Uncle Grass Kill Me Chapter 93 Insect Master VS Qinger

Youliang looked at Ghost Claw in surprise, then looked at Xiaojian, feeling very suspicious, at this moment he was sure that a major change had happened in the painting scroll, and police officer Xu Huasheng never showed up, it was really strange.

In the arena, the dwarf Toutuo and Guizhuo were silently looking at each other, neither of them dared to act rashly. Spiders and praying mantises are masters of predation with static braking. Once they strike, they are swift and fierce, and often capture their prey with one blow.

Everyone's hearts were raised, and they stared at the two of them intently, not even daring to breathe.

At this moment, those zombie carpenter ants are quietly gathering towards the magic flower mantis. Because their bodies are too small, the height of the fungal spores they spray out is limited, so they have to get as close to the target as possible.

At this moment, the magic flower mantis pouted its tail suddenly, and there was a sound of "poof", and more than ten feet long black iron nematodes sprang out from the anus, and jumped into the zombie wood ant colony without thinking about their own safety. Immediately afterwards, there was a tumbling and rolling, and the members of the wood ant colony were turned on their backs, causing heavy casualties. Some zombie carpenter ants took the opportunity to release fungal spores, but the iron nematodes are as tough as steel wire, and the spores cannot invade at all.

The dwarf Toutuo saw that his zombie carpenter ants were defeated, and finally lost his composure. He jumped up suddenly, sprayed a stream of venom from the tubular mouthparts, and shot straight at the ghost claw. This is a digestive juice that can quickly decompose the prey's muscle tissue, and if it splashes on the flesh, it will be corroded and melted immediately.

The magic flower mantis flew up into the air with its slanted stabs in an instant, dodging the deadly venom, and then issued a command to drive the iron nematode to attack the human-faced spider. The dozen or so dark iron nematodes bowed up and rushed to the human-faced spider like lightning. With their tough linear body, they tightly tightened and tied up the opponent's four pairs of walking legs.

Immediately, the magic flower mantis swooped down and landed behind the restrained human-faced spider, stretched out its sharp sickle-shaped forefoot, and stood proudly on the weakest gap between its chest and abdomen…

"Stop! This deity has lost…" On the Yingying stalagmite, Elder Fang raised his hand helplessly and said.

Major Martin and the mercenary soldiers were still staring blankly at the field, not recovering from the fierce fight just now.

Ghost Claw took back the wireworm, and the dwarf Toutuo each recovered their human form, and then returned to the team.

"Do we still need to compete?" Youliang cast his eyes on the fluorite stalagmite.

"Oh, no need," Elder Fang sighed, "I have been guarding this isolated island for more than two hundred years. I am blind and ignorant. I am really like a 'frog at the bottom of a well'…"

"Elder, even though Twelve Heads were defeated, Qing'er hasn't played yet…" Miss Qing'er came to the arena holding a green bamboo staff and said loudly.

"That's right, my girl has already had itchy hands." Xiao Jian grinned and got out of the crowd, standing in front of Qing'er unceremoniously.

"Hmph, little yellow-haired girl, what ability do you dare to come up to challenge?" Qing'er snorted disdainfully.

"Although this girl is not very old, she is already a first-class master in the Jianghu of the Central Plains. Why, are you afraid?" Xiaojian boasted, showing a posture of "a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers".

"What's your name?" Qing'er shot over with cold eyes.

"Huang Xiaojian."

"Hmph, it looks like you don't have any internal energy in your body, but you are quite courageous," Qing'er said contemptuously, "Since you have such courage, you can just compete with the green bamboo stick in my hand."

"Isn't this just a broken walking stick?" Xiaojian looked at the green bamboo stick in her hand in surprise, puzzled.

Qing'er let out a sneer, and threw the bamboo stick to the ground, but seeing a green light flashing, the "crutching stick" unexpectedly turned into a blue boa constrictor several feet long and as thick as a thigh. But seeing it raised its huge snake head, opened its bloody mouth, and stretched out a bright red snake letter, trembling and making a threatening "hissing" sound.

Everyone in the stone hall was shocked suddenly, who would have thought that the small bamboo stick in Miss Qing'er's hand would be a big python.

Xiao Jian regained his composure from the astonishment, and first glanced at Brother Youliang, thinking that as long as he was present, he would never stand by and watch him suffer.

"Hmph, what's so great about this? I have it too…" Xiaojian pouted his mouth, stretched his hands to his waist in disbelief, and pulled out the roundworms as thick as fingers…


Uncle Fei opened his eyes wide and looked over, and couldn't help being startled. In front of him was a giant blue python, staring at him covetously. The blood-red snake letter stretching in its mouth was almost as thick as a roundworm's body.

Everyone present also thought it was funny. Where did this eccentric girl get a long white worm, compared to the huge boa constrictor, it was simply too small.

"Sir, although this little white snake is very beautiful, it will definitely not be able to defeat the big green python and will be eaten." Ke'er felt quite sorry.

Secretary Xing took a closer look, and said softly: "Ker, this is not a little white snake, but a roundworm, the largest parasitic nematode in the human intestine. In the countryside of our Huanglong Mansion, the infection rate among children is very high. There are people, and I often see them when I poop."

"Ascaris…" Ke'er suddenly remembered Gui Congcong and Xiong Da, and was startled.

Xiaojian held the big roundworm in his hand, kissed it on the head, and then whispered: "Diandian, today is up to you."

In Uncle Fei's heart, the anger and aggrieved…

Xiaojian was in a daze. How could roundworms compete with a carnivorous cold-blooded reptile python? They were devoured alive in just one bite…

"Huang Xiaojian, you have a beautiful face, why do you like to play with such dirty and disgusting things?" Qing'er sniffed and said disgustedly.

Not to be outdone, Xiaojian retorted: "Diandian is petite and cute, smart and obedient, much better than you stupid, clumsy green boa constrictor."

Qing'er snorted, turned around and walked aside, thinking that this little girl is full of eloquence, wait for the green boa constrictor to swallow that ugly roundworm in one gulp, and see if you are still so stubborn?

"Wuhi hissing…" Xiaojian chanted a witch spell, driving Diandian to attack the boa constrictor immediately.

Who would have thought that the big roundworm was disobedient this time, and even flinched, not only had no fighting spirit, but also curled up and crawled into her arms, causing everyone in the stone hall to burst into laughter.

Xiaojian was so angry that his face turned pale, he didn't care what happened, he grabbed the little slippery body and threw it towards the boa constrictor…

Uncle Fei had no choice but to face the current dangerous situation again, thinking in his mind that snakes generally have poor eyesight, can hardly see objects more than one meter away, and their hearing is degraded and dull. However, its sense of smell is extremely developed. When foraging and tracking prey, it largely relies on the sense of smell. In addition, its cheek fossa has the function of infrared detection of warm-blooded animals, and as a roundworm, it is a cold-blooded creature, so it should be able to avoid it completely.

Sure enough, the eyes of the green boa constrictor stared blankly ahead, as if there was nothing there. Uncle Fei twisted his body vigorously in mid-air, and deftly landed on top of the python's head, so as to avoid being swallowed by it.

The green boa constrictor felt a foreign object on the top of its head, so it shook its head desperately to try to throw it out, but it bit the forehead scale right above the snake's head firmly, so it couldn't shake it off no matter what. So the boa constrictor curled up and tried to rub off the dots on the top of its head by rubbing its body, but the roundworm's body surface was covered with mucus, and it slid over all at once, but it still couldn't get rid of it.

"Bite it! Bit it a little bit…" Xiao Jian shouted excitedly, waving his little hands to cheer him up.

But the scales are so hard that Uncle Fei's teeth are sore and he can't bite, and the boa constrictor can't get rid of it, so the two sides are at a stalemate…


Xiao Jian just said "Wu He Si Mi Da", it didn't have any effect on the big green python, because it was just an illusion of green bamboo, but it touched Qing'er's heartstrings a little. "Corpse Gu" is a mysterious witchcraft handed down from the ancient ancestors. It is mainly used to communicate and control insects, and has no practical effect on reptiles. In the Gobi Desert in Dunhuang, although Xiao Jian and Uncle Fei tried to use their skills to successfully repel a few unexperienced rattlesnakes, it was just luck, and it was not true that they could completely control them.

Qing'er is a millennium snake demon, not only has profound mana, but also has studied under Elder Fang for more than two hundred years, so naturally he will not be disturbed by the "corpse Gu technique", but he just moved in his heart, and then forgot about it.

Right now, the big green boa constrictor and roundworm Diandian are at loggerheads in the arena, Qing'er couldn't help being irritable, so he secretly made a seal with his right hand, and then tapped quietly, the green boa constrictor turned back into a faint green bamboo stick.

The scale that Uncle Fei was clenching on suddenly disappeared, the two rows of tiny teeth slipped off the bamboo stick, and his body rolled to the ground.

Qing'er flipped her fingers again, and the green bamboo stick turned into that ferocious big green boa constrictor in an instant, opened its bloody mouth, rolled the forked snake letter on the ground, and swallowed the big roundworm into its belly.

Everyone exclaimed, Qing'er smiled and looked at Xiaojian, she won this match.

Unexpectedly, Xiaojian's complexion was stern, his pretty face was frosty, and he took out Xu Huasheng's Type 67 pistol from his arms with a "swish" and pointed it at the head of the green python with "bang bang bang" for several times…

This accident happened too fast, beyond everyone's expectation, the boa constrictor was shot in the head one after another, rolled a few times and then stood still.

Little by little, the big roundworm crawled out from the open snake's mouth, and then jumped into Xiaojian's arms. It's dangerous, Uncle Fei thought with lingering fear, if the time was later, he might be corroded and melted by the digestive juice in the snake's stomach.

The body of the big green boa constrictor is rapidly shrinking, and finally it has turned back into the green bamboo stick. Several bullet holes can be clearly seen in the head of the bamboo.

On the fluorescing stalagmite, Elder Fang was astonished and quickly activated his skills. The green light on the bamboo shoots brightened impressively, and a strong suction came suddenly. on the cylinder.

"Bad monk, why are you robbing other people's things?" Xiao Jian looked at Elder Fang who was high above him, and shouted loudly.

"Hehehe…" Elder Fang laughed heartily, "This little girl is eccentric, haha, I like it."

Youliang shook his head when he saw it, but he also admired Xiaojian's agility and flexibility in his heart. This kid's temperament is not at all as honest and honest as Dongdong, and he doesn't know if Huang Jianguo was the same back then.

"Little brother Youliang," Elder Fang turned his head and said with a smile on his face, "Where did you get such a clever little girl? Why don't you let her worship under the deity's door and just be a companion with Momo?" Son, how about practicing the 'Yin Demon Art' together?"

"Old monk, bah…" Xiaojian said angrily, "This girl is already a first-class master in the Central Plains martial arts, so I don't want to learn some crooked kung fu from you."

"Hahaha, little girl doesn't know the heights of the heavens and the depths of the earth, try to catch the 'Stone Stiffness Technique' of the deity." Elder Fang flipped his palms, and in an instant, a blue stone wall descended from the sky towards Xiaojian…

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