long Ghost Story


Tiantian thought Dongdong was just joking.

During dinner, I even teased Dongdong about this matter.

Tiantian’s mother rolled her eyes at Dongdong and curled her lips.

This look stimulated Dongdong, but Dongdong pretended not to see anything.

The little sister is quite worried.

"Brother Dongdong, aren't you afraid of ghosts?" Lan Lan asked Dongdong.

Dongdong shook his head.

Every day I feel like Dongdong is bragging.

"Who is not afraid of ghosts? Everyone is afraid of ghosts. Of course he is afraid too. Do you think he really dares to go to that little white building?" Tiantian said.

Dongdong said nothing and slowly ate the steamed bun in his hand.

"Do you really dare to go to that little white building?" Tiantian asked Dongdong. He wanted to get an exact answer to confirm his judgment.

Dongdong didn't answer.

Tenten turned to his sister.

"Don't worry, he didn't dare to go. Uncle wanted to collect his mobile phone. He just said something angry." He said to his sister.

He calls Dongdong's father uncle, just like he calls his mother aunt every day.

Lan Lan felt relieved now.

After dinner, Dongdong put on his mobile phone and walked out the door, as if he was going out to visit.

"Where are you going?" Tiantian asked Dongdong.

Dongdong didn't answer, just walked on his own.

Tiantian followed him out, and so did Lanlan.

"Where are you going?" Tiantian shouted at Dongdong again.

Dongdong didn't answer him, he had already walked up the mountain.

That road leads directly to the small white building.

"Don't be stupid, there are really ghosts there, come back quickly." Tiantian shouted behind him.

Lan Lan also advised Dongdong.

"Don't go, brother, don't go," she said.

Dongdong kept his head down and followed his own path.

Tiantian and Lanlan followed halfway and then dared not go any further.

It was getting dark now.

"I really can't go. If you go, you will never come back. Please, don't go, come back." Tiantian shouted at the top of his lungs.

He actually begged him not to go.

Dongdong was a little moved.

But the matter has come to this, Dongdong bites the bullet and has to go on.


But, it's just hanging on the door bolt.

Dongdong opened the door.

A big wave of cold breath hit his face.

Dongdong couldn't help but shudder.

Maybe it's a psychological effect, Dongdong always feels like a lot of ghosts are blowing on him.

Of course he was also scared and wanted to run away, but he was afraid that everyone would laugh at him every day.

Also, Tiantian's mother, with her disdainful eyes, clearly looked down on Dongdong and thought he was bragging.

Besides, what is he afraid of?

Are you afraid of death?

Even if I'm scared to death by a ghost, it doesn't matter, I can be reunited with my mother.

Dongdong's heart skipped a beat and he walked in.

It was so dark that I couldn't see anything clearly.

Dongdong took out his mobile phone and turned on the flashlight.

There was thick dust everywhere.

Dongdong looked around and found a sheltered place. There was a chair there.

Dongdong sat down, not caring about how much dust there was.

Dongdong held the phone and opened the game.

Dongdong's plan is that he just keeps playing with his mobile phone, what a ghost, just come and see what they can do to him.

However, he did not close the door after all.

The dark night outside is a safe place now. At least, it is much better than the ghostly house. With the door open and some contact with the outside, it feels better.

After playing for about half an hour, Dongdong felt something strange.

First I heard laughter.

Woman's laughter.

At first, the sound was not loud, but it became more and more sharp and precise.

Dongdong had goosebumps all over his body, but he persisted and focused all his attention on his mobile phone, pretending that the laughter did not exist.

He could feel a black shadow slowly emerging in mid-air.

It's becoming more and more obvious.

She was a woman, with long hair covering her face. It was impossible to see clearly what she looked like, but she seemed to be extremely pale.

She was floating in mid-air, wearing a white robe with her feet exposed.

It was also she who was laughing strangely.

Dongdong tried not to look at her.

But his hands were shaking, and he felt that he might run out at any time.

But he persisted.

At least, I have to finish this game.

he said to himself.

But how could this female ghost let him go?

She got closer and closer.

In the end, her toenails were about five centimeters away from Dongdong's nose.

Dongdong could see her pale feet from the corner of his eye.

Dongdong endured it with the greatest perseverance.

No matter what, he must insist on finishing this game, he asked himself.

The female ghost slowly lowered her height.

Her long hanging tongue almost touched the phone screen.

When it was too much in the way, Dongdong would turn around to avoid the hot and wet tongue, just like he was avoiding the face that came close to him every day.

The female ghost also adjusts.

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Soon her tongue came up again.

This struggle went back and forth for several times.

Finally, the female ghost couldn't bear it anymore and spoke.


When Dongdong came out of school, he had an extra school bag.

The schoolbag was given to him by his classmates, and the small gadgets in the schoolbag were also separate gifts from his classmates, including pens, notebooks, etc.

"Are your classmates pretty good?" Dad said.

Dongdong said nothing.

After getting on the train, Dongdong huddled in his bunk and almost remained silent.

He just took his mother's mobile phone and buried himself in playing games.

It's that popular game.

Five against five, or three against three.

Group battle.

Capturing the opponent's base camp is considered a victory.

Everyone can practice their own skills and pick up equipment during battles.

The most powerful one is the Archmage.

But the Archmage requires years of training and fighting.

At the beginning, Dongdong randomly joined the team to fight the enemy. After 8:30, when the students had finished their homework and could play games for a while, Dongdong would play with his classmates.

The classmates all greeted Dongdong.

Although only a few people are allowed to play the game, they can at least form a team of five.

At this time, Dongdong could really laugh twice.

Dad always wanted to talk to Dongdong.

Why is my son so silent when he comes out of school?

What happened?

But in fact, nothing happened, Dongdong was just moved.

The head teacher stopped the class and announced to the whole class that Dongdong was leaving the city. Everyone took five minutes to say goodbye to Dongdong.

Almost every classmate hugged Dongdong.

They all knew that something happened to Dongdong's mother . Shaoyang said that the reason behind Dongdong's death was that Dongdong wanted to leave the city, but no one mentioned it. They just hugged Dongdong warmly, gave gifts to Dongdong, and wished him the best. good luck.

Although the gift was a last-minute gift, even a small book with written words or a used pencil sharpener, Dongdong didn't dislike it at all.

It ended when class was about to end.

Dongdong was greatly moved, so he needed to use indifference to cover up his vulnerability.

After ten o'clock, the students went offline one after another. When they arrived, they were supervised by their parents and had to go to bed. Dongdong had to hang out online by himself.

Form a team as you like and fight as you like.

Dad urged me a few times.

It's time to go to bed, stop playing around.

It's not good for your eyes either.

Dongdong just nodded, but his eyes were fixed on the phone screen.

Dad was going to sleep on the bunk, so he persuaded Dongdong for the last time.

"What time is it? Stop playing." Dad said.

This time, Dad's tone was stronger, Dongdong looked at Dad.

In an instant, Dad became weak again.

He regained his harmonious tone.

"You have been playing for more than five hours, so you should take a rest. Besides, it is already very late and it is time to go to bed. The lights in the sleeper car will be turned off in a while," Dad said.

"Yeah." Dongdong said.

But his eyes were fixed on the phone again.

Dad sighed and said nothing more.

The lights in the sleeper car were turned off, but a few lights were still on in the corridor, and Dongdong was still playing.

Only when he is holding his mobile phone can he think about nothing.

But the good times didn't last long, and the phone finally ran out of battery.

Dongdong climbed down from the bunk, found the power socket, and charged his mobile phone.

Then, Dongdong lay back on the bunk.

He opened his eyes and stared at the drooped sheets on the upper bunk, not knowing what to think.

His eyes were empty.

But he was really sleepy.

Maybe it would be nice to take a nap.

When he woke up, it was broad daylight.

Dad greeted him with a smile.

Dad bought bread and milk for him for breakfast.

But Dongdong always felt that one thing was missing.

It's brushing your teeth.

Also, he didn't bring a toothbrush.


Dad advised him.

"Forget it, I won't brush my teeth this morning." Dad said.

"How can that be done? My mother asks me to brush my teeth every morning. If I don't brush my teeth, I can't eat." Dongdong said.

There was a young lady on the upper bunk, and she was happy to hear what Dongdong said.

"Isn't it good to listen to mother's words?" she said.

Dongdong stared at her and said nothing.

"But there's no one selling toothbrushes here." Dad said.

"Then I won't have breakfast." Dongdong said.

The young lady came to the rescue.

"I do. I took a disposable toothbrush from the hotel. I'll get it for you." My sister said.

After Dongdong finished eating the bread, he lay down on the bunk again and picked up his mobile phone.

After charging overnight, the battery is fully charged.

Dongdong opened the game.

Dad wanted to say a few words to him, but couldn't find the right time.

The train was about to arrive at the station. Regardless of whether Dongdong heard it or not, Dad wanted to tell Dongdong, so he still said it.

He stood up with his face just close to Dongdong's ear, so that he didn't have to speak so loudly and others wouldn't hear what he said.

Dad told Dongdong that he had remarried again. The aunt he married was kind-hearted, although she had a bad temper.

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You need to have a good relationship with your aunt and follow her lead.

When his aunt married him, she also had two children, a boy and a girl.

The boy is the same age as Dongdong, but two months younger than Dongdong. The girl is four years younger.

Therefore, Dongdong is the elder brother.

Have a good relationship with your younger brothers and sisters.

Be more tolerant.

Dad was talking to himself while Dongdong played the game without answering a word.

Dad didn't know if Dongdong had listened. Anyway, he had to finish what he was supposed to explain.


That aunt didn't have many smiling faces towards Dongdong.

Of course, this is also related to Dongdong himself.

Dongdong had a dull face and seemed to be indifferent to everything. When they first met, the aunt didn't have that atmosphere even if she wanted to appear warm.

She couldn't pretend.

The two children were quite enthusiastic.

A boy of the same age as Dongdong is named Tiantian. He is very interested in Dongdong and always wants to chat more with Dongdong, although Dongdong is very indifferent to him.

The girl's name is Lan Lan. She looked at Dongdong with admiring eyes and her mouth was very sweet. She kept calling her brother, brother.

All the bedrooms were occupied, so Dongdong had to live in the side room on the first floor.

Usually, the harvested grain is kept in this house.

Also put some sundries.

Dad cleared out a space for a small bed.

Dad apologized to Dongdong.

"Sorry to let you live here." Dad said.

It doesn't matter.

"Where's the electrical outlet?" he asked his father.

There are power sockets.

It was in a corner, but blocked by debris.

Dad went to clean up again.

That's it.

As long as you have electricity to charge your phone, you don’t have any extra requirements.

But dad was still very sorry.

"Originally, we could let you and Tiantian sleep in the same room, but your aunt was afraid that you two boys would be too noisy and influence each other, so she let you live here." Dad said.

"Yeah." Dongdong said.

Dongdong stood in front of the window and looked outside.

My father's home is in a town, surrounded by mountains. From the window, you can see a hilltop. There is also a white two-story building standing there alone on the top of the hill.

For some reason, Dongdong couldn't help but take a second look at that small building.

Dad was still explaining.

"Tomorrow I will move all the food away and put it in the kitchen so that your place will be more spacious." Dad said.

Dongdong didn't say anything, he still stared at the white two-story building.

Dad found something wrong.

A piece of glass in the window was broken.

What should I do? It's too late to replace the glass now.

I had to find a few pieces of cardboard to block it first.

"I'll replace the glass with you tomorrow. I'm sorry." Dad said.

It doesn't matter.

He underestimated the coldness of the north.

He thought that having a quilt could protect him from any cold. Only at night did he truly understand what it meant to be too cold to sleep.

He got up and put on his clothes again, then got into bed.

A little better, but still cold.

Dongdong covered his head with a quilt, maybe he wanted to play a game, but his fingers were a bit unruly.

He heard someone come in.

It's dad.

He took a quilt and a hot water bottle.

"Is it cold?" Dad asked.

Dongdong said nothing.

Dad touched his hand.

Immediately, Dad started apologizing again.

"Your hands are so cold? Oh, I'm so sorry, it's too cold in this room." Dad said.

"It's okay." Dongdong said.

He was still holding on.

"I will buy you an electric blanket tomorrow and repair the glass. It should be much better." Dad said.

"Oh." Dongdong said.

Dad stuffed the hot water bottle into Dongdong’s arms.

In an instant, Dongdong felt warm under the covers.

Dad covered Dongdong with the quilt again.

"Take off your clothes. It's not comfortable to sleep with clothes on." Dad said.

"Oh, okay." Dongdong said.

When he left, his father apologized to him again.

"I'm too busy today and haven't prepared anything. I will get you an electric blanket tomorrow so you can sleep much warmer," Dad said.

"Yeah." Dongdong said.


Contradictions still arose.

It’s every day.

He saw Dongdong playing games on his mobile phone all the time, and he was extremely envious. He argued with his mother that he also wanted to buy a mobile phone and play games.

They are all children of the same age, why can Dongdong be able to play games but he cannot.

But even my mother’s mobile phone is not as good as Dongdong’s.

She complained to the man.

"Stop letting your son play games. This will lead to bad behavior for my son. Please put away his cell phone." The woman said.

Dad hesitated.

"Well, he just lost his mother and moved from a big city to our small town. Well, let's wait and let him adapt for a while," Dad said.

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The woman's face didn't look good.

She said nothing more, but it was clear that she was dissatisfied.

When her son complained to him again, she gave him a good beating.

Beating and cursing at the same time.

Why does he have a mobile phone?

He's not good at studying, he's so naughty, and his mother doesn't have the money to buy it for him.

If he dares to make trouble to buy a mobile phone again, his legs will be broken.

At that time, Dongdong had only eaten half of his lunch. He knew that there was something wrong with his aunt's words, so he felt a little stuffy and couldn't eat anymore.

Dad was not in a good mood either.

His face was livid.

But Dad didn't say anything, nor did he stop the aunt.

After dinner, Tiantian shamelessly entered Dongdong's hut again.

Dongdong ignored him.

This guy grinned with Dongdong.

"Brother, let me play with your phone for a while. Just for a while." He said.

Dongdong shook his head without looking at him.

He was still grinding there.

"Your mother doesn't let you play games. She said if she sees you playing games again, she will break your legs." Dongdong said.

"Hey, what she said was angry. She is my mother. How could she be willing to break my legs?" Tiantian said.

Dongdong's face changed a little.

But the heartless Tiantian didn't notice the change in Dongdong's expression and smiled ingratiatingly.

Dongdong pushed him out of the room and locked the door.

I beg for love outside the door every day.

Dongdong ignored him.

But this kid ran to the window again and made a face.

Fortunately, there are thick curtains.

Dongdong closed the curtains and turned on the lights.

He opened a bag in the corner, which contained photos of his mother.

Dongdong laid out the photos one by one and placed them all on the bed.

He lay on the bed and looked at each one carefully.

He missed his mother.

I miss my mother from the bottom of my bones.

It would be great if I could be scolded by my mother again.

He even envied Tiantian.

What a blessing it is to be beaten by my mother.

He thought about seafood again.

Why is he making a fuss about eating seafood?

It's all his fault. Without seafood, nothing would happen to my mother.


Dongdong must be sent to school quickly.

It's not a big deal that he keeps the curtains closed all day, hides in the hut, and doesn't talk to anyone.

Fortunately, unlike the city, you don't have to worry about so much. Here you just need to tell the principal and if the principal agrees, you can go to the primary school in the town.

Dad picked up two bottles of wine, went to the principal, and the matter was done.

Dongdong is not opposed to going to school either.

He also plays games with his classmates every day and does not go to school every day. He feels much behind his classmates.

He doesn't want this.

He doesn't want his classmates to look down on him.

He was assigned to the class every day.

Tiantian is very excited. He feels very proud to have a brother from such a big city.

He introduced his brother to every classmate, saying that his brother was a master of games.

After one day of class, Dongdong became even more popular.

Dongdong can do the math problems that the whole class can't do.

His English pronunciation is even better than that of his teacher.

In fact, Dongdong only did that question in extracurricular classes.

Dongdong is not happy, he would rather no one notice him, so that he can sit quietly in the corner and think about his own things.

However, Dongdong still talked to Tiantian a few more words while going to and from school together, and the relationship between the two of them became much closer.

I can play in Dongdong’s room every day again.

When he was bored, Dongdong stared at the small white building on the hill outside the window. He saw it every day. He felt that he could finally show off his knowledge to his brother.

At least, he knew the situation of the small white building, but his brother did not.

"Are you looking at that little white building?" he asked Dongdong.

Dondong gave me a smile.

"That little white building is evil." Tiantian said.

Dongdong looked at him.

"Evil? What do you mean?" Dongdong asked.

It's been selling out every day.

"You don't know what evil means?" Tiantian said.

Dongdong shook his head.

"Anyway, stay away from that little white building. Don't look at it all the time, let alone get close to it, otherwise," Tiantian said no more.

But Dongdong's curiosity was aroused.

"Otherwise, what's the matter? Stop nagging and tell me if you have anything to say." Dongdong said.

But it's that simple.

Negotiate conditions every day.

"If you let me play a game, I will tell you." Tiantian said.

Dongdong snorted.

"Forget it if you don't say anything." Dongdong said.

Within a few minutes, Tiantian gave in.

"Okay, okay, I'll tell you." Tiantian said.

In fact, Dongdong wanted to know, but he pretended not to care.

"That small building is unlucky. All the people inside are dead." Tiantian said.

<img src='https://www.xingxingmao.com/upload/da/1464319446522067.jpg' alt='


"All dead? What do you mean?"

"It means that everyone who lived in that small white building died, the whole family died, all men, women, and children died."

All dead?

So miserable.

"It's because of the fire." Tiantian said.

"Warm up by the fire?"

"Yes. When it was cold in winter, they used coal stoves at home. As a result, they were poisoned by gas." Tiantian said.

gas poisoning?

Dongdong doesn't quite understand.

But Tiantian doesn’t quite understand.

"Hey, it's poisonous anyway. Four members of the family were poisoned, including parents and two children." Tiantian said.

It would be nice if the whole family died together.

"Is it miserable?" Tiantian asked Dongdong.

Dongdong said nothing.

It’s weird every day.

"Don't you feel miserable? The whole family is dead." Tiantian asked.

"Well, it's miserable." Dongdong had no choice but to agree.

I am satisfied every day.

"However, something more sinister is behind it." Tiantian said.

Dongdong listened to what Tiantian said.

Tiantian planned to keep showing off, but he couldn't hold on for long.

"Since the death, no one has dared to enter that small white building. It feels unlucky. But once, a beekeeper went into that small building and stayed for a night." Tiantian said.

Dongdong didn't know what a beekeeper was, so I had to explain it to him every day.

"It's the person who keeps bees." Tiantian said.

"Can we still keep bees?"

"Of course, otherwise, where would the honey come from?"

"Oh, I understand." Dongdong said.

"The beekeeper slept until midnight and rolled down the bed. He said he saw a female ghost floating right above the bed, smiling at him."

This is somewhat scary.

It’s scary to think about.

"Everyone said that the family died so tragically that they were unwilling to leave. Therefore, there were many ghosts living in that small white building." Tiantian said.

Dongdong curled his lips.

"There really is a ghost." Dongdong said.

"Of course, don't you believe in ghosts?"

Dongdong can't say he believes it, nor can he say he doesn't believe it.

"The mayor of our town, like you, doesn't believe in ghosts. Since all the family members in the small white building are dead and no one wants the land, he ordered the building to be demolished, but , something happened at night."

Tiantian stopped talking.

He looked at Dongdong and just smiled.

Dongdong's appetite was completely whetted.

"Okay, stop being so pretentious and tell me quickly. I'll let you play the game for a while." Dongdong said.

Tiantian's eyes lit up.

"Really?" he said.

"Really, but hurry up and say it, don't hesitate." Dongdong said.

"Okay, okay, I'm not going to hold back, I'm going to say it." Tiantian said.

The mayor had a nightmare at night, and a female ghost told him that if he dared to demolish the small white building, he would seek revenge on him, and he would be the one to look good on. As soon as he woke up in the morning, the mayor ran to the hill because he had given an order to the contractor to arrange for workers to demolish the house at dawn.

The bulldozers were already in place and the people were here, but no one was working, they were just waiting there. The mayor was very surprised. When he asked, it turned out that the contractor and the two bulldozer drivers had also dreamed about female ghosts the night before.

"The two bulldozer drivers said nothing and the contractor was frightened. But the mayor had given the order and he didn't dare not to demolish it. Unexpectedly, the mayor arrived at the scene and ordered not to demolish it again. Everyone I was relieved." Tiantian said.

All four of them dreamed of a female ghost, which was really a bit evil.

Seeing Dongdong meditating, Tiantian told Dongdong again.

"Anyway, don't go near that little white building, otherwise, you will definitely die." Tiantian said seriously.


Dongdong’s mother’s funeral arrangements need to be taken care of.

It is still frozen in the funeral parlor and needs to be cremated. In addition, there will be a lawsuit for compensation.

The large truck that caused the accident had full insurance, but the insurance company would only pay compensation if a lawsuit was filed and the court ruled.

Aunt Xiaoli really cannot be trusted.

She is busy with her own affairs every day and has no time to worry about anything else. She becomes increasingly impatient when answering calls from Dongdong's father.

Alas, time will dilute everything.

At the beginning, something happened to Dongdong's mother. As her best friend, Aunt Xiaoli was still very sad and very willing to do something. But as time went by, other emotions took over.

Dongdong's father knows that Aunt Xiaoli has some shares in Dongdong's mother's business, but Xiaoli is avoiding talking about the specific amount.

This kind of thing is better to meet and say hello.

Dongdong's father took a few more days off to deal with these things.

He also hesitated whether to take Dongdong to see his mother for the last time, but after thinking about it again and again, he still felt that it was best not to see her.

After all, it will make Dongdong even more sad and tear open the scars that Dongdong has gradually healed.

He also knew that if he made this decision, Dongdong would definitely blame him when he grew up, but that was all he could do.

In the past few days since his father left, Dongdong got into trouble.

Every school has a bully.

This overlord rules the roost with force and ruthlessness. He also thinks that he is really the king of the school. Every student is his subject and must be at his mercy. Moreover, his appeal is strong enough that several minions are willing to do so. Hang out with him and fight for him.

There is also a bully in the elementary school in this town, who is the nephew of the mayor. Even the principal is unwilling to interfere with him.

This overlord's name is Jiang Hao, who is two levels higher than Dongdong.

He heard that a newly transferred student had the most powerful mobile phone at present and could play the most popular games. He was heartbroken.

He and a group of his men stopped Dongdong at the school gate.

At that time, Dongdong and Tiantian were walking together. When Tiantian saw Jiang Hao, he nodded and bowed quickly.

But Jiang Hao pushed Tiantian aside.

He looked at Dongdong.

"Do you have a mobile phone in your schoolbag?" he asked Dongdong.

Dongdong said nothing.

Tiantian answered for him.

Given this opportunity to curry favor with Jiang Hao, of course he would not give up.

"Yes, yes, he has an iPhone in his schoolbag. It is the most advanced mobile phone now and has more functions than my mother's." Tiantian said.

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In school, Dongdong never took out his mobile phone to play with it. The fact that Dongdong had a mobile phone in his schoolbag was spread every day.

The little bully is quite interested.

"Really? Take out your phone and let me see it." Little Bully said.

Dongdong still said nothing.

Tiantian also felt that something was wrong in the atmosphere at this time, and he shut up.

"Didn't you understand what I said?" Little Overlord asked Dongdong.

Dongdong still ignored him.

Jiang Hao bent down and put his face close to Dongdong's face.

"Little boy, didn't you understand what I said? Take out your phone." Jiang Hao said.

Dongdong is a head shorter than Jiang Hao. Originally, he was still a little timid, but this guy actually wanted to steal his mobile phone, the mobile phone his mother left him. He would never agree to this.

"No." Dongdong said.

The bully was in disbelief.

"What did you say? Say it again." said the little bully.

Dongdong answered louder.

"No." Dongdong yelled.

The little bully was stunned.

There has never been a student in this school who dared to talk to him like that.

"Really? Do you want to taste the feeling of being beaten?" said the little bully.

If you get beaten, you get beaten.

Dongdong gave it all.

The little bully took action.

Dongdong is no match for him at all, and with the help of those minions, Dongdong is even more difficult to resist.

But Dongdong kept working hard.

Fight relentlessly.

Those minions finally managed to pin Dongdong to the ground, and the little bully was able to snatch Dongdong's schoolbag.

The little bully opened his schoolbag , Shao Yanghuan , and took out his mobile phone. Dongdong felt a strong force from nowhere. He broke free. There was a shovel leaning against the wall at the school gate. He rushed over and picked up the shovel. .

The little bully was looking at Dongdong's mobile phone. Unexpectedly, Dongdong hit him on the head with a shovel without any hesitation.

The little bully's head was covered in blood.

He fainted there and couldn't figure out what was going on. Dongdong took the opportunity to snatch the mobile phone from his hand.


The principal called Dongdong’s father.

Of course, he omitted some details, or he was unclear about them, or he omitted them deliberately.

The core meaning is that Dongdong hit a student's head with a shovel and bled, which made it difficult for the principal to explain. The child must be taken care of, or he should drop out of school.

Dad kept apologizing to the principal.

After hanging up the phone, he called Dongdong.

As soon as the phone was connected, Dad scolded Dongdong.

"What's wrong with you? Why did you hit your classmate on the head with a shovel? That's okay. Do you still want to go to school?" Dad asked Dongdong.

Dongdong tried to explain.

But my father didn't listen at all, and scolded Dongdong vigorously.

Dongdong had no choice but to remain silent.

When Dad took a breath, Dongdong spoke.

"He snatched my cell phone." Dongdong said.

Dad was stunned for a few seconds.

"If he grabs your cell phone, you can't hit him on the head with a shovel," Dad said.

Dongdong explained patiently.

"He stole my cell phone, which was the cell phone my mother left for me. I will fight with anyone who dares to steal my cell phone," Dongdong said.

Dad was speechless.

After a while, he pointed at the phone.

"Mobile phone? Huh, why do you bring your mobile phone to school?" Dad asked.

Dongdong didn't know how to answer.

Yes, why do you bring your mobile phone to school? Why do you still bring it when you obviously don’t take it out to play with when you go to school?

But Dongdong just wanted to take him.

He doesn't want to part with his phone.

"It's all the fault of the mobile phone. Hum, when you get home, I will confiscate your mobile phone and you will never be allowed to play with it again." Dad said.

Dongdong felt blood rushing into his head.

he yelled.

"No," he said.

His roar frightened Dad.

But soon, Dad calmed down Shen'er.

"Look at you, what's your attitude when it comes to mobile phones? Are you obsessed with mobile phones? This situation must change. When I get home, I must put away your mobile phone." Dad said.

Dongdong still wanted to argue, but his father had hung up the phone.

On my mother’s phone, my father’s name is displayed.

Dongdong stared at the name and was stunned for a while.

Being around every day, he was a little gloating.

"Would you like to collect your mobile phone?" he asked Dongdong.

Dongdong said nothing and put the phone aside.

He only knew that Dongdong slapped someone else's shovel, but he didn't even ask why he did it.

I didn’t even ask if Dongdong was injured.

In fact, both of Dongdong's knees were bruised and he was in constant pain.

He didn’t ask anything, he just wanted to collect Dongdong’s mobile phone. Alas, is this his biological father?

After he put away his cell phone, he no longer had contact with his former classmates, and he could no longer see the photos of his mother on his cell phone.

This won't work.

It's better to let Dongdong die.

Dongdong was completely disillusioned and walked to the window in boredom.

He looked out the window at the mountains.

The small white building stands out even more against the background of the mountains.

After a while, he asked Tiantian.

"Will you definitely die if you enter that little white building?" he asked.

Tiantian answered in the affirmative.

"Of course, you will definitely die." Tiantian said.

"Oh, in that case, I will go into that little white building and stay overnight tonight." Dongdong said lightly.

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