Green Capsule Shroud Part 1

Xiao Cuihua screamed sadly and fell on Liu Jinmo's chest.

Lao Cuihua was furious, and Ye Lao immediately turned red in the face, dancing and angrily yelling: "You Yang Gong, how dare you plot against my son-in-law, I'm so angry…" Then he sang, "Hey… …Snow in June killed Dou E, she missed Liang Shanbo every night, Yang Yuhuan sang a song of everlasting regret, Meng Jiangnu, she cried down the Great Wall for three days and three nights… Ouch! Cuihua, I invited Tang Monk Zhu Bajie first, Sha Monk Sun Wukong secondly, and Sun Wukong thirdly. The second man came to show his sage, the fourth man invited Ma Chao and Huang Hansheng, the fifth man invited Ji Dianwu Buddha, the sixth man invited the willow spirit from the rivers and lakes, the seventh man Huang Santai of the darts, the eighth man invited Leng Yubing from the previous court, the ninth man invited Hua Tuo to treat his illness, and the tenth man invited the third prince Nezha. Lead a hundred thousand soldiers in the sky and rush forward to capture Yang Gong…Huh? Where are the people?"

Ye Lao stared at the edge of the pool with wide eyes. Yang Gong had long since disappeared, only a series of ripples were left on the water…

Han Sheng sighed silently and said softly to Xiao Cuihua: "Mr. Liu is also numb."

Little Cuihua clung to Liu Jinmo like a child, looking up with tearful eyes, looking pitiful. "Hansheng, you can save him, right?" Xiao Cuihua sobbed.

Han Sheng lamented: "Only by catching Yang Gong, taking out the phlegm essence from his lungs, and cultivating antibodies can the phlegm poison be resolved, but…"

Xiao Cuihua pointed her finger at the ground and said, "Isn't that puddle of green phlegm on the ground bad?"

Hansheng heard this and looked over. On the ground was a puddle of bean-green sticky phlegm vomited by Yang Gong, which was slowly seeping into the soil.

Han Sheng let out a cold shout, rushed over, and hurriedly took out a small porcelain bottle that had been prepared from his arms. He had no time to look for other things to use, so he could only scrape up the sticky green on the ground with his fingers. Phlegm, stuffed into a porcelain bottle.

Liu Jinmo hit Yang Gong's chest with his head, violently squeezing his lungs, and instantly vomited out the mucus deep in his lungs and bronchial tubes. It was bean green in color and had not yet oxidized. It was exactly what Han Sheng dreamed of. Phlegm essence.

"Mr. Liu and Uncle Shanren are saved!" Han Sheng said excitedly, carefully capping the bottle.

Ye Lao walked forward tremblingly, looked at the small porcelain bottle in Han Sheng's hand, and said, "Han Sheng, do you think my son-in-law can be saved?"

Han Sheng knew that this was Lao Cuihua, so he nodded and said: "With the poisonous phlegm essence, the antibodies cultivated, and some medicinal introduction, we will definitely be able to relieve the stupor."

"Then treat it quickly." Lao Cuihua urged anxiously.

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Han Sheng said apologetically: "The key time for cultivating phlegm essence antibodies is about seven days."

"Then wouldn't my son-in-law…" Lao Cuihua couldn't continue.

"It doesn't matter, Mr. Liu is just stupefied, and his life is not in danger for now. Uncle Shanren will be stupefied for much longer." Han Sheng thought of Shanren Wu Chu and Lan'er in his heart, and he was eager to rush back to Poyang Lake Valley.

"Plop", someone fell down again.

The water splashed, and a pretty figure jumped out of the water and stood on the edge of the pool. Her whole body was dripping with water, and her figure was voluptuous. She was a beautiful girl.

Ye Lao waved his arms and rushed forward, shouting: "Where is the monster? Please tell me your name quickly!"

The woman was a little frightened when she saw this, and couldn't help but take two steps back.

"Haha, it turns out that the lair is here…" A person slowly descended from the secret cave with graceful movements. She was an old woman.

Ye Lao didn't even reply. He cleared his throat and swept his arms suddenly, making a whirring sound.

The old mother-in-law's figure suddenly disappeared, but she was already standing behind Ye Lao. She stretched out her fingers and made two "puff" sounds, poking the left and right shoulder blades on Ye Lao's back, deliberately abandoning his arms. Unexpectedly, Ye Lao turned around indifferently and faced the old woman. A bit of bad breath and fishy smell came out of his mouth, which was the smell that came back from eating Yang Gong's mouthful of sticky phlegm.

The mother-in-law clicked her finger again, hitting the Ye Laotian acupoint.

Tiantu point, also known as Yuhu point and Tianqu point, is the intersection of Yinwei and Ren vessels. It is located between the two collarbones and in the center of the suprasternal fossa. It is the fatal point of the human body. The old woman's finger was so strong that she expected that the person would be paralyzed and unable to move even if he didn't die.

Yelao is a soulless mummy, and his meridians have long been shriveled and discarded, so this finger is better than nothing.

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Yelao was furious and bit the old woman's finger…

"Wait a minute!" Han Sheng shouted anxiously, rushing forward.

"Grandma Wang! Mingyue! How could it be you?" Han Sheng said in surprise.

When Ye Lao heard this, he held Grandma Wang's finger in his mouth and endured it without biting it.

Granny Wang was also stunned and said: "Hansheng, how did you fall into Yang Gong's lair? Who is this weirdo?"

Han Sheng hurriedly said to Ye Lao: "Old Cuihua, this Granny Wang and Mingyue are our own people, please let go."

After Ye Lao heard this, he slowly opened his mouth. Granny Wang looked at her fingers. Fortunately, there were only a few blue teeth marks left.

Everyone came to the altar, and Han Sheng gave a general account of what had happened to him and Liu Jinmo since they came to Beijing, hiding the old sheepskin that the old lama Danba had entrusted him to keep. He knew that that matter was not trivial.

"Mr. Yang, this evil disciple, let him run away again." Granny Wang said angrily.

"Mother-in-law, why did you come to Guandong?" Han Sheng asked.

Granny Wang nodded and said: "I thought Liu Jinmo might not be the cunning opponent of Yang Gong, and you might be in danger, so I went north to Beijing with Mingyue. First they went to Baiyunguan to inquire about Taoist Jin, but he went to Yonghe instead. Palace, where I found Taoist Master Jin, the one-armed professor and a neither-male nor female Xiao Yanfang. Lama Danba was already dead at that time…"

"Old Lama Danba is dead?" Han Sheng exclaimed.

Granny Wang told what she saw and heard in the Lama Temple. After she and Mingyue left, they went to the Beijing Railway Station and found an international train from Beijing to Manzhouli-Moscow, so they quietly boarded the express. It was already early in the morning when the train got off at Changchun Station. They found a small truck, paid more money and rushed all the way to Nong'an County, where they found the Liaota Tower of Huanglong Prefecture.

Yin Yang Tattoo Master Mr. Mo Da_Yin Yang Tattoo Yin Yang Tattoo Master Audio Book_Yin Yang Tattoo Master Mr. Mo Da Audio Novel

Granny Wang had taken Granny Yin as her disciple in Lingnan many years ago. Later Granny Yin married Mr. Yang and went out to live in Huanglong Mansion. Granny Wang went north to congratulate her and met her groom, Mr. Yang, on their wedding night. In response to the couple's various entreaties, she had no choice. Although I already knew that Yang Gong was a member of the black shaman sect, I finally accepted him for the sake of Po Yin. Grandma Wang was famous in the world at that time and was nicknamed "Hakka Holy Mother". The black and white groups were frightened by the news.

Po Yin once said that the main hall of the Black Witch Sect is in the Liao Pagoda of Huanglong Mansion, so Po Wang and Master Mingyue went straight over the wall into the Liao Pagoda and discovered the secret cave located on the tenth floor. Mingyue failed to learn skills and accidentally fell into the pool.

"The murderer turned out to be Kun Weichai, the Thai trance master that the old lama Danba wanted to invite?" Han Sheng pondered for a long time after listening to Granny Wang's account.

"Yes," Granny Wang nodded, and continued, "Those two yin and yang male and female grasses have been taken back by Kun Weichai and offered to him in the Dantian Qi Sea of ​​his lower abdomen."

"It's a pity that the old lama is a very kind person. If I had time, I would definitely try to cure him." Han Sheng said with great regret.

"Hansheng, let me ask you something , Yin Yang Tattoo Master Mo Da Audiobook ," Granny Wang looked at Hansheng with a stern look, and then said slowly, "Did the old lama ever entrust you with any funeral arrangements?"

Han Sheng was shocked and wondered, how could Granny Wang know?

"No…" Han Sheng's face was slightly feverish, but his tone was firm. He must keep the things that the old Lama Danba entrusted him with his life to keep secret, and no one can tell them. So he raised his face and faced Granny Wang calmly with his clear eyes.

Grandma Wang stared at him for a long time, sighed, and said thoughtfully: "Oh, Hansheng, I'm afraid you will never have peace in your life from now on."

Han Sheng was thinking about Granny Wang's words , "Yin Yang Tattoo Master Mr. Mo Da's audio novel , will you never have peace in your life?" Just that old sheepskin with some numbers written on it? If I don't tell anyone, no one will know.

Lao Cuihua withdrew from Ye Lao's body and lay on his back, revealing her huge head, pointing at Ye Lao, and said to Granny Wang with her teeth bared: "Are you Yang Gong's master? But this Ye Lao is the founder of the Black Witch Sect, what on earth is going on with you?"

A small dwarf suddenly appeared on the back of the withered old man, which really shocked Granny Wang and Mingyue.

"Who are you?" Granny Wang asked warily.

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"The female ghost Cuihua." The old dwarf said proudly.

Han Sheng explained to Granny Wang and Mingyue that Lao Cuihua was a famous female ghost in Guandong. She could possess the bodies of ordinary people, exorcise demons and cure diseases for people, she was very kind-hearted, and she was also Liu Jinmo's future mother-in-law.

Granny Wang looked at the grief-stricken little dwarf clinging to Liu Jinmo. "Yes, Xiao Cuihua is Liu Jinmo's unmarried daughter-in-law." Han Sheng said.

Grandma Wang couldn't help but laugh. Qingtian Liu Jinmo actually married a dwarf girl from Guandong. If the rich ancestor in the Poyang Lake Valley knew about it, he wouldn't know how to get jealous and make trouble.

Mingyue squatted curiously in front of the dwarf Xiao Cuihua, looking at her short stature, huge head and two thick lips. Mingyue grew up in Wuming Temple since she was a child. She had never seen a dwarf and felt very… of novelty.

"Granny Wang, we must rush back to Poyang Lake Valley as soon as possible to prepare medicine, and treat Mr. Liu and Uncle Shanren's stupor in seven days." Han Sheng said.

Granny Wang nodded and asked: "Okay, you guys go back first, Mingyue and I will track down the whereabouts of Duke Yang. If this villain is not eliminated, he will eventually become a nuisance. By the way, how many of them are there?"

Little Cuihua stood up, wiping her tears on the back of her hands, and said to Old Cuihua, "Mom, I want to go with Jin Mo."

Lao Cuihua thought for a while and said, "Okay, I'll go with you too. I finally found a son-in-law I like, but I don't want anything to happen to him."

Xiao Cuihua suddenly blushed, lowered her head, and muttered: "Mom, Cuihua is getting married, and I don't want you to still be on my body every night…"

Han Sheng thought in his heart that Xiao Cuihua was right, but it was indeed inconvenient.

Lao Cuihua said "Yes" and said: "From now on, my mother will never have sex with you again. You two can live a good life."

Han Sheng was startled and said hurriedly: "Old Cuihua, don't try to trick me."

Yin Yang Tattoo Master Audio Book_Yin Yang Tattoo Master Mr. Mo Da Audio Novel_Yin Yang Tattoo Master Mr. Mo Da

Lao Cuihua was slightly happy, stretched out her hand and patted Ye Lao's bald head under her body and said: "Isn't this my ready-made substitute?"

Ye Lao was overjoyed when he heard this and said hurriedly: "That's great. From now on, we can whistle every day."

Han Sheng looked at the unconscious Liu Jinmo and said to Ye Lao: "Ye Lao, where is the secret passage here? Yang Gong must have escaped from there, and we have to go there too."

"There is a cave under the pool that connects to a small lake outside the tower." Ye Lao thought for a long time and finally remembered.

"I'll go down to explore the way first." Grandma Wang said and jumped into the pool, causing a splash of water.

After Grandma Wang dived several meters deep into the pool, she found a cave on the stone wall. She swam forward several dozen meters along the cave. Suddenly, the water suddenly opened up, and above her head was the frozen lake. The ice was about a foot thick, and an ice cave was found not far away. She swam into the ice cave and surfaced, taking a deep breath. The night was still dark, the wind was as cold as a knife, and snowflakes were flying. With the wind.

This is where Yang Gong escaped through the ice, she thought.

Grandma Wang followed the original path and swam back to the underground palace under the tower, and jumped out of the pool.

"Yes, this is where Mr. Yang escaped from the underground palace." Granny Wang told the story of the secret passage in the water.

"I can't believe that it's still the same after a thousand years." Ye Lao said with emotion.

Granny Wang picked up Liu Jinmo with one hand and said, "Let's go." Then she jumped into the pool first.

Lao Cuihua got into Yelao's body, and then jumped into the water.

Xiao Cuihua and Mingyue are both good at martial arts, and their ability to hold their breath is naturally better than ordinary people. They sandwich Han Sheng on the left and right, and finally dive into the pool.

Han Sheng grew up in the water town of Wuyuan in the south of the Yangtze River. Although he could swim, the time he could hold his breath was still limited. He was just halfway through the swim when he ran out of breath while still in the cave. He shook his head in pain and vomited out all his lungs. All the air, the chest seemed to explode, and finally I could only open my mouth and start drinking water…

At this time, a pair of big soft lips pressed on his mouth, blowing air slowly in…

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