Ghost Festival Adventure Of Dying And Rebirth: Life Experience Of Being Contented

Are there ghosts in the world? Are there ghosts? Are there ghosts in the world?

Editor's note: Mingli lost faith in life and tried to commit suicide but failed. By chance, he could communicate with spirits. After experiencing all the events with people and ghosts, Mingli realized that his daughter had grown up and it was her own business to decide what path to take. The most important thing was to do her own thing and be content with what she has. The plot of the article is good, the characters are full, and the details are well described. It is a very good novel, recommended for everyone to enjoy!

There is nothing more sad than a dead heart.

People who are pessimistic and hate the world can often see ghosts from the underworld and some ghostly things happening in the world of the living.

On the evening of July 15th, Mingli was completely disgusted with the world. She felt that she was a failure as a person. She failed because she was too strong-willed, too conceited, and too willful; she failed because she met the wrong person and had excessive sympathy; she failed because she was too doting on her daughter, too doting, too trusting, had too high expectations, and was too disappointed.

In the afternoon, when her 19-year-old daughter brought her online boyfriend to her, Mingli almost fainted. The "top student from a prestigious university, from an intellectual family" turned out to be a dirty boy from a remote rural family who worked as a network administrator in an Internet cafe and deceived her innocent daughter. What Mingli couldn't stand was that even though the scam had been exposed, her daughter was still obsessed with the dirty boy and threatened to elope with him.

What else does a loser have to cling to in this world! Suddenly Mingli's heart was hollowed out, her soul was sucked away, and she walked towards the embankment by the river in a trance. The dark surface of the river was sparkling, like a large velvet bed. Mingli wanted to lie down on it. She was too tired. She needed to rest and sleep forever. Then she would no longer be hurt or sad. She would be liberated. "Liberation! Liberation! Liberation!" This thought urged Mingli to move forward, "one step, two steps, three steps…" She was very excited, as if she was not ending her life, but heading towards paradise.

Just as she jumped into the water, a mist rose from the river and stopped in front of Mingli, turning into a thumb-sized baby with an incomplete face and unclear facial features. The baby stretched out its little hand to her and called her "Mom—Mom—" indistinctly. Telepathy allowed Mingli to recognize that this baby was the child she had been pregnant with for four months but had to abort. Seeing this child, Mingli felt heartbroken. She stretched out her hand and said, "Child, forgive me, I have no choice!" But the baby did not jump into her arms. It smiled strangely at Mingli and turned into a small bubble that floated to the surface of the water and disappeared. Mingli closed his eyes and jumped into the water, but was grabbed from behind. Mingli turned around and saw his father. His father was still so tall, wearing a sky blue jacket, a yellow coat, and a black silk hat, which was the outfit when his deceased father was buried ten years ago.

The father pointed at Mingli and scolded, "You useless girl, you shouldn't be here. My granddaughter is still young and needs your care. Are you leaving like this to shirk your responsibility as a mother? Don't let me see you again, go home quickly!" Before Mingli could say anything, her father had already floated on the river. "Father—Father—!" Mingli shouted towards the river. The river surged and her father's voice came: "Go home—take good care of my granddaughter—go home!"

Mingli knew that her father had passed away, but she still sat by the river. She didn't want to go back to that lonely home.

She thought of the ghost of her dead baby and the ghost of her father. She knew that the ghosts of her mother and husband were watching over her in another world, and she shed tears.

"It's so hard to be a human, I'd rather be a ghost! I'd rather be a ghost!" With this thought, Mingli no longer felt sad, at least she no longer felt sad for her daughter's betrayal. She was surprised to find that she had the ability to communicate with spirits! She stood up and saw a girl walking towards the river step by step on the river bank about 20 steps away from her. Behind her was a ghost wearing a black robe and long hair covering her face. The girl was mechanical and wooden, and was being pushed forward step by step by the male ghost with long hair and black robe.

Mingli knew that the long-haired man in black robe was a ghost who wanted to take his life. Anyone who ran into him would surely die. "No, I have to stop him!" The moment the girl stepped into the river, Mingli shouted, "Let her go!"

The middle-aged man let go of the girl, looked at Mingli angrily, and floated into the water.

The girl woke up as if from a dream and burst into tears. "How could this happen! How could this happen!" The girl cried and shouted, "Why did you change your mind!"

"You are so young and you want to commit suicide by jumping into the river. You have done such unethical things. How can you be worthy of your parents and relatives?" Mingli scolded the girl.

"I don't want to either, but I can't control myself. What's the point of living?" said the girl.

"Of course you can't control yourself, there's a ghost pushing you!" Mingli thought to herself, but she didn't say it out loud because she was afraid of scaring the girl.

Mingli hugged the girl and left the riverside and came to the street.

"Where is my boyfriend!" Suddenly, the girl shook Mingli's hand and ran across the street. Mingli saw that the middle-aged man with long hair and black robe who had pushed the girl into the river just now was standing across the street. He was waving at the girl. Mingli shouted at the girl, "He's not here, don't go over there!" Before he finished speaking, a speeding car hit the girl and sent her flying, and then she fell heavily to the ground. The girl's blood splattered everywhere, and she fell into a pool of blood without a sound.

After receiving the report, the ambulance from the emergency center arrived quickly and carried the girl away.

The incident happened too suddenly, Mingli was shocked, her legs and feet were weak, her whole body was weak, and she was sad that she could not stop the evil deeds of the ghost. She wanted to leave here, so she stopped a taxi and got in.

"Madam, where are you going?" the driver asked.

Mingli's mind went blank. Where to go? She actually forgot where to go!

The driver glanced at Mingli and asked again, "Where are you going? Big sister!"

Mingli didn't say anything. Where to go? That was where she wanted to go!

The driver stopped the car with a bang and said, "Get out!"

Mingli got out of the car mechanically.

"You're crazy!" the driver cursed and drove away.

Suddenly, the taxi rushed onto the sidewalk like a headless fly, crashed into a green tree, and stopped. Mingli saw a middle-aged man with long hair and a black robe get out of the car, followed by the taxi driver who looked like a paper man, and they disappeared into the night.

The driver was killed by the ghost so easily! Mingli walked over to see what was going on. The car windows were all broken, and the driver was lying on the steering wheel, with several pieces of glass stuck in his head and body. Blood flowed from the wound along his cheeks and flowed to the ground through the gap of the car door. Mingli did not feel scared at all. She felt very natural and calm, as if she was appreciating a painting with beautiful flowers in full bloom. She couldn't help but smile slightly.

"It seems that I really have a long way to go. I am not destined to die! If I had gotten off the bus a little later, I might have died along with the driver." I really should not die. I should just be a human being! She left the accident scene and unknowingly came to the music square in front of the train station.

The square was very lively.

There were small business owners squatting on the ground, with small windmills, bouncy balls, fluorescent sticks and other children's toys in front of them. They were surrounded by grandparents who were dragged by their children. After bargaining, the children took their favorite toys and played happily under the care of their elders; there were cold drink sellers. At the request of customers, they sometimes neatly pressed cream ice cream into egg rolls and sometimes handed over icy cola cups. They were very fast and anxious to make money. The music square was naturally the most dancing place, with men and women, old people in their sixties and seventies, and middle-aged people in their thirties and forties. The beautiful melody and graceful dance attracted many onlookers. Mingli was also attracted, and she stood by to watch the fun. She saw that some of these people were headless ghosts dancing happily with their partners. Mingli saw that the long-haired black-robed soul-seeking ghost was also among them. He was dancing with a middle-aged woman. At the same time, the soul-seeking ghost also saw it, and looked very angry, leaving the middle-aged woman and disappeared.

Mingli hated the long-haired, black-robed ghost. He was evil and vicious. Wherever he appeared, people died. But the ghost seemed to be afraid of Mingli. Although he was angry when he saw Mingli, he did not do anything to him.

"Come on, come on—follow me! That's right, follow me!" Mingli heard a faint female voice coming from behind her. When she looked back, she saw a woman in red pulling a man across the street. The woman in red turned around and smiled at Mingli strangely. Mingli was startled. It was such an ugly face, with a purple-blue complexion and a tongue hanging down to the chin.

"Hanged ghost, let her go!" Mingli chased forward, and the hanged ghost in red disappeared with a laugh.

The man stood in the middle of the road, hesitating in the speeding traffic.

Mingli ran over, pulled the man up and left the middle of the road.

The strong smell of alcohol penetrated Mingli's nose, and she blamed the man, "Why drink so much alcohol when you are fine? Look how dangerous it is!"

The man shook off Mingli's hand and said, "Who cares about your meddling? Call the beautiful lady in red back to me!"

"She is not a beauty, she is a hanged ghost!" Mingli said angrily as he looked at the man's behavior.

"Ghost!" the man said, "Why can't I see it? Where is the ghost?"

"You'd be scared to death if you saw it!" Mingli saw the hanged ghost in red standing behind the man, "Go back quickly and stop hurting people here!" She scolded the hanged ghost in red.

"Hey! Who do you think you are? You're meddling in my affairs! Today I'll let you taste my power!" The man swung his fist at Mingli, but the hanged man in red touched his spine with his hand, and the man immediately collapsed and sat on the ground powerlessly.

"This kind of scoundrel is the real devil, a pervert! A drunkard! Why are you still helping him?"

"I'm not helping him. I just don't want you to hurt anyone else, so as not to delay your reincarnation as a human being!"

"Hehe, what's the good of being born as a human? I would rather be an ox or a horse than a human!" said the hanged ghost in red with a sneer.

"What's wrong with being a human being? Look how happy these people in the square are!" Mingli said to the hanged man.

The hanged man in red glanced at the people in the square and said, "Are they all happy? Look at the woman in a pink skirt carrying a heavy backpack. She is not happy!"

"Why do you say that? I think it's quite normal!" Mingli retorted to the hanged man.

"Happy? A woman from another place, all alone in a crowd of strangers, must have something on her mind!" The hanged ghost led Mingli to the woman.

Mingli saw the woman with a haggard face and swollen eyelids, standing in front of a fortune teller, hesitant to speak. Finally, she squatted down, picked up the bamboo tube containing the fortune sticks in front of the fortune teller and shook it gently. After a while, a fortune stick fell to the ground. The fortune teller picked up the fortune stick swiftly and read it once, "A traveler is lost in the mountains, not knowing north, south, east and west. Fortunately, the immortal came to show the way, and the disaster will not be serious. This is a good sign!"

"What do you mean? Please explain it to me!" the woman said anxiously.

"I'll tell you slowly." The fortune teller said seriously, "In the past, Liu Xiu was traveling to Nanyang. He got this hexagram on the way. As expected, he met a tiger and rode away on it. It's a sign of wealth and happiness. A humble person yields. It's like an immortal pointing the way. It's like a man walking in the mountains, lost his way and in trouble, suddenly an immortal showed him the way. This hexagram is a sign of turning bad luck into good luck. A gentleman gets this hexagram, and it's a good omen. Keep going forward on the right path. Are there ghosts in the world ? The moon is cold and gradually gets stronger."

I don't know if the woman understood what he meant, but the worry on her face disappeared. She stood up, took out a fifty-yuan bill and handed it to the fortune teller while thanking him, then turned and left.

Looking at the fortune teller, he had a big smile on his face and quickly put the money into his pocket.

"Is what the fortune teller said true?" Mingli asked the hanged man beside him.

"Humph, this is what we call nonsense!" said the hanged ghost, "He can even make the dead come back to life. These fortune tellers are the best at deceiving people!"

"Don't say that. How dare you set up a stall here? Did you see that woman? You're so happy because you got it right!"

"Humph, fortune tellers are all psychologists. They are very good at observing people's expressions and speaking in accordance with their feelings. If you don't believe me, go and cast a fortune stick and try it out!"

"Try it?" Mingli suddenly became interested.

"Remember, keep calm!" the hanged ghost in red instructed Mingli.

Mingli picked up the bamboo tube containing the fortune sticks and shook it a few times, and a fortune stick fell out. The fortune teller picked it up, looked at Mingli, then at the fortune stick, and said, "Big sister, you got a very good fortune!"

"What do you mean?" Mingli became interested.

"The hexagram says: A traveler gets lost in the mountains and doesn't know the directions of north, south, east and west. Fortunately, an immortal comes to show the way. Then the disaster will not turn out badly." The fortune teller glanced at Mingli and continued, "In the past, Liu Xiu went to Nanyang—"

Mingli thought: "Isn't this the same as before?" Mingli interrupted him, "Tell me quickly, where is my guiding fairy?"

"It's far away and yet it's right before your eyes. It depends on whether you believe it or not!"

"Since you're here, of course I believe it. Sir, please tell me now!"

"Well, from now on, on the first, eleventh, and twenty-first day of every lunar month, you must abstain from sex and eat vegetarian food for three consecutive months. This will ensure that your husband will change his mind and you and your husband will love each other happily!"

The most confusing thing for a pampered middle-aged woman is that her husband has a mistress. She has to save face and suffer in life. She swallows her anger and hates but cannot love. She lives in discomfort and is unwilling to leave. She feels pity for herself when listening to the sound of rain and frogs, and feels sad when watching the moon wax and wane. Fortunately, Mingli was a young widow. Her husband died in a car accident after her daughter turned one year old. So, after listening to the fortune teller's nonsense, Mingli really believed the hanged ghost in red. It's true that sometimes the nonsense told by a living person is more terrifying than the real one.

Mingli stood up and said to the fortune teller, "My husband has been dead for nearly thirty years. How can you make him change his mind? How can you make us love each other? Who will believe your lies?"

The fortune teller was suddenly flustered, packed up his belongings and left in shame.

"What? I didn't lie to you!" the hanged ghost in red asked Mingli.

"Alas, he specializes in cheating those poor people. It's really hateful. But, isn't he also trying to make a living?" Mingli defended the fortune teller.

"So I say, what's the point of being alive?" The red-clothed ghost pointed at a dancing couple and said, "Look, do you think they are perverts?"

Mingli saw a tall, skinny man hugging an old woman and dancing. It was obvious that the old woman was not paying attention to the music. She clung to the man's body and rested her head on his shoulder. The man did not refuse, and the two flirted with each other as if no one was around.

"Tell me, are these two people obscene and perverted? Especially that old woman. They are already quite old, but still so disrespectful. People like them should go to hell early and soak in a pool of blood and never be allowed to come out!" said the hanged ghost in red angrily.

Mingli really couldn't stand it any longer. She couldn't find the right words to defend the couple, and even blushed for them. In the blink of an eye, the hanged ghost in red came in front of the couple. She just beckoned her finger, and the man left the old woman and walked straight towards her. The old woman was left behind and was very angry. She took a few steps to grab the man, but the man turned around and slapped the old woman in the face. The old woman cursed the man vulgarly, and the man slapped the old woman in the face again. The old woman covered her mouth and stumbled away. The red-clothed female ghost put away her finger, and the man seemed to have woken up from a dream, and he chased after them.

“Hahahaha—” The red-clothed female ghost laughed loudly, her laughter was obscene and piercing, “See? These are ugly living people. Are they better than ghosts? They are even worse than ghosts!”

"This is just an isolated phenomenon. You can't generalize to everyone!" Mingli glanced at her and asked her whether there are ghosts in the world , and his tone gradually lowered.

The red-dressed ghost girl obviously had the upper hand, and snorted, "Look over there, the man in the flowered shirt." Mingli looked in the direction of the voice and saw the man standing in the shadow beside the trampoline, staring at a beautiful woman who was dancing. The woman was still dancing with a handsome man without knowing it.

"He is this woman's husband, and he is a narrow-minded man. Look, this couple is going to put on a good show." The female ghost in red said gloatingly.

Sure enough, the man suddenly rushed out and kicked the woman.

The woman was stunned, then she yelled, "You are sick!"

The husband seemed to be furious, grabbing his wife's hair and beating her. The people around stopped dancing and gathered around, a few came to stop the fight, most of them were there to watch the fun.

When I looked again, the man dancing with his wife had disappeared at some point.

The beautiful wife was not a pushover either. She lay on the ground and grabbed her husband's belt tightly. She held her husband's ankle with her other hand and bit his leg hard. The husband screamed and let go of his hand that was pulling his wife's hair and pulled his legs out. His legs were pulled out, and his pants were also pulled open, revealing the beautiful scenery.

The husband ignored the pain and squeezed out of the crowd by pulling his pants. The wife was pulled up from the ground. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes were bruised, and her top was torn, revealing her flesh-colored bra. In the dim light, it seemed that she was not wearing any underwear. She limped out of the crowd.

"Look, this is an ugly person, jealousy is like a devil that has lost their minds, and they don't know what shame is." The red-clothed female ghost said coldly. Mingli suddenly found that the red-clothed female ghost was no longer so hideous and scary, and turned into a beautiful woman, but without blood color, and her skin was pale.

"Men like this should be thrown into the eighteen levels of hell to make them suffer thousands of pains, and then be exiled to the Avici Mountain to never be reborn." The red-clothed female ghost said angrily.

"Yes, such a man is not worthy of being a human being!" Mingli's voice had just fallen when a cold wind blew by, and with the wind came a burst of laughter, eerie and terrifying.

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