Folk Rumors

Bai Qingsheng is a well-known iron rooster in Tangzhou City. After having a son, he wanted to form a godfather, but he was unable to do so.

In fact, the custom of marrying is quite strong in Tangzhou city. When families who are not related by blood find a godfather and godmother for their children, the two families become relatives. After becoming godparents, we have an additional social relationship. We can help each other when encountering problems. There is strength in numbers. As the saying goes: It's good to be close, but not to be kind. And Bai Qingsheng is a tough guy who doesn’t pull anything out of his hair. Who would want to get married to him?

However, there are exceptions. Through the unremitting efforts of enthusiastic people, they finally found a family who was willing to marry Bai Qingsheng. That family lived outside the city. The owner was Hao Shishi. He had dozens of acres of fertile land and opened a small tofu shop. He was a well-to-do family. Bai Qingsheng was overjoyed and immediately asked the enthusiastic people to lead the way. He carried the newborn to the Hao family. The Bai family honored Hao Shishi with a felt hat in the name of the newborn, and Hao Shishi gave his godson a silver longevity lock. , after the marriage ceremony has been carried out, the two families have become godly relatives. Bai Qingsheng and Hao Shishi talked about their ages. Hao Shishi was one year older and became the eldest brother. Bai Qingsheng, a city man, had to condescend to be the younger brother. At noon, the Hao family held a banquet in honor of the Bai family's Qinggui Dongli . During the banquet, they talked about their hobbies. They both liked playing chess. Bai Qingsheng was overjoyed and immediately handed over his hands and said, "I will come tomorrow to ask for advice from my eldest brother!"

Bai Qingsheng kept his promise and rode a donkey to Hao's house after breakfast the next day. Hao Shishi welcomed Bai Qingsheng to the guest room and asked the waiter to take good care of the donkey. The two people set up the chessboard and started fighting with red first and then black. Bai Qingsheng didn't like to work hard as a businessman. He invested the money he inherited from his ancestors in other people's shops, and he became a shareholder and reaped the dividends. Therefore, he is usually an idler and spends a lot of time in several chess halls, either playing shirtless or watching and criticizing, and his chess skills are already above average. At this moment, he was playing against Hao Zhi, and he didn't take the country chess player seriously at all. Sure enough, after only taking about ten steps, I roughly figured out the opponent's level: wild approach, little tactics, bluffing, and not much strength. However, Bai Qingsheng had no intention of winning. If you win chess today, how can you come back to "ask for advice" tomorrow? Since this country bumpkin has a well-off family, it really makes no sense not to kill him. What's more, Bai Qingsheng's purpose in getting married was to take advantage of others. Therefore, Bai Qingsheng pretended to be confused, showing some flaws from time to time, and helplessly sent his car to the opponent's hooves. Of course, you can't lose too badly, lest the other party underestimate you. I played three games of chess in one morning and got two draws and one loss. Bai Qingsheng cupped his hands and said, "Brother is really awesome. Come back tomorrow for advice!"

Hao Zhi lived up to his name. He was overjoyed when he won the chess game and talked about concessions and concessions. The Hao family insisted on staying for lunch, but Bai Qingsheng pretended to refuse and stayed. Lunch was not a sumptuous meal, but there were two dishes, one meat and one vegetarian, plus a pot of rice wine. After lunch, Bai Qingsheng was a little drunk, burping, riding a donkey, and leisurely returned to the city to rest.

From then on, Bai Qingsheng rode his donkey to Hao's house after breakfast every day, just like going to work. Hao Zhizhi followed his usual example and ordered his assistant to take the donkey to the backyard to take care of it, while he welcomed Bai Qingsheng into the living room, made strong tea, laid out the chessboard, and fought back and forth all morning. Hao Shi still left food for lunch, two dishes and a pot of wine. When putting down chopsticks, Bai Qingsheng always likes to say: "Sorry, I bothered you again." Hao Zhi turned over and over again and could only say: "We don't need to see each other, we are relatives!"

As for the record, Hao Zhi got more and more brave as he fought, while Bai Qingsheng went from bad to worse. The situation of two draws and one loss gradually evolved into one draw and two losses. Of course, sometimes Bai Qingsheng will win a game, but in the end he still cannot escape the outcome of one win and two losses. Since Bai Qingsheng "lost" to Hao Shishi, it was even more necessary to come "for advice" every day. Hao Shishi smiled on his face when he won the chess game, while Bai Qingsheng smiled in his heart when he lost the chess game: I have to lose to your brother's good rice wine!

Half a year has passed in the blink of an eye. In the morning of this day, Bai Qingsheng came to Hao's house to play chess as usual. Unexpectedly, just after playing two games of chess, the Bai family's guys were asking around to find out the strength of the Hao family's green ghost Dongli , and asked Bai Qingsheng to go back as soon as possible. It was said that Bai Qingsheng's aunt had passed away, and he wanted his natal nephew to go over immediately to help handle the funeral arrangements. The news of the death was not announced at the right time, and a small drink was delayed. However, his aunt was a close relative, so Bai Qingsheng had no choice but to bear the pain and go back to the city to attend the funeral.

Bai Qingsheng was so anxious that when he left the village, he got on the donkey's back and whipped up his whip. Who would have thought that after just a few steps, the donkey would be covered in sweat and panting and slow down, no matter how hard you whipped it, it would be of no avail. Bai Qingsheng was suspicious and called something strange. This donkey was tall, long-legged, full of fat, and very strong on its feet. When it came, it was still running at a trot, full of energy. How could it become an old sheep now?

Bai Qingsheng looked around the donkey, but he didn't find out what was going on. Unexpectedly, an old man collecting firewood on the side of the road stopped what he was doing and said, "Hey, hey!" He said happily: "Is this Hao Shishi's in-laws?"

Bai Qingsheng was so laughed that his heart went crazy. He nodded and asked, "Do you know me?"

The old man said: "You come here every day, how come I don't know you? In fact, everyone in our village knows you. Since you are the in-laws of the Hao family, don't beat this mute animal. Don't you know it just showed great strength?" "

Bai Qingsheng was startled: "What's going on?"

The old man smiled slightly and told a secret. It turned out that the Hao family owned a tofu mill, and they had been letting the workers grind the mills, and they could only grind one bushel of soybeans in one morning. Since the Hao family got married in the city and Bai Qingsheng delivered donkeys to their door every day, the Hao family switched to using donkeys to grind mills. They can grind at least two buckets of soybeans every morning, and the business of the tofu shop has doubled. In the past, Bai Qingsheng would only go home after lunch. The donkey naturally recovered his strength after having a meal. But today, the donkey had just been taken out of the mill after being unharnessed. It didn't even have time to breathe. How could it have the strength to run?

Bai Qingsheng was startled again: "How is this possible? We are relatives!"

The old man mocked: "Are there any relatives like you who come here every day to eat and drink for free? Everyone in the village is laughing at you behind your back!"

Bai Qingsheng's face suddenly turned red and he hurriedly led the donkey away. I'm really ashamed of my ancestors. I didn't expect that I, a scheming city dweller, would be fooled by a country bumpkin! If you rent out such a strong donkey for half a day, the money you get will not only buy two dishes and a bottle of wine? What's more, this food and wine is not exclusive to myself! Calculating this, it was not that I was eating and drinking for free, but that I was treating Hao Shishi to dinner and drinks every noon! What makes people angry is that he pretends to be his grandson on the chess scale every day, and he has to humbly "ask for advice" from that bumpkin! Bai Qingsheng couldn't swallow this breath. After thinking about it, he finally came up with an idea: After handling his aunt's funeral, he would pretend not to know about the donkey grinding incident and go to Hao's house to play chess. With one move, he killed all that country bumpkin without leaving a single piece of his armor behind, and he vented his anger! Then cut off all ties and no further contact.

Three days later, Bai Qingsheng returned from his aunt's house. Just as he was about to go to the countryside to challenge the Hao family, he saw a big red poster posted at the crossroads. Looking closer, it turned out that the Liu Family Chess Hall was holding a chess king competition. Bai Qingsheng knew that every year at the end of the year, some chess halls would offer rewards and hold some competitions in order to gain popularity. As he watched, Bai Qingsheng's eyes widened. The challenger was no stranger to him. He was the number one master in the chess world in Tangzhou. The challenger was also familiar to him. He was actually a country bumpkin, Hao Shishi! Bai Qingsheng couldn't believe his eyes, but there was no doubt about the black words on the red paper. Bai Qingsheng didn't think much, turned around and ran to the Liu Family Chess Hall.

However, Bai Qingsheng left late. The competition implemented a best-of-three-game system. Hao Zhi won two games in a row, defeated the challenger, and ended the event early. At this moment, he was wearing red and flowers and was paraded through the streets and alleys surrounded by chess fans. Bai Qingsheng was completely dumbfounded. It turns out that he is a master of chess. He doesn't kill you every time, not to give you face, but to use your donkey in vain! Bai Qingsheng failed to steal the chicken but lost a handful of rice. He learned a big lesson and became much kinder to others from then on.

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