Dead Brother's Rune And Little Carp Repaying Kindness

Brother Aniu couldn't bear it, and turned to his father and said, "Dad, look how pitiful this fish monster is. It managed to grow so big in the lake. Why don't we let it go?" Brother Aniu, his father heard this. It was too late to stop the movement. Brother A Niu was slapped all over his head by his father for this matter, but he couldn't explain why. Brother A Niu seemed to be possessed by an evil spirit that night. He couldn't save that carp. In his father's words, this fool was probably obsessed by the carp spirit. … Continue readingDead Brother's Rune And Little Carp Repaying Kindness

Summer Night Scarecrow

Have you ever seen the scarecrow standing in the crop field on the endless plain? There is also a scarecrow in the field on the right, which was made by Lu Wensheng and his brother together, it must have been many years. The scarecrow in his field was jumping off the bamboo pole supporting it, and walking towards Lu Wensheng step by step. There was a weird smile on the scarecrow's face. One night two days later, a fire broke out in the field of Lu Wensheng's house. The fire continued to spread in the crop fields on the plain, burning the crops that were about to mature and the scarecrows in the field to ashes… … Continue readingSummer Night Scarecrow