Short Ghost Story

Not long ago, my husband went home to visit an old man and brought me a fresh and warm story about the country. After listening to it, I couldn't help but ask myself, and I was afraid for several days after thinking about it. As the saying goes, masters among the people, sometimes the cost of not being kind to others is really scary.

My husband’s home is located in the Qilu Plain of Shandong Province, where the folk customs are simple and the thoughts of Confucius and Mencius are strong. After dinner that day, my husband was sitting and chatting with some old relatives. Suddenly there was a noise and quarrel in the street. When everyone got up and took a look, it turned out that three or four rural women were pulling, tearing and beating an old woman.

The husband couldn't see it and was about to step forward to stop him, but his relatives told him to stop meddling in other people's family affairs. It turned out that this old woman had been a widow for more than thirty years, but she frequently cheated on her and had unruly affairs. There were more than a dozen named adulterers who were caught, and they were spread all over the surrounding countryside. It was really immoral and disgusting. tongue. The husband felt strange when he saw that although the beaten old woman was old, her facial features were beautiful and neat, and she did not look like a dissolute person.

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More than a month later, when my husband was about to leave for Beijing, his relatives told him that the old woman who was beaten had been tricked by someone else and had fallen into the "Lu Ban Technique".

Listen online to the ghost old man telling stories_The ghost stories told by the old man_Listen online to the ghost old man telling stories

This old woman has a cousin who she hasn’t contacted for many years and is a carpenter. I happened to pass by this area a few days ago and stopped by to see my cousin. Unexpectedly, I learned about the various behaviors of my cousin that have been criticized and despised for decades. Then I thought about the strange fact that my cousin's husband died unexpectedly not long after they got married. This carpenter The cousin even felt that there must be something strange in it.

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The carpenter recalled that the last time he saw his cousin was on the eve of her wedding, when he helped a group of craftsmen from other places renovate his cousin's new house. At that time, my cousin was pretty and beautiful, and she was a famous beauty from all over the country. One of the bricklayers seemed to have a particularly good impression of his cousin. He often found excuses to talk to his cousin regardless of anything, and the cousin got tired of going back and forth.

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Early one morning, the carpenter's cousin heard his cousin yelling at the mason in front of a whole yard of people: "Who are you? Where are you looking? The toad wants to eat the swan meat! Get out!" The mason's face was red at the time, and he shouted Without saying a word, he finished his work for the day and then resigned and left. Now that the cousin saw his cousin doing such immoral and immoral behavior, he thought that the masons had tampered with the new house and used the most terrifying "Luban secret technique" in their profession.

Listen online to the ghost old man telling stories_The ghost stories told by the old man_Listen online to the ghost old man telling stories

The carpenter cousin immediately called several young men from the village and carefully inspected the beams of the old woman's house. Sure enough, he found that there was a hollow hole. When he opened it, he found that there was a small wooden box hidden in it. Everyone opened the box and saw the ghost story told by the old man . Inside there was a headless man cut out of paper, and a naked woman cut out of paper. Behind the woman were nine naked men cut out of paper. These paper figures looked old , and they were all purple in color. My cousin, the carpenter, said they should be dripping with chicken blood.

Everyone quickly burned the strange wooden box. After the husband came back, he asked his relatives about the woman and said that she was feeling hazy all day long, as if she hadn't woken up, but she had never done anything ridiculous like attracting bees or butterflies. . Just because of impulsive remarks, I actually lost my happiness and reputation for the rest of my life. It is really terrible.

Don't do good deeds because they are small, and don't do evil deeds because they are small. Encounter is fate, do it and cherish it, and try to be kind to everyone you meet in this life. Regardless of whether we can meet again in the next life, it is a blessing to be able to escape in this life and be peaceful and peaceful.

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