New Liaozhai: Mist Lotus

Dugu Lingquan, a Confucian scholar, lived by the Daming Lake in Jinan. One day, he studied all night. When the cock crowed, he suddenly heard the faint sound of music in the lake, so he went out of the hut to find out. When I got out of the hut, I saw the jade rabbit moving westward, the twilight dawned, and the mist in the lake was dense. After a while, the music gradually approached. After a while, I heard the sound of water again, gulls flew, and saw a painted boat breaking through the fog and approaching.

A woman in green clothes stands on the head of the boat. Wearing a skirt, Bi Shenghe has a brighter face than hibiscus flowers. Her hair is like blue silk condensed with white dew, and her eyes are like autumn water with clear melancholy. He holds a pipa in his hand and a silver bell on his wrist. At the end of the song, the Life Strike Festival praised: “It’s a good song “Zhao Jun’s Complaint”. The woman looked for the sound and saw the life, and asked with a smile: “Does the master also understand the rhythm?” The concubine’s careless skills may make the Fang family laugh. The students said to each other: the real sound is like Zigui crying blood, the geese are called frost sky, the empty sound is like the moon shining on Qinlou, and the rain hitting plantains. There is a lot of lovesickness and hatred of parting in the song. Is there anyone far away from Madam’s family who hasn’t returned yet?

The woman was surprised when she heard it: Mr. Fang is indeed from the Fang family! My concubine’s name is Wuhe. I dare to ask Mr. what to call her. Students report their names. Girl, please give birth to a narration in the boat. Sheng then boarded the boat.

Entering the boat, but seeing that the furnishings in the boat are very elegant, Wuhe invites students to sit down and calls the maidservant to serve tea. The pipa held by Shengxiuannu is made of red sandalwood. May I ask Madam to play another song? The woman laughed and said: How can a concubine dare to call her a god if her skills are careless? Sir, how dare you refuse to follow orders? But I don’t know what song my husband wants to hear? Sheng said: I like martial arts music, but not literary music. I wonder if my wife can play “House of Flying Daggers”? The woman lightly chins her head, holds a pipa in her hand and plays, picks, kneads, and presses down.

At the end of the song, I just shook my head lightly without saying a word. The woman asked urgently: Is there a mistake in the song? Sheng pondered for a while and said: “Xiaosheng has something to say. I don’t know if I should say it or not?” The woman said: “Sir, it’s okay to say.” Sheng said slowly: “This song played by Madam is magnificent, and it has the sound of killing with gold and iron horses. However, when it is played to the place where the two armies meet, I feel that the Chu army is still alone, and the Han army is hard to kill.” It’s like the knife has been raised but the heart can’t bear it, the lotus root has been broken but the silk is connected. There is no mistake in this song, it should be that Madam has unresolved knots in her heart, and she wants to break it and can’t bear it.

After hearing this, the woman was silent for a long time, then Fang sighed and said, “I only know Boya today, and what Ziqi said is true.” After finishing speaking, I bowed my body and said: “Mr. is a true concubine’s bosom friend. Since ancient times, it is hard to find a bosom friend. I want to marry Jinlan with my husband. I don’t know what will be my husband’s intention?” Sheng Yunzhi, Lingquan was the older brother, and Wuhe was the younger sister, so they burned incense and worshiped the sky and performed the golden orchid gift.

After the ceremony, the two sat down again, and asked, “I don’t know if my sister has any unresolved knots in her heart. Can you talk to my brother?” Wuhe pondered for a long time, and then said: “Since you regard the king as a brother, what should you not say to your brother? To be honest, my younger sister is not a human being but the daughter of the Minghu Frog God. Because the world is greedy and indiscriminately arresting my family, my father is furious and begged Zhu Yudi, the emperor ordered the God of Plague to carry out the plague to punish the world. The plague will cause people to die. The younger sister really can’t bear it. She wants to eliminate this catastrophe. It can be sued that if you are depressed, you can resort to the pipa.” Sheng was shocked when he heard the words, and sat there for a long time before saying, “If you follow what my sister said, the catastrophe will come! However, the disaster of the plague must be unavoidable. If there is a good remedy, it is nothing to worry about.” Wu He clapped his hands and sighed: “Brother A word to wake up the dreamer. I will steal the antidote from the God of Plague to relieve sentient beings. If I can succeed by luck, I will have to thank my elder brother for medical treatment and medicine.” All sentient beings have thanked my little sister, but listen to my virtuous sister’s orders.” Wu He said: “It’s not too late, my little sister will leave immediately.” The two said goodbye.

The next day and night, when Shengzheng was studying under the lamp, he suddenly heard the sound of a pipa, and Sheng rushed out to look at it, and the fog was over. Sheng urgently asked about the theft of medicine, and Wu He smiled lightly and said, “It’s done. The God of Plague and the father were both drunk. I took advantage of his unpreparedness and stole three pills. When the plague broke out, I threw it into the well, and after drinking it nature

all right. I will return quickly and take my farewell.” After saying that, I took three pills and died. After a few days, many of the frog eaters suffered from strange diseases, and there was no cure for them. Later, their family members also contracted the disease, and then the disaster spread to the village. , the pestilence came to an end. The elixir was thrown into the wells, and the villagers were healed after drinking it. The disaster of the plague was resolved.

There was no news from Wu He for several days, and I was very worried. One day and night, Sheng suddenly heard the sound of a pipa outside the door, and rushed out, and saw a young maidservant in Tsing Yi standing outside the door with a pipa in her arms, which was not misty lotus. Shengzheng was stunned, and the maid sobbed, “I am the maidservant of Princess Wuhe. The princess was captured by the Emperor of Heaven and wanted to be sentenced to death for leaking the secret. Before leaving, I asked the slave to present this pipa to the king.” After receiving the pipa, seeing things and thinking about people, I couldn’t help crying like rain. Weeping until late at night, I suddenly reflected on myself: Wuhe’s life and death are uncertain, I should try my best to save him, how can I follow the woman’s weeping.

Shengye went to the Arctic Temple by the lake, knelt under the seat of Emperor Zhenwu and wept, saying: “My sister, Wuhe, has leaked secrets to save the common people and punished the Jade Emperor. I would like to use this body to be punished on behalf of my sister, and I hope that Emperor Zhenwu will report to the Jade Emperor on behalf of the Jade Emperor.” Kneeling under the seat of Emperor Zhenwu, he couldn’t eat and rest, and fainted to the ground on the third day. In a trance, I suddenly saw a god and man coming, dressed in black, dancing turtles and snakes with swords, and followers holding black flags, this is the real Emperor Wu. The emperor said to Sheng: “Nian Ru’s heart is sincere, and Wuhe’s violation of the rules of heaven is also out of kindness. I have reported to the Jade Emperor on behalf of the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor has given permission to send Wuhe lightly. You can go back.” .

The body is weak, and after three days of suffering, he couldn’t get sick and fell unconscious. One day, a gentleman in white clothes arrived, and said to himself that his dear friend, seeing that he was seriously ill, put a red pill into his mouth. After a while, Sheng woke up leisurely. Seeing Sheng wake up, the man in white knelt down in front of the bed and saluted. Sheng was stunned, and the man in white said: “I am Wuhe’s son-in-law, surnamed Yun, and my name is Shuisheng. I am here to thank my brother for saving Wuhe’s life.” Wu He has been exempted from death by the Jade Emperor, but the Emperor of Heaven was annoyed by revealing the secret, and punished him with silence for life. Yun invited Sheng to visit the mansion, Sheng accepted the invitation and left, never to return. Everyone said that Sui Wuhe and his wife, who were born in water, became immortals through cultivation.

So far, the frogs in Daming Lake have not croaked, and they are all descendants of Wuhe.

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