family Ghost Stories

I lived in an apartment on the 25th floor, and the rent was surprisingly cheap because the house was a bit "ferocious".

The house was introduced to me by a friend from the local police station. When I begged for rent, he strongly opposed it. A homeowner I lived in before died. My friend followed the police to and from the scene. The deceased died of myocardial infarction without any trauma. The door was locked from the inside, and there were no suspicious signs. However, his face was ferocious when he died. The forensic doctor said that the deceased seemed to be… I saw something horrible and was scared to death. There was a telescope under the curtain when he died, and no one knew what the deceased saw. The police investigated all the residents in the entire community and found no clues. The case should be a normal accidental death.

The reason I rented this room is because I like voyeurism, which started with my girlfriend. Because one day, my first voyeuristic stalking led me to discover that my girlfriend was dating a local wealthy man. I left angrily. At that moment, I discovered that voyeurism had an exciting feeling. From then on, I started working as a "private detective" in a private detective agency, and after half a year I was quite successful.

I stayed on the 25th floor for six days with a telescope. I hope to see something. The case mentioned by Xieqin’s friend is very bizarre. What did the deceased see?

The building opposite is a 24th-floor apartment, but what is disappointing is that each apartment has thick curtains to protect its privacy. On the tenth day, I discovered that the second window from the left on the 24th floor was turned on on time at 12 o'clock every midnight. The light looked unusually abrupt in the dark building with sporadic flashes.

The house on the 24th floor was the only one without curtains, and the owner was a woman with long hair. I adjusted the focus and finally saw clearly that she was a very beautiful and sexy woman.

On the fourteenth day, at 12 midnight, the window lit up again. The long-haired beauty put on a light pink pajamas, probably getting ready for bed. Gradually I lost my patience, and just as I was packing up to go to bed, I noticed movement in that window. Slowly I felt creepy…

At 12:20, the woman was nailing something to the left wall of the room. I adjusted the focus of the telescope. There was a person in the shape of "big" on the wall. The woman was nailing the person to the wall!

The more accurate the telescope was, the more scared I became. The man’s limbs were nailed to the wall and were bloody and bloody. Suddenly, after nailing the man, the woman tied a rope to the chandelier on the roof, and then the woman put her head into the rope… the woman’s My body swayed on the chandelier, and I was so frightened that I almost collapsed on the ground.

Soon the opposite window darkened.

Inexplicably, I became a witness to this murder. After hesitating for a long time, I called Xieqin’s friend. The person on the phone in the middle of the night was obviously very dissatisfied: “You want to die!”

"I…" After hesitating for half a second, I didn't say what I saw, so I apologized and said, "I'm sorry, I pressed the wrong number. Go to sleep! It's okay!" He cursed. Put down the phone.

The next day, there was no movement in that window. I thought both the murderer and the victim would slowly rot away, and I was a little worried.

That night, the window facing the 24th floor was dark. I thought it should be dark forever. But at 12 o'clock at midnight, I walked to the telescope again, and suddenly the window opposite me lit up again, and the long-haired woman appeared in my field of vision again. She…she's not dead? I'm a little surprised!

The woman put on her pajamas and walked around the room as usual. Later, she started nailing the man on the wall again. I adjusted the focus to the maximum again, and I saw the man's miserable face clearly. He was obviously dead.

In the days that followed, this woman nailed people and then hanged herself after midnight every day, but everything was restored the next day. The terrifying and weird scenes and scenes were frightening. What on earth was going on? Later, I asked my friend Xieqin what murder happened in the building opposite. I didn’t dare to tell him what I saw. He said that two years ago, a woman in a family nailed her husband who was cheating on him on the wall to death, and then hanged himself. .

My friend's words shocked me. I had seen a scene from two years ago. This was incredible. I decided to continue peeping.

I returned to the apartment in the afternoon. I met an old white-haired cleaner at the entrance of the corridor. I asked him: "Do you know what strange things happened on the 24th floor opposite?"

"It's nothing. It's just that two people died last year, which was quite scary. Later, the neighbors sold their houses and the new residents didn't know about it, so it's nothing." The cleaner said while sweeping the floor.

"By the way, you are the new owner, right? Which floor do you live on?" the cleaner looked up and asked.

"I live on the 25th floor!" I said.

"What! 25th floor? There is no 25th floor in this building." The cleaner looked at me strangely. His words gave me a chill. Yes, I do live on the 25th floor.

There are a total of 9 buildings in this garden community, each building has 24 floors, but the building No. 9 where I live has 25 floors. A friend of Xieqin said that the developers built houses in violation of regulations and oversized the last three buildings in the community. It was planned to build an additional floor. At the then house price, the profit of adding this floor would be at least 50 million yuan. Later, it was reported, so the work was stopped after one-fifth of the work was completed. Later, during the sale, several illegal houses on the top floor were also It was sold cheaply. The elevator goes directly to the 24th floor. There is a small door to go up to the 25th floor. The small door is usually locked. Only tenants like me have the key. The cleaners can't get up at all.

That night, I turned off the lights and closed the curtains as usual, and then stretched out the telescope from the corner of the curtains. The woman was still nailing the bloody man and tying the rope…

I stared blankly at the woman nailing someone through the window opposite. Suddenly, the woman seemed to have discovered something. She turned around slowly. I was shocked. I didn't have time to dodge. I had already seen the woman's face. She was staring at me. Her nose and mouth were almost rotten, and there was only red. The eyeballs were looking at me… Suddenly, the woman turned up the corners of her rotten mouth dripping with pus and smiled ferociously at me. There was a line of blood written on her body: Anyone who sees me must die! The bloody words were like a curse. I was so frightened that I quickly lowered the curtains and leaned against the wall, gasping for breath. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. I tremblingly went to the door mirror and took a look. There was a picture in the door mirror. The face, the facial features on that face were rotten.

There was a loud knock on my door. I quickly picked up a sofa, table or something to push the door up. Suddenly the sound disappeared. I mustered up the courage to look in the door mirror. The woman had disappeared. I came to the window again. That woman Smiling ferociously at the window.

Time passed like this day by day, and I no longer dared to peek at the woman across the window. However, every night I would hear someone knocking on the door. When the woman knocked on the door, I went to the window to look, and the woman was still smiling there. , I didn’t dare to look in the door mirror, just like that, I was frightened when I heard the knock on the door.

That night I once again put the telescope to the window, and the hour hand pointed to 11 o'clock. I quickly went downstairs through the security door, and then slipped into the opposite building No. 5 like a ghost. Building 5 has the same structure as my building No. 9. The chandelier ghost ghost , I quickly took the elevator to the door of room three on the 24th floor. This was the woman's room. I opened the door secretly with the key.

This is a woman's bedroom. I searched under the beam of the flashlight. I walked towards the wall where the person was nailed. There were sporadic blood stains on the wall. Then I walked towards the smelly corner again. In the corner was A closet door, I slowly opened the door, and a terrifying man-shaped figure appeared inside. There are four blood holes on the limbs, and the blood inside the holes has solidified…

It was like a house of death where zombies could jump out at any time. I exited the room in fear.

That night, I returned to my room again. I adjusted the telescope to the opposite window on the 24th floor. It was almost 12 o'clock. Sure enough, the woman was still nailing the dead man. I got closer and looked at the man's face. That face was full of fear of death. That man was really It was very tragic. He had been crucified countless times. I remembered what Xieqin’s friend said about the tragedy two years ago. He said that two years ago, a woman in a family nailed her husband who was cheating on him on the wall and then hanged himself. committed suicide.

I was still staring at the field of view in the telescope. Suddenly, the woman slowly turned her head again, and I saw her bloody and rotten face. Her two eyes were staring at me with a sinister smile. Suddenly, in her hand There was an extra note written in blood, which read: "You stare at me, I will crucify you now!"

At the same time, I heard that breathtaking knock on the door again…

I slowly approached the door mirror, and the rotten face appeared in the door mirror again. At the same time, I returned to the telescope again. The woman opposite the window was still standing there, holding the curse in her hand. My heart beat faster. Sure enough, the woman came. At this moment, the door opened. A woman with a rotten face and messy hair like a spider web stood at the door. She came toward me step by step. I quickly backed up and slowly retreated to the window. .

"Your clone method is really powerful." I suddenly sneered. The woman was also stunned for a moment, and then slowly took off her mask to reveal her gray hair…

"Cleaner! Did you do all this?" I couldn't help shouting. "That's right! I did it all. I hate voyeurs the most in my life. My wife committed suicide because she was peeped and photographed by the voyeur, so you must die." The cleaner rushed towards me with a sinister smile. I was thrown to the ground by him. The cleaner pressed my mouth hard with his strong arm and dragged me towards the window…

At the same time, a flash of lightning appeared in the room, the cleaner suddenly fell to the ground, and I also had a sinister smile on my lips.

Xieqin's friend's electric baton was very powerful. The cleaner fell to the ground crouched and trembling. I peeled off his wig with my hands again. The cleaner turned out to be a strong middle-aged man. Xieqin's friend had been hiding in the house and asked him to put him in the jar. .

"Mr. Cleaner! I'm afraid you didn't have any wife being spied on or committing suicide. This starts with the case where the tenant was scared to death two years ago." I sneered.

"It was a well-planned and bizarre terrorist case. The identity of the deceased who was frightened to death was a designer. Two years ago, the developer was reported for illegally building three buildings in the community to make huge profits, and the reporter was This conscientious architect, because the quality of the building itself was in danger due to cutting corners, and if he added another layer, it would probably be a disaster. After being reported, the developer suffered heavy losses, so he hired a killer to take revenge on the designer. , and you are the murderer. At that time, the building had just been moved in, and the developer arranged the designer in this room on the 25th floor for an excuse. You knew that the architect had a serious heart disease and liked to use a telescope to watch the night view. It happened that the building opposite happened to be two years ago. There was a horrific murder case. Two years ago, a woman in a house nailed her husband, who was having an affair, to the wall, and then hanged himself. So you borrowed that scene and used this horrific method to scare him to death." I said.

"How is it possible? Using the window to scare people?" the cleaner sneered.

"I was very confused at the time. This was simply impossible. If the scene opposite the window was seen by other residents, your plan would fail. However, your words at the elevator entrance that day reminded me that you said this There is no 25th floor in the building at all. There are only a few irregular rooms with chandeliers on the 25th floor. They were a few rooms that the developer temporarily dealt with in order to make up for the losses. I once visited several units on the 24th floor to investigate. This is a perspective of utilization. A perfect locked room murder case. In this building, only my window can see the nailed-on wall and the hanging chandelier. Even with a telescope, the other windows can only see other angles in the room but cannot. In the scene of nailing someone, you and that woman performed a double act."

"You are completely speculating. If I was the murderer back then and the case had been settled, why would I take the risk of killing you?" the cleaner sneered.

"Of course you have a motive. In fact, you have been hiding here as a cleaner since that case. No one lives in this place at all. My stay aroused your suspicion, so you investigated my identity. When you After learning my identity, you were afraid that I would see the flaw, so you repeated your old tricks and started hanging people with nails and using those curses and clone techniques to scare me away, but I didn't leave. In fact, you are also a voyeur. My every move was under your surveillance. You found me checking the room opposite and the plastic model of the man in the closet, so you made a murderous move, but with the help of this Xieqin friend, you fell into the trap. "I He smiled at his friend Xie Qin.

The next day, I finished the relevant procedures and came out of the police station. My friend from Xieqin patted me on the shoulder and said with a smile: "You are so brave. No one dares to watch that scene continuously. You only informed me at the last moment of the investigation. Are you really Aren't you afraid?"

"I'm afraid, but I was entrusted by the architect's family. At that time, the victim's family had always been suspicious of the architect's mysterious death. As a private detective, I should do my duty." After finishing speaking, I sighed.

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