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Mr. Bai is a doctor who can cure all kinds of miscellaneous diseases and also delivers babies. He is an indispensable figure within dozens of miles, so everyone respects him as "Sir".

In the evening of that day, Mr. Bai and his wife laid out the meal in the yard. They picked up their chopsticks and were about to eat when a man ran in quickly from outside. He was sweating profusely and looked frightened, shouting: "Sir, sir, my wife is about to give birth, but the village woman said it was a miscarriage and she didn't dare to do anything. Please come over, sir!"

When Mr. Bai heard the "pop" sound, he clapped his chopsticks and stood up. He quickly carried the medicine bag on his back, waved his hand and said, "Where is your home? Quickly lead the way!"

The man hesitated for a moment, then uttered three words in embarrassment: "Lin Zigou."

Mr. Bai, who was striding out, froze when he heard this. His wife had already shouted with a pale face: "Linzigou? You can't go there, you can't go there!"

There was a reason why Mr. Bai and his wife suddenly lost their composure. It turned out that a female ghost had recently appeared at the entrance of Linzigou village. Whenever someone passed by, she would set up a enchantment formation, causing people to spin left and right in the white mist. It is also known as "ghosts beating the wall". There were some people who wandered around all night until the sun came up the next morning. They escaped from the scary ghost story . When they got home, they got seriously ill and almost died. Some people did not believe in evil, so they splashed black dog blood and asked Taoist priests to do it, but it only made the female ghost even more rampant, so that no one dared to walk in Linzigou once it was dark.

Scary ghost story_scary ghost story 100 words_scary ghost story Hachisama

Seeing that Mr. Bai did not move, the man knelt down with a thump and said in a hoarse voice: "If Mr. Bai doesn't go, two lives will be lost!"

When Mr. Bai heard this, he trembled all over, then raised his head and said: "Since ancient times, there is a saying that 'the doctor has a parental heart'. If you don't get rid of it, you will be a useless person. I will never feel at ease in this life. Let's go!" He said that he completely ignored the urging of his wife behind him. He pulled hard and walked straight towards Linzigou with the man.

Fortunately, there was still dim light at this time, so we didn't encounter any ghosts on the way there. When he arrived at the man's house, the mother had been tortured to the point of death and she only had one breath left. The life of mother and son only lasted for a moment. Mr. Bai quickly cleaned his hands and got busy without delay…

After a long time, with a loud cry that had been suppressed for a long time, a big fat boy was finally born. Mr. Bai, who was sweating profusely, let out a sigh: mother and child are safe!

Scary ghost story_scary ghost story 100 words_scary ghost story Hachisama

The man was dancing with excitement and was preparing for Mr. Bai to have dinner. Mr. Bai suddenly remembered something: He had to take medicine for a neighbor tonight. The neighbor suffers from asthma in his old age. Once he wheezes, it's like blowing a bellows. If it doesn't go smoothly, it can kill him. He usually relies on Mr. Bai's medicine to keep him alive. But tonight, the medicine has just been used up, so it must be delivered in time. .

People's lives were at stake. Although his hands and feet were weak, Mr. Bai still carried the medicine bag and left. The man Kuliu said, "Have you forgotten that the ghost is beating the wall?" Mr. Bai laughed when he heard this and said: "Although ghosts are scary, human life is more important. If you are afraid of ghosts breaking down the wall, I won't even come to your house. No matter what, I have to give it a try."

Upon hearing this, the man had no choice but to let go, and blushingly stuffed a cooked chicken with a fragrant aroma into his nose. He said that the family had no money, so the cooked chicken should be used as medical expenses, and he should not be blamed. No matter how Mr. Bai was willing to accept it, he asked the man to give it to the mother who was weak after giving birth. The man was so ashamed that he shed tears and said, "If you don't accept it, I will be ashamed." Mr. Bai had no choice but to accept it. In fact, this kind of thing happened to him many times, and he advanced countless amounts of medicine money for those poor patients.

When he was leaving, the man handed over a woodcutter and said, "Sir, take it. If you encounter something on the road, you can use it to defend yourself. I hope you don't run into that ghost hitting the wall. The Bodhisattva will definitely bless you." A good person!"

scary ghost story Hachisama_scary ghost story_scary ghost Story in 100 words

Mr. Bai smiled calmly after hearing this, took the knife and turned around to leave. I don’t know how far I’ve walked, but it’s pitch black all around, and I’m a little nervous. Something jumps out of the grass beside the road with a “hoo!”, and a pair of eyes suddenly flashes with strange green fire. It stops Mr. Bai’s eyes squarely. Way to go.

This guy scared Mr. Bai to the point where his hair stood on end. When he looked closely, he saw that it was a black wild dog. Generally speaking, wild dogs don’t cause trouble to others. Why is it like this today? Mr. Bai thought for a moment and realized that it must be the smell of the cooked chicken in his hand that attracted the wild dogs.

Mr. Bai immediately tore off half of the cooked chicken and threw it over. The wild dog opened its mouth wide and swallowed it in one gulp. After eating, it did not leave, still blocking the way with its green eyes. When Mr. Bai saw it, he smiled bitterly and was about to throw it away. Suddenly, he had an extra thought: I heard that chickens and geese have been bitten to death by things recently. Could it be that this wild dog was responsible? That being the case, why not take the opportunity to get rid of it?

With this thought, Mr. Bai quietly took out some anesthetic from the medicine bag, poured it on the half of the cooked chicken, and then threw it over. Although the wild dog was cunning, how could he see through the human scheme? Still swallowed it in one gulp.

scary ghost story Hachisama_scary ghost story_scary ghost Story in 100 words

Mr. Bai watched the wild dog chewing with cold eyes. After a while, the wild dog began to shake. It was obvious that the anesthetic had taken effect. The beast seemed to sense that something was wrong, so he turned around and ran away. After only two steps, he finally couldn't hold on any longer. One end fell down.

Mr. Bai then stepped forward, took out his woodcutter, and cut off the wild dog's neck with one slash, which was considered as eliminating a harm.

Mr. Bai walked forward quickly again. When he came to the edge of a small forest, the bright moon shone everywhere as bright as day. Suddenly he heard the cry of a woman in the forest, and then, a big girl in red clothes Walked out.

Mr. Bai's heart was clear. He knew that the thing was coming, so he was no longer afraid. He said calmly: "It doesn't matter if you want to confuse me, but I am in a hurry to save people. Life is as big as the sky. Please help me." You are so noble!"

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The big girl in red had a pale face and said with a smile: "I have never seen anyone as bold as you. I haven't had anyone play with me for a long time. You can stay here for the night." Then he opened his arms. Arms, bursts of white mist spurted out from her armpits. She was setting up a trap to hit the wall.

The fog was getting thicker and thicker. Mr. Bai had no idea what to do and his heart was on fire. He suddenly shouted and threw the woodcutter at the female ghost with all his strength. He didn't expect the knife to kill or injure the female ghost. Wall, he was just worried because there was a life waiting for him to save.

Unexpectedly, an accident happened at this moment. The female ghost suddenly screamed, and the thick fog that had just been sprayed suddenly disappeared. She herself was paralyzed as if having a cramp and kept convulsing on the ground. Her body became worse and worse with her eyes. He was getting smaller and smaller, and he screamed hatefully: "What's on your knife?"

This sudden change shocked Mr. Bai at a loss. He heard the female ghost struggle and say: "Only two things can be subdued by mixing together. One is the blood of the mother. Because the mother has given birth to a child, the red light of the blood is particularly strong." ; The second is the blood of black wild dogs. Generally, I am not afraid of the blood of black dogs. Is there something on your knife…"

Mr. Bai couldn't help laughing loudly when he heard this. He was so busy on the road after delivering the baby that he didn't even have time to wipe off the maternal blood on his body. Unexpectedly, he accidentally smeared it with a wood chopper, and by chance, Killed a wild dog.

The female ghost in front of her screamed and shrank into a ball, eventually turning into a puff of ashes and disappearing. From then on, no one hit the wall again. Everyone said afterwards that the Bodhisattva arranged this series of coincidences. But more people say that it was Mr. Bai's kindness to save people regardless of personal safety that broke through the wall of ghosts and demons. Mr. Bai is the real Bodhisattva. Yes, if a person has a kind heart, he will naturally become a Bodhisattva with boundless power and fearless power.

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