The Birth Of Zhu Bajie

Why did Wu Chengen write Zhu Bajie's birth record? At that time, "Journey to the West" wrote the seventeenth chapter: "Sun Xingzhe made a big fuss in Heifeng Mountain, and Guanyin subdued the bear monster", Wu Chengen suddenly felt that he could not continue writing. Strange to say, when the pig saw Wu Chengen, he immediately knelt down, bowed and kowtowed, and said repeatedly: "Help me, sir, I want to become a monk!" Wu Chengen was amused, and asked: "'Being a monk' means becoming a monk. Are you a monk?" How can a pig be a monk?" The pig tilted its head and said, "If a monkey can be a monk, so can I. Some people say that "Bajie comes in a dream", which refers to the above statement. … Continue readingThe Birth Of Zhu Bajie