Ghost Husband Mirror Talk

Mirror Talk

Have you ever seen a mirror?

That bloodthirsty mirror…

Jiajia has a mirror at home, a very ordinary mirror. Jiajia couldn't put it down. As her best friend, I can't see my good friend being so tasteless. I bought several kinds of exquisite mirrors for her, but she didn't like them either. She just held the rough mirror and muttered to herself. . I was very surprised and asked her what magic power this mirror had? Jiajia told me that she didn't understand either. She only knew that the mirror attracted her, for no reason.

The real story between Jiajia and the mirror should happen after she and Fan met.

Any man who is as cheerful as the sky. Since he appeared in Jiajia's world, Jiajia has excitedly held a mirror and talked about Hefan's development every day. I don't understand why she doesn't tell me, her best friend?

One day, I finally discovered the secret.

Jiajia's mirror turns out to be a magic mirror! !

Once she murmured in front of the mirror, I suddenly realized. There was a bright spot in the mirror that kept flashing.

I grabbed her mirror and wanted to throw it away. Jia Jia grabbed her ghost husband , as if what I took away was her life. I had a vague feeling that something was going to happen to Jiajia.

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Due to work reasons, I am on a business trip. During the business trip, I cared about Jiajia very much. During this period, I also heard some things about Jiajia and Fan, such as how good they were and how they were getting married soon. But the day before I went home, I received a call from Jiajia. Jiajia burst into tears. I asked him what was wrong, but she didn't say anything and just kept repeating: I love him! Why doesn't he want me anymore? ! I want him to be with me!

I was frightened and comforted her, but I don’t know if Jiajia listened.

The next day, I went home dusty. I called Jiajia and everyone answered, so I had to go to her house.

Jiajia lives alone. I opened the door. The house was clean and tidy, nothing unusual. Jiajia and Fan sat side by side on the bed, and Fan held the mirror in his hand. I asked Jiajia strangely: "What's wrong with you?" An unpredictable smile appeared on Jiajia's fair face. She looked at me steadily and just smiled.

I suddenly discovered that there was no blood on Fan's face, it was white. But the mirror in his hand was red! ! I screamed, "Jiajia! That… mirror can suck blood! Come on! Come to me!"

Jiajia had no expression on her face and whispered, "If he doesn't love me, he will be punished…"

I backed away in fear, very scared, afraid that Jiajia would pounce on me. But Jiajia didn't. She sat blankly, without expression or speaking.

I fled Jiajia's home in a hurry.

The next day, I heard that Jiajia and Fan were both dead.

From beginning to end, I thought it was my husband who was responsible for that mirror. It was that mirror…

However, people's greed will breed the magic of the mirror! Do you believe it? If you have such a mirror, please throw it away quickly. Don’t think that having a magic mirror means you will have unchanging love…

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