Depths Of The River Of Souls

The pain was suffocating, and Ah Fei felt that his consciousness and body had been separated. Even though he knew it was a dream, the scene still left people with lingering fears. The blood on the floor began to emit green bubbles, and those bubbles rose higher and higher, higher and higher, passed through the roof, passed through the clouds, and burst into icy flowers all over the sky with a bang.

The scene changes in an instant. There are no tall buildings, no neon lights. As far as the eye can see, there are mountains and rivers. Ah Fei is in a large field of flowers on the other side, and she has a kind and familiar feeling. The man in the green shirt is handsome and handsome , and his clothes are fluttering, he has the demeanor of a child of aristocratic family; the woman in red has autumn eyes and long hair like poetry, showing the charm of a lady. With a warm expression, the man gently folded a branch of red flower into the woman's hair. The woman bowed her head, shy and silent. If time can be turned back, ancient memories will also be awakened.

The man and woman went away together, and Ah Fei wanted to call out, but his throat seemed to be shackled by a thick shackle, and he couldn't make a sound. Those Bana flowers that were so red as to bleed withered one by one, but in the blink of an eye, the mountains disappeared, and there was only an endless river in front of us.

Naturally, time cannot be turned back, but memory can be traced back. There are too many doubts in A Fei's mind. Where did her shadow go? Why did the blood flowing from her body turn green? Why did the plants and trees here look so familiar? Who was that person who appeared in the dream? Who was that man in the blue shirt? Who is the woman in clothes? Should she go to find the end of the river at this moment?

It seems that there is no choice. Everything guides Ah Fei to come here, and the purpose is obvious, so don't disappoint his good intentions. The initial fear and panic no longer existed in Jiang He's Immortal Cthulhu , leaving only a vague and seemingly nonexistent pain in his body. A strong thirst for knowledge and curiosity drove Ah Fei to the depths of the river.

In fact, Ah Fei can't swim, because she had the experience of drowning when she was a child, and the threat of being close to the edge of death may not have a huge effect on a child. So that I couldn't learn anything later, so I had to give up.

The river gradually submerged above my head, and my childhood experience came back to my eyes again. That time, the shadow was too naughty, like an ignorant child, running to dance on the river. Please believe in the sincere feelings of a child. At that time, Ah Fei had no friends and no selfishness like an adult.

She anxiously wanted to pull the shadow away from the dangerous area, but she forgot that it was the river. With a "plop", Ah Fei and the shadow fell into the river together, the more they struggled, the more they sank. When she was about to be exhausted, a kind-hearted man passing by fished her up to the river bank.

This time, maybe it won't be so lucky.

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