Plant Living People In Flower Pots

1. Fresh mummies

Huang Yuan became a vegetative state, unconscious, her small body wrapped in a quilt, her charming eyes wide open, and there was no sign of the existence of a soul in her eyes.

Huang Yuan is the wife of Zhang Yu, and Zhang Yu is my good friend. He is an excellent botanist. Isn't it ironic that his wife turned into a vegetable?

There was a touch of sadness on Zhang Yu's face. He told me that in the middle of the night about ten days ago, his wife suddenly suffered a stroke. Although she was rushed to the hospital for treatment, her cerebral cortex was still seriously damaged and she never recovered. Can wake up.

"She will wake up. Her illness is not terminal. I believe that as long as she takes good care of her, she will recover one day!" Zhang Yu said to me numbly. His square, thin face paired with a pair of black-framed tortoiseshell glasses made his head look like a child's cartoon building block.

I didn't know how to comfort him. At this moment, I received a call from my colleague: "Lao Zou, a big case has happened. Come over to Haitian Hotel quickly."

After bidding farewell to Zhang Yu in a hurry, I drove quickly from the suburbs to the scene of the crime.

I am a criminal police officer, and I have seen countless weird cases in the past ten years, but I was still shocked by this case that happened in Room 811 of Haitian Hotel.

The entire eighth floor of the hotel has been cordoned off by the police. When I walked into Room 811, I first smelled a strange fragrance, which made me want to take a deep breath.

There was no bloody murder scene like I imagined in the room. There was a shriveled human corpse lying on the large and soft bed of the hotel. I got closer and saw what a terrifying mummy it was! Wrinkled like a skull, but still covered with intact skin. The corpse's flesh, blood, and moisture were completely lost, and it looked like a human-shaped pizza spread out flat. If it were placed in an exhibition hall and told to visitors that it was an ancient corpse that was thousands of years old, people would probably believe it.

There was no struggling, no fighting, everything in the house was in order. According to the waiter at the hotel front desk, the deceased checked in early this morning, half dragging and half holding a woman with long green hair and a strange-shaped red flower in her hair.

The woman seemed drunk, with her eyes closed and her head lowered, and her face was pressed against the chest of the deceased. When they were checking in, the waiter smelled the intoxicating fragrance emanating from the woman's body, and the flower shape on her head resembled a woman's red lips.

I checked the hotel surveillance system, which showed that the deceased dragged the woman into the elevator, kissed her passionately in the elevator car, walked out of the elevator, walked through the long corridor to the room, opened the door and entered.

In the subsequent surveillance, the green-haired woman was nowhere to be found. She seemed to have disappeared after entering the room. From this point of view, this woman has the greatest suspicion of committing the crime. But what method did she use to turn the deceased into a mummy in a short period of time? How did she escape after committing the crime? You should know that the surveillance facilities of Haitian Hotel are still very complete, and the exterior windows of the hotel are equipped with security windows that are only large enough for an adult's fist to stick out.

According to the hotel, the guest in Room 811 had not checked out until 4 pm. The waiter knocked on the door, but there was no response. The waiter took out the key and opened the door, but it could not be opened. This means the door is locked from the inside. The hotel was afraid that something had happened to the guest and they couldn't explain it clearly, so they called the police. The door was opened by the police. When they opened the door, they saw the tragic state of the deceased on the bed. This statement was confirmed by the police officers at the police station.

No fingerprints, footprints, hair, exfoliated skin flakes, secretions, sweat stains, or anything else of the woman were collected in the room. But I still found some suspicious signs at the scene: the window of the room had a thin crack one finger wide, and there was a little green juice on the anti-theft window grille facing the crack.

After autopsy, it was found that the surface and interior of the deceased's skeleton were densely covered with small holes as fine as hair. Many of the holes were penetrating, and there were a small amount of white things similar to plant roots in the holes.

The name of the deceased was Gu Bin. After conducting interviews and investigating with my colleagues, I found that the man went to a bar called "Ye Mei" the night before the incident. In this bar, he met a charming green lady like a fairy. Hair woman. The two drank a lot of wine, and the woman became drunk. Gu Bin took the woman to the hotel, and then this strange murder happened.

The green-haired woman has a mysterious identity and is not a frequent visitor to "Night Charm". No one knows where she comes from or where she goes.

2. Beauty grass

I asked Zhang Yu to help test the ingredients of the green juice and white roots, and he agreed. Zhang Yu lives in the outskirts of the city, at the foot of a hill. He rented a two-story farmhouse with a large yard. His house and yard are filled with all kinds of plants, lush and green, scattered at different heights, and overflowing with fragrance.

Zhang Yu went to the laboratory, and I took his place to accompany his wife for a while. I saw Huang Yuan again. This time, she sat on the bed like a piece of wood. I called tentatively: "Huang Yuan, Huang Yuan!" She turned a deaf ear and exuded a faint fragrance. That kind of fragrance is exactly what I smelled at the murder scene.

I waved my fingers before her open eyes, and her eyes followed my fingers. This was a conditioned reflex. I went to hold her hand again, and she held my hand tightly. I lifted her up from the bed, put on her shoes, and tried to drag her forward. She actually started to move slowly.

Because I was closer, I smelled the rich and charming fragrance coming from her body. This makes me wonder: why does she have this fragrance?

At this moment, Zhang Yu came out of the laboratory and saw me holding Huang Yuan's hand walking in the room. He just stood still with an indifferent expression and said, "Thank you for helping me take her for a walk."

Zhang Yu said that after careful inspection, the sap and roots should come from a plant called "Beauty Grass". This plant grows in the tropical rain forests of South America. The plant is as graceful as a woman's body, the flowers are as beautiful as the red lips of a beauty, and the fragrance it emits is like orchid and musk deer, which smells very good.

He took me to the flower room on the roof, where I saw a beauty plant. It was exactly as he described, a plant about 1.6 meters high, planted in a huge round flowerpot with a diameter and height of about 1 meter. The flower plant is graceful, with a huge strange flower blooming on the top. The flower shape resembles a lip shape and is as red as blood and fire.

The floral fragrance of beauty plant is very strong and fragrant. I remembered that this fragrance was the same as the one at the crime scene in Room 811 of the Haitian Hotel and on Zhang Yu’s wife Huang Yuan.

Zhang Yu lightly scratched the beauty plant with a knife, and green juice flowed out from the wound. Zhang Yu took a small amount with a small measuring cup and gently scratched the soil in the flowerpot. I saw many tiny roots rooted in the soil.

When Zhang Yu cut the beauty plant with a knife, I saw the whole flower trembling and twisting violently, as if it felt pain. I felt very weird. With the two specimens collected, Zhang Yu asked me to follow him to the laboratory.

In the laboratory, Zhang Yu used complex experimental equipment to conduct comparative research on the juice and roots of the beauty plant and the analogues I gave him.

I witnessed the whole process and found that the data of the two were exactly the same. I asked: "Are there people growing beauty grass in other places in this city?" Zhang Yu shook his head and couldn't tell.

I murmured to myself: "Is it possible that this beauty plant has become a spirit and comes out to harm people? This is too ridiculous." Zhang Yu said that there is indeed such a legend in the South American rainforest, a beauty plant that has been around for a long time. A man who transforms into a woman and seduces humans. But this is obviously nonsense.

I asked Zhang Yu, why does Huang Yuan have the floral fragrance of beauty plant? He said that the flowers of the beauty plant have a peculiar fragrance. He often collects the dew from the flowers and sprinkles it in the bathtub to bathe his wife.

3. The dead wife

When the red flower ghost mother came out of Zhang Yu's house, I felt very confused. The mummy case at the Haitian Hotel seemed to have gone astray, and I had no clue.

When I returned to the police station, I got a piece of news: my colleague got the surveillance video from the night before the incident from the Ye Mei Bar. The green-haired woman was in the video, and her facial features could even be clearly seen. .

I immediately called up the video and watched it. In the bustling and bustling scene, I really saw the green-haired woman. She was so eye-catching. But when I saw her face, I was stunned – that face looked so much like my wife Bai Yao who passed away more than a year ago! Bai Yao's death and what happened after her death still make me entangled and painful.

She was pregnant with a child. When she was more than six months pregnant, a tumor the size of a pigeon egg was found in her right breast. We went to the hospital for a check-up, and the doctor said the tumor was malignant and required immediate surgery.

Bai Yao was unwilling to let go of her seven-month-old fetus. She said to me, Zou Zhen, the baby will be born in more than two months. Maybe, I can wait until the baby is born before being admitted to the hospital for treatment.

It is the bondage of maternal love that delays the opportunity for treatment. More than a month later, the tumor grew rapidly in her breast and spread to her abdominal cavity.

We had to have a caesarean section to take the baby out. Our children died without even a cry after coming out of the mother's womb. Bai Yao suffered for half a year in the subsequent treatment and passed away.

After Bai Yao passed away, I held a grand funeral for her. But I never dreamed that on the night before cremation, her body would mysteriously disappear from the morgue of the crematorium.

The crematorium is not equipped with surveillance cameras, but there is one on the road outside the crematorium. Surveillance video showed that a woman who looked like Bai Yao suddenly appeared on the road and ran away, her body stiff.

At first I was a little surprised: although there are few resurrections from the dead in this world, they still exist. Could it be that Bai Yao has been resurrected?

However, I never waited for Bai Yao to return home, and there was never any news about the search for her body. This became a permanent knot in my heart.

Therefore, when I saw the green-haired woman who looked very much like Bai Yao in the Ye Mei Bar, I became more determined to solve the case. I must find that woman and get to the bottom of it!

That day, I worked overtime until very late before going home to rest. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep. I had a strange dream. I dreamed that Bai Yao and I were sleeping together. She hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear: "Husband, husband…"

She has green hair, a pale face, and a big lip-shaped red flower on her head, exuding a charming fragrance. She seemed to be talking to me a lot, but I couldn't remember a word of it.

Later, Bai Yao opened the quilt and wanted to leave me. I was anxious about the Red Flower Ghost Mother and reached out to pull it. This pull made me wake up from my dream.

As soon as I woke up, I noticed something strange in the room. I smelled the fragrance of beauty plant, and saw that the quilt beside me was lifted, and there was a clear human-shaped dent on the mattress.

I jumped up and rushed to the window. The curtains were still swaying, and the window was opened a small gap. On the edge of the aluminum window frame, I found traces of fresh dark green juice.

I opened the window and looked down, and saw some green flowers and shrubs swaying in the morning breeze. I flew downstairs and carefully searched for any possible clues downstairs, but found nothing.

4. Assassination

Dreaming about Bai Yao and the strange discovery after waking up disturbed my heart. In the following nights, I expected Bai Yao to come to me quietly again, but she never appeared again.

At this time, colleagues wearing plain clothes and sneaking into various bars in the city to investigate the case made new discoveries. They discovered women with long green hair in many bars at the same time. The scent of these women was similar to the smell of the strange crime scene in Room 811 of the Haitian Hotel. These women are young, fashionably dressed, and behaving coquettishly.

My colleague struck up a conversation with them and asked them where they got the perfume they were wearing. They said they bought it from Taobao. The name of the online store is "The Best Women's Fragrance", and the perfume brand is the same as the name of the store. The store claims that they can send small bottles for trial use. If they feel good after using it, they can then make a formal purchase.

These women all applied for trial packs and felt good after using them, so they placed orders for purchase. The price is quite reasonable, and it also comes with a free natural green hair dye.

After investigation, there is nothing suspicious about these women's family backgrounds and personal identities. Then, the person who deserves suspicion is the owner of the "Excellent Women's Fragrance" online store.

Our police suspect that even if this shop owner is not the murderer, he should be familiar with the murderer. This is a typical attempt to cover up, and seems to want to muddy the waters so that we can’t find the truth of the case.

I went online to find this online store and found out that it had just closed two days ago. The identity of the registrant of the online store is unknown, the mailing address of the goods is unknown, and the clues are broken again.

This makes me very depressed. That night, I walked out of the unit tiredly and drove back to my home. When we came to a small road with a broken street light, a person suddenly jumped out of the side of the road. I was so scared that I braked quickly, but I still seemed to have hit something.

The car stopped, I got out and went to the front of the car to check the situation. As soon as I reached the front of the car, I felt something strange behind me. I turned around and saw a group of black shadows coming up behind me lightly. Before I could react, I felt a chill in my heart. I immediately used my backhand to use my grappling hand at the black shadow. He dodged and dodged far away. .

I touched my back and found a knife handle. Only then did I feel pain and found that a knife had penetrated my heart from front to back, and blood was spurting out from the blood tank. My vision went dark and I fell to the ground suddenly.

5. Raising people

When I opened my eyes again, my vision was a little blurry. I felt that my body was out of control and I had no feeling below my head. "No! This must still be a dream." I told myself, biting my tongue, it hurt, but I still couldn't move.

The scene in front of me gradually became clearer, and my eyes widened: not far in front of me, there was Zhang Yu. He hugged his wife Huang Yuan and put her into a large round flower pot. Then he picked up a shovel and started filling the flower pot with soil.

What is he going to do? Murder his own wife? Why am I here? I clearly remember that the black shadow pierced my heart with a knife. There was no way I could survive!

"Zhang Yu, stop!" I shouted. Zhang Yu turned his head, looked at me with a smile, and said, "Zou Zhen, I didn't expect you to wake up so quickly. Do you know what I'm doing?"

I followed his words and asked, "What are you doing?"

Zhang Yu continued to fill the flower pot with soil, and beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. As he filled the soil, he said: "In spring, I will plant my wife's body in the flower pot; in autumn, I will harvest a Brand new wife!"

This remark has a neurotic philosophical flavor, adapted from an old joke. But if the scenario in this joke were actually played out in reality, it would become a horror story.

He must have killed his wife who had become a vegetative state, and then buried her in a flowerpot to fertilize some kind of plant. I heard that plants absorb nutrients from human corpses and grow more monstrous and lush.

I somewhat understood that the dark figure who stabbed me in the back must be Zhang Yu. The reason why he wanted to kill me was because he was responsible for the strange murder in Room 811 of the Haitian Hotel. But how could Zhang Yu disguise himself as a coquettish girl?

My mind was racing with thoughts, but I couldn't figure it out clearly. Zhang Yu had filled the flower pot with his wife's body with soil and came to me. He stared at me with his deep eyes hidden behind his glasses and said, "Zou Zhen, you must be very confused at the moment. Just ask whatever you want while I'm in a good mood."

The first question I blurted out was: "Did you do the murder at the Haitian Hotel? What methods did you use to turn the deceased into a mummy that had lost all its flesh, flesh and moisture?"

Zhang Yu shook his head: "I didn't kill anyone. The one who did was your wife Bai Yao!"

"Bai Yao? Is she really not dead? What is going on? Where is she? I want to see her."

"No, she is dead! But when Bai Yao was dying, I went to visit her. I left something in her body, which made her body change a little. She ran out of the cremation by herself field, and then I took her to my place."

Zhang Yu talked endlessly, and his long speech made me jump with fear. To sum up, there are probably three points: 1. After years of painstaking experiments, he has made breakthrough progress in a research that far exceeds today's scientific concepts and moral ethics. This research is to treat dead people as seeds, bury them in the soil, and use the soil and medicine he prepared to make the dead people grow back like plants and come back to life.

2. My wife Bai Yao was manipulated by him in the same way. Finally, Bai Yao grew into a beauty plant. She could transform between human form and plant form at will. Just after her self-awareness recovered, she escaped from Zhang Yu's laboratory. She wanted to find me, but she got lost in the huge city. She entered the Yemei Bar late at night, got drunk by a lustful guy, and took her to the hotel. When the guy was about to rape her, her body's self-defense resistance turned her into a plant instantly. Countless sharp roots sprouted all over her body and penetrated into the man's body, removing his flesh, blood, and water in just a few hours. Blot dry inside. Then she escaped through the crack in the window.

3. This mysterious case attracted serious attention from the police, and I found him at this time and asked him to help detect the green sap found by the police in the hotel window and the roots found on the mummy. Although he deceived me calmly, I was still uneasy. He was afraid that I would discover his secret, so for this reason, he used several crazy tricks: letting Bai Yao sneak into my house at night to confuse my thinking; he sold "The Best Feminine Fragrance" perfume online and gave away green hair dye, specializing in selling For those fashionable women who love to go clubbing. But Zhang Yu knows that I am too familiar with him and I have some doubts about him. If this suspicion is allowed to continue to expand, it will be a disaster for him. So, he chose to kill me.

"You are dead, Zou Zhen. The original you has completely disappeared from this world!" Zhang Yu said to me with a smile.

I was completely skeptical of what Zhang Yu said, and sneered: "Will a person still be conscious after death? Can I still have such a profound but absurd discussion with you?"

Zhang Yu didn't say anything. He brought a mirror and placed it in front of me. I saw in the mirror a green plant as round as a cabbage, growing in a huge flower pot, without anything else. At that moment, I completely collapsed…

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