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One year, Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty went south to enjoy fish, and encountered something strange. From Hejian to Jiangdu, in the middle of fish viewing gatherings in several places, large groups of fish turned white. What's even more strange is that those fish miraculously came back to life after the emperor lost his temper and left. The emperor became angry and accused the local officials of harboring evil intentions. Seeing that the dragon boat would arrive in Yuhang in two days, the county magistrate Zhang Shiheng sighed while holding a letter.

The master was puzzled, so he took the letter and read it. The person who wrote the letter claimed to be a wizard, who could ward off disasters and ensure that there would be no trouble at the fish-watching meeting. The condition was that the benefit would be five hundred taels of gold!

The master understood immediately. They are not afraid of extortion. If they have money, they can pay the favor first and then follow the clues to investigate later. However, since Zhang Shiheng took office, he has had nothing to lose and has no savings at all.

The fish-appreciation meeting was held as scheduled two days later. Thousands of golden carp were circling the boat in the crystal clear river to grab food, which won the emperor's favor. Zhang Shiheng on the side did not dare to breathe, and stared at the river. But the more I feared, the more I feared. Halfway through, a few golden carps in the distance suddenly jumped into the air, with their dorsal fins falling into the water and their bellies in the air.

Just when Zhang Shiheng was at a loss, a row of fishing boats appeared upstream. The fishermen were throwing something into the river, and it was the master who commanded them. Zhang Shiheng noticed that not long after, the golden carps that had turned white came back to life and rejoined the procession of grabbing food.

Later, the master explained that he had planned to privately raise funds for Zhang Shiheng that day. When he talked about the fish turning white and then resurrecting, the fishermen heard the clue and suspected that someone was using the drunken fish grass to cause harm. Buddleia is the treasure of fishermen. If it is crushed and sprinkled into the water, the fish will be poisoned, as if they were drunk. Parsnips and licorice are the nemesis of Buddleia, so the fishermen spontaneously bought a large amount of detoxifying nemesis and sprinkled it from upstream. , to solve problems for good county magistrates.

The origin of the red ghost_The legend of the Japanese red ghost_The legend of the red ghost

hero flower

Once upon a time, there were two tribes that fought all year round, one was called Fei Xiong and the other was called Red Tiger. On this day, the leader of the Red Tiger heard that the Feixiong tribe was like a god, and they attacked like a tide. The soldiers were shot through the arms and still moved forward with their swords. In one night, the Red Tiger's left and right wing troops were completely wiped out. The leader of the Feixiong, Wei Fu, said something back. Wildly saying that the Red Tiger clan will be wiped out!

The leader of the Red Tiger was furious. The two tribes had been fighting for hundreds of years and they were still indistinguishable. How could the guard dare to be so arrogant? He became suspicious and sent someone to find out. It turns out that everything happened because Feixiong got the magic medicine-Hero Flower. This anther is so potent that soldiers will go crazy if they eat it, and even old people will be full of energy after eating it. Because this flower is rare, even if it is considered a magical medicine, it cannot affect the outcome of the battle, but Weifu actually knows how to grow it!

But what puzzled Chihu was that Feixiong did not take advantage of the victory and pursue it, but instead set up camp and celebrated every night. This gave Chihu a big chance to breathe. They fought back hard and not only regained the lost ground, but also stole the Hero Flower with cunning tactics.

Unexpectedly, the guard did not organize a fierce battle, but chose to surrender. As a condition, Weifu will be banned from Chihu for life and help Chihu plant hero flowers. Guardsman agreed. He left a bag of tips and told his fellow tribesmen to open it a hundred years later, and then went to Chihu.

A hundred years later, the Flying Bear people stared at the six characters in the kit: the day the Red Tiger exterminated the clan.

The origin of the red ghost_The legend of the red ghost_The legend of the Japanese red ghost

At this time, there are only a thousand warriors left in Feixiong. How can they be destroyed? Eventually, Flying Bear dispatched a death squad. What is incredible is that these one hundred people actually fought all the way to the camp of the leader of the red tiger. Such a large tribe is full of skinny, sallow-looking people , and there is no strong person at all!

Two months later, Feixiong occupied Red Tiger. It is quite interesting that the leader of Fei Xiong listed the hero flower as a forbidden flower and changed its name to poppy. He also always warned future generations that this flower can save people or kill people.

Ma Bo

In his later years, Cao Cao's head wind became more and more serious. Hearing that Hua Tuo was making a lot of noise, he sent someone to ask him to come to the mansion for diagnosis and treatment.

Treating Cao Cao is not that simple. You have to look through the veil, hear from others, write to ask questions, and hang silk threads to cut. All of this is to prevent the doctor from having temporary dissatisfaction. Even so, Hua Tuo relied on his superb medical skills to diagnose Cao Cao's illness and prescribe medicine, with very good results.

Just when Cao Cao praised Hua Tuo's medical skills, Hua Tuo pessimistically warned Cao Cao that the disease was still slandered and needed to be treated severely! These words aroused Cao Cao's suspicion. In his opinion, he now has no headaches and is relaxed physically and mentally. Hua Tuo must have threatened the legend of Red Ghost with illness and coveted wealth. So Cao Cao gave Hua Tuo some silver and sent him away.

The legend of the Japanese red ghost_The legend of the red ghost_The origin of the red ghost

Not long after, Cao Cao's headache recurred, and Hua Tuo was invited to his house again. This time Cao Cao was sincerely convinced and said he was willing to cooperate with the treatment, but he was just curious about how to do it cruelly. Hua Tuo replied: "I will split your head with a sharp ax and remove the slander!" This frightened Cao Cao. In anger, Cao Cao ignored Hua Tuo's explanation and immediately put him in prison.

Why did Cao Cao ignore Hua Tuo's explanation? In fact, he has another secret plan. This time the backlash became more and more severe. Cao Cao felt that his death was not long, and he was willing to give it a try even if his head was chopped off with an axe. It's just that Cao Cao was suspicious and deliberately designed to put Hua Tuo in jail to test him.

Unfortunately, Hua Tuo failed the test. While chatting with the spies, Hua Tuo listed the medicinal materials for treating Cao Cao's illness, and one of them was named Ma Bo. This made Cao Cao completely lose his trust in Hua Tuo, because Ma Bo is poisonous and can cause coma. In this way, a generation of miracle doctors died tragically in prison, and Ma Fei San, which was more than a thousand years earlier than Western anesthetics, was also lost for some reason.

Sheep duck

On this day, a monk came to Lijiazhuang to make alms. He went all over the village and found a bowl full of rice grains.

After asking around, he found out that a group of bandits had moved into Lijiazhuang. These bandits bully the market and require the villagers to serve them food and meals every day. But these villagers suffered a lot, and the bandits ate a lot. Over time, all the chicken, duck, and fish stocked in the village were wiped out, and even rice, flour, and coarse grains were not much left.


Only then did the monk understand and asked: "Can't we drive them away?" Upon hearing this, the villagers said as if they had lost their minds: "We have tried it a long time ago. Although there are not many bandits, they all have magical powers, and there are guys, We are not opponents!"

The monk felt troubled and asked why he didn't give the medicine. The villagers shook their heads again. It turns out that the bandits are very cautious and always ask the person who delivers the food to try it. Try it? When the monk heard this, he took it into consideration.

At noon, the monk brought a pot of vegetarian food to the bandits' residence. Seeing that he was a monk, the bandits became suspicious. The monk said that the village had run out of meat and the villagers were thinking about making vegetarian dishes. When they saw him coming to ask for alms, they asked him to cook. The monk was always good at making vegetarian dishes, but the bandits still didn't believe it, so they asked him to try it. After seeing that the monk had no problem eating it, they enjoyed the vegetarian food.

The bandits didn't know that there was a side dish in this vegetarian dish called mutton. As the name suggests, the sheep would stumble unsteadily after eating it. Originally, there would be nothing wrong if I ate this stuff, but for people like bandits who drank and drank, I had another story. Wine is the best of all medicines, and mixing sheep duck and wine can double the toxicity. Sure enough, after a meal, the bandit didn't even have the strength to lift a knife. Faced with the villagers who came with hoes and sickles, he had no choice but to capture them.


There was an infatuated scholar whose wife died young. He was so grieved that he locked himself in the room and refused to eat or drink. His parents were the only son, so they were so anxious. It wasn't until the third day that the scholar opened the door, pointed to the earth pit in the house and said, "I want to bury my wife next to me, and after seven days of mourning, I will go to hell with her." Only then did the old couple understand that their son was not eating or drinking. Digging a hole! But how dare they disobey? He had to bury his daughter-in-law in the house and observe secretly, for fear that his son would not be able to think about it in advance.

The legend of the Japanese red ghost_The legend of the red ghost_The origin of the red ghost

As the day approached day by day, the old couple secretly made a cruel decision: If their son really commits suicide, he will be tied up!

Early on the seventh day, laughter came from his son's room. The old couple hurried over and saw their son standing in front of the grave with a happy face. It turned out that a purple flower sprouted from the grave of my daughter-in-law. The flowers were strangely shaped and fragrant, and my son was attracted to it. What happened next made the old couple overjoyed. Their son was fine! Seeing his parents come in, the scholar first bowed and then said hello, looking as filial as ever.

The old couple did not dare to be careless and continued to observe their son. For several days, there was nothing unusual about the scholar except talking in his sleep every night.

Late that night, after their son turned off the lights, the old couple secretly opened the window. The scene before them made their scalp numb: their son did not sleep on the bed, but stood in front of the grave, whispering to the strange flowers! Faced with their exclamations, his son didn't react at all, as if he was possessed by an evil spirit.

The old couple invited a miracle doctor overnight. The miracle doctor glanced at the scholar a few times, then looked at the purple flower, waved his hand and said, "Young master, it's all right!" Then he turned and left.

Not long after the miracle doctor left, the scholar stopped talking in his sleep and lay back on the bed. However, the old couple were still worried. Thinking about their son's weirdness, they felt more and more human, so they quietly pulled out the flowers.

The next day, news of the scholar's death spread throughout the town. The miracle doctor heard the news and cursed: "It must be the two old men who got rid of the fairy that day!"

The fairy, also known as hyoscyamus, can induce hallucinations and enchant the mind. It was in the poisoned state that the scholar was able to enter meditation and renew his relationship with his deceased wife. Now that the fairy is gone, how can the scholar survive?

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