Jealousy Kills

In this world, no one is always strong and no one is always weak, so never look down on others, let alone step on others' self-esteem.

As the name suggests, Jingjing is a very quiet girl, and she is also very beautiful. She is the school beauty and a typical top student. She is also very easy-going and gentle to everyone. She is also very kind to everyone. It can be said that everyone in the world All the advantages are concentrated on him, but the only regret is Jingjing's family. Jingjing's mother passed away when Jingjing was born, leaving Jingjing and her father to depend on each other.

Dad is very good to Jing Jing, and he wants to go to the best school for Jing Jing if he saves food and money. He doesn’t want Jing Jing to stay in the village and farm forever like himself, so he works hard and only eats one steamed bun to survive. He also wanted to send Jing Jing to the most famous school in the city. Jing Jing also worked very hard. He vowed to stand out in order to repay his father's kindness in raising him.

So Jingjing spends all his time studying, he never participates in other girls' activities, so almost all the girls in the school think he is arrogant and don't like him, but the boys are different, they think so Jing Jing is more like a goddess, so the boys chasing her can be lined up from the gate of the class to the gate of the school.

But Jingjing knows that this is not the time for her to fall in love. He has to study hard to live up to his father's expectations of him and let his father live a good life.

Just when I was quietly immersed in the sea of ​​books, something happened in the school. In fact, it was not a big event. It was a new boy transferred to the school. The most handsome boy, but Jing Jing doesn't know all this, because what he knows is that this year is the last year of senior year and the college entrance examination is about to usher in, as long as he is admitted to a good school and finds a good job after graduation, then Dad will not have to worry about it. So hard, I must work hard not to let my father down.

This day, Jing Jing studied very late in the self-study room again. When she looked at her watch, it was already almost eleven o'clock. It will be locked, but Jing Jing accidentally ran into someone just after coming out of the study room.

ah. . . I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Jingjing apologized while picking up the book that fell on the floor, didn't see who he bumped into, so she rushed to the dormitory with the book, he didn't pay attention to the boy who was hit by him behind him and looked at him. With his back in a daze, he rushed to the dormitory quietly, took a shower on tiptoe, and then gently returned to his bed to sleep. He didn't want to wake up the people in the dormitory because he knew that waking them up would result in a bad meal. scolding.

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As soon as Jing Jing arrived in the classroom the next day, a girl reluctantly told him that someone was looking for him outside the classroom. Jing Jing went out and saw that it was a boy she didn’t know. When the boy saw Jing Jing, he handed it to Jing Jing box of chocolates and said to Jingjing, hello, I am Lin Zhehan, a new transfer student, I like you, can you be my girlfriend.

I stared blankly at the boy for a few seconds, then calmly said sorry, I don't want to think about these issues for the time being, and then went back to the classroom.

Lin Zhehan looked at the back of the girl who bumped into him last night, and suddenly shouted loudly, I will not give up, I like Caroline, the ghost mother , I will definitely catch up with you, and then turned and left. After being silent for a while, he didn't expect that there would be a boy who would say that he would not give up after being rejected so coldly by him.

But Jing Jing knew that she would not promise him anything, so Jing Jing returned to her seat without answering anything. The news spread throughout the campus that day, saying that the new school girl Lin Zhehan fell in love with the school beauty Jing Jing confessed her love in public but was still rejected by Jing Jing.

The more it spread, the more outrageous it became. Some said that the school grass cried on the spot and so on, but Jing Jing didn't care about it, because he went to study in the study room again.

That night, Jing Jing still studied until late before rushing into the dormitory, but the lights in the dormitory were not turned off today, because everyone in the dormitory was waiting for him, especially Jin Lin, who is a typical rich second generation , whatever you want, and the other two girls in the dormitory are Jin Lin's lackeys, and they know that Jingjing is going to be miserable tonight.


Because Jin Lin fell in love with Lin Zhehan a long time ago, and she also confessed to Lin Zhehan, but she was rejected by Lin Zhehan. Jin Lin, who was already sad, heard that Lin Zhehan was rejected by Jingjing, and immediately became furious, saying that she should fix Jingjing tonight. Jingjing is completely unaware of the danger ahead.

After he opened the dormitory door and went in, he was immediately caught by the two girls. Jin Lin walked up to Jing Jing like a proud peacock and said to her, "I heard that you rejected Lin Zhehan today, isn't it amazing?"

Pa…Jin Lin slapped Jing Jing's face, and a palm print appeared on Jing Jing's fair face. Jing Jing didn't say anything because he knew that it would be useless to say more. Jin Lin has done so more than once Such beatings and scolding, as long as he bears with it, it will pass, he always said to himself.

Seeing Jingjing ignoring him, Jin Lin became even more angry. He had long disliked Jingjing. She was a girl from a poor mountain village. How could she compare herself to herself? Why did the teacher like him? Boys also like him, even Lin Zhehan also likes him.

The more Jin Lin thought about it, the more angry she became, and the strength in her hands continued to increase. Later, she felt that the beating was not enough, so she grabbed Jing Jing's hair and pulled it hard, saying "You bitch, your mother" No wonder a person like you died so early when he was born, and your father, who seemed to be dying soon, thought that sending your pheasant into the city would turn him into a phoenix? What kind of person is born? Your father's appearance will give birth to your appearance, it must be your mother who stole the birth and gave birth to a bastard like you.

Hearing Jin Lin say such words, Jing Jing couldn't bear it anymore, he broke away from Jin Lin's hand and shouted "I don't allow you to say my parents" and rushed towards Jin Lin, Jin Lin was also caught by Jing Jing I was startled by the sudden show of power, and quickly shouted to those two girls, are you two stupid? Why don't you catch him? Let him touch me and I will make you look good.


The two girls came back to their senses after being called by Jin Lin and wanted to catch Jing Jing, but Jing Jing became so strong like crazy, Jin Lin also joined the ranks of the two girls and wanted to catch Jing Jing Just like this, the four of them pushed back and forth, and Jing Jing fell down for some reason, and Caroline, who liked the ghost mother , fell to the ground.

Jin Lin saw Jing Jing fell to the ground, and walked over to kick Jing Jing with her feet Hey hey…don't pretend to be dead, don't think I won't beat you like this, tell you, I haven't hit enough What about you bastard, Jin Lin saw that Jing Jing didn't respond, so she turned her body around, only to find that Jing Jing's head hit something that was already bleeding all over the place, and she had also stopped breathing.

It's just that the two eyes were not closed, as if they were still staring at the three culprits who killed him. The two girls screamed in fright when they saw that Quietly died, but Jin Lin immediately called out to shut up …do you two want to go to jail?

Stop screaming, since this bastard is dead, then we can only destroy the body and wipe out the traces. Jin Lin didn't know where the courage came from, so she found a big cloth bag and asked two frightened girls to help me put it away quietly. into the cloth bag.

Then he bought the dormitory administrator with money and said that he was hungry and wanted to go out to eat, because Jin Lin used to do this often, so the dormitory administrator opened the door and let Jin Lin and the others go out without saying anything, and went back to sleep by himself. The three girls came to Jin Lin's car with their bags on their shoulders, and put the bags into the trunk. Jin Lin drove the car to the back hill of the school. The three of them dug a hole and buried them quietly, and then returned as if nothing happened. After leaving the dormitory, wash the floor of the dormitory and then take a shower and sleep. No one mentioned what happened last night.

After a period of time, the school found that Jing Jing never came to class, so it notified the parents. As soon as Jing Jing’s father heard that Jing Jing had disappeared, he walked to the school for three days and three nights, but the school said Jing Jing was in order to avoid responsibility. I asked for leave and said I was going home and never came to school again.

The Vampire Diaries Mother Caroline _Ghost Dad Ghost Mom_The Vampire Diaries Mother Caroline

Jingjing's father believed it was true, so he looked for it along the way home. He knew that Jingjing would not be like this. Jingjing is a very sensible child. He knew that his family would worry, so Jingjing's father looked After three or four days, he was already insane by the time he was sent home.

Everyone in the village knew the situation of Jing Jing's family, and they felt that Jing Jing's father was very pitiful, so this family sent food to that house, so that Jing Jing's father did not starve to death.

This day is the seventh day after Jingjing's death, that is, Jingjing's first seven days. Jin Lin and the other two girls went to the ktv to sing and sing until almost twelve o'clock before returning to the dormitory, and then fell asleep. After a while, Jin Lin felt itchy on her face, so she waved her hand and turned around to continue sleeping.

At this time, she felt someone was patting him on the back, and he sat up angrily and yelled for death, dare to disturb me to sleep, believe it or not, I slapped you to death, but soon he could not make a sound, because he found Beside the bed was Jing Jing who had been dead for a long time.

It's just that at this time, Jing Jing's body was covered with maggots, and some maggots were even burrowing around his eyes, but the two girls seemed to be frozen, sitting motionless on his bed with their faces all over their faces. frightened.

Quietly and slowly came to Jin Lin, stretched out her bone-only fingers, and gently scratched Jin Lin's skin, as long as it was scratched, a bloodstain would appear, as if there was an invisible knife Cutting on his skin, Jin Lin wanted to cry out loudly, but found that she couldn't make any sound.

Quietly circled around Jin Lin's body, and then pulled hard, the entire skin on Jin Lin's body was torn off. Jin Lin opened her mouth wide and couldn't scream. Only the two girls knew that Jin Lin Howl loudly, because they all saw it.

Jin Lin, whose skin was torn off, hadn't died yet. He was still conscious. He quietly took a knife and cut off the flesh piece by piece from Jin Lin's body and threw it on the ground. He wanted to make Jin Lin suffer the most. Only by dying can the hatred in my heart disappear.

Jin Lin watched helplessly as her own flesh was cut off piece by piece, but she couldn't make a sound, and finally died of pain alive.

Jin Lin slowly came to the front of the two girls, and the two girls looked at him in horror, they were afraid that they would end up like Jin Lin.

Regretting that she bullied Jing Jing with Jin Lin back then, Jing Jing seemed to see what they were thinking, and slowly told them to rest assured that the grievance is the head and the debtor, I will not do anything to you, I will avenge what I deserve Gone, quietly disappeared after speaking.

The two girls also uttered a shocking cry. The teacher in the dormitory rushed over when they heard the cry. As soon as they entered the door, they were disgusted and vomited all over the floor. The teacher in the dormitory called the police. The police came and took them away. , yelling that there are two girls with ghosts in their mouths.

In the end, the police came to the conclusion that the two girls were insane for some unknown reason, and killed Jin Lin, a girl in the same dormitory, in a very cruel way.

Later, people in the village often saw Jing Jing's father telling people that my daughter was back, and that Jing Jing's father would no longer be dirty, the house was clean, and there would be ready meals Put it on the table for the quiet father to eat.

Everyone said that Jing Jing had come back, but no one had seen Jing Jing, but some people often saw Jing Jing's father talking into the air, as if he was talking to his daughter again with the same expression.

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