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During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, a robbery occurred in Kaifeng Mansion, Henan Province, which shocked the entire Central Plains. A group of masked thieves ransacked the warehouse of the largest bank in the city late one night, put the stolen 10,000 taels of silver into a prepared coffin, and waited until the rooster crowed and the city gate opened. Got out of the city. When the government came to understand, a group of people chased out, only to find abandoned coffins and mourning paper flags in the wilderness. After being shocked, only his eyes were blank and his mind was empty. I had no choice but to send out reward notices all the way. Due to the appearance of the innocent criminal, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Whether the case could be solved or not, I had to leave it to fate!

Time flies, and half a year has passed in the blink of an eye. At a time when there is nothing to do, a murder case is reported in Hua County under the jurisdiction of Wei Hui Mansion. The son of Wang Dahu, who sells tinware, is hacked to death at home. The case file was transferred to Kaifeng Mansion, and it is said that Wang Dahu confessed that his son was involved in the case a year ago. It turned out that Wang Dahu's son was named Wang Sun. He had not been engaged in a serious job since he was a child. He had all the food, drinks, prostitution and gambling. He had no money to spend, so he either stole money or begged for money from his family. As time went by, Wang Dahu became angry and moved out to live in the house. Stay safe and sound. Later, I heard that Wang Sun led a few people to gamble at home all day long, and even ate all the chickens in the yard. When Wang Dahu heard this, he became angry and ran home. He didn't see his son Wang Sun, but he was across the door. Through the window, I heard several people discussing the matter of dividing the money in the room. When he was halfway listening, Wang Dahu's legs became weak. Wang Dahu was timid and didn't dare to say anything. He wanted to report it to the government, but he was afraid that his son's gang would be in trouble because of their drunken words, so he turned around quietly. On the way, he thought to himself that his son had no feelings for him anyway. Even if his head was cut off by the government, he would not shed a single tear. The relationship between father and son has become strangers. One day, half a month later, there was a strange smell in the yard, and a large group of flies were flying around. Someone lay down in the crack of the door and took a look. He was so frightened that he almost peed his pants. There were several stinking dead people lying in the yard.

Haunted house

That morning, shopkeeper Sun of Renhou Inn was busy making calculations at the counter. The blue cloth curtain opened and a man walked in from the outside. He was thirty years old, short in stature, with a cloth mantle draped over his shoulders. Dressed as a deputy businessman, this person didn't say anything, and just looked around with his eyes up and down.

Shopkeeper Sun stopped in a hurry, put on a smile and asked, "Sir, do you want to be a top-notch person or stay in a hotel?"

The guest turned around and said, "I'm exhausted after traveling all day and night to stay in the hotel."

The shopkeeper hurriedly said: "You have come to the right place if you want to stay in the hotel. Our guest rooms are spacious and comfortable, the service is attentive, and the prices are fair. Renhou Inn treats people kindly, and it is true."

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The guest looked tired and hurriedly followed the waiter to the second floor.

It wasn't until after lunch that the guest started chatting with shopkeeper Sun. It turns out that his surname is Huang and he is from Shaanxi. He worked for others in his early years. Later, he saved some money and sold medicinal materials. Over the past few years, his business has continued to expand and is relatively prosperous . Now he wants to set up a shop and settle down in the county town. Search for medicinal materials businesses in surrounding areas. Because the relationship was so big, I really didn’t feel safe leaving it to an outsider, so I came here from Shaanxi in person this time.

Shopkeeper Sun unconsciously patted the horse and said: "This medicine business is the most good deed to save the world and save people. No wonder you will make a fortune. It must be the result of Bodhisattva's blessing, Amitabha!"

After talking for a while, shopkeeper Sun stood up to leave. Not wanting to be grabbed by shopkeeper Huang, he stuffed some broken silver into his hand and said, "Before I came in just now, I walked around the street specifically and took a look at this place. "

When he heard the specific location of the auspicious house, shopkeeper Sun's face turned pale. He shook his head like a rattle and said, "Where is the auspicious house? It is clearly a haunted house. I advise you not to buy the house there. I tell you." "People have died there, and there were ghosts there."

Shopkeeper Huang said oh, without any shocked expression. He hesitated for a moment and said: "Nothing, nothing, I don't believe in ghosts and gods by nature!"

The evil people have their own evil people. The story of the evil people_Evil people_The evil people have their own evil people. The story of the evil people

For the sake of the scraps of money, shopkeeper Sun kindly told shopkeeper Huang that there used to be the home of Wang Dahu in the county, which was engaged in tinware business. Wang Dahu's son had neither learning nor skills since he was a child, and he hung out with a group of market scoundrels all day long. Unexpectedly, one day, his son and Those people died mysteriously in the courtyard. According to the government's inspection, this group of people was the same people who robbed the Kaifeng bank two years ago. It is said that the uneven distribution of the spoils caused internal strife. As a result, they killed each other and no one survived. Come down. Unfortunately, the government has not found any trace of the robbed money, and it has become a fatal case. Later, the Wang family didn't dare to live in it anymore, so they sold the house to an old scholar who didn't know about it. Whether it was a trick or a lie, it was just that the house was cashed out. When the old scholar found out that he had been cheated, he went to They went to Wang Da's family to settle accounts, but Wang Da's family had already been empty. The old scholar had to admit that he was unlucky. Fortunately, he had four lively sons, all of whom were like door gods, so it was okay to live in the house. I heard that one time, there was a ghost in the courtyard. I didn't want this ghost to be caught. The ferocious son was beaten away. It seems that ghosts are also afraid of evil people . Even so, the locals will never buy this house, it is too unlucky!

Shopkeeper Huang felt a little depressed after hearing the whole story, but he still insisted on asking Shopkeeper Sun to ask.

Come to your door

On the afternoon of the next day, shopkeeper Sun found shopkeeper Huang, and the scholar agreed to sell the house, but the price was not low, one thousand taels of silver. It seemed that the scholar was obsessed with money. So I kindly advised him not to hang himself on a tree, but to find another one with more flowers and shop around. Shopkeeper Huang was very resolute, saying that he had learned Feng Shui and that if he transformed the house, he would be able to prosper the business and the population! One thousand taels of silver is indeed a bit expensive, but if it is cheaper, you can consider it yourself.

One day, after lunch, shopkeeper Huang took the gift box and knocked on the door of the scholar's house. The old scholar is middle-aged, with a gentle appearance and a long beard, but his four sons are tall and solemn-looking, waiting behind him.

The entire courtyard is wide and clean, and there is a flower stand in the front yard, with red flowers and green leaves, which is refreshing in the boring season. There is a pear wood square table, two chairs, and a teacup on the table. It seems to be specially prepared for Shopkeeper Huang!

The evil people have their own evil people.

Not long after the two parties sat down, Shopkeeper Huang got straight to the point and told the other party his purpose. The scholar did not hide his price. He raised his index finger and said, "You must know that my price is one thousand taels of silver."

Shopkeeper Huang put down his teacup, shook his head and said, "It's too expensive. It's really too expensive. Even the capital is not worth this amount. In my opinion, this courtyard is worth at most two hundred taels of silver."

The scholar took a sip of tea and said slowly: "I don't care about other places, I only care about here. I know that although this courtyard is only made of gray bricks and gray tiles, not silver and copper, I like it here. In fact, I don't know what I like about it. But it’s still a waste of five hundred taels of silver! Sometimes, it’s really hard to spend money. I know it’s worth it.”

Shopkeeper Huang coughed lightly and whispered, "I know someone died in your house."

The scholar did not panic, nodded, smiled slyly, and said, "Yes, it was haunted, so I only want you one thousand taels of silver, otherwise, I won't sell it even two thousand!"

Shopkeeper Huang looked a little embarrassed and said, "Besides me, no one else is willing to pay such a price, eight hundred taels."

The scholar shook his head calmly and said unhurriedly: "For those who like it, there is no need for a reason. Can you tell me the reason why you like it here? There is no reason, so I want a thousand There’s no reason for either.”

There was silence for a while, and shopkeeper Huang finally seemed to lose his patience and said helplessly: "Okay, I agree, one thousand taels is one thousand taels."

The old scholar breathed a sigh of relief, glanced at his four sons, suddenly stared at the guest, and said: "Shopkeeper Huang, actually I moved here just to wait for someone. So, I set the price very high, you don't want to Blame me!”

Shopkeeper Huang was a little thirsty. After taking a few sips of tea, he seemed to have regained his composure and said mockingly, "I don't blame you. I just blame me for liking this place. I like it inexplicably. Who is the person you are waiting for?"

The old scholar said that that man and a group of desperadoes robbed a bank in Kaifeng two years ago. Seeing the government's pressing, these people hid one after another. Until a year ago, they all gathered at Wang Sun's home in Daokou Town. He thought that the time was not right and hoped to wait until the news passed before discussing how to divide the money. However, his idea was rejected by his associates. He was afraid that those people would be exposed. They were fooled, so they got all those people drunk and then killed them all, giving people the illusion of internal strife. Then he fled to another place and waited quietly to return to the yard.

Shopkeeper Huang opened his mouth wide in surprise and stammered: "If you didn't tell me earlier, I heard Shopkeeper Sun say that I thought all the robbers were dead, but I didn't expect that I still got into trouble. He, he wouldn't kill me…" "

Xiucai stroked his beard and said with a smile: "It doesn't matter, shopkeeper Huang, don't panic. I don't think he will hurt you. He just came back to find what he needed. Not long after I moved in, he came and wanted to dress up." He came as a ghost to scare us away, but he was beaten away by some of my sons, so he changed his method!"

Shopkeeper Huang kept banging his head, looking regretful. He said aggrievedly that only if the government catches that cruel guy as soon as possible can he move in!

The old scholar looked at the restless Shopkeeper Huang and suddenly sneered.

Finally, he said slowly: "I have been waiting for him to come to me. As long as someone can accept my extremely unreasonable price, I will know that he is coming. Because one thousand taels of silver is far from what he buried in the courtyard." That ten thousand taels, so the person I’m waiting for is you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shopkeeper Huang's shoulders sank. He was already firmly held down by the hands of two big men, and it was impossible to break free.

the truth

It turned out that the old scholar's real identity was the newly appointed magistrate of the county, and the four sons were disguised as the four team leaders of the county government. The county magistrate was born in a criminal family, and he liked to analyze situations since he was a child. The tragedy at Wang Da's family caught his attention. Although the dead thieves all had fatal injuries, there were no signs of a struggle, which was completely consistent with the inference that they killed each other. It didn't match, so the county magistrate thought that someone deliberately faked the scene and escaped. Because the silver was huge and could not be taken away lightly, the county magistrate concluded that the silver was buried in the courtyard of the Wang family. Everyone searched for it and found among the flowers and plants in the backyard. Signs of the soil being disturbed were found everywhere, and they dug deeper and found the stolen silver. In order not to alert others, the county government blocked the news, leaving people with the feeling that they still had no clue. In order to trap the murderer, the county magistrate used a stratagem to conceal the truth. They pretended to be a family of old scholars, deliberately raised the house price, and waited for the outcome.

As expected, shopkeeper Huang was the murderer Huang Qiwucha. When he buried the money in the soil at Wang Sheng's house, he became greedy and because of the disagreement, he became greedy and angry, killing his accomplices. The government hastily closed the case, and then he sneaked into the deserted Wang's house and took any money. Not wanting to cause trouble, he moved into a scholar's family, and wanted to scare them away by pretending to be a ghost. Instead, he was beaten up by the scholar's son. I was at a loss for a while, so I staged a good plan to pretend to be shopkeeper Huang to buy a house. I never expected that he would take the initiative to send it to the door, losing his wife and losing his troops.

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