Summer Night Scarecrow

Have you ever seen the scarecrow standing in the crop field on the endless plain? They stand upright, with their arms stretched out to the left and right, and they usually hold a sunflower fan in their hands to drive away the birds that steal food…

It was summer vacation, and Lu Wensheng, who had just completed a year of college, hurried home. This young man who grew up on the northern plains was not used to life in the south of the Yangtze River.

It was already eight o'clock in the evening when the car arrived at the small county town of my hometown. It really didn't go well. Lu Wensheng didn't expect that the car broke down on the road, and it was more than four hours late when it was repaired. At this time, there were no cars in the small county to drive to the small village where Lu Wensheng's home was located.

Lu Wensheng thought about it for a while, and decided to walk home. Anyway, his home is only about ten miles away from the county seat. If he walks fast, he can get home by nine o'clock. Besides, this road is nothing to Lu Wensheng who grew up in the countryside, although it was a little late.

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Lu Wensheng is in a very happy mood, yes, he will be able to see his family soon. He sniffed the rich fragrance of the crops in the air.

At a fork in the road, Lu Wensheng stopped for a moment. Walking from the main road, it is three or four miles away, and it is closer to the small road, but the small road may be a little difficult to walk at night. Lu Wensheng quickly walked on the path, because he was too familiar with the path, and the path happened to pass through his land.

Lu Wensheng walked quickly, and he was home in three miles. He could even see the lights of the village.

This piece of land is his family's land , a paper-making man in a ghost village , so dark that he doesn't know what to plant. There is also a scarecrow in the field on the right, which was made by Lu Wensheng and his brother together, it must have been many years. Thinking about it, Lu Wensheng involuntarily glanced at the field on the right. Seeing this, Lu Wensheng was shocked. He felt as if he saw the scarecrow waving to him. He rubbed his eyes vigorously, and looked again, the scarecrow was standing there, upright, how could he have moved?

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Maybe it was because of blurred vision just now, Lu Wensheng thought to himself. But he still felt very scared, so while comforting himself in his heart, he turned his head away and walked forward quickly. After walking a few steps, Wen Sheng felt the strangeness in his heart intensify, the surrounding was eerily quiet, even the chirping of summer night insects was gone, and there seemed to be a low, sneering sound from behind in the silence. Lu Wensheng stopped in his tracks, the sneer disappeared, but he remained unusually quiet. Lu Wensheng stood for a while, and finally couldn't help turning his head back. But as soon as he turned his head, his whole body froze, and he saw an extremely terrifying picture.

The scarecrow in his field was jumping off the bamboo pole supporting it, and walking towards Lu Wensheng step by step. The scarecrow walked in a strange posture, his legs were straight, and he didn't seem to bend, his arms were stretched out to the left and right sides, and he held an old sunflower fan in his right hand.

Lu Wensheng wanted to run, but his body seemed to freeze. He wanted to shout, but no sound came out of his throat.

He watched the scarecrow walk up to him step by step. There was a weird smile on the scarecrow's face. Ordinary scarecrows have no face, only a straw head, but this scarecrow has a face, eyes, nose, mouth… All made by Lu Wensheng himself. I still think it's cute. But at this time, Lu Wensheng just felt that its face was weird and terrifying, and he wished he had never made this scarecrow.

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Lu Wensheng was fixed there as if possessed by a demon. He hoped that someone would pass by, but there was none. He regretted that he shouldn't have taken the path just now, but it was too late. Lu Wensheng looked at the weird scarecrow like a robot in a sci-fi movie, mechanically raised his right arm little by little, and slapped the sunflower fan on his head…

A month later, Lu Wensheng woke up in the hospital.

He was a little dumbfounded, he felt like he had a long, weird dream.

He dreamed that he became a scarecrow in his field, standing among the crops every day, the summer sun made him dizzy , but he couldn't move. Sometimes it rained, and the rain drenched him, and it was a sad feeling. He watched his parents and elder brother working in the field, and wanted to call them, but couldn't make a sound. No one knew that the scarecrow was Lu Wensheng, and he was very sad. At night he could jump from the pole that supported him and walk in the field, but every step was difficult. Sometimes he wanted to walk home, but the thought of being a scarecrow made him give up. Who would believe that a scarecrow is Lu Wensheng? No matter how he walked up and down in the field, as soon as it was dawn, he returned to the bamboo pole supporting him and could not move at all. He never knew how he got back on the bamboo pole.

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Until one night, he saw A Niu from the same village. Ah Niu was probably drunk, and was urinating on the ground. Lu Wensheng then walked towards Ah Niu. Ah Niu seemed to be petrified by him, he didn't move or speak, so he slowly raised his arm and hit Ah Niu on the head with the sunflower fan.

The dream ended here, Lu Wensheng woke up, but he couldn't remember how he passed out. The doctor examined Lu Wensheng who had woken up, and said he was fine, and he would be discharged home in two days.

At noon the day before he was discharged from the hospital, Lu Wensheng walked past the door of the nurse's office, and heard two nurses discussing that a patient had come to the ward with the same symptoms as Lu Wensheng, comatose, and lying there straight, arms to the left and right Stretched out on both sides, he couldn't let his arms down or his legs bend down. Most importantly, I heard that he was found unconscious on the edge of Lu Wensheng's house two days ago, the same as Lu Wensheng's unconsciousness. That day, Lu Wensheng also woke up.

Lu Wensheng shuddered. He remembered his dream. Could that person be A Niu?

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While everyone was taking a nap, he sneaked away to see the person with the same symptoms as him. They came to each ward, and Lu Wensheng found the straight man in the intensive care unit. Lu Wensheng walked into the intensive care unit, and after only one glance, he was stunned. That person was A Niu from the same village.

Lu Wensheng was finally discharged home.

One night two days later, a fire broke out in the field of Lu Wensheng's house. The fire continued to spread in the crop fields on the plain, burning the crops that were about to mature and the scarecrows in the field to ashes…

On the night of the fire, A Niu died inexplicably in the hospital.

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