suzhou in 1863, except for Yunnan Du Wenxiu could still barely hold on. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom had no other reliable bases for hiding treasures, and Tianjing had been besieged for a long time, so it was impossible to transport too many things out with great fanfare. Those who could smuggle them to Yunnan must be Hong Xiuquan. There are small treasures at the bottom of the box, which may very well include the crown! I have been searching in Yunnan for a long time, and it was not until last year that I determined where they hid the treasure. The entrance is on a cliff, and there is no way there is a large amount of gold and silver. , to be able to find such a tricky place to hide treasure, it must not be an ordinary treasure, and that crown is probably among them!"

According to Tong Guohu, since Yuan Shaoyi left without saying goodbye, he spent a considerable period of time in Yunnan looking for clues to these treasures. For this purpose, he lived in caves, dived, and even climbed a cliff without any protective measures. .

"Then how are you going to ask me to help you, and how are you going to help me?" Zhang Yicheng frowned, "That classmate of mine is writing every day and in the middle of the night, and the college entrance examination is about to take place, so it's imminent…"

"How to help you… I haven't thought about it yet…" Tong Guohu curled his lips and shook his head, "But since his 'Yesterday Syndrome' originated from the Mao Formation, one thing is certain. From now on, we can move forward. In a thousand years, apart from me, there should be only one kind of person who has come into contact with the Mao Formation!"

"You mean, my classmate is related to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom? Is he probably the reincarnation of someone in the Taiping Army?" Zhang Yicheng was stunned, "Holy crap, that grandson is not the reincarnation of Hong Xiuquan, right?"

"That's hard to say!" Tong Guohu chuckled, "But don't worry, as long as you help me, I will definitely go all out to help Yi! No matter whether my ability allows it or not!" It seems that Zhang Yicheng laid an ambush on the phrase "ability allows" , Tong Guohu had already heard it, "Besides, my help is not limited to this matter. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, I will help you unconditionally!"

The God of the Kingdom of Death

"Oh? Are you serious!?" Hearing what Tong Guohu said, Zhang Yicheng's heart was moved. This guy is Yuan Shaoyi's disciple. Maybe even if he bundled his father and uncle together and threw them in front of him, it would all be for free. If it really happened, I'm always here for you, so what's the point of worrying if something goes wrong in the future?

"A gentleman's words are hard to follow!" Tong Guohu said seriously, "But we have something to say first. As I said just now, I can give you my savings, favors and savings, you can only choose one of the two!"

"Of course it's a favor. Didn't I tell you that I, Zhang Yicheng, hate seeing money the most in my life! I'll help you!" Looking at the dilapidated house now, Zhang Yicheng basically doesn't think about savings…

"Brother Tong, I have one last question for you…" Zhang Yicheng thought more carefully, "If you really find the crown and everything on you is removed, what are you going to do with the crown?"

"Where did you take it from and put it back again…" When answering this question, Tong Guohu basically said it without thinking, "I have already thought about this question. That thing is not only a crown, but also a dangerous tool! I don’t want that kind of thing in the world!”

"In this case…when will we go to Yunnan?"

"We?" Tong Guohu was stunned, "It's not us, it's me!"

The God of the Kingdom of Death_The God of the Kingdom of Death_What is the meaning of death in the Kingdom of Death

"You?" Zhang Yicheng was also a little surprised. He thought that this brother wanted to trick him into going treasure hunting together, but he didn't expect that he didn't want to take him to play with him at all. "You go by yourself?"

"Of course it's me!" Tong Guohu smiled, "I will find out the secret of the crown as soon as possible, how to use it, and then bring the crown to you to get rid of the things on me!"

"Brother Tong, you just said this was dangerous. I thought you wanted me to go with you…" Zhang Yicheng frowned, "Since you are going by yourself, what is the risk to me?"

"The danger for you is that I need to temporarily bring the immortality in you to me…" Tong Guohu said, "In some respects, immortality and evil are different in saying that they are different, and they are the same in saying that they are the same. You are willing to be manipulated by others, but he is unwilling to leave your body. I use a magic weapon to force him to leave. Do you think it is dangerous or not?"

"Are you saying that making immortals anxious can also harm people?" Zhang Yicheng seemed a little unconvinced.

"To be honest, I don't know what will happen if you make the immortal anxious. No one has tried it…" Tong Guohu shook his head and said, "So I said there might be risks, but I didn't say there would definitely be."

"You go to Yunnan first, take the crown back to Tianjin, and put the things back after finishing the work…" Zhang Yicheng muttered to himself, "Forget it, Brother Tong, although I am a junior, I am also a man, as the saying goes. Okay, a good person will do his best to the end and send Buddha to heaven. Since I agreed to help you, let’s help you to the end. You have been waiting for more than ten years. You don’t care about waiting a few more days, right? I’ll go with you after I finish the exam. , and save you the trouble of doing both things alone…" To be honest, at this moment, Zhang Yicheng also felt a little excited. After all, Tong Guohu was the apprentice of his mother's savior. He could help him with some things and travel at the same time. , it is not a loss of money for the country . Moreover, this person seems to be quite a gentleman. After all, he is also a disciple trained by Yuan Shaoyi. He can do it to maintain world peace and not be tempted by the national treasure. His personality is still It's quite noble; and the most important thing is that now I have an invincible BUFF① and a new Japanese sword. This is a rare opportunity to get a real-life version of Invincible Contra②. If you don't try it now, why wait? When? …

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"I appreciate your kindness…" Tong Guohu chuckled and rejected Zhang Yicheng without hesitation, "You are too young. Although you are protected by a true immortal, I am afraid that true immortal is also a newcomer and has not practiced much. , if anything happens to you, I can’t explain it to your family!”

"Immortal, are there novices and veterans?" Zhang Yicheng was also stunned when Tong Guohu said this.

"Of course!" Tong Guohu nodded, as if he was not joking, "It is easy to deal with the new resentment in the body, but if it stays on the body for a long time and cultivates the true body, it will be difficult to deal with. The same goes for immortals, too There has to be a process of cultivation. The immortal in you has a purple rhyme and a clear blue light. You are obviously a novice. If you take such an immortal to take risks, I am afraid you will lose your wife and lose your troops…"

"Then how can I let him practice?" It was also the first time Zhang Yicheng heard that immortals should practice practice, and it was quite new for a while.

"You don't have to do anything. As time goes by, you will be able to cultivate on your own. If you want him to practice quickly, then you have to practice it yourself!" Tong Guohu said, "If you chant sutras and listen to the Dharma, he will practice quickly. You just have fun. He is only slow in cultivating!"

"Chanting… forget it, just slow down…" As soon as he heard the chanting, Zhang Yicheng's head immediately grew three times, "By the way, Brother Tong, I can tell my dad what you said today. ?"

"That's necessary!" Tong Guohu looked a little solemn, "If your father doesn't agree with you taking the risk, I will think of other ways…"


①BUFF: An online game term, which means magic or spells that can add enhanced status to game characters.

②Contra: A shooting video game launched by the Japanese company Konami in 1987. It was once one of the most popular video games in the Famicom era.

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