The Female Ghost Looking For A Substitute

Wang Sheng, Taiyuan, went out early one morning, and saw a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl on the way. She was beautiful and lovely, and she was walking alone with a heavy burden, and it was very difficult to walk. Wang Sheng hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Why are you traveling alone so early?” The girl said coldly, “People passing by can’t relieve my worries, so why ask more questions.” Wang Sheng smiled Said: “What are you worried about? If you need my help, I will never refuse.” The girl said sadly: “My parents are greedy for money and sold me to a rich family. The eldest wife of that family is jealous of me. Sooner or later The beatings are just scolding, I can’t bear it any longer, and I plan to flee far away.” Wang Sheng asked her where she wanted to go, and the girl said, “For those who are fleeing, go wherever you go.” Wang Sheng said, “My home is far away from here. Not far, if you don’t mind, please come to my house.” The girl agreed happily. So Wang Sheng carried the burden for her and took her home.

When they arrived at Wang Sheng’s house, the girl saw that there was no one in the room, so she asked, “Why don’t you have any family members?” Wang Sheng said, “This is the study.” The girl said, “This is a good place. If you pity me and let me live, please Be sure to keep a secret for me, and never tell anyone else.” Wang Sheng agreed to her request and lived with her. Wang Sheng hid her in a secret room, and no one found her after several days. One day, Wang Sheng quietly told his wife about it. His wife, Mrs. Chen, suspected that she was a concubine of a rich family and advised Wang Sheng to send her away. Wang Sheng disagreed.

Once, Wang Sheng met a Taoist priest on his way to the market. When the Taoist sized Wang Sheng up, he was astonished. He asked Wang Sheng, “What have you encountered recently?” Wang Sheng replied, “Nothing.” To defend himself, the Taoist saw that he walked away without telling the truth, but said in his mouth: “It’s really incomprehensible. There are really people in the world who are dying but don’t wake up!” Hearing the Taoist’s unusual words, Wang Sheng was right The girl I met had doubts, but then I thought, she is obviously a beauty, how could she be a monster? It is likely that the Taoist priest wanted to use an excuse to get rid of the demon, so let’s have a good time. Not long after, Wang Sheng returned to the front door of his academy, but the door was closed and he couldn’t get in. At this time, Wang Sheng became suspicious, so he climbed over the wall and went in. Seeing that the door was also tightly closed, he quietly walked to the window and looked in. He saw a green-faced evil ghost with long teeth like saws. Zhang put the human skin on the bed, and then took a colored pen to draw on the human skin. After painting, he threw away the brush, lifted the human skin, shook it like shaking clothes, and then put it on his body, dressing up as a beautiful woman. Seeing these scenes, Wang Sheng’s soul was frightened. He got up from the ground like an animal and hurriedly followed the Taoist priest, but the Taoist priest had disappeared. Wang Sheng was still chasing after him, and finally found it in the wild. Wang Sheng knelt on the ground and asked the Taoist priest for help. The Taoist said: “I just want to drive it away for you. This thing is also very pitiful. I haven’t been able to find a substitute, so I don’t have the heart to hurt its life.” So the Taoist gave Wang Sheng a fly whisk and asked Wang Sheng Hang it on your bedroom door. Before breaking up, the two made an appointment to meet at Qingdi Temple.

When Wang Sheng returned home, he didn’t dare to go to the study, so he slept in the bedroom and hung the whisk given by the Taoist priest on the door. At one watch, he heard a creaking sound outside the door. He was so frightened that he didn’t even dare to lift his head, so he had to ask his wife, Mrs. Chen, to see what was going on. At this time, the evil spirit was outside the door. It looked at Fuchen and dared not enter the house. It stood there gnashing its teeth and waited for a long time before walking away. After a while, it came again, and kept cursing the Taoist priest: “The dead Taoist scares me, can I still spit out the food in my mouth?” The evil ghost tore off the whisk and tore it to pieces, and then broke into the door. He went straight to Wang Sheng’s bed, tore Wang Sheng’s chest and abdomen apart, pulled out his heart, and fled. Wang Sheng’s wife wailed loudly, and the girl came in holding a candle to see that Wang Sheng had died and his chest was full of blood. Chen was too frightened to cry. Early the next morning, Chen asked his younger brother Erlang to run and tell the Taoist priest. When the Taoist heard about it, he was very angry and said: “I pity you, but who knows that you, a little devil, dare to be so rampant!” He immediately followed Erlang to Wang’s house. The girl had disappeared. The Taoist looked up and looked around, and said, “Fortunately, it hasn’t gone far.” He asked Erlang, “Whose house is in the south courtyard?” Erlang said, “It’s my home.” The Taoist said, “The ghost is coming to you Home.” Erlang said in surprise that he would not be at his house, and the Taoist asked again: “Is there someone you don’t know who has been to your house?” Erlang said: “I went to Qingdi Temple early in the morning, I don’t know Is there anyone in the house, I will go back and ask.” He came back shortly after he left and said: “There is really someone at my house. An old woman ran to my house this morning and said she wanted to be a servant for my house. My wife didn’t Promise her, she hasn’t left yet.” The Taoist said that she was an evil ghost.

So the Taoist and Erlang went to the South Courtyard together. The Taoist stood in the middle of the yard, holding a wooden sword, and shouted loudly: “Ghost, please pay me for the whisk!” The old woman was terrified in the house, unable to do anything, so she rushed out to escape. The Taoist caught up and stabbed at it with a sword. In an instant, the old woman fell to the ground, her human skin fell off, and the old woman turned into a ghost, howling like a pig on the ground. The Taoist cut off the ghost’s head with a wooden sword, and the evil ghost turned into a puff of smoke and coiled into a small pile on the ground. The Taoist took out a gourd, unplugged it and put it in the smoke. The gourd immediately sucked in the smoke as if it were breathing in. Then the Taoist plugged the mouth of the gourd and put it in a bag. The people present looked at the human skin, and found that the eyebrows, hands and feet were all complete. Daotu rolled up the human skin like a scroll and put it in a bag. Just as he was about to leave, Mrs. Chen knelt down at the door and begged the Taoist priest to cast a spell to save her husband Wang Sheng. The Taoist refused and said that he was not good enough, and Chen was even more mournful, knelt on the ground and refused to get up. The Taoist thought for a while and said, “My spells are very shallow, and I really can’t bring the dead back to life. Let me introduce you to someone who may be able to bring the dead back to life. You can ask him for sure.” Chen asked the man Who is it, the Taoist said: “There is a lunatic who often sleeps in the dung in the market. You might as well kowtow and beg him to save people. If he insults you in every possible way, you must not be angry.” Erlang also heard of this person. So he thanked the Taoist priest and went to the market with his sister-in-law Chen to look for the madman.

In the street market, they saw the beggar singing crazily on the road, his nose was several feet long, and his body was filthy, which made people stay away. Mrs. Chen knelt and kowtowed in front of him, but he smiled and said, “Does the beauty love me?” Mrs. Chen told him about her husband being killed by an evil spirit, and asked him to save her husband. The beggar laughed again and said, “Every man can be your husband, why do you want to save him?” Mrs. Chen begged again and again, and the beggar said, “What a strange thing! A man is dead and begs me to save him, isn’t it? Am I the Lord of Hell?” After he finished speaking, he angrily hit Mrs. Chen with a wooden stick, and Mrs. Chen reluctantly let him beat him. There are more and more people onlookers in the market, almost forming a human wall. The beggar suddenly spit out a mouthful of thick phlegm, brought it to Mrs. Chen’s mouth and said, “Swallow it!” Mrs. Chen blushed at the time and felt very embarrassed, but remembering what the Taoist said, she could only swallow it. Chen felt that the phlegm was as hard as a ball of cotton, making rattling noises in the throat, and finally stagnated in the chest. The beggar smiled and said again: “The beauty loves me!” Then he left without looking back. Chen Shi and Erlang followed him, and when he reached the temple, he disappeared. Mrs. Chen and the others searched around in front of and behind the temple, but they couldn’t find any trace, so they had to return home with shame and resentment. Chen really had mixed feelings. She mourned her husband’s tragic death and regretted the humiliation she suffered by swallowing the beggar’s sputum. She cried so hard that she wanted to die. She was about to wipe the blood of her deceased husband and pretend to be a corpse, but her family members stood far away and did not dare to come to help. Mrs. Chen had no choice but to hold the corpse and collect the intestines alone, and she cried while cooking. Her voice was completely hoarse after crying for a long time, she suddenly wanted to vomit, and felt something rushing up in her chest, and before she could turn around, the thing had already fallen into her husband’s chest cavity. She was surprised to find that it turned out to be a human heart, which was already throbbing in her husband’s chest and emitting steaming heat. Chen felt it was very strange, and hurriedly closed her husband’s chest cavity with her hands, and squeezed it tightly in the middle of the chest. As soon as she relaxed, heat came out from the seam of her wound. So, she quickly tore a piece of silk to bind up the wound. She touched her husband’s body with her hands and found that she had a body temperature. She hurriedly covered the quilt again. When I saw it in the middle of the night, my husband was already breathing weakly. At dawn, her husband came back to life. She heard Wang Sheng say, “I was in a trance like a dream, but I always felt severe pain in my stomach.” Chen looked at her husband’s wound and found that there was only a scab the size of a copper coin left. cured.

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