short Ghost Story

Meiko has been hearing noises next door recently, like something scratching the wall.

But she is very busy at work every day and has no time to ask her neighbors what they are doing.

And the place where I scratch the wall is not very fixed, sometimes at the door, sometimes in the bedroom.

The only place in the house where the scratching sound could not be heard was the kitchen, but she couldn't live in the kitchen.

After working for half a month, she finally had a day off. So in the morning, Meiko knocked on the door next door.

The person who opened the door was a middle-aged man with an elegant and easy-going appearance. Seeing Meiko, she smiled slightly and said in a very pleasant voice: "Hello, Miss, who are you looking for?"

Unexpectedly, it was a handsome guy. Mei Zi's face suddenly turned red and she stammered: "I, I am your neighbor. I have been hearing scratching on the wall recently. Did you raise something?"

The handsome guy turned sideways and let Meiko see the situation in the room: "They are my cats and dogs. Do you want to come in and take a look?"

Sure enough, there was a huge cage next to the indoor wall, which contained a husky and a yellow cat. The cat is lying on the husky, sleeping soundly.

The little animals were indeed cute, and Meiko was moved. But she didn't understand this man and didn't dare to approach him rashly. She could only say: "No, I just want to know why. Can you please take care of them? The sound of them scratching the wall makes me unable to sleep."

The man nodded: "Miss, you don't have to be so polite. Just call me Kawashima Yu. I will move their cages away so that they won't disturb the lady's sleep."

Meiko nodded and said to Kawashima Yu: "My name is Matsuda Meiko. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come to me next door."

Meiko was just being polite, but she didn't expect Kawashima Yui to take it seriously: "That's great. If I go on a business trip, I'll ask Ms. Meiko to take care of the cats and dogs!"

Meiko was a little unhappy at first, but after getting to know dogs and cats, she realized that sometimes small animals can really soothe people's hearts!

However, it seems that Kawashima Yu doesn't want Meiko to enter his home. Every time, he pushes the cage into Meiko's home, leaving enough food before leaving.

After going back and forth, Meiko became curious about Kawashima Xiong's home.

Meiko knew that huskies were good at breaking up homes, so those scratching sounds must have come from huskies. But after actually raising this dog, she found that it was different from the rumors.

This dog is very quiet and doesn't even move a lot of the time. The cat is also not very lively and rarely takes a step out of the cage except for daily activities.

Meiko thought they were sick at first and told Kawashima Yu about their condition. But Kawashima didn't take it seriously, saying that caged animals are basically like this.

With their master's answer, Meiko couldn't say anything else. Anyway, as long as the cats and dogs don't get sick in her place, their owners are only responsible for the rest.

As time passed, Meiko became attracted to Kawashima Yu. Maybe Kawashima Yuu also meant this to him, and after a while, the two became lovers.

Although Kawashima Yu still refused to let her into the house, Kamiko didn't mind either. After all, the two of them are renting a house now. If they are together in the future, they will definitely have a home of their own.

That night, the two of them drank sake together outside. The drunken Meiko leaned against Kawashima Yu and complained about her troubles.

Kawashima Yu, who had always been gentle, was unexpectedly silent, but Meiko, who had been nagging, did not react.

Even so, Kawashima Yuu did not take Meiko back to his home.

Standing in front of her house, Meiko rummaged in her bag for a while before she found the key. Opening the door, Meiko smiled and said to Kawashima Yu: "Come in, your dog is still here."

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This was the first time Kawashima Xiong stepped into Meiko's home. He found that Meiko's home was very clean. Even after taking care of cats and dogs, there is no odor.

This made him very satisfied, and his attitude towards Meiko became much gentler.

Putting Meiko on the tatami, Kawashima Yuo untied his tie and said in a low voice: "You have a good rest, I will take them away first."

This incident had a great impact on Meiko. In her eyes, Kawashima Yui was a true gentleman who remained calm in his affairs. In an instant, this man became Meiko’s marriage target.

Her mentality has affected her work, but many colleagues congratulate her.

After all, once you get married, you can be a full-time housewife and no longer have to go to work.

She was also very happy, but it made her a little uneasy. After she became active, Kawashima Yuu ignored her.

Meiko wonders, doesn't this man like her?

In this worry about gain and loss, she heard the sound of scratching on the wall again.

This time the sound was in the bedroom, and it was very noticeable. It seems that the husky made the noise. Could it be that Kawashima Yuu released it again?

But she was too tired today, so she didn't go to Kawashima Xiong to find out.

It was during this night that she did not see the husky for the last time.

Three days later, she met Kawashima Yu. Seeing Kawashima Yu's face full of sadness, Meiko couldn't help but ask: "What happened?"

After Kawashima Yu's dictation, Meiko knew that the husky ran out with too much force, Kawashima Yuo failed to catch it, rushed to the road and was hit by a car and died.

This is really a sad thing. Meiko shed tears when she thought of the cute husky cat with a sinister face : "Where is he buried? I want to see it!"

Kawashima shook his head and refused: "The cost of burying a pet is the same as that of a human being. I can't afford it. I can only scatter its ashes into the sea and hope that it can live freely in the next life."

Life is like this, full of surprises.

Five days later, Kawashima told her that the cat also died.

After experiencing the initial sadness, Meiko actually felt that it would be a good thing for her after the cats and dogs died!

Because of this, Kawashima Yuu has more time to spend with her!

The relationship between the two developed rapidly within half a month, but Kawashima was still unhappy. It seems that the deaths of cats and dogs really hit him hard, so much so that he was not happy to have his girlfriend around him.

In order to comfort Kawashima Yu, Meiko decided to buy two cats for him. Forget about the dog, if Kawashima Yu goes out to walk the dog, he will have less time to spend with her.

So she selected two breeds of cats and spent a lot of money on them. The dress was very nice and was given to Kawashima Yu.

Kawashima Xiong was very happy and hugged her in circles excitedly. Infected by his mood, Meiko also felt that it was worth spending the money!

But the good times didn't last long, and these cats also died one after another. One of them was sick and could not eat and died soon. According to Kawashima Yu, the other one jumped into the window, fell downstairs and died.

But this time Kawashima Yu didn't feel sad, maybe because he didn't raise them for a long time.

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Gradually, Meiko discovered that Kawashima Yuu liked to be close to her more. He lost interest in cats and dogs and talked to her on the phone all day long.

This is undoubtedly good news for Meiko. One evening, she and Kawashima Yuu went shopping.

While eating, Meiko hesitated for a long time before saying, "What do you think of me?"

Kawashima Yu did not understand the meaning of Miko's words, and gave a normal answer: "She is a very good woman, very suitable for marriage."

This comment made Meiko very excited. She stumbled and said, "Then do you think when is the right time for us to get married?"

Meiko thought about being proposed to countless times, but in the end it was her who proposed.

Just when she was awkwardly scratching the ground with her toes, Kawashima Yui replied: "Okay, then as soon as possible!"

The marriage between the two was settled in such a simple way, but Yuichi Kawashima was a talented man. Even though he was eight years older than Meiko, Meiko's family accepted this son-in-law.

The weather was very hot when they got married, Meiko wore a beautiful wedding dress, and the two entered the marriage hall together.

Before getting married, Meiko thought of the husky and asked, "Should we get a dog?"

Kawashima Xiong shook his head: "It's enough for me to have you."

When you think about it carefully, this sentence seems to be a curse, but Meiko has been so overwhelmed by love that she can't tell the difference between east, west and north. Naturally, it is impossible to discern the meaning of Kawashima Yu's words.

After getting married in such a muddle, Meiko got her wish and became a housewife at home. Kawashima Yu seems to be working better and earning a lot of money, and Meiko's life is getting better and better.

More than a year has passed like this, and Meiko feels that a happy life is knocking on her door again.

But one day, when Meiko was cleaning the room, she suddenly found signs of damage on the wallpaper.

After gently peeling off the wallpaper, Meiko saw scratches all over the wall. There are dogs and cats. These traces extend upward densely, showing how much suffering these animals suffered.

In the gaps in the wall, Meiko can even see the nails left by the cat. Not to mention the blood, which had dried on the walls and stuck to the wallpaper.

Resisting the desire to vomit, Meiko continued to explore, only to find another big hole in the center of the wall, hidden behind the TV.

Move the TV away and take off all the wallpaper. What appeared in front of her eyes made Meiko start to cry, and large amounts of vomit poured out.

In the cave are the remains of countless creatures. There are mostly birds, people, cats and dogs. These wreckage must have been dead for a long time and have no smell. This is why Kawashima Yu directly covered them with wallpaper.

The door was opened and Kawashima Yuu walked in.

Kawashima Yu was not surprised at all by Miko's reaction and discovery: "I knew you would find out sooner or later. But I didn't expect it to be so slow. You are so easy to deceive!"

Meiko was so frightened that she collapsed, unable to resist at all, so she could only beg for mercy: "I have your child, please!"

Kawashima's expression was very strange: "There are many women who have my children, but they are all already in the cave."

Looking at Kawashima Yu's face that kept getting closer, Meiko suddenly understood.

The reason why cats and dogs are scratching the wall is because they know she is next door and want to ask her for help!

It's a pity that the cat with a yin and yang face , even if she wants to ask for help now, there is no one who can save her.

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