folk Ghost Stories

During the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty, the Northern Jin soldiers often invaded the borders of the Song Dynasty, robbed grain and salt, bullied men and domineering women, and committed all kinds of evil. The Southern Song Dynasty was timid and did not dare to offend the Jin soldiers. They just turned a blind eye and the people suffered terribly. A stubborn young man in Fuquan Village refused to accept the bullying of Jin Bing and came forward to fight. At worst, he was beaten with bruises all over his body, and at worst, his legs were broken and his head was cut off and he lost his life.

On this day, there is a ghost legend that Jin Bing broke into the village and snatched a girl away. The girl's father, Zhao Wuyan, who was already in his seventies, stepped forward to argue. He did not want to be pushed into the river by the Jin soldiers and almost drowned. Several young men went up to argue, but their legs were broken again. The people in the village gnashed their teeth at Jin Bing and wished they could eat his flesh and drink his blood. There was only one bearded man who seemed to be alright. He did not hide when the Jin soldiers came, nor did he come forward to argue.

The strong man is an outsider who came to escape famine and has lived in the village for several years. Because he likes to eat old man Chen's tofu, he can't live without tofu three times a day, so everyone calls him "Fat Tofu". Fat Tofu is tall and thick, has a beard and a handful of chest hair, and the ground shakes when he walks. Although he looks tough, he likes to work as a prostitute. He threads needles and sews clothes from time to time, and he is very dexterous.

A few years ago, a hungry tiger broke into the village. Fat Tofu took a shovel and fought with the tiger for a long time. Finally, he broke the tiger's backbone with a stick, then rushed forward and punched the tiger's head a few times. The tiger's skull was beaten to pieces!

At this point, everyone in the village knows that Fat Tofu is a good man who can be both civil and military, both hard and soft, and is a good man. However, Fat Tofu behaved like a turtle when the Jin soldiers invaded.

One person was so angry that he said to Fat Tofu: "You are a big man, why do you want to do embroidery? You won't stand up for our village even when the Jin soldiers are here!"

Fat Tofu grinned and said, "They are holding knives. Who dares to provoke Jin Bing?"

"Golden soldiers sometimes come in small groups. You have a lot of strength. If you grab their swords, you will definitely scare them away."

Fat Tofu shook his head: "That's not okay. I've offended them, and they called for reinforcements. I'm not done yet? I'd better eat my tofu."

From then on, people in the village became angry when they saw Fat Doufu. In such a large village, the strong laborers were either kidnapped by the Jin soldiers and worked as coolies, or were beaten to physical disability, leaving only Fat Doufu free.

Someone said to old man Chen who was selling tofu: "Don't sell him tofu in the future. This outsider doesn't agree with us after all. The village has been harmed by the Jin soldiers. He has always stayed out of it."

Old man Chen shook his head and said, "How can I not sell it to him? He is stronger than me and can run faster than me. He takes the tofu and throws away the money and then runs away. I can't catch him."

On this day, Zhao Wuyan came to Fat Tofu's house again, pushed several bags of broad beans in front of Fat Tofu, and said, "Tell Jin Bing to give them these things and see if you can get our daughter back?"

Fat Doufu glanced at Zhao Wuyan and said, "It's useless. Jin Bing eats meat but doesn't spit out the bones. You can stuff it in without returning your daughter. I don't dare to care about this matter."

As he spoke, Fat Tofu placed a large piece of tofu he had just bought on the wooden board, then took a thin bamboo slice and cut the tofu skin horizontally. Cutting it piece by piece, very skillfully. Zhao Wuyan was angry and wanted to say a few words to him. Then he thought about it and had to swallow his anger in order to get his daughter back. Then he begged again: "You like to eat tofu. If you can get my daughter back, I will buy you tofu every day."

Fat Tofu just used bamboo slices to peel tofu without raising his eyes: "No, I can't afford tofu?"

While he was talking, Fat Tofu had already cut the tofu into dozens of pieces. Each piece was of the same thickness and thickness, and it was continuous and unbroken, showing his skill.

Zhao Wuyan couldn't help but murmur in his heart, this person is really weird, he was born tall and thick, but he likes to be a naughty girl, play with needlework, embroider embroidery balls and so on, and he doesn't behave like other people when he eats tofu.

A few days later, Zhao Wuyan killed a horse, asked people to unload the horse meat into large and small pieces, and transported it to Fat Doufu's house on a cart. He said, "I heard that the Jin people rode horses to fight and liked to eat meat. I Kill the only old man in the family, do you think these things can be exchanged for my daughter?"

Fat Tofu ignored Zhao Wuyan, took a piece of tofu, and drew a few black lines on the top and side. Then he picked up the bamboo piece and moved the bamboo like flying. He only heard a few "swish, swish, swish" sounds, and the bamboo piece was at the black line. Flying over, the tofu is cut into pieces of different sizes. Wherever the black line is drawn, the bamboo pieces fly wherever they go, without missing a beat.

Zhao Wuyan placed a cart of horse meat in the courtyard and said, "Strong man, I put the meat here."

Fat Tofu glanced at Zhao Wuyan: "I do like meat, but I have no ability to take your daughter back."

Zhao Wuyan looked at the cart of horse meat, and then at the unreliable appearance of Fat Tofu. He gritted his teeth and had no choice but to pull the cart away.

A few days later, Zhao Wuyan came to Fat Tofu's house again, holding a deed in his hand and said: "Fat Tofu, look what this is! It's the title deed of the Tofu House. Old Man Chen has sold the Tofu House to me. He is now He's still making tofu, but he's just a guy I hired. You can't eat tofu without my consent. As long as you want my daughter back, the tofu house will be given to you directly."

Fat Tofu was speechless. He put a copper plate on top of the tofu, then picked up the bamboo slices. He heard a few "swish" sounds. The tofu block was cut into countless thin slices, but the copper plate on it barely moved in the front, back, left, and right. Fat Tofu A large pot was set up in the courtyard, and the tofu slices were put into the pot. The boiling water in the pot kept rolling, but the tofu slices that were put in could not be broken no matter how hard they were stewed, and they were still intact.

Fat Tofu looked at the tofu slices in the pot and laughed. Then he suddenly turned around and said to Zhao Wuyan, "Sorry, I won't eat tofu anymore. You have ten tofu houses and I won't be greedy anymore."

Zhao Wuyan didn't believe it. This fat tofu regarded tofu as his life. He ate it every day, every meal. How could he not eat it?

A few days later, Zhao Wuyan went to the tofu room, and Old Man Chen told him that Fat Tofu had indeed never been there once.

Zhao Wuyan was really miserable. In order to save his daughter, he killed a horse, sold all his valuables, and bought a tofu house, but in the end he did not "tie up" Fat Tofu. The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he became, and he became bedridden.

On this day, Zhao Wuyan was lying on the bed, thinking about his daughter who had been kidnapped, his heart felt like a knife, and he felt so sad. Suddenly, there was a "dong dong" knock on the door.

The visitor was none other than Fat Tofu.

Fat Tofu grinned: "Dad Zhao, I've been craving tofu again recently."

"If you can't save my daughter, I won't sell you a piece of tofu." Zhao Wuyan said through gritted teeth.

Fat Tofu made a ghost legend and said, "It's okay to save your daughter, but you have to give me a monkey."

Zhao Wuyan was stunned: "What do you want the monkey for?"

Fat Tofu waved his hand and said, "Don't worry about it. Can you get it?"

Zhao Wuyan felt that although Fat Tofu behaved in an unpredictable manner, he was not a person who liked to tell lies. Thinking that his daughter might be saved, the illness in his heart was more than half relieved. He sat up suddenly, his eyes shining: "Isn't it just a monkey? Can you come?"

Soon, Zhao Wuyan got a monkey. Fat Tofu held the monkey in his hand, hugged it whenever there was something wrong, and touched its neck with his left hand. The monkey bared his teeth and claws to break free from Fat Tofu's arms, screaming "squeaking", it was so funny. Fat Tofu forcefully held the monkey's head and continued to touch its neck.

When Zhao Wuyan saw that Fat Doufu had a monkey and never mentioned rescuing his daughter, he felt secretly anxious. He would run to Fat Doufu's house whenever he had nothing to do. Sometimes he couldn't sleep at night and would wander outside other people's houses.

One night, Zhao Wuyan came to Fat Tofu's house again. Seeing that the house was completely dark, he had turned off the lights and was about to leave when he suddenly heard the monkey's "squeaking" noise. He grinned anxiously: What is Fat Tofu doing? Is it reliable? How come you have become a monkey trick?

A few days later, Fat Tofu said to Zhao Wuyan: "Prepare a good knife for me, the faster the better."

When Zhao Wuyan heard this, he felt happy. Fat Doufu was finally serious this time. However, thinking of him using a knife to snatch his daughter, he was very worried, could Fat Doufu save his daughter? The Jin soldiers were numerous, cruel and violent. Maybe Jin Bing will come to the village to take revenge.

Early the next morning, Zhao Wuyan heard a knock on the door. When he opened the door, he saw Fat Tofu and his kidnapped daughter. He couldn't help crying with joy. Fat Tofu said: "Hide your daughter well, Jin Bing may come to the village to look for her."

Zhao Wuyan was very panicked: "They won't bloodbath the village, right?"

Fat Tofu said: "They may not think that I did it, but you must hide your daughter well."

At noon, dozens of Jin soldiers came to the village and searched Zhao Wuyan's daughter from house to house. Naturally, they returned in anger.

Later, the villagers heard that one of the leaders of the Jin soldiers was beheaded one night, and the wife they had robbed was also missing. No one in the military camp noticed it. At first, they thought it was the Song people who did it, but they thought that the Song people were afraid of the Jin soldiers, and in the The Song Dynasty could not find a capable person who could take the enemy's leader among all the armies, so it concluded that it was the Mongols who did it.

Zhao Wuyan couldn't help but ask Fat Doufu: "Did you kill the leader of the Jin soldiers?"

Fat Tofu smiled slightly but did not answer.

Although the leader is dead, the Jin soldiers will still come to harass the whole village when they run out of food, but every time they grab food, a general in the Jin soldiers camp will be killed. Jin Bing set up an ambush at night, and a few days later, Jin Bing captured Fat Tofu.

Jin Bing took Fat Tofu to the west of the village and wanted to behead him in public. Fat Tofu showed no fear at all. He said to Jin Bing: "You can kill me, but I want to die by one of my own people because your machete is not fast enough." "

Jin Bing thought that it would save energy for the Song people to kill the Song people, so he agreed.

Not long after, a person walked out of the crowd. It was none other than Old Man Chen, who was over seventy years old. Old Chen walked tremblingly. How could a dying old man have the strength to lift a knife?

I saw old man Chen coming to Fat Doufu and asked softly: "Are you ready?" Fat Doufu nodded and agreed: "Okay, I can rest assured about your sword skills."

Old Man Chen stretched out his left hand and touched Fat Tofu's neck, then raised his hand and cut it off with a knife. There was a "click" sound, and Fat Tofu's head rolled to the ground, with a smile on his face.

Jin Bing was also dumbfounded. He didn't expect that the old man in front of him had such good sword skills.

After Jin Bing left, he never came to the village again. I don't know whether he was frightened by Old Man Chen's sword skills or by Fat Tofu's smile.

Only then did people realize that Fat Tofu had been an executioner for several years. He bought the tofu to practice his sword skills and bought the monkey to touch his neck to find a place to cut. During that time, Fat Tofu would touch the monkey's neck whenever he could, day or night. By the end of the practice, he could feel out the place where the knife was made at night.

It was precisely with this sharp swordsmanship that Fat Doufu made several sneak attacks on the Jin Bing barracks.

People didn't understand why Old Chen's sword skills were so exquisite. When they asked, they found out that Fat Tofu learned his sword skills from him.

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