Short Ghost Story

Generally speaking, humans and ghosts do not interact with each other. This is what is commonly said as strangers between humans and ghosts. But sometimes, people and ghosts will inevitably meet together, and some unexpected things will happen.

Have you ever encountered a ghost while walking at night?

I have a classmate who works as a driver at a crematorium in his hometown county. His encounter is enough to make him remember it for the rest of his life.

One night in July this year, my classmates were already sleeping. At about eleven o'clock, he suddenly received a call from the field, informing him to go to a village near the county seat to pick up the body.

In the past, when someone died in rural areas, the body would usually be kept at home for three days for relatives to remember and pay their respects, and then buried. However, after the funeral reform was implemented, the corpses were generally cremated in the crematorium. The deceased would be taken to the crematorium and frozen on the same day, and then the relatives of the deceased would choose an auspicious day to be cremated.

Because it was too late, and the town was a bit far away from the county seat, my classmates reluctantly put on their clothes and got up. After working in the crematorium for several years, my classmate's character has changed from being timid and fearful to being carefree and fearless. As a rule, at least two people should travel to pick up a body outside the county town. However, when the classmate called another colleague, the colleague was having a stomachache. The classmate couldn't bear it, so he drove the funeral car alone and set off.

It was only a little over ten kilometers from the county seat to that township, but on the way, we had to climb a small hill, pass several densely growing trees, and what was even more terrible was that we had to pass through a mass grave on the way. It is said that those buried in mass graves are bandits and Kuomintang stragglers who were killed before liberation. A classmate once heard someone say that several drivers saw ghosts appearing in the graveyards, which led to several rollover accidents.

Fortunately, the trip went very smoothly. In less than twenty minutes, the classmate drove to the dead village. While still at the entrance of the village, I heard faint cries, and at the same time, there were occasional explosions of firecrackers and soul-calling gongs and drums. In the quiet night of the mountain village, these intermittent sounds sounded very scary.

With the noise, the classmate easily found the deceased's home. This is an ordinary farm family. The deceased was a young man, in his twenties, seventeen or eight years old, unmarried, and had been living with his parents. At about eight o'clock tonight, because of a dispute with his family, he drank two bottles of pesticide in a fit of anger. He died of gastrointestinal erosion in less than ten minutes. When he died, he was in extreme pain, his face was severely distorted, and there was a big hole in his stomach, which was very scary and frightening. At this moment, under the pale light, he was lying quietly on two temporary wooden boards in the courtyard, with his face covered with white paper and his feet tied with hemp rope – a rural legend said that if not tied, If a cat and mouse run in front of you, the dead will pretend to be dead!

Because the deceased died by drinking medicine, according to rural people, this is a violent death. If the body is not taken away as soon as possible, his ghost will harm the villagers.

As soon as the classmate appeared, people busy with funeral arrangements gathered around him. The parents of the deceased were a pair of honest farmers. Their son was gone, but due to pressure from the villagers, they had no choice but to agree to have their son cremated as soon as possible.

The classmate was invited to the living room, and the father of the deceased quietly stuffed a red envelope into his hand; then, the helpers served the food; while the classmate was eating, the men quickly loaded the body into the funeral car – this It has almost become a custom for rural funerals. His classmates have long been accustomed to it. He ate the food with big mouthfuls and even drank a few glasses of white wine.

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After eating and drinking, the classmate went out to use the toilet. At this time, all the people helping in the yard had left, and it was very quiet outside. Because there was a funeral car carrying a dead person, the air outside the yard seemed a little solid, making people feel eerie.

After the classmate finished urinating, he casually walked to the car to see if the body was packed. As soon as he opened the door of the van, a voice came from inside: "Can you leave?"

The classmate was so frightened that he almost jumped up. He took a few steps back. After calming down, he realized that it was a man sitting in the car.

"This family is old and young, and I am the only one who helps them take the dead to the crematorium." The man smiled, showing his snow-white teeth.

The classmates felt relieved. Originally, he was worried about being lonely on the road alone, but now it was better, he finally had someone to accompany him.

"Come on, don't tell them." The classmate wanted to go back to the house to say goodbye to the family of the deceased, but the man waved his hand and told him to leave quickly.

The classmate quickly started the car. After the car drove dozens of meters away, the parents of the deceased ran out of the house and shouted something loudly. But the classmate didn't hear clearly. He waved his hand and drove away at a faster speed.

The car was driving smoothly on the deserted country road. Because there were dead people in the car and no violent jolts were allowed, the car was only traveling at about half the speed when it came.

"Who are you, a relative of the deceased?" More than ten minutes after the car drove out, the classmate turned around and asked the man sitting behind. The man has not spoken since he got in the car.

"I'm his cousin." The man replied in a sullen voice. In the dim light, the classmates could not see his appearance clearly, only his white teeth.

The conversation didn't work out, so the classmate had no choice but to drive his car silently. This situation is also understandable: someone's cousin is dead and they are feeling uncomfortable, so it is normal for them not to want to say more.

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After the car drove for a while, unknowingly, a full moon emerged from the gaps in the clouds, spreading its bright light over the countryside. At this time, the car entered a forest, and the moonlight filtered through the gaps between the trees, leaving patches of mottled tree shadows on the road. Although the classmate was very courageous, there was a dead person lying behind the seat and the car was running on a deserted country road at midnight, and he gradually felt a cold feeling in his heart.

The most important thing is that the man behind him never said a word. He seemed to be asleep, but every time the classmate looked back intentionally or unintentionally, they found that he had been sitting upright in his seat, and every time he looked at me The classmate smiled, showing his shiny white teeth.

The car finally got out of the woods , and the front became more open, and the students slowly felt relieved.

The moonlight seemed to be brighter now, and the hills, creeks and bushes on both sides of the road were clearly visible. Suddenly, the classmate's heart tightened: his eyes accidentally fell on the reflector next to the car. Through the mirror, he saw that there was no one inside –

That man is sitting behind his classmate, and his shadow should appear in the reflector!

Suddenly, the air seemed to freeze, and the students were so nervous that they did not dare to breathe out. In the past, some colleagues also told stories about encountering ghosts, but he never believed it. Unexpectedly, tonight…

Enduring great fear, the classmate quickly looked back. This glance made him almost curse himself: It turned out that the man had changed his seat to the other side at some point.

The man still smiled at him, his white teeth looking even whiter in the faint moonlight.

After the car drove forward for a few more minutes, a black cloud swallowed the moon, and the earth became dark again. Everything around him was shadowy and gloomy in the middle of the night.

"Do you have any cigarettes? Give me one." Suddenly, the man spoke.

"Yes." The classmate casually handed the cigarette in front of the bridge to the man. Inadvertently, his hand touched the man's hand, and his scalp went numb: the man's hand was as cold as ice!

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The man lit the cigarette and took a long puff. The red cigarette butt flashed in the carriage, but the strange thing was that after he smoked for a long time, his classmates didn't even smell the smell of cigarettes.

"I swallowed all the smoke into my stomach." The man seemed to have noticed his classmate's doubts and said to himself.

The classmate turned back and smiled at the man, but soon, the smile froze on his face: he saw the man open the body bag, pull the dead man's head out of the bag, and then put the cigarette in the dead man's mouth.

The classmate felt a chill in his back and almost lost control of the steering wheel in his hand. At the same time, thin beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

"It didn't affect your driving, right? My cousin liked to smoke, so I let him take a few puffs…" the man said a little apologetically.

"Oh, that's it." The classmate felt relieved again, but he was still a little uneasy, "You'd better put your cousin back in the bag and don't disturb him."

"Okay, let him take two more puffs." The man said, holding the dead man's head in his arms, and at the same time straightening the distorted and horrifying face, using his hands to open and close the stiff mouth, and gradually On the ground, wisps of smoke came out of the cigarette in the dead man's mouth.

The classmate felt that his scalp was numb and his heartbeat was racing.

"If you keep doing this, I'll ask you to get out of the car!" He finally couldn't bear it anymore and shouted loudly.

The man seemed stunned for a moment, smiled with his white teeth, and stuffed the body into the bag.

The classmate breathed a long sigh of relief. To be honest, in all these years, he had never seen such a perverted person who was not afraid of dead bodies.

The car traveled smoothly. After climbing over the hill and passing the mass graves, when the suburban houses and buildings came into view, the stone that had been hanging in the students' hearts finally fell to the ground.

"Please stop, I want to get off the car." About one kilometer away from the crematorium, the man said to his classmates.

The classmate stopped the car, the man opened the door and jumped out.

"Thank you for delivering my cousin safely. I won't send him to the crematorium," the man said.

With the help of the dim street lights, the classmate finally saw the man's face clearly: thick eyebrows, big eyes, a straight nose and a square mouth. Apart from his pale face, the man should be considered a handsome young man in the countryside.

"You're welcome, this is my job." The classmate said.

"This is a piece of my mind. Please accept it." The man said, taking out a brand new stack of banknotes from his pocket, taking out ten hundred-dollar bills and handing them to his classmate.

"No, really no need." The classmate declined.

"If you don't answer, I'm going to be angry." The man smiled, his white teeth particularly dazzling in the light.

The classmate unconsciously took the banknote and watched the man disappear on the side road.

Today's harvest is really good. The classmate was secretly happy. After he drove the car directly into the crematorium, he went to the duty room of the field department to sleep.

I slept until noon the next day before my classmates got up. After lunch, he was about to go home when he met his colleague Lao Wang. Lao Wang works as an officer in a crematorium and funeral parlor, and his main job is to perform plastic surgery on the dead.

"Xiao Zhang, the corpse you brought in yesterday was very difficult to reshape. It took me more than an hour to reshape it." Lao Wang said.

"I heard that he died from drinking pesticides. It was so scary when he died," said a classmate.

"But after seeing the plastic surgery, the young man is quite handsome." Lao Wang said jokingly, "I don't know how many beauties will be sad if he dies."

"Handsome guy?" The classmate suddenly remembered the man who claimed to be the cousin of the deceased last night, "Take me to see him."

"What's wrong? You want to help him have a secret marriage?" Lao Wang smiled and led his classmates to the icehouse where the corpse was stored. He opened one of the huge drawers, and suddenly, a male corpse appeared in front of him.

Thick eyebrows, big eyes, a straight nose and a square mouth, two rows of white teeth that cannot be covered by lips…

The transformed man’s body was indeed a handsome young man!

"Ah!" The classmate yelled and ran away quickly.

Under the scorching sunshine, his face was pale, sweating profusely, and he felt like his breathing was about to stop.

"What's wrong with you?" Lao Wang was startled and asked with concern.

"It's nothing." The classmate calmed down and quietly put his hand into his pocket. Soon, his heart started beating wildly again: what he took out of his pocket were ten ghost coins!

When he returned home, his classmate seemed to be exhausted. He was seriously ill. After recovering from his illness, he quit his job at the funeral home and never again drove at night.

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