Once upon a time there lived an old rich man in the county town. His family was worth tens of thousands of dollars but he was a miser. Although his family lived in the bustling central area of ​​the city, he dressed like an old farmer in the countryside every day, and what he ate every day was vegetarian dishes and rice that never tasted meaty. One day, an old shoe repairman came from the countryside. The old man had no children and the couple depended on each other for life. The family’s source of income depended on his shoe repair for a living. When he came to the city, he found that the old rich man’s courtyard was very busy with people coming and going, so he set up a stall here to attract business. Because the old man’s shoe repairing skills were good, he repaired several pairs of shoes, and there were still some shoes collected at noon. Several pairs haven’t been repaired, he didn’t go home for dinner because he was busy with work, he bought a roast chicken with the money he earned in the morning, made two ounces of wine, washed his hands anyway, and then poured himself at the stall to eat When he got up, the miser saw everything about the old man.

On the second day, out of curiosity, the old rich man came out early to see if the shoe repairer had arrived. As a result, as soon as he went out, he saw groups of people with broken shoes in front of the shoe repair stall looking for the old man to repair shoes. The money pocket in front of him bulged, and the old rich man’s eyes were red when he stared at the pocket. At noon, the old man bought another roast chicken and two liang of wine and ate it with relish. Because the old man’s shoe repairing hands were not washed, the chicken fat dripping from the hand holding the roast chicken turned black, but the roast chicken But the aroma of Hesan wine rushed straight into the nostrils of the old rich man, causing the old rich man to swallow his saliva. At this time, the old rich man’s stomach was growling, and the old rich man had no choice but to go home and eat his vegetarian food. up.

In this way, the old rich man stared at the old shoemaker for several days, and the old man ate a roast chicken and two liang of soju for lunch every day. After a while, the old rich man also felt itchy and thought: How much money can he earn a day as a broken shoe repairer? It’s vegetarian dishes and rice, you say I’ve been wronged in this life. No, from today I will also eat a roast chicken and drink two liang of wine with it at noon. Thinking of this, the old rich man hurried home and asked his servants to buy him a roast chicken and drink two ounces of wine. At noon, the old rich man also had a delicious meal, and even his wife was beaten by him when she tried to satisfy her hunger and pulled the chicken legs. The angry old woman muttered: “You are so picky, I want to eat some No, I’ll give you all the food, and after you’ve finished eating, report to Lord Yan immediately.” Although the old rich man heard the old woman’s bad words, he still ate his roast chicken and drank his small wine without hesitation. .

In this way, the old rich man also ate a roast chicken and two taels of shochu at noon for two consecutive days, but when he ate roast chicken again at noon on the third day, he just ate half of the roast chicken and the old woman muttered that it came true. The rich man was stuck by a small piece of chicken bone on the chicken wing, so he couldn’t get out of his breath and kicked his legs to see the King of Hades. The old woman was so busy that she regretted crying: ” I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t have cursed you when you ate roast chicken at noon the day before yesterday. If I knew you were like this, I wouldn’t eat a roast chicken every day, even if I asked you to eat a roast chicken for three meals a day. I can afford you.”

Besides, the old rich man was chained by two impermanent ghosts into the Hall of Hades after being stuck by a chicken bone. One of them Wuchang replied: “My lord, today when our two brothers went to him, he happened to eat the third roast chicken, so we locked him in.” When the old rich man heard that he had eaten the third roast chicken, Three roasted chickens locked him up. Thinking of the old cobbler who ate one roasted chicken every day and didn’t lock him up, he felt very aggrieved, so he argued to the King of Hades, “My lord, why did I only eat three roasted chickens?” He was locked up, but why don’t you lock that broken shoe repairer who eats a roast chicken every day?” Seeing that he refused to accept it, the King of Yama asked the two Wuchang to take him to see their food store. As a result, the old rich man looked at his food store and found that there were three roast chickens in it, and then saw that there was another room of roast chicken in the old shoemaker’s food store, so he had to lower his head.

When he was brought back to the King of Hades, his eyes lit up and he remembered a life-saving straw, and he kowtowed to the King of Hades and shouted: “My lord, although there are indeed only three roast chickens in my food store, but my first Before the three roast chickens were finished, they were locked up by the two masters of impermanence, which means that my fate has not yet arrived?” The words of the old rich man stopped Yan Wang, who then asked the two After Wuchang asked about the situation, he had to let him back. After the two Wuchang brought the old rich man to his house, they slapped him hard on the back, and the chicken bone stuck in his throat spit out. The old rich man said, “Oh!”

After the old rich man woke up, he told the old woman exactly what happened just now. The old woman was still crying and muttering about giving him roast chicken. He gnawed on the roast chicken, and continued to mutter in his mouth: “You stingy old thing used to only know how to eat by yourself. I was so greedy that I drool and didn’t ask me to touch it. Let me eat the half of it for you. Save it.” After you finish eating, report to Hades.” After hearing what the old woman said, the old rich man quickly stopped and said, “Don’t eat it too, I saw that there is only one roast chicken in your food store.” Now the old woman also I jumped down, and hurriedly spit out the roast chicken that got into my mouth. From then on, the old couple never dared to eat roast chicken again, and the old rich man never stared at the old shoemaker to eat roast chicken again, don’t be afraid of himself Watching him eat roast chicken, he resisted accidentally eating it and reported to Lord Yama.

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