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Department store

In the mid-1990s, Qiancun Department Store, one of the three largest department stores in Guangzhou at that time, opened next to the entrance of No. 1 Hospital on Renmin North Road. The business area was probably not much smaller than the current China Plaza.

One of my relatives did it there when it opened. She was in the food self-service shopping mall on the first floor, and the one next to the self-service shopping mall was children's toys. One of her friends is in charge of the toy department.

But one day when she was buying a ghost movie , this friend told her:

"You know what? We have to clean up every morning when we come back. It's exhausting."


"We arranged the goods neatly at night, but every day when we came back, the toys fell on the ground, and some baby carriages ran far away."

She told the incident to the security guard again, and the security guard changed his face and said to her:

"When I was on duty at night, I always heard the sound of children crying and laughing. Could it be something…"

Later, she told the manager about it, and the manager probably knew something. A few days later, he found a master and came back to do a ritual meal, and then invited someone to come back to play the guzheng in an open space on the third floor. After that, the matter died down.

It turned out that this building used to be the emergency room and the obstetrics and gynecology department of the No. 1 People's Hospital of the city, and this building was built on it later, because when it opened, the boss (not from Guangzhou) didn't know the details of the place and didn't worship it. Later, when he learned about this, he invited a master to come back. The master told him that because he hadn't done anything before, the ghosts (dead children) who died here came out to play at night. Of course, what they were most interested in were toys. That's why the previous things happened. After that, the master asked the boss to play more music in the mall, mainly for "them" to listen to, so that they can sleep well and not come out to make trouble.

But the good times didn't last long. Because the business here was particularly poor, it closed down after two or three years of operation. After that, other themed shopping malls were opened here to buy ghosts and movies , but they all closed down one by one. The closest one is "Kinsha Plaza", but it can't continue to operate. Maybe the land here is really bad and the feng shui is too bad.

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