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In this world, no one is always weak, so don't always tease others with the mentality that you are the strong one, because doing so will happen at any time, and you will have unexpected results. —Tingting's Quotes

Xiaohui is a student of CH Middle School. He is an ugly duckling. He is not tall, has dark skin, and has no eye-catching facial features. He is usually very quiet, but there are a few people who like to bully such ordinary people. They felt that they were one level above Xiao Hui and would tease Xiao Hui all day long. Sometimes they would pull Xiao Hui's hair, and sometimes they would deliberately take away the chair and let Xiao Hui fall to the ground. They tolerated all these things to Xiao Hui, and Xiao Hui could only A good friend is Xiaoting. Xiaoting scorns those who bully Xiaohui. Every time someone bullies Xiaohui, Xiaoting will stand up to help him, but Xiaohui will pull Xiaoting and say forget it. Sometimes Xiaoting also I don’t understand what’s in Xiao Hui’s head? Why doesn’t she resist when people bully her? Sometimes when Xiao Ting is angry, she yells ghost stories about human skin dolls at Xiao Hui. Are you a fool? Are you being bullied? No one said a word, but Xiaohui always smiled and said nothing.

Today is Xiaohui’s birthday. Xiaohui and Xiaoting made an appointment to go shopping and have a big meal together after school. The two of them helped Xiaohui celebrate her birthday. However, during self-study in the fourth period, Xiaomei and Xiaoya, who were in the same class, found He asked Xiaohui, "Xiaohui, today is your birthday, let's celebrate it together. If you don't celebrate it with us, we will bully you every day in the future. And your friend Tingting, we will also tease you together. Don't think that his brother is the student union." Yes, we don’t dare to do anything to him. "Xiao Mei pointed at Xiao Hui arrogantly and said, "Okay, let me tell Xiao Ting," Xiao Hui knew that Xiao Mei and the others were definitely going to tease him again today, but he didn't want Xiao Ting to be implicated by him, so he refused. He only told Xiaoting that he had something to do today and had to go home early, but Xiaoting didn't say anything.

Xiaohui followed Xiaomei and the others. Xiaomei took her to a ktv and said, "How about it's fun? I'll help you hold a party at the ktv." "Xiaomei said proudly, thinking to himself… There will be many good shows waiting for you later. Xiaohui and Xiaomei Xiaoya walked into the ktv. Xiaomei had already made a plan in her heart. Xiaohui would blow out the candles later. When making a wish, he pressed Xiaohui's head into the cake, and then he and Xiaoya took photos and took them to school tomorrow to laugh at Xiaohui with their friends.

Xiaohui and Xiaomei walked into the box. Xiaohui saw a big cake on the table. Xiaohui was also surprised. She didn't expect that Xiaomei would actually order a cake for her. He thought Xiaomei just wanted to let her and Xiaoting It's just that we can't celebrate birthdays together. Xiaohui didn't know that Xiaomei was thinking like this, "Come to Xiaohui, light the candles first, and then make a wish." "Xiaomei looked at the dazed Xiaohui and said. Xiaohui lit the candle and then closed her eyes and made a wish. She lowered her head and was about to blow out the candle. At this time, Xiaomei and Xiaoya pushed Xiaohui's head down hard. , then Xiaomei and Xiaoya laughed and took out their mobile phones to take a few photos, "Hey… don't pretend to be dead. Get up quickly and let us take some photos of their faces. I can show them to school tomorrow." . "Xiaomei saw that Xiaoya was not moving, so she patted him hard, but Xiaohui was still motionless. At this time, Xiaoya saw what seemed to be some liquid flowing down along the corner of the table. Xiaoya came closer. I couldn't help but scream, ah…blood, blood, blood, why is there so much blood on the ground for Xiaomei? Xiaomei also saw the blood on the ground.

Xiaomei and Xiaoya pulled Xiaohui up together. They found that there was a bamboo stick stuck in Xiaohui's left eye. The blood was flowing out of Xiaohui's eye, and Xiaohui had stopped breathing. "What should I do? What should I do?" ?Why are there bamboo sticks in the cake? Let’s call the police. "Xiaoya walked around in a panic, "Shut up… The police are here. What should we say? Do you want to go to jail?" Xiaomei roared irritably, "What should we do? We can't just leave like this. Drop it, right? This way, when others find out, the police will also find us. Xiaoya said with a cry, "Yes…hellip…that's right, so now we have to take him out." "As she said that, Xiaomei took off the hat she was wearing and put it on Xiaohui's head. Then she picked up the wine on the table and poured it into Xiaohui's mouth. Xiaoya also wiped her tears and came over to help. Soon they Xiaohui pretended to be drunk, and then each person held one hand and pretended to take the drunk person home.

Xiaomei and the others took Xiaohui to a mountain at the back door of the KTV, then found tools to dig a hole and buried Xiaohui in. "No one should tell anyone what happened today, okay?" Xiaomei warned Xiaoya, "I. …I won’t say it,” Xiaoya still felt horrified that such a young girl was buried on this barren mountain.

Xiaoting has been very troubled these past two days, because since Xiaohui's birthday, Xiaohui seems to have disappeared from the world. Xiaoting went to Xiaohui's house to look for him, and found that Xiaohui's family also looked for him again, and Xiaoting always had a bad feeling. I feel that since the night of Xiao Hui's birthday, Xiao Ting always dreams that Xiao Hui has her back turned to her and keeps crying, and why she walks towards Xiao Hui, but she just can't get in front of Xiao Hui, and every time at this time, Xiao Ting Will wake up.

Today is the seventh day since Xiaohui disappeared. Xiaoting was lying on the bed unable to sleep. Suddenly he found something flashing past the door of his room. Could it be a thief? Xiaoting picked up the baseball bat next to the door and Secretly following the black figure to the hall, Xiaoting found that there was someone in the hall with his back to her, and that figure was very familiar to her. Yes, it was Xiaohui. "Xiaohui, where have you been these days? Do you know?" Don’t you know that everyone is looking for you?” Xiaoting asked Xiaohui, “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” After Xiaoting finished speaking, she walked towards Xiaohui, "Don't come here, I will scare you now. I'm already dead. I came here today to ask you to call the police for me." "When Xiaoting heard what Xiaohui said, she stood still and didn't move.

Next, Xiaohui told Xiaoting the experience of that day. It turned out that the bamboo stick was an employee of the cake shop. He was afraid that the cake would come out of the package during transportation, so he inserted a bamboo stick to fix it, but it didn't work. Thinking that Xiaomei and Xiaoya would press Xiaohui's head into the cake, Xiaohui also thought about revenge when he died, but because he didn't have enough magic power after the death, Xiaohui could not leave the mountain where he was buried, so Xiaohui could only let Xiaoting dream See yourself.

I originally wanted to tell Xiaoting everything in my dream, but every time the magic power was always not enough. Today was Xiaohui's first seven. Xiaohui also looked away. He just wanted to be reincarnated, but Xiaohui wanted Xiaomei and the others to be punished. Only under certain punishments would he ask Xiaoting to help him before he was reincarnated.

"Xiao Hui, you are about to be reincarnated. Don't worry, I will help you. Turn around and let me see you for the last time." "Xiaoting burst into tears after listening to Xiaohui's story, "Xiaoting, the way I look now will scare you." "Xiao Hui still refused to turn around, "No, we are friends, I won't be scared no matter what," Xiao Ting said firmly, "Okay…I'll turn around now." "After saying that, Xiao Hui turned around slowly, but Xiao Ting was stunned by Xiao Hui's current appearance. Xiao Hui's body was covered with mud, but there was a bamboo stick stuck in her left eye, and the skin on her body and face was all covered with dirt. It was rotten, and in some places there were even white maggots crawling in and out. When Xiaohui saw Xiaoting who was stunned by fright, she just smiled and said, "You are still the same as before." ” Then it slowly disappeared.

After Xiaoting woke up, she called the police. The police also found Xiaohui's body on the mountain. Xiaohui's parents lay on Xiaohui's body and cried hard. Xiaomei and Xiaoya also received the punishment they deserved. Xiaoting touched her I wore the necklace Xiaohui gave me around my neck, and I thought to myself, "Xiaohui, I finally helped you get revenge. I'm sorry, I fainted that night, but I will never dislike you. We will always be good friends."

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