The Birth Of Zhu Bajie

The Birth of Zhu Bajie

Why did Wu Chengen write Zhu Bajie? There is such an interesting saying.

At that time, "Journey to the West" wrote the seventeenth chapter: "Sun Xingzhe made a big fuss in Heifeng Mountain, and Guanyin subdued the bear monster", Wu Chengen suddenly felt that he could not continue writing. What is the reason? After thinking about it, his head hurt, but he couldn't find a way out. So, he wanted to turn off the lights and go to sleep, relax, and think about it another day.

Just fell asleep, suddenly heard someone yelled: "Old man Wu!" As soon as the voice fell, a monkey jumped in from the door, oh, it turned out to be Monkey King! He said to Wu Chengen: "You should be considerate of my grandson's difficulties!" Wu Chengen hurriedly asked him what difficulties he had, and Sun Wukong said, "Master will suffer ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties in learning the scriptures. You can't protect Master, so you can figure it out!" After finishing speaking, he turned somersault and went out the door.

After a while, someone called again: "Almsgiver Wu Gong!" The figure flickered, and the person came in. It turned out to be Tang Seng. He closed his eyes and muttered: "If there are fewer apprentices, one is not good; if there are fewer apprentices, one is not good." Okay…" After saying that, he turned and left.

Wu Cheng'en understood now: No wonder the writing couldn't go on, it turned out that there was one character missing, so who should be added? He made a mistake.

At this moment, I suddenly heard a commotion outside, and then a big pig broke into it. Strange to say, when the pig saw Wu Chengen, he immediately knelt down, bowed and kowtowed, and said repeatedly: "Help me, sir, I want to become a monk!" Wu Chengen was amused, and asked: "'Being a monk' means becoming a monk. Are you a monk?" How can a pig be a monk?" The pig tilted his head and said, "If a monkey can be a ghost , so can I."

Wu Chengen said: "The monkey has the ability to protect Tang Monk to learn Buddhist scriptures, how about you?"

"I'm capable too!" The pig told ancient ghost stories , stood up with a "huh", with a shoulder, it knocked down a Panlong pine, and with its mouth, it knocked over a Crouching Tiger Rock. The pig showed its hands in front of Wu Chengen, and when it was proud, suddenly lanterns and torches were lit on the hillside, and many mountain people ran with sticks, shouting: "The wild boar is here, catch it!" The pig heard the shout , "Chi slip", and rushed into Wu Chengen's study. Wu Chengen yelled "not good", startled, woke up, it turned out to be a dream.

After Wu Chengen woke up, he thought about the situation in his dream, and wrote the eighteenth chapter: "Tang Monk in Guanyin Temple escapes disaster, Gao Laozhuang Great Sage eliminates demons".

Some people say "Bajie comes in a dream", which refers to the above statement. Whether it is true or not is just a legend, and there is no need to verify it.

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