short Ghost Story

Okayama Yuko is a female teacher at Sakura University.

That night, when Okayama Yuko slept until midnight, she was woken up by a stream of urine, so she got up and went to the bathroom.

Okayama Yuko suppressed her sleepiness and finished her toilet, then began to wash her hands. But the blood flowing out of the faucet woke Okayama Yuko from her sleep. She looked at the blood flowing out of the faucet with fear. The blood was also mixed with brains and minced meat.

Okayama Yuko screamed in fright. She wanted to move her legs to escape, but her legs were shaking uneasily because of fear, and she could not take steps at all. Okayama Yuko opened her mouth and screamed, but when she saw herself in the mirror, her scream was still alive in her throat.

Because Okayama Yuko was afraid, she accidentally saw herself in the mirror. It was a person with white hair and a bloody face who looked exactly like Okayama Yuko. Her movements were similar to the real Okayama Yuko. Like her son, her face was full of fear. She opened her mouth wide and wanted to scream.

Okayama Yuko closed her mouth, and Okayama Yuko in the mirror also closed her mouth.

Fear filled every pore of Okayama Yuko's body. She was shaking uneasily. She suddenly saw herself in the mirror and turned her head in fear.

Okayama Yuko turned her head instinctively, and she saw that the ceiling of the bathroom was covered with those who died in Sakura School. On everyone's smashed face, their eyes were wide and round, with expressions. They were all so dull, with a very large hole on their head. Blood, corpse fluid, brain pulp, and minced meat were constantly flowing out of the hole on their head, although their corpses were very rotten. It's different, but every corpse is more or less covered with corpse bugs.

Okayama Yuko screamed with fear on her face. She gasped for air and fainted directly on the cold floor.

After Okayama Yuko fainted, a man with a face full of hatred and blood on his head floated out from the corner.

With a wave of his hand, Okayama Yuko lay on her bed.

When Okayama Yuko woke up from the bed with a scream, she looked at her hands in fear and saw that her hands were covered with sweat. She thought she had been too tired recently, so she did such a thing. It was a nightmare, but no matter what, Okayama Yuko found that she was soaked all over.

Okayama Yuko got up from the bed tiredly, picked up her clothes, and walked to the bathroom in fear. When she looked in at the bathroom door, she saw her own figure reflected in the mirror.

Okayama Yuko breathed a sigh of relief and walked inside.

Strange to say, Okayama Yuko had just closed the bathroom door, and the scene from last night appeared in the mirror again. Okayama Yuko was extremely frightened, and she kept comforting herself in her heart, saying that this was just… A dream, not real.

Okayama Yuko's whole body was trembling with fear. She looked at herself in the mirror with blood on her face, but she began to slowly smile. In the mirror, I saw more and more blood flowing from Okayama Yuko's head, and within a short time, her whole body was stained red.

Okayama Yuko looked in fear as the person who looked like herself in the mirror was drowned in her own blood, and the whole mirror was filled with blood.

Fear made Okayama Yuko want to run away immediately, but fear made her legs as heavy as filled with lead. Okayama Yuko felt that her legs had been destroyed by fear and were no longer her own. .

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A pair of cold and bloody hands stretched out from the mirror. Yuko Okayama collapsed on the ground in fear. Tears of fear flowed down her cheeks. She desperately wanted to close her eyes. Sakura Ligui's novel , but she couldn't close her eyes no matter what.

Okayama Yuko's hands twisted her thighs desperately. How she wished this was a dream, how she longed for all this to end quickly.

A pair of cold and bloody hands slowly reached out to Okayama Yuko's head. These hands actually penetrated through her head and into Okayama Yuko's body. In addition to these bloody hands, there were also these The owner of the hands is Xiaoxi Yuntian.

Okayama Yuko saw the long-dead Xiaoxi Yuntian's body slipping into her body. Not to mention how scared she felt in her heart, Okayama Yuko was horrified to find that Xiaoxi Yuntian not only penetrated into It entered his body and he still controlled himself. Okayama Yuko's mood at this moment can no longer be described as fear, fear or even panic.

I can't understand Okayama Yuko's helpless mood at this moment.

Although Okayama Yuko's consciousness is still there, her body has been controlled by Xiaoxi Yuntian, and she can only feel helplessly walking towards Sakura University with her body.

Okayama Yuko suddenly remembered the dream she had yesterday. Because Okayama Yuko woke up in bed after fainting yesterday, she always thought she had four dreams yesterday. She suddenly remembered clearly that she was in the dream yesterday. Those dead ghosts hanging on the ceiling that I saw in the bathroom. Among those dull ghosts, there was no Xiaoxi Yuntian at all.

Okayama Yuko suddenly felt in horror that those people were killed by Xiaoxi Yuntian.

Xiaoxi Yuntian was admitted to the aristocratic school Sakura through her own efforts.

As soon as she arrived at school, Xiaoxi Yuntian, who came from a poor family, was ostracized by the rich students in the school.

At the beginning, Xiaoxi Yuntian wanted to prove her strength through her grades, but Sakura was an aristocratic university and they didn't pay attention to grades at all.

Xiaoxi Yuntian lives a difficult life in Sakura University. The rejection of her classmates and the inequality in Sakura University make Xiaoxi Yuntian, who has always wanted to change her poor destiny through study, very depressed.

His excellent grades gave him superior treatment and an unparalleled aura in the past. However, as soon as he entered Sakura School, he became a joke among the students here. The sudden change made Xiaoxi Yuntian extremely painful. Initially depressed, he gradually developed hallucinations and auditory hallucinations. In the end, he couldn't bear the ridicule of the students in the school anymore and actually committed suicide by jumping off the building in the school.

In Sakura, an aristocratic school, the status of teachers is far inferior to that of students. Okayama Yuko was one of the teachers who was bullied by the students, so she thought she understood Xiaoxi Yuntian's feelings very well. In addition, Okayama Yuko has always felt that Xiaoxi Yuntian is a talented person and has the same problem as herself, so she has always looked at Xiaoxi Yuntian with pity and sympathy, and it is her eyes that make her Xiaoxi Yuntian has always held a grudge.

After Xiaoxi Yuntian died, his resentful soul began a revenge plan.

Okayama Yuko's feeling was very effective. It was indeed Xiaoxi Yuntian who killed the students and teachers in the school who apparently committed suicide by jumping off the building.

Okayama Yuko felt that Xiaoxi Yuntian was controlling her body and walking step by step towards the top floor of the teaching building where people often commit suicide by jumping off the building recently. Facing death, thinking of those lost souls with a dull face, Okayama Yuko's inner despair caused her eyes to lose focus.

&ldquoBang. Okayama Yuko fell from the teaching building to the ground. Her appearance after death was just like what she saw in the bathroom mirror during her lifetime.

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