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My wife and I just had another fight over something trivial. I don’t understand why a gentle wife before marriage turned into a nagging and stingy woman after marriage. I just accepted a small birthday gift from my female colleague in advance. As a show of respect, I wore the pin on my chest for a day on my birthday.

The wife got angry, and she sent the pin into the washing machine with the jacket that night. Although the wife said that she didn’t mean it, who couldn’t see that she was trying to quibble? There are so many things like this, and my wife is more and more serious about small things. As a man, I naturally disdain to argue with her. The more silent I am, the more my wife is angry.

The sacrifice of the pin, I believe, was the wife’s way of making an example of others. I think she is getting more and more inexplicable, so before going to the mother-in-law’s birthday party, the three-door news car accident caused one death and eight injuries , and we have never reconciled.

We ignored each other along the way. The hotel where the mother-in-law held the birthday banquet was not far from where we lived. My wife and I walked there. Originally, we were quite far away. People noticed our quarrel, and I approached my wife.

Suddenly, a red sports car rushed straight towards the direction where my wife and I were standing. My wife was just in front of me, and I subconsciously grabbed my wife’s shoulders and pushed her away, but the moment I exerted my strength, a moment of hesitation flashed in my mind-we had just quarreled, and my emotions towards her were still at the same level. There was no time to adjust the space that was tense during the quarrel.

In such a short second, my wife was splashed with blood right in front of me. The girl in red who was driving poked out a frightened face from the car window. After my wife’s funeral, I ate, slept, and went to work as usual. Slowly, my colleagues in the company also introduced me to a girl. She had a very good appearance, young, sweet and obedient, exactly like the first time I saw her. The appearance of his wife. In high spirits, I ordered strawberry ice cream, apple ice cream, and banana ice cream for her. I also took her out for fried intestines and bought her a wacky hat with a tassel.

After all this I was quiet, startled. All of this I did for my wife on our first date. I can’t accept the fact that I love my wife more than I can imagine.

One day, I bought a piece of land next to my wife’s tomb, and the tombstone with my name on it was carved by myself. In the Sanmen News car accident, one person died and eight were injured . Because the technique was too unfamiliar, I accidentally stabbed my finger with a carving knife. Drop a drop of blood on the tombstone.

Everything was ready, I finally kissed the photo of my wife on the tombstone, cut my own pulse and committed suicide, I wanted to go to my wife. The blood in my body was draining little by little, and before I lost consciousness, I vaguely saw the woman in red who had killed my wife that day, looking at me with a smile in front of me.

After waking up, I found myself lying on the bed with my wife crying by my side. I thought I was in the underworld, but my wife rang the bell in a panic to call the doctor, thinking that my brain had been hit by a car accident.

It turned out that there was a car accident that day, and at the very moment, I pushed my wife away, but I couldn’t avoid being hit by the car and flew to the railing on the opposite side of the road. I was seriously injured and fell into a coma for three months. During my vegetative state, everyone was in despair, only my wife firmly believed that I would wake up.

I pinched my thigh fiercely, (Ghost House: Please keep the reprint!) I found it painful, so I happily thought that I was just having a nightmare.

After being discharged from the hospital, I was recuperating at home. One day when I had nothing to do, I was looking through old newspapers in the utility room, and I accidentally saw a news report. A young couple was involved in a car accident. The husband pushed his wife in front of him. As a result, the wife was killed by the car, but the husband was only slightly injured because of the relief. In the lower right corner of the news report is the photo of the scene of the car accident that day. Although it was a black and white photo, I recognized the woman who died in vain at a glance. She had facial features that were too similar to the girl in red who hit me with a red sports car.

I was sweating profusely. The situation of my car crash that day was almost exactly the same as the scene when this girl was hit, the same model, the same location. The difference is that she was a victim that day, but today she is a perpetrator.

After I recovered from my injury, I followed my memory to the cemetery that appeared in the dream. I found a new tomb in the cemetery. The tomb was empty, and there was a stone tablet. My name was clearly engraved on the stone tablet, and there was still a drop of blood stained by an accidental injury during the process of engraving the tablet.

I chalk it all up to coincidence. There are many people who look similar in the world, and there are even more people with the same name. However, every time I think of that vivid dream, I feel sympathy.

Is this the girl in red’s revenge on those men with different intentions? If I really escaped at the intersection regardless of my wife, I believe that the person sleeping in that hole must be my real body, right? Fortunately, my love for my wife can stand the test of life and death.

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