The Fifth Part Of The Green Bag Shroud: The Insect Master

Secretary Mr.

"Humph, don't be too happy too early." Elder Fang looked embarrassed, then turned around and made a gesture, and an old monk with broad ears and a big belly walked out of the cave carelessly, holding a mottled Bronze mirror and a brown woman's pelvis.

"Batoutuo, it's up to you to teach them a lesson." Elder Fang seemed to be relieved, and his expression looked carefree.

The figure was bloated, with two eye-catching big ears, and his thick nostrils turned upwards. He looked at everyone with disdain, and his eyes lit up when he caught sight of the old woman's eyes.

"Ms. sir, this old monk looks a lot like Zhu Bajie." Ke'er looked at Badutuo in surprise and whispered.

"Well, this person is obsessed with sex, and there must be something wrong with his style. In our Nong'an County, when the organization department selects cadres every year, anyone with such an appearance must be resolutely eliminated." Secretary Xing waved his hand forcefully. , said in a decisive tone.

At this moment, the old woman Qiubo felt a little bit itch and wanted to have a fight, so she said with a smile: "Let Xing get rid of this fat monk."

"Absolutely not," Gu Shu Yunping hurriedly spoke to stop him, "Look at this life, you have a pair of lustful pig eyes, a frivolous behavior, and a woman's pubic bone in his hand. He must be a frivolous and lewd flower monk. Xing The girl is as beautiful and fragrant as the country, how can such a delicate body of a rich woman fight with a wretched person? It is easy for him to take advantage of her. "

The old woman Qiubo couldn't help but blush and look even more shy when she remembered that when she had just entered the void of Jiangtou Island, the ancient tree Yunping had hugged her with both hands and supported her from behind.

"Although Gu is a scholar and does not know martial arts, he is willing to fight Monk Nahua on behalf of the girl. Even if he dies here, there will be no regrets." Yun Ping, the ancient tree, said loudly.

The old woman Qiubo smiled sweetly: "Young Master, what you said is wrong. Since that Monk Hua is a lewd villain, why would you risk your life with him?"

"The flags are coming in silently, and the water is clear after killing all the whale salamanders. From then on, people in the world opened their eyes and ears, and the famous generals and scholars began to emerge." Yun Ping, an ancient tree, chanted, and his whole body was filled with a sense of awe-inspiring righteousness.

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"Hey, you two are just talking nonsense, which one is going to come on?" Elder Fang urged impatiently.

"I understand Miss Xing's kindness, let Gu go." Gu Shuyunping made a gesture to turn around and go on stage, but his feet did not move.

"Sir, please stay." Qiubo, the old woman, smiled slightly, "This old monk is as powerful as a pig. You don't know martial arts and your body is so weak. How can you resist the enemy?"

"Gu will sing an aria to deal with it." Gu Shu Yunping said with a solemn expression.

"What is an 'aria'?" Qiubo, an old woman, knew nothing about Western vocal music.

"This is a vocal form that appeared in the West after the 17th century. It is composed of one voice and several voices. It is more emotional than recitative in operas and can show difficult singing skills." Gushu Yunping explained.

"How does it compare to Yuan Opera?" Qiubo, an old woman, was originally a geisha, and was very interested in what Gushu Yunping said.

"Hey, this little lady, I have been waiting for a long time…" Batutuo seemed a little impatient and kept urging.

"Young Master, be careful, Xing is here to watch the enemy plunder for you." The old woman Qiu Bo smiled charmingly, and the ancient tree Yun Ping's heart swayed, and her whole body was filled with heat. She turned around and bravely walked into the arena.


"White-faced scholar, I am challenging this young lady. What are you doing here?" Batutuo glanced over with disdain.

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"Miss Xing has a golden branch and jade leaves. Wouldn't it be a loss of status to fight with a rude man like you? Gu is the person who protects the flowers, so I fight on my behalf." Gushu Yunping said loudly.

"Huh, my fight with the 'Mian Shou' has also insulted the name of Batuduo. Go, go, stay here…" Batuduo said disdainfully, while his eyes looked at the old woman Qiubo eagerly. , ignore him no more.

As a result, Gushu Yunping looked extremely embarrassed, blushing, and in a dilemma.

"Haha, if that's the case, let Pindao take action." Taoist Master Xu Feng stepped forward, cupped his hands towards Batu Tuo, and said with a smile.

"Who are you? Are you also the face of the young lady?" Batuduo stared at him in surprise, smelling a faint smell of cologne in his nose. It is said that all the fair-faced men in the world like to use this. However, this man has a flat head, which may not be liked by women.

Xu Feng's face was stern and he said angrily: "The old monk is just talking nonsense. I am the master of Baiyun Temple in the capital of Quanzhen Sect."

"Why, can't the temple master be the 'face leader'? Even Lao Na has such an idea." Batutuo pushed back unconvinced.

Xu Feng secretly thought, this old monk turned out to be a bit careless, so he decided to take action to break this embarrassing situation.

"Batoutuo, watch your moves…" Taoist Master Xu Feng activated Xuantian Qi and struck the old monk with a palm in the air.

"'Mian Shou' took action…" Batutuo said angrily, stepped forward and pointed the bronze mirror at Xu Feng.

This simple and mottled bronze mirror has green rust on it. It seems to be very old. It should belong to the Yin Yang Invincible Taoist ritual weapon of the Central Plains Taoism. It is usually used as a tool to ward off evil spirits in the Taoist temple. This old monk actually used it as a weapon. Rare.

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There was a muffled sound of "bang", the invincible Taoist priest of Yin and Yang . Xu Feng used 60 to 70% of Xuantian's Qi with his palm, and instantly hit the bronze mirror. Batuduo "kicked, kicked, kicked" and retreated seven or eight steps in a row. Keep your footing.

"Good palm power." Batutuo exclaimed, looking down, he saw that the wind of the opponent's palm had blown away the green rust covering the bronze mirror, revealing its original appearance.

Taoist Master Xu Feng also felt uncomfortable. The 60 to 70% Xuantian Qi he sent out was actually reflected back by the bronze mirror, and 30 to 40% of it collided with his own body-protecting Qi. His body could not help but shake twice. Fortunately, Never retreated.

At this time, Xu Feng couldn't help but feel a little stunned. He looked closely and saw that the surface of the bronze mirror in Badutuo's hand was still bright and dazzling. It had ancient mythical beasts and four protruding nipples cast on it. This mirror should be a four-breasted mythical beast mirror from the Han Dynasty.

Major Martin and the mercenary soldiers were both surprised. Taoist Master Xu Feng, who was tall and thin with a flat head, slapped a palm in the air without touching the opponent's body, and was able to beat the Eight-headed Tuo back step by step. The Chinese Kung Fu is really amazing.

"The old Taoist priest is quite strong. Come back if you have the ability…" Batutuo shouted unconvinced and strode forward.

Xu Feng decided to try again. This time he used the Tai Chi Yin Yang Palm. The left and right hands were virtual and real, making the opponent unable to tell which palm was the real one.

Batutuo's eyes were fixed on the opponent's constantly changing palms, and the bronze mirror was also moving left and right. He couldn't tell the difference between reality and reality, and he felt a little dizzy after a long time.

With a "whoop", the wind suddenly came. Taoist Master Xufeng took advantage of the deviation of his bronze mirror and sent out a palm like lightning, but he only used 80% of his power.

At this moment, Badutuo's bronze mirror had been pulled aside by the opponent's virtual palm. Just as a gap was exposed on his chest, the sharp wind of his palm came in.

However, this palm that held Xuantian's energy was like a "mud cow entering the sea", and it mysteriously disappeared…

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Taoist Master Xu Feng was shocked and looked around hurriedly. He didn't see anything unusual. He thought that the strangeness must be caused by Badutuo.

Among the crowd, only the old woman Qiubo and Youliang could see clearly. When Xufeng's palm force reached in front of the other party, the brown woman's pelvis in the old monk's hand suddenly opened and closed, expelling Xuantian's energy. Devour them all.

"Taoist Master, it's the pelvis in the old monk's hand that's causing trouble." Qiubo, the old woman, reminded with a smile.

"It's the 'Mian Shou' after all. His palm is soft, so all his strength is used on the little lady, right? Hahaha…" Batutuo laughed maniacally and sinisterly.

On the screen of the stone wall, Taoist Master Jia looked anxious, so he shouted: "Xu Feng, use the 'Nine Dantian Styles'."

At this moment, Xu Feng was also thinking about a way to crack it. The old woman Qiu Bo reminded him that it was the brown woman's pelvis that was causing trouble, but what kind of magic weapon was it? I had never heard of it in the Central Plains.

Xu Feng slowly unbuttoned his suit and took off his upper body clothes.

Taoist Master Jia is right. The "Nine Dantian Movements" are the most profound part of the Quanzhen Religion Xuanqi Kung Fu, especially the ninth movement "Spray Dantian", which can condense the whole body's true energy into a single line and shoot it out. It is indestructible and is equivalent to a bullet. Bullet-like power.

"Taoist Master 'Mian Shou'," Batutuo looked at him in surprise and said lustfully, "What do you want to do by taking off your clothes? Hehe, could it be…"

Everyone looked at the Taoist priest in confusion.

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Although Xu Feng was as thin as a stick and had protruding ribs, he still showed his eight-pack abs and clear mermaid lines. His belly button was very clean, not covered in dirt like most men. But he calmly took out the cologne from his pocket, sprayed it twice into his navel elegantly, and then started to activate the Quanzhen Xuanqi Kung Fu.

The true energy originates from the Ren channel, exits the perineum and embraces the Dantian, and then turns, shakes, exercises, strikes, folds, rubs, lifts, etc. in one go. At this moment, the aura around him was so full that even the dust on the ground was rising and spinning.

Xu Feng gathered all the Xuantian Qi in his body into his Dantian, and his lower abdomen gradually bulged and swelled, until finally he looked like a pregnant woman about to give birth.

Major Martin and others were even more astonished. Looking at this strange scene, they couldn't help but look at each other and became speechless.

Batutuo stared blankly at Xu Fengdao's big belly and muttered in confusion: "Is he a woman?"

Before he finished speaking, a small hole as thin as an embroidery needle suddenly appeared in the navel of Xu Feng's abdomen, and a beam of true energy shot out quickly…

Youliang stared with his vaginal eyes wide open, but saw the woman's pelvis in Batutuo's hand suddenly trembled, followed by the continuous opening and closing of the left and right pubic bones at lightning speed, which was so fast that it was dizzying to see.

The Taoist Xu Feng's belly button continuously sprayed out beams of true energy. The old monk held the woman's pelvis as steady as a mountain, and accepted all the mysterious true energy with a smile on his face.

At this moment, the color of the woman's pelvis has gradually faded from brown, and finally looks like fresh human bones, fresh and full of vitality.

Xu Feng couldn't help but complain secretly in his heart. The woman's pelvis was broken. It was simply the nemesis of Quanzhen's Xuantian Kung Fu. It was able to swallow the true energy. He was definitely losing this competition.

"Alas…" At this moment, a long sigh came from his ears.

Everyone's eyes fell on Gu Shu Yunping, and that voice came from his mouth.

"'Aria', first of all, we have to 'sigh'…" Yun Ping, an ancient tree, sighed quietly.

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