Chapter 288

“They speak Japanese. It’s strange. Takeo Murakami died under Daochang Jin’s Tiangang qigong, and Inubushi was also sprayed to death by Daochang Jin’s enema water. Why are there two Japanese again?” Tenzin smiled. : “That’s right, this string of Buddhist beads was handed down by the abbot Da Rinpoche in the past. It is made of kyanite essence and is called ‘Bardo Mantra Beads’. It seals and blesses a kind of supernatural power of living Buddhas in the past. After Danba is gone, How to use the spell beads is unknown. Han Sheng was taken aback, it turned out that this string of Buddha beads had such a great history, since it was the bardo beads, it was supposed to be something to ward off evil spirits. … Continue readingChapter 288