A Ghost Story


When I followed my elder brother to the village, he told me some stories about the immortals, which sounded quite magical. He also gave me some precautions, saying that when the immortals were doing things, family members were allowed to listen in, but they were not allowed to interrupt and had to keep quiet.

I agreed immediately and thanked my brother again and again.

When we arrived at the immortal's house, we met a man in his fifties as soon as we entered the yard. Before we could say anything, he said to us, "Go in. The immortal knows you are coming and has been waiting for you."

We thanked the uncle, then followed him to the main hall, and then entered an inner room on the right, which was the hall set up by the immortal.

The hall was all red, the lights were red, and all the windows were sealed with red paper. On the main wall was a large piece of red paper with the words "All wishes will be granted" written on it. On both sides of the red paper were written like a couplet: "Cultivate your character in the deep mountains, and spread your poetry in the ancient caves." There were many small characters in the middle of the red paper.

On top of the red paper were several triangular flags with the words "Xianling" written on them.

Below the red paper, against the wall, there is an altar with incense tables and several statues of gods. In front of the statues is a large brass incense burner, and on both sides of the incense burner are several plates of offerings.

There was a chair in front of the desk, and on the ground directly in front of the chair, there was a large yellow round kneeling pad with a lotus edge.

When we went in, we saw an older lady wearing black pants and a green top with a bun on her head standing in front of the incense table, burning incense and muttering a lot of incomprehensible words very quickly, like a spell.

My eldest brother asked me to place my husband on a cushion and kneel down, motioned me not to make a sound, and then he took my son out.

The immortal finished chanting the spell, inserted the incense sticks into the incense burner, and then turned around and sat on the chair. After that, the immortal suddenly began to yawn, making a "cluck" sound.

After a while, the immortal suddenly calmed down and opened his eyes. Then he said to my husband who was kneeling on the mat below, "Tell me, why are you pestering this person? What do you want him to leave?"

That voice sounded like that of an old woman in her eighties or nineties.

But after hearing this, my husband suddenly began to sway from side to side, and then he started to sob. The voice was actually a woman's.

I was shocked, and then I heard my husband say in a woman's voice, "I died unjustly. I was on my way to pick up my child from school, and suddenly I was hit and killed by a truck!"

Having said this, the big brother who had left earlier suddenly rushed in from outside, took a few quick steps, and then stopped and stood next to me.

I saw that he was trembling all over, his eyes were red, and his mouth was tightly pursed, as if he was about to cry.


The photo showed a vague, distorted, hideous ghost figure, with its mouth and eyes wide open and its hair sticky and looking as if it was covered in blood.

My husband saw it and shouted angrily, "Who the hell did this?" and was about to go upstairs to the property management to check the surveillance.

I stopped him and said that the property management had not started work yet, and if we didn't leave now, we would be late. Maybe it was someone playing a prank, so I let him go for now, and I would settle the score with him next time.

Unexpectedly, our car was plastered again the next day, and again on the third day.

This time I didn't stop them, nor did I plan to keep quiet. I not only went to the property management to protest about the security issue, but also called the police.

Because our dashcam didn't capture the person, the police caught him based on the neighborhood surveillance.

Sitting in the mediation room of the police station, my husband and I were shocked when we saw the person the police brought in. It turned out to be the person who had been fighting with us on the road, cutting us off, and even tailgating us two days ago!

After some questioning by the police, the man admitted that he was upset about the rear-end collision two days ago and wanted to take revenge, so he found our community based on the address we left when we signed the compensation agreement with him that day, found our car based on the license plate number, and then put photos on our car.

He said he didn't mean anything, he just wanted to scare us.

When my husband heard this, he immediately flew into a rage, and started yelling at that person, saying that it was originally a small matter and it would be over if it was over, but he was so petty as to sneak into other people’s neighborhood to post things. He was not a man at all. If he wanted to cause trouble, he should just come and fight openly.

I kept trying to calm him down. The police were also there to mediate and persuade him, saying that fortunately no damage had been caused, and that we could see if both sides could find a way to reconcile.

The man had a very good attitude, kept apologizing, said he was willing to pay a thousand yuan in compensation, and promised that he would never do such a thing again.

Seeing him like this, my husband calmed down. We didn’t want him to pay compensation. We called the police only because we were angry.

But the man insisted, and we couldn't resist so we agreed to take it in. Later, we signed the mediation agreement together under the witness of the police, and then we went our separate ways.

I thought the matter was over, but I didn’t expect that the “female ghost” would really come the next day, and my husband was in a car accident and almost died.


That evening we were walking home from get off work together. I was humming along with the music on the player while I pulled down the upper mirror on the passenger side to look in the mirror. Suddenly I saw a bloody ghost flash by in the mirror.

Before I could even scream, I heard my husband curse “Fuck” and then I felt my whole body suddenly tilt to the left.

Then there was a "bang" sound, and I fell forward heavily, and then was pulled back by the safety belt.

What is the purpose of the ghost-awareness of the gods_The death of the ghost-awareness of the gods_How did the ghost-awareness of the gods die

I felt a little dizzy and couldn't react for a while. A series of horns honked from the front and back.

"what's the situation!"

It took me a while to come back to my senses. I was still in shock and felt the seat belt hurting my chest. It was even difficult for me to breathe.

I turned my head to look at my husband, and suddenly found that he was leaning over the steering wheel with blood flowing from his head.

I quickly unbuckled my seatbelt and leaned over to check on him, asking him what was wrong. My husband groaned and replied after a few seconds, saying he was fine and had just hit his head.

He raised his body and leaned back. I saw a wound several centimeters long on his forehead that kept bleeding. I quickly wiped it with a tissue and then pressed on the wound.

"I just saw that ghost again in the rearview mirror. It pounced towards me and I got scared." My husband said weakly.

I was stunned for a moment and said that I had just seen it in the mirror, but I didn’t see it clearly.

Having said that, I immediately asked my husband to press on the wound himself, and then I looked around the car again, but didn't find anything unusual.

Then when I got out of the car to put up the tripod and check the collision situation, I also looked around the car body and didn't find anything stuck on it.

It was just that my husband got so frightened that he swerved the steering wheel and hit the concrete flower bed in the middle of the road on the left. The flower bed was not collapsed, but there was a big dent in the left side of our car and one side of the bumper was knocked off.

I called the insurance company, then helped my husband get out of the car and rest on the side of the road for a while.

Because my husband was injured, after I reported the insurance, I drove my husband to the hospital for bandaging, thinking of going to the repair shop the next day to check the damage and so on.

Fortunately, my husband was not driving too fast at the time, so he did not suffer any fatal injuries, but even so he had to get a few stitches on his forehead.

After we got back, as soon as we parked the car, my husband started searching the entire car. He didn't believe that we were both dazzled by the ghost image we both saw, and thought there must be something fishy going on.

Unexpectedly, he found another ghost photo in the gap between the back seats of our car! But how could a photo turn into a ghost that pounced on us?

My husband was so angry that he rushed home, found the mediation agreement signed at the police station two days ago, found the man’s phone address, and prepared to call him to question him.

I called several times but the line was not connected. I called again the next morning and the same thing happened.

It was the weekend, so my husband decided to go to that person's house. I was also torn, thinking it was not a good idea to go to that person's house, but at the same time I felt that the person was being too persistent.

The man lived in Room 04 on the fifth floor of an old residential complex. My husband went upstairs and knocked on the door, but no one answered.

My husband started knocking on the door and calling the man's name, but he didn't knock on the door of Room 04, but instead knocked on the door of Room 03 opposite.

A sixty-year-old lady poked her head out from behind the door and said, "Stop knocking. That family died in a car accident. No one is here."


My husband and I were both surprised.

We went over to ask the old lady and found out that the man had died in a car accident yesterday!

Did you have a car accident yesterday? It happened on the same day as us. Is this a coincidence?

"The police came yesterday afternoon. Xiao Chen who lives there rented the house. The police came to the landlord and opened the door. They said that the young man had been in a car accident and was hit and killed by a truck. The police couldn't find their family's contact information." The old lady sighed.

"Who are you to him? Why are you looking for him?" the old lady asked us.

"That guy hit our car a few days ago, and then kept sticking things on it. We were so angry that we wanted to come and ask for an explanation," I said.

"Oh my, so that's it," the old lady said with a look of understanding, "That Xiao Chen was sticking things on people's cars downstairs a few days ago. Oh, I heard that the things he stuck were some weird photos. He was even beaten up because of this."

The old lady said in a mysterious voice, "I think the boy has been acting strange lately. I think there's something wrong here," the old lady pointed to her head and said, "There's something wrong."

The old lady said that the man was called Chen Weifeng, and he lived alone. He rarely interacted with his neighbors, so she didn't know much about him.

We didn't ask any more questions, just thanked the old lady and left.

On the way back, we were no longer angry. When a person dies, it is like a light going out. No matter how big the conflict is, there is no point to worry about it. Let's just think of it as a small-minded thing that we accidentally provoked before.

I also advised my husband to learn a lesson and not to fight with others while driving in the future. What's wrong with giving in?

We didn’t go home right away, but went to the repair shop designated by the insurance company to have the damage assessed and repaired. However, after the damage assessment, the shop staff said that they needed to order parts, which might take four or five days to arrive, and then they could repair it. So we drove the car home again.

What is the purpose of the ghost-awareness of the gods_How did the ghost-awareness of the gods die_The death of the ghost-awareness of the gods

We thought that the man named Chen Weifeng was dead and no one would put photos on our car anymore, but we didn’t expect to see that ghost figure in the rearview mirror of the car again when we went to work on Monday.

This time we searched every corner of the car, but we couldn't find any ghost photos.

Could it be that the ghost appeared out of nowhere?

To be honest, I'm not sure if what I saw was the ghost. I just saw something flash by occasionally on the car screen or when I looked in the passenger seat mirror.

But my husband said that he was sure he saw the ghost, sometimes in the rearview mirror inside the car, sometimes in the left and right rearview mirrors, and the ghost appeared more and more frequently, and its appearance became clearer and clearer.

After two or three days, my husband was completely afraid to drive, and even afraid to ride in our car. But even when we took a taxi afterwards, he said he could see the ghost, and that it seemed to be following him.

Later, he said that he could see the ghost from time to time on the glass door of the company, in the mirror at home, and in his dreams.

Under this torture, my husband's spirit began to be in a state of tension all the time, which in turn affected his physical state. He began to have hand tremors, insomnia, loss of appetite, and bad temper…

His condition was completely unable to allow him to work and live normally, so I asked the company for a two-week vacation for both of us, took him to see a psychiatrist, and helped him recover.

I told the doctor how and why his symptoms occurred. The doctor said it was a mental disorder caused by excessive psychological stress. He prescribed some medicine and told him to get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, and to comfort him more often.

But after going home and taking medicine for a few days, my husband's symptoms not only did not improve, but became even worse.

One day I woke up in the middle of the night and found that there was no one around me. I searched the entire house but couldn't find my husband.

Later, I actually found him on the street outside the community.

He was holding a stack of ghost photos in his hand and was passing by the cars parked on the side of the road one by one.


When I walked over, my husband was tearing off a piece of tape with his mouth, sticking the tape on a piece of paper, and then sticking the paper on the rearview camera of a car, and kept muttering "Stop bothering me, find someone else…"

I pulled my husband's arm and asked, "Honey, what are you doing?"

My husband was startled by me. I pulled off the thing he had pasted on someone else's car and saw that it was a ghost photo, exactly the same as the photo that Chen Weifeng had pasted on our car before.

My husband still had some of the remaining photos and a roll of scotch tape in his hands.

I was a little angry and confused, and asked him, "What are you doing? How can you stick things on other people's cars?"

My husband kept his head down and didn't say anything. After a while, he suddenly covered his face and started to cry. He said, "I don't want to either, but Junjun, that ghost has been haunting me. I'm going crazy! It crawled from that photo into our car and then haunted me. I know, I saw it in my dream! It said it wanted me dead, I'm scared, I don't want to die! I just want it to haunt someone else, not me, woo woo! Why does it keep haunting me?"

I looked at my devastated husband and suddenly remembered what the old lady across from Chen Weifeng's house had said before. She said that Chen Weifeng had also randomly pasted photos on people and cars before.

Could it be that this is the reason why he put photos on other people’s cars?

What about his death? Was it also because of the ghost in the photo?

There really aren't ghosts in this world, are there?

I suddenly felt a chill down my spine.

I persuaded my husband to go home and sleep, gave him some medicine and put him to bed, then I went downstairs and tore off the photos that my husband had pasted on other people's cars one by one, along with the remaining photos in his hands, and burned them all in a fire.

The next day, I sent my husband to my parents-in-law's home in a nearby urban village, and then went to Chen Weifeng's home alone.

Room 04 where Chen Weifeng lived was still locked, so I knocked on the door of the old lady's room 03 opposite.

The old lady didn’t have much contact with Chen Weifeng and didn’t know him well. She only knew that he was in real estate sales.

However, the old lady and Chen Weifeng's landlord Aunt Liu had been neighbors for many years. Later, Aunt Liu's son got married and bought a new house in a newly developed property nearby. Aunt Liu moved there and rented out the old house.


Chen Weifeng didn't leave many books behind, only about ten, all of which were books on sales or success. Aunt Liu tied them into a bundle with rope.

I untied the rope and flipped through the books one by one, and found that some of them contained some random thoughts and experiences. When I turned to one of the books, "From the Valley to the Mountain Top", I suddenly found some things scribbled inside.

I have probably only read about half of this book. The notes and reading traces disappeared about halfway through the book. The following pages were very wrinkled, with something written on them very messily in black pen, and it directly covered the content of the book.

Judging from the handwriting, the person who wrote it seemed to be in a very excited state. The handwriting was particularly messy and disorganized, and the force was so strong that it could be seen through the back of the paper.

What is the purpose of the ghost-awareness of the gods_How did the ghost-awareness of the gods die_The death of the ghost-awareness of the gods

I read it roughly and found that it not only wrote about some of Chen Weifeng's recent experiences, but also mentioned the ghost photo!

There was no time to look for all the books, so I forced a hundred yuan into Aunt Liu's pocket and took all the books away.

When I got in the car, I threw the rest of the books on the passenger seat and couldn't wait to read Chen Weifeng's records in the book.

"I keep seeing that female ghost. At first I only saw her in the car, but later I saw her in other places. She came out of the car with me. The doctor said I was hallucinating due to stress. Fuck your hallucinations!

I dreamed that the female ghost died in a car accident. She was hit by a large truck. Before she died, she saw my car, so she crawled into my car through the camera behind my car, and then climbed onto me!

That female ghost wants me dead!

But I don’t want to die!

I went to the temple to ask for amulets, but it was of no use.

Yes, I can print out the photo of the female ghost and paste it on the camera of other people's cars, and let her crawl into other people's cars, so that she won't bother me anymore. Yes, let's do it this way. I will export it from the dashcam tomorrow. The first time she appeared was from the dashcam…

I pasted a lot of photos on other people’s cars, but the female ghost didn’t leave. She was still there.

I rear-ended a car today, but at that moment, I suddenly had a feeling that the ghost was going to follow that person… This is an opportunity!

I called the 4S shop and they told me that the man's car had been repaired and driven away. I secretly ran to their community and pasted the photo of the female ghost on their car. I had a hunch that it would work this time.

The female ghost hasn’t left yet, but she will soon. I had a dream. In the dream, I was a female ghost and I saw them!

Today they called the police, and the police found me. I apologized and compensated them without hesitation. I felt sorry for them, and I had to pay this little money. I succeeded, and I saw the ghost girl appear in their car…"

The text ends here, and I didn’t find any other records afterwards.

According to the information in the last line of text, Chen Weifeng wrote this after he was arrested that day after we called the police, and he died in a car accident the next day.

He said he had seen a ghost in our car that day, but he still died. Was it an accident, or did the ghost still not let him go?

My hands were shaking a little. I told myself rationally that I shouldn't believe these things and that there are no ghosts in the world. But in reality, I couldn't help but waver.

I remember that time when I saw Chen Weifeng at the police station, his hands were shaking constantly and he had dark circles under his eyes. It was obvious that he was under long-term mental stress and lacked sleep, just like my husband now.

Moreover, my husband is now showing the same symptoms as Chen Weifeng. He keeps seeing female ghosts and having nightmares. Like Chen Weifeng, he has also smashed all the mirrors in the house because he sees female ghosts every time he looks in the mirror.

And just last night, he also started posting photos randomly like Chen Weifeng.

But my husband was a little more rational than Chen Weifeng. He didn’t choose to post stickers on the cars in the parking lot of his community, but chose to post stickers on the cars parked on the roadside outside. He avoided being caught and beaten by the neighbors like Chen Weifeng. Of course, it was fortunate that I discovered it in time.

None of this looks fake.

Could it be that it was really a ghost?

But why is it that he posted so many photos, but only my husband was entangled? What is the commonality?

Then will my husband also die like Chen Weifeng?


Looking at Chen Weifeng's handwriting on the book, I sat in the car in silence for a long time.

After that, I didn’t even have time to eat lunch and ran to the hospital to find the psychiatrist who had treated my husband.

I showed the doctor the words written by Chen Weifeng, and told him everything that had happened in the past few days and my husband's current condition, but the doctor still didn't believe it and just said it was hysteria. Maybe the two of us had accidentally witnessed something terrible at the same time, which left us with psychological trauma and led to these hallucinations.

I was helpless and didn't know what to do, so I had to go back.

When we arrived at my in-laws' house, as soon as I entered the house, my mother-in-law pulled me and asked me anxiously and worriedly if my husband had bumped into something. He had been shouting "there are ghosts" all morning and he was curled up and trembling with fear.

I hadn't told my parents-in-law about my husband before because I was afraid they would worry. I just said that he was under a lot of work pressure recently and was a little too stressed out, so he took a few days off to rest.

This morning I sent my husband back and left, so my mother-in-law didn't have time to ask me. Now that half a day has passed, my husband is like this again, and they have noticed something is wrong.

Now, hearing my mother-in-law ask this, I hesitated for a moment and then told them the truth.

As soon as I finished speaking, my mother-in-law slapped her thigh and said that this must be a ghost, and she had seen it before when she was young. She also blamed me for not telling them earlier.

What is the purpose of the ghost-awareness of the gods_How did the ghost-awareness of the gods die_The death of the ghost-awareness of the gods

My father-in-law also nodded and said that many people of his generation had seen this before. It was useless to see a doctor for this situation. We had to find a doctor who specializes in this. After saying that, he went to the room to prepare a red envelope and said he would take us to Uncle Zhang's house in the village.

He said that Uncle Zhang was a fortune teller who knew how to treat these things, and that the graves of most families in the village were chosen by Uncle Zhang.

We should call Uncle Zhang, whom my father-in-law called, Uncle Grandpa. He is now over 80 years old. When we arrived at Uncle Zhang's house, we explained the matter to him in detail. He pulled my husband's eyelids and looked at his tongue, then said to us:

"Well, I bumped into a customer."

My parents-in-law begged for help, and my father-in-law took the opportunity to pass on the red seal he had prepared.

Uncle Zhang came over and pinched my husband's forehead between his eyebrows, leaving some red marks. When he found that my husband was still the same, he went to the side and wrote a talisman with a red pen, and worshiped a statue on the table in the hall, muttering some incomprehensible words. Then he burned the talisman, turned it into ashes, and used it to make a bowl of water for my husband to drink.

After drinking it, my husband suddenly vomited a large mouthful of yellow water.

Uncle Zhang said, "Okay." Then he told us that it was not completely over yet, because my husband had hit a ghost in the car, so we had to go back and do two more things:

1. At midnight, I found a crossroads to burn treasures such as paper money and gold ingots. I wrote my husband's birth date on a piece of red paper and burned it together.

Second, throw a piece of clothing my husband is wearing in the middle of the road and let a car run over it, and that would be the end of it.

After that, we thanked him again and again and left.

When I got home, my parents-in-law started preparing those things. Fearing that I would be scared, they asked me to stay at home to look after my husband while they went to burn the treasures.

At around eleven o'clock in the evening, my parents-in-law packed their things and left.

After doing these things, I thought my husband would definitely get better, but I didn’t expect that a few days later, my husband actually committed suicide!

Originally, after my husband drank the magic water given by Uncle Zhang that day, he calmed down. He stopped shaking and screaming in fear, and even ate a whole bowl of dinner.

There was just a small problem when he was sleeping at night, but I watched and observed that after a little after midnight, my husband even slept well. I guess my parents-in-law must have fixed it.

I felt a lot more relieved. It seems that Uncle Zhang's method is really effective.

So I estimated the time and thought my parents-in-law would be back, so I closed the door, took a stainless steel basin, lit a brazier and placed it at the door.

After a while, my parents-in-law came back, stepped over the brazier and walked in. I asked, "Is everything cooked? Are the clothes spread out?"

The mother-in-law replied, "It's all ready. The clothes are laid out. We saw a car run over it before we came back. Where's Xiaojie?"

Xiaojie is my husband's name. I said he made a fuss in the bed and even foamed at the mouth, but then he was fine and is asleep now.

After hearing this, my parents-in-law felt relieved and said that everything would probably be fine now.

We all thought that he was really cured, and my husband's eating and sleeping habits returned to normal for the next two days. However, I found that he became less talkative.

Before, although he would suddenly scream in fear, suffer from insomnia and anxiety, and keep saying there were ghosts, he at least had emotions.

But now, he just sits on the bed all day, not talking or laughing, with no expression at all. He eats when he is told to eat and sleeps when he is told to sleep, like a wooden man.

We went to see Uncle Zhang again, but this time Uncle Zhang couldn't find out what was wrong and couldn't give us any solution. My father-in-law stuffed red envelopes into his pockets again and again, but he refused to take them and just told us to find someone else to take a look.

Two days later, my father-in-law went out again to inquire about where he could find a good fortune teller or the like. My mother-in-law went out to buy groceries. I was sitting on the bed, watching over my husband, and sending messages to ask my mother if she had found any good fortune teller or the like.

At this moment, my husband suddenly got out of bed, took the car keys I had placed on the dressing table next to him, and walked straight out the door.

I was shocked and chased after him, asking him where he was going and what he was going to do, but my husband ignored me and walked downstairs to our car, opened the door and got in.

When I saw that he was about to drive, I couldn't help but think of Chen Weifeng's death, and I had a bad feeling in my heart, so I immediately went to grab the car keys, and dragged him out, refusing to let him drive.

But my husband wouldn't give up. He insisted on getting in the car and made a lot of noise. No matter how I tried to persuade him, it wouldn't work.

So I compromised and said I would drive him wherever he wanted to go. After a while, my husband spoke up and mentioned a place name: Xiaogang Village.

I was puzzled. Xiaogang Village? I had never heard of this place.

But no matter how I asked, my husband just kept repeating Xiaogang Village. I didn't know why he was going there, but since he mentioned this place, it meant he wouldn't cause any trouble on the way.

Moreover, this is the first time my husband has mentioned the place name since the accident. Could it be that the truth is hidden there?

My husband and I were in a stalemate while thinking about the matter. Finally, I decided to take him there to see what was going on.

How did the ghost-awareness of the gods die_The death of the ghost-awareness of the gods_What is the purpose of the ghost-awareness of the gods

I searched on the navigation on my mobile phone and found that there was a village called Xiaogang Village nearly 100 kilometers away from here. I asked my husband if we wanted to go there, but he didn't look or answer, but just kept repeating the three words "Xiaogang Village".

I had no choice but to call my father-in-law to tell him about the situation and share my location with him so that he could catch up later.

My husband was making a big fuss, and I couldn't stop him for too long. So I waited for my father- in-law to come back, put my husband in the passenger seat, fastened his seat belt, and then took him out first.

After the car started, my husband became quiet. I tried to deliberately drive to another place, but as soon as I deviated from the route, he started to make a fuss again, as if he knew it. I had no choice but to drive to Xiaogang Village.

I followed the navigation for more than two hours before I arrived at the entrance of Xiaogang Village. I looked at my phone and found that my father-in-law and his family were already halfway there, and I felt relieved.

I parked the car in an open space outside the village. As soon as I turned off the engine, my husband got out and walked out.

When I saw him, I immediately got out of the car and followed him.

My husband walked along the path between the fields until he came to a small cemetery.

There were only three mounds in the cemetery, with two mulberry trees planted behind them. My husband stopped when he arrived at the cemetery, and then he actually started to walk around the three mounds in circles.

After turning around for about ten times, my husband suddenly stopped under a tree and started taking off his clothes.

I watched him in confusion as he took off his coat, then his undershirt, and then he started climbing the tree shirtless with the undershirt in his hand.

I didn't know what he was going to do, but I thought it couldn't be a good thing, and I was afraid he would get hurt, so I quickly went over to stop him, holding his waist and pulling him out. But my husband struggled hard, swinging his arms left and right to break free from me, and suddenly, his elbow hit me in the nose.

I felt a sharp pain and reflexively pulled my hand back to cover my nose. The pain made my eyes go dark for a moment.

When I came to my senses, I found that my nose was bleeding all over my hand.

I groaned, covered my nose and looked back at my husband, and found that my husband had hanged himself on the tree!

He tied the two sleeves of the autumn coat to a tree branch as thick as an adult's arm. A loop like a rope buckle was formed between the two sleeves and the collar of the autumn coat, and my husband's head was hanging in the rope loop.

Like a hanged ghost, hanging on a tree and floating in the air.


I was frightened by this sudden scene and screamed. Looking at my husband hanging straight on the tree, I ran over like crazy, grabbed his legs and lifted him up.

But it was so heavy that I had no way of getting it down.

But I was afraid that if I let go, my husband would really be hanged to death. I was so scared that I cried and screamed, shouting for help.

As I cried for help in despair and fear, I unexpectedly heard hurried footsteps, and then I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders.

I turned my head and saw a tall and strong man with a square face appeared beside me and lifted up my husband's feet for me.

Later, with the help of this square-faced brother, we rescued my husband.

My husband, who just now did not struggle like a dead fish even when hanging on the tree, now lies on the ground with his eyes closed as if he had fainted.

I ran over and felt his breathing and listened to his heartbeat. When I found out he was still alive, I finally breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the ground.

At this time, the elder brother who just helped me squatted beside me and asked me, "Is this your husband? What happened that made him want to hang himself? And he came here to hang himself."

I wiped my tears and said, "It's not that he is depressed, it's that he is possessed by evil spirits."

I gave him a brief account of my husband's situation, and the elder brother was also surprised. He said, "It sounds like he was possessed. You said you were from Chaotian City, so why did your husband come all the way here to hang himself?"

I shook my head and said I didn't know why, he drove all the way here by himself.

At this moment, a little boy of four or five years old suddenly ran over, ran to the big brother and called him dad.

As soon as the little boy called "Dad", my husband suddenly opened his eyes, sat up, and then stood there staring in the direction of the eldest brother and the child.

I was shocked and had no idea how he died . Seeing my husband staring blankly at my eldest brother, I looked over there in surprise. I hadn't noticed that there was a child there, and I hadn't bothered to ask about my eldest brother's condition.

My eldest brother held the child in his arms and said to me, "This is my son. We usually live in Chaotian City. Today I brought him here to visit his mother's grave. Our hometown is in this village. This is my family's ancestral grave. My great-grandmother, my grandfather and my wife are buried in these graves."

I was even more surprised, but my mind was in a mess and I couldn't think of anything. Then the elder brother seemed to have suddenly thought of something and said, "Oh, there is a famous immortal in our village. Everyone in the surrounding area knows him. Let's take your husband to let the immortal take a look."

After hearing this, I quickly helped my husband up, thanked my eldest brother again and again, and followed him to the village.

When we arrived at the immortal's house, he was actually sitting at the entrance waiting for us, as if he knew we were coming.

After my husband knelt down on the mat opposite the immortal, he suddenly started to cry, but the crying sound was clearly a woman's voice!

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