My Ghost Friend The Snowman Mystery: A Parent-Child Tragedy Under The Tragedy Of Science

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Editor's note: This is a story of an unsolved case, with subtle scene descriptions, confusing plots, and changing plots. The author has a certain level of skill in story construction and text. The story is like a mystery, with a warm scene at the beginning, and then slowly progresses to a cruel case. Family love is great, but the father of the deceased is so cruel. Because he couldn't bear the child's mutilated body, he tried every means to design his wife to poison him, and the child suffered an accident. For the conception of the case and the description of the detection, the author made his own explanation and detection one by one. An unsolved case, a past, was revealed in the end. Evil will be punished, justice and evil contest, justice and light defeat evil!

[Opening: Snowman under the birch tree]

"The weather is so nice! Mom, aren't we going on a trip?" The five-year-old Belle's smiling face was warmed by the stove in the house. Little did he know that there was already several inches of snow outside. Belle was so excited when he saw the white snow that he didn't even bother to wash his face or brush his teeth, and even didn't bother to put on his thick cotton jacket before rushing out to play.

Bell's mother sat in front of the window, breathing out the cold air like white mist, staring at the snowflakes flying outside in a trance. The hot coffee she was holding also became much colder.

"It snowed all night last night, right? Otherwise, it would be impossible to see such a scene!" The branches of the birch tree in the distance are no longer covered with yellow and withered leaves, nor are they bare. Instead, it is covered with a wedding dress and suddenly transformed into the lovely and charming Snow White in the fairy tale.

The princess's crown was made of snowflakes, crystal clear and transparent; the wide dress, although pure white, was filled with gorgeous whiteness; thousands of snowflakes were used as decorations on the outside of the dress. Under the hazy sunlight, the snowflakes reflected faint and strange colors, reddish, bright egg yolk, leaf green, warm sky blue, crystal purple, which set off the white dress and made the princess look more beautiful. The princess was so happy that she stood on her toes and danced the pure and beautiful Swan Lake on the snow stage.

The houses behind the princess no longer looked like houses, but rather like rows of pumpkin carriages carved from transparent snowflakes, waiting for the princess to carefully select one. Perhaps the princess couldn't choose one at the moment when she saw such exquisite carriages, so the carriages were covered with a layer of snow, which kept getting thicker and thicker…

The snow continued to fall endlessly, and there was no end in sight. The whole ground seemed to be made of snow instead of soil. The boy stepped on the snow, jumped up and down, picked up snowballs and threw them everywhere, and threw his hands full of snow vertically into the air. The broken snow fell on the face of the grinning child, who looked cute but silly.

When Bell saw his mother sitting by the window, he picked up a large pile of snow and shouted to her, "Mom, help me build a snowman! Come on!"

Keith's kind face raised the corners of her mouth, she just smiled lightly, and nodded. It should be said that she would not miss such a rare parent-child activity, but…

She turned her head and looked at the child who was still sleeping in the bed. The face was also silly, exactly like Bell's. The kindness on her face disappeared immediately, and was immediately covered by a dark cloud. She stared coldly at the child on the bed, her hands were shaking, and the coffee in the cup produced ripples due to the slight vibration.

She stood up, walked to the bed, and said softly to the child: "Bede, if you were as smart, lively and active as Belle, it would be great. Why have you been sleeping in bed motionless since you were born?"

Keith finally steeled his heart and picked up the child. The half-dead child did not struggle at all, but followed his mother to the secret room under the house, which was also her laboratory…

"Mom, why is it taking so long? I'm almost suffocated!" Bell squatted on the snow and drew a dozen circles, which looked like overlapping ripples.

The mother cast a dark shadow over little Bell, and she said with a happy smile on her face: "Child, do you want to make a snowman that won't melt?"

Little Bell looked up and saw his mother holding something the same size as him, so he asked curiously, "Mom, what is this? Can I use it to make a snowman that won't melt?"

Keith always had a kind look on her face, which she believed was the infusion of maternal love towards this lovely child.

Without saying anything, she placed the object that was so cold that it was emitting white smoke on the snow, and covered the bottom of it steadily with snow. The accumulated snow immediately solidified when it encountered something colder than itself, and then became a natural adhesive, making the foundation more stable. She told Bell to stand far away and throw snowballs made of accumulated snow at the frozen object. Naturally, the child thought this was more fun, so he started throwing. Every time the snowball stuck to the object, it was firmly glued.

The mother shoveled up a lot of snow with a shovel and sprinkled it on the top of the snowman. Soon, the snowman's frame took shape. The snow piled up thicker and thicker, and a fat, round snowman was made. But the child thought the snowman was not cute because it had no eyes, ears, mouth or nose, so he ran to the kitchen to find carrots and some big buttons. The mother walked to a nearby birch tree and broke off two forked branches to act as the snowman's hands.

The mother and son worked together to complete the snowman, and they were immediately overjoyed. Bell smiled foolishly at the snowman with a pointed red nose, dark eyes and a smiling mouth. He also proudly put a Christmas hat on the snowman's head.

"Okay, let's take a picture with the snowman!" The mother had already set the camera to shoot automatically, and she ran to the snowman, who stood between them blankly. With a "click", the camera slowly spit out a picture. Little Bell walked forward excitedly, picked up the picture and showed it to his mother: "I picked it up first!"

The mother smiled again, and towards Bell, she always squinted her eyes and smiled without saying anything.

"Okay, we are about to start our trip, let's say goodbye to the snowman!" The mother packed up the camera and picked up the bag to move into the car.

Bell looked at the snowman and for some reason felt reluctant to leave. However, that feeling was soon covered up by the excitement of the upcoming trip. He got into the car excitedly and headed towards their destination, Purde Airport, with his mother.

In the car, Bell, who was inexplicably excited, finally managed to squeeze out a word: "Mom , my ghost friend , where is my brother? Is he still at home?"

The mother was almost unable to control the steering wheel because of this sudden question. She regained consciousness and said, "Your brother and your father took a plane to travel last night. Your father said that it would be cheaper to leave in two groups, so I will go with you, and your father will go with Bede first."

"Actually, I don't like my brother a little bit." Bell calmed down and said to his mother, "My brother often sleeps in bed and doesn't play with me. I am alone all day long. It's not fun!"

Keith saw what his son was thinking and said, "Your father and I will play with you!"

The son recovered and continued to look out the window at the white snow scene. He followed the snow path cleared by the snowplow, which amazed the little child. The broken snow still fell on the car window, making it white and hazy. Keith activated the electric snowplow and made a clear fan-shaped opening. The broken snow was swept away, scattered on the glass, and swept away again, repeating again and again…

At the airport, Keith handed the two tickets to the counter. The waitress' innocent and lovely smile made little Bell a little embarrassed. She enthusiastically moved Keith and Bell's luggage to the conveyor belt and put labels on them. After that, she smiled at the mother and son again, which made little Bell dare not look directly at the waitress and blushed.

"Flight to London, No. 747, has arrived at the airport. Passengers are requested to proceed to Gate No. 1 to check in…" The voice of the radio echoed in every corner of the airport. Bell and Case were also waiting in the terminal hall to board the plane.

After successfully boarding the plane, Bell and his mother sat on the far left side of the cabin, which was Bell's favorite seat because he could see the scenery outside. The plane took off, and a dusty white wind blew up from the runway, covering the entire plane in fog, which made Bell laugh and cry. After climbing for an unknown number of kilometers, Bell suddenly saw a clear sky. It turned out that the plane had passed through the clouds hundreds of meters away and met the sun.

Bell was extremely excited as he had not seen such a bright sun for nearly a month. He pulled his mother's sleeve, but his mother had fallen into a deep sleep. Bell could only appreciate the long-lost holy light alone.

[In the song: Broken snow under the ten thousand towers]

About two weeks later, the weather in Helsinki, located in the southernmost part of Finland, was still sunny. The warm sunshine melted the ice and snow on the outer wall of a police station in the city. It was like a white smoke screen that had just been set off, covering the entire building, adding a bit of hazy beauty to the iron-blooded and ruthless police station building.

"What? There was only a body fragment at the scene?" Chief Kosney held the microphone in his left hand and scratched his white hair with his right hand, which only made it shorter. "Oh! I really don't know how to solve this case!"

Chief Corsney is famous for his anger. Since a young man reported the case to the police last week, the case has been delayed again and again until now. Corsney's superiors have ordered him to solve the case as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will be dismissed as chief.

My ghost friend has been a policeman for more than ten years. He finally climbed to his current position with great difficulty, but he has never encountered such a bizarre case! He thought, and in a panic he spilled the coffee on the table. The thick black coffee spilled all over the table and wet the documents.

"Oh no! That's the investigation report for my boss!" Director Kosney kept spreading paper towels on the reports on the table, looking very embarrassed.

There was a knock on the wooden door, and a very young female police officer walked in. Her neat and serious police uniform could not hide her youthfulness, and her long hair added a bit of elegance to her. She coughed lightly at Chief Kosney.

The director was immediately brought back to his senses and said, "Miss Laurel is looking for me?"

The director knew that he could not be disrespectful to the girl in front of him who exuded classical Chinese beauty. She, like Yang Ke, the boy who came all the way from Hong Kong, was the key to solving the case.

"This is your backup file! Xiao Yang had anticipated that the director would lose or damage the investigation report in a panic, so he asked me to make a backup of the file early in the morning." Yuegui smiled, and her face turned red when she mentioned Yang Ke.

"Ah! The Chinese are different in solving cases, they are as good as gods in predicting things!" Kosney flattered Yang Ke deliberately, with the purpose of letting Yang Ke help him solve the case with peace of mind, so that he can reap the benefits and keep his job. What's more, he is afraid that his boss will promote him?

Why did Yang Ke, who was doing well in Hong Kong, suddenly appear in Finland? The reason is simple. Yang Ke has the highest rate of solving cases for the police in Hong Kong and even in Asia. Yang Ke can solve all kinds of difficult and complicated cases. People who are famous overseas will naturally be favored by all parties.

Kosney knew what kind of talent he needed, so he cunningly called Yanke and invited him and Miss Laurel to Finland for an ice and snow trip, but in fact he wanted to use his brain to solve the case for him. Yanke did not know the origin of the case, but under the instigation of his girlfriend Laurel, he took a plane for two days to arrive in the snowy land of Finland.

After only two days, Yang Ke realized that he had been deceived by the director. It was not a snow tour. As soon as he got off the plane, he was taken to the crime scene, Wanta, by a police car. There were no 10,000 towers in Wanta, but a villa area with rows of villas sparsely arranged. The primitive and special classical elegance had already intoxicated Yue Gui.

Yang Ke pinched Yue Gui's cheek to call her soul back. It turned out that the crime scene was the open space in front of the villa. Because the weather had warmed up slightly, the snow was wet, revealing the muddy yellow land. Stepping on the yellow-stained snow, Yue Gui pouted reluctantly and tugged at Yang Ke's clothes, but got no response.

Yang Ke saw the half-snowman squatting on the ground from a distance, and the strange thing was why the snowman had not melted completely. The temperature was at least 5°C! The ground near the snowman was still covered with snow, as if it was not affected by the temperature of the sun, but this alone made Yang Ke fall into deep thought.

After observing for nearly three hours, Chief Kosney reported to them that the case was discovered by a young man named Carl while playing with the snowman. He had never seen such a cold and hard snowman, so he asked his friends to check it out. In front of his friends, he tried to break the snowman by himself, so he hit the snowman hard with a shovel, but he couldn't break it the first time. His friends laughed at him for being weaker than the snowman, so he used brute force and hit the snowman with all his strength. Cracks suddenly appeared on the snowman, and then the cracks expanded, and finally the upper half of the snowman collapsed.

"Although the snowman is hard, it will break into pieces when it falls to the ground?" Yang Ke asked.

"Yes! When the group of young people saw the human body wrapped in the snow, they fled one by one, leaving Carl standing there in a daze. It was only because he called the police that we found out." Kosney paused and continued, "Don't even think about finding out the genes of the deceased, because the genes of the cells were destroyed by the rapid freezing."

"That must be caused by something colder than water!" Yuegui said as if to claim credit when she saw Yang Ke ignored her.

"To achieve instant freezing, you have to use liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen, but why can the snowman last for such a long time without melting?" Yang Ke held his cheek with his hand, completely confused.

"Director, you and Yuegui go back and wait for news! I still need to conduct an in-depth investigation here. Please ask everyone to leave and give me an absolutely quiet environment." After Yang Kegang finished speaking, he took out a pen and paper and wrote quickly. Soon, he had sketches of the snowman, including the locations of the broken pieces of the snowman.

Yue Gui was amazed by the scene. She said, "Xiao Yang! When can you draw a sketch for me?"

Yang Ke ignored her coquettishness and only ordered: "Remember to transfer all the sketches into the computer!"

Laurel got on the police car in a depressed mood and went back to the police station with Chief Kosney. Although the chief was clumsy and even stained such an important document, Laurel still calmly gave the copy to the chief.

Almost everyone in the police station pinned their hopes on Yang Ke, who was still on the snow, searching for evidence to solve the case. He carefully reached out to touch the broken ice, and the coldness made him scream, "It's so hot, so hot!" Although it wasn't to the extent of being burned, the piercing pain was still engraved in his heart.

"How could the murderer be so cruel? The victim was only about five years old when he was killed, and the criminal even played with the body like a snowman? It was a great disrespect to the body!" Although Yang Ke was somewhat angry, he could not express many emotions. He stared at the big villa behind the open space, hoping to find something from it.

【Ending song: Those are the tears of the snowman】

The camera turns to the police station. Laurel is eating a Finnish specialty – pineapple juice shaved ice, while watching TV with an air conditioner. The TV is showing the winners of the Nobel Prize in Science. The host is calling the winner's name: Kath Blanche, a famous Finnish scientist. Her scientific field is to study how to counter the melting of ice and snow caused by the greenhouse effect, and how to make ice not melt. "Super freezing device" is invited to the stage to accept the honorary award…

When the TV played this part, Yuegui's phone rang. It was Yang Ke. Yuegui happily answered the phone and said, "Xiao Yang, where have you been? I miss you so much!"

Yang Ke said calmly: "I want you to ask someone to check for a man named Befenod. I am outside his house now."

Laurel immediately told the investigators the man's name and quickly sorted out all the information. Laurel said, "I wonder if it's a coincidence? The man you are looking for, Befenod, has a famous scientist as his wife. Her name is Cath Blanche. I just saw on TV that she won the Nobel Prize at the London Prize Ceremony. The winning scientific work was a super-freezing device that can prevent ice and snow from melting."

"Haha! Really efficient!" Yang Ke said in admiration, "Are there any other data?"

Laurel read from the script: "Caseblanche has a five-year-old son named Belle Courant."

"Then it is almost certain that the great scientist murdered his own son!" Yanke said excitedly, "The case will be solved soon. Let's ask the director to go to London to find Case Blanche!"

London was still shrouded in fog. In the government auditorium, amid thunderous applause, Cathblanche tightly held the hands of the host and the award presenter and took photos in front of the reporters. After all, this moment was glorious and sacred. It was the result of her years of hard work in the laboratory; the fruitful result she had exchanged for her family and time.

Her son, Belkulank, applauded his mother and wife with his father, Belfinod. Happy times always pass very quickly, and they didn't know that the speed of telecommunications was even faster. Chief Corsney had contacted the London authorities and spoke to the local chief. There were two police cars parked at the entrance of the conference hall, waiting for Keyes to return with his award.

Surrounded by a large group of reporters, the Case family only knew that their eyes were dazzled by the flashes of the cameras, and they could not see the police car waiting for them with red and blue lights flashing repeatedly. Case was crowded and ready to get on the car driven by her husband. When she was about to leave, two police officers stopped them.

"You must be Ms. Caseblanche! Congratulations on receiving the honor, but at the same time, please go to the police station because there is a cross-regional murder case and we need you to go back to assist in the investigation." The police officer spoke in a firm tone and invited the family to ride in the prepared police car.

But it seems that Kess had no fear at all, but her husband and son were particularly surprised. At the request of the Finnish authorities, Kess and her group were quickly taken back to Finland by charter flight and quickly conducted an in-depth investigation in the secret room of the police station. The person who interrogated them was of course Yanke. "

"Ms. Caseblanche, I've heard about the super-freezing device you've been researching, and I'm interested in knowing how you use it?" Yang Ke adjusted the brightness of the desk lamp to the most appropriate position and asked gently.

"Sir, are you interested too? Actually, my invention is made in response to the current global warming that is causing the melting of polar ice. Not only can it prevent ice from melting at 20°C. If this is widely used, the water level will not rise easily, and coastal areas will all benefit!" Keith talked excitedly, occasionally looking at the changes in Yang Ke's eyes.

"It is a blessing for mankind to have scientists like you in the world! But you are not a good mother." Yang Ke said firmly: "You even use your son for experiments!"

"Son? You mean Bell? He always goes to award ceremonies with me! Besides, I would never use my son as an experiment," Case insisted.

Yanke thought about it, and the relevant people have verified that the five-year-old child is Bell Kulank. If this goes on, Keith is not the murderer, and everything will return to the starting point.

Yang Ke said, "You are probably the only one in the world who understands the technology of super-freezing equipment, right?"

Case said, "Yeah, no one understands except me."

"Then, could you and your family come with me to Wanta? That's also where you live in your villa." Yang Ke was unwilling to see the evidence he had seen disappear into thin air, so he had no choice but to go directly to the crime scene to verify it.

So, the group rushed to Vantaa. In the car, Yuegui held five-year-old Bell and played with him, aiming to distract the child from his uneasy expression at the police station.

Little Bell suddenly laughed and said, "I wonder if the snowman has melted?"

Keith shouted in panic, "Of course it melted. How can there be a snowman that doesn't melt?"

Yang Ke could hear a variety of emotions in the voice, including anxiety and hesitation. He smiled and said, "Maybe Bell's snowman really won't melt?"

The car was completely silent, without the laughter just now, only a heavy pressure was left, pressing down on everyone's heart. The car stopped in front of a villa, which was Keith's home.

Keith's face began to look unhappy, and Laurel let go of little Bell to play. As soon as Bell let go, he ran straight to the open space, because there was still standing the unmelted snowman that he and his mother had made with their own hands. But when he saw that the snowman was broken in half, he cried sadly: "The snowman is dead and melted…"

Keith didn't show much expression, his face was blank. She followed Yang Ke to a window in the villa, and Yang Ke used his gloves to wipe away the cold white mist on the glass, pointed inside and said, "That should be the entrance to Keith's laboratory."

"How do you know?" Case said firmly.

"That's a common bad habit of scientists! The gorgeous decoration of the house has been ruined by those warning labels." Yang Ke said, pointing to the yellow hazard sign on the wall.

Befenod took out the key and opened the door, saying, "Our family of three lives here. This is also the place where my wife's glory happened."

Yang Ke looked around and found many photos hanging around, which he had not seen before. In each photo, only the three of them could be found. There was nothing special about it, only that it could be said that they were a particularly warm family.

Laurel came running in, holding two broken pieces of the snowman in her gloved hands, and said, "Dear, I have done everything you asked me to do. Give me a kiss as a reward!"

"I have a favor to ask of you. Please let me visit the laboratory!" Yang Ke said while holding an ice cube.

Case opened the door to the laboratory with surprising obedience. She said, "Come in, Mr. Yanke!"

Yanke was surprised why Kes was so obedient to open the door. If Yanke found any evidence inside, it would be enough to prove Kes was the murderer! Yanke stepped into the laboratory. The interior was completely different from the hall. The tall ceiling was made of steel plates. The walls were covered with blackboards and machine-like structural diagrams. Below the blackboard was a U-shaped laboratory table, which was filled with all the tools for the experiment. A giant machine was placed in the middle of the U-shaped laboratory table. A warning was posted on the cylindrical experimental device: Danger! Super freezing!

Yanke had no time to take care of this advanced technology, but he asked for a musket to melt the ice. He also called for Befenod and Keith to come and see the results. He didn't expect that the two of them would actually come and watch, and they watched like they were watching a play, which made Yanke feel very uncomfortable.

The musket spewed out a flaming tongue, burning the surface of the ice. The surface of the snowman fragments began to melt due to the heat. At first they only saw some special colors inside. When the ice layer completely melted, Befenod began to curse.

Befenod shouted: "Keith, you cruel woman, you actually froze your own son for science? My dear Bede! You died miserably!"

Yanke was also confused, because he saw the ice layer was slowly melting, and the fragments revealed part of a child's face. The fragments were actually the cheek part of Bede with his eyes, which was burned by the flames, and his eyes were covered with melted snow. The scene was like a child crying. Yanke couldn't burn it any more, he couldn't bear to burn it any more, and besides, he had achieved his goal, but he didn't know it would be so smooth.

Kess looked confused, but couldn't squeeze out a tear. Facing her son's death, she was indifferent. Yanke also complied with Befenod's request and handcuffed Kesblanch to the police car. Watching Yanke and Yuegui leave, Befenod sadly hugged the child who was also crying outside because the snowman was destroyed. The two father and son seemed to cry for a long time for something…

[End of the play: the same snow and blood]

On the way back to the police station, Kes still had a blank expression on his face and refused to answer any questions. Yang Ke and Yue Gui were helpless, but Yang Ke got a hint from Yue Gui's words.

"Keith seems to be hypnotized! Otherwise, the criminal wouldn't surrender so easily!" Laurel said intentionally or unintentionally while blowing chewing gum.

"Hypnosis, Befenod, Bed… That's right! Why didn't I think of it? It must be hypnosis!" Yang Ke clapped his hands and almost forgot to hold the car with both hands. The car was so tired that it almost went out of control.

"Xiaoyue, don't you know hypnosis? Then why don't you try to help her return to normal?"

"Yes, Master Yanke!" Laurel squinted her eyes and spoke to Case, "Case, Case Blanche, I'll count to five now and you'll wake up, one, two, three, four, five, wake up!"

Keith suddenly struggled, her eyes opened wide, and she screamed, "No! Don't kill my son!"

"Who killed your child?" Yang Ke asked.

"It was my husband, Befenod. He has always hated my son Bede because he was severely mentally retarded and was born with hemiplegia. He also said that having one son was enough and raising a disabled son would be a waste of food!" Keith cried anxiously. "I have advised him many times, but he not only beat and scolded me, but also went to the hospital where Bede and Bell were born and spent money to modify Bede's birth record, so that the child has no evidence of being a human being in the world."

Laurel comforted Keith and said indignantly, "Men are all bad! They should all die!"

Yang Ke coughed, and Yue Gui quickly changed the subject and said, "Except for Yang Ke, all men in the world are bad!"

"No wonder I couldn't find Bede's personal information. It turned out that he was paid to modify it? He was a poor child, and his father exploited his existence."

"My husband is a first-rate hypnotist. Many dignitaries ask him to help them find happiness in their dreams. I never thought he would use the same technique to make me kill my son with my own hands! This is unforgivable!" Keith clenched his fists, his veins exposed.

"There is always a reason for everything. I can plead for you in front of the judge." Yang Ke said affirmatively.

Back at the police station, the police recorded the confession first and then put Case in the detention room. After listening to Yanke's brilliant analysis, Chief Kosney immediately took advantage of the situation and launched a hunt for Befenod.

Foolish Befinod never expected that on the same night, when he was having fun with another woman, the police rushed into his room and arrested him. When little Bell was still playing alone in the room, Sister Laurel picked him up and took him to the police station again.

This time, Befino was completely convinced. He never thought that his amazing hypnosis skills could be cracked by a young Chinese girl. He was also exposed for many rape cases caused by hypnosis. All the charges forced Befino to admit that he had framed and murdered his child.

Including bribing the hospital to delete Bed's birth information, blaming his wife, Kath Blanche, for the murder of their son Bed, and the 30 cases of hypnosis rape he had committed before, which were enough to sentence Befinod to life imprisonment. Kath Blanche was convicted of assisting in the murder of her son and concealing her husband's crimes. She should have been sentenced to three years in prison, but because Kath had a son who needed care, her sentence was reduced by a year and a half, and her son was adopted by a government orphanage.

"Is this finally the end of the matter?" Yang Ke walked leisurely on the snow holding Yue Gui's hand. The four footprints stretched out on the snow.

"Let's build another snowman!" Yuegui acted coquettishly. She squatted down to build a snowman and pulled Yang Ke to squat down too.

But Yang Ke had a lot of trauma because of this case. When he heard about the snowman, he immediately thought of the ice that covered the skin of his eyes and was still dripping with blood. He was panicking. He pushed Yue Gui away with one hand and ran away. He ran into the depths of the snow and disappeared in the wind and snow. Seeing that her lover had run away, Yue Gui shouted indignantly and begged, "Hateful Xiao Yang, you left me again! Wait for me!" However, the wind and snow drowned out the shrill cry…

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