Seven Evil Soul Locking Array: The Full Text Of Mrs. Huang’s Resentment

A heart of ice in a jade pot

The sky turned white, and the black mist that filled the lake had long since disappeared.

"Damn, I almost didn't go to see the Supreme Lord." Wu Wu cursed and got up from the ground. He almost lost his life after a night of tossing, it was like a dream. After surviving the disaster, he focused all his attention on Mu Qiqi, and shamelessly approached her, "Where did the beauty learn from her?"

"Pretending to be confused, I don't believe grandpa didn't tell you about our engagement." Mu Qiqi paused, "This is a marriage we made before we were born."

"Beauty, if you want to marry me, just tell me. Why do you beat around the bush and ask me about grandpa?" Wu Wu said with a playful smile, "My old and forgetful grandpa has never told me about baby kissing. However, if the marriage partner is I completely agree with what you said.”

"Really?" Mu Qiqi asked.

"Never break your promise." Wu Wu almost got snot bubbles from his nose, and grandpa finally did a good thing for him.

"Great, I can finally get rid of the face-changing talisman." Mu Qiqi took off the talisman tied to his wrist. Wu Wu immediately beat his chest and shouted, "How can she be a beauty?" Clearly the ugly duckling. Not to mention the small nose and small eyes, she is actually flat-chested.

"Miss, you got the wrong person. I have something to do, so I'll leave first." Wu Wu wanted to run away, but Mu Qiqi grabbed his wrist forcefully, "Where is the Taoist book you agreed on?"

A desperate scream came from the air: "That's my——"

In fact, Wu Wu had heard his grandfather talk about the "Huxiao Appointment" a long time ago, and he had long wanted to meet this woman who, like him, was born in a family that inherited Taoism. Unexpectedly, the ideal is so full, but the reality is so skinny.


It was the peak tourist season right now, but the train Bai Hu took was very deserted, with only three or four people in each carriage. Wu Wu was chatting enthusiastically with the beautiful girl Mu Qiqi whom he had just met across the street, completely unaware that a cloud of black energy was approaching them.

The train was about to enter the station, and a uniformed conductor appeared quietly in front of them. He lowered the brim of his hat so low that only a red mouth with a rash could be seen. Mu Qiqi thought he was here to check the ticket, so she casually took out the ticket and handed it to him, but after waiting for a long time, he didn't see him taking it.

"Why are you here?" After saying this, the conductor suddenly raised his head, and with a green face and fangs, he rushed towards Wu Wu like crazy. Soon enough, when his fangs were only a millimeter away from Wu Wu's neck, Bai Hu quickly took out the magic talisman and stuck it on his forehead. The conductor screamed, two black air burst out from his ears respectively, and a low roar came from the air, "I'm going to kill you!"

Before he finished speaking, the conductor fell to the ground, his body quickly decomposed and turned into a puddle of green water. Mu Qiqi was frightened and fainted after witnessing this scene.

Wu Wu, who was still in shock, said to Bai Hu: "This trip is dangerous. Brother, I don't know if your omnipotent talisman can solve all the troubles."

Bai Hu said: "I will fight for Xie Haitao."

Xie Haitao was their childhood friend and had lost contact for many years. They reunited on the subway a few days ago. In order to solve the strange thing that happened to Xie Haitao, Wu Wu and Bai Hu came to Chahu Town to investigate.

In the hotel, the two put away their luggage and suddenly smelled the aroma of vegetables. Baihu suggested that he go downstairs to fill his stomach first and inquire about any strange things happening here. After a while, the two of them were sitting in the corner, devouring the drunken chicken served by the boss.

The innkeeper called himself Fatty Sun. He was in his early twenties. He was very enthusiastic and talkative. Before Wu Wu could speak, he introduced the local folk customs and strange things. The topic was in-depth and even mentioned the Huangpizi Tomb.

Fatty Sun said that Huangpizi's tomb was very effective in making wishes. He also said that the soil in Huangpizi's tomb and the surrounding trees were blood red. Wu Wu became interested. He heard from his grandfather that the red tree is called blood wood, which is extremely rare. It is an evil and soul-gathering thing, but if it is engraved with a charm, it can become a weapon to ward off evil and eliminate ghosts.

"Boss, I want to ask you, has a man named Xie Haitao been here?" Wu Wu swallowed the last bite of chicken and burped with satisfaction.

Fatty Sun thought for a while: "What does he look like?"

"A big black mole between the eyebrows." Bai Hu said.

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Skeleton bride picture_Background picture of bride and skeleton_Skeleton ghost bride’/>

"There was this man. It rained that day and he had to go to Huangpizi Tomb to make a wish, and I drove him there." Fatty Sun laughed, "He gave me five hundred yuan for gas, so I remember it very clearly. "

"Why do you all go to Huangpizi's grave to make wishes?" Wu Wu asked.

Fatty Sun cleared his throat and spoke seriously about the legend he had heard since he was a child and was already familiar with it:

A hundred years ago, there was a wealthy family named Huang here. Mr. Huang and his wife had a very good relationship. On Mrs. Huang’s thirtieth birthday, Mr. Huang prepared a surprise for her. He cast a statue of his wife in brass and placed the bronze statue in the statue. People receive incense in the Niangniang Temple that stands on the mountain, and this method is used to prolong life.

Unexpectedly, the bronze statue disappeared as soon as it was erected. Mr. Huang was shocked and offered a large reward to find him.

Three days later, a villager found the bronze statue while fishing at the bottom of the lake. What is puzzling is that the bronze statue is firmly locked at the bottom of the lake with seven iron chains. Mr. Huang tried his best to salvage the bronze statue, but Mrs. Huang died of illness soon after. The heartbroken Mr. Huang buried his wife next to the temple where the bronze statue was originally erected, and then disappeared.

A year later, there was a flood in the village, and all the villagers ran to the mountains to take refuge. Everyone disappeared overnight. The blood that flowed out from nowhere stained Mrs. Huang's grave and the surrounding trees red. Later, there was a rumor that the wishes made by Huang Piyu's grave came true.

Bai Hu, who was full of wine and food, suggested that he go to Huangpizi's tomb to have a look. Wu Wu nodded, and the two of them immediately set off.

Master, show mercy.

Wu Hao walked around Huangpizi's tomb, and the only thing he could be sure of was that this was not the legendary female tomb at all. In his opinion, a minor child should be buried in the cemetery. There is also a problem with the planting direction of the surrounding blood-red trees. It is obviously a willow soul-suppressing array. The person who created this array wants the children buried in the grave to never be reborn. If there was no deep hatred, the organizer would not be so cruel.

"Be careful!" As Bai Hu spoke, he had already rushed in front of Wu Wu and blocked Wu Wu with his own body. Several fireballs flying in mid-air stopped in front of him for a few seconds, then landed on the blood willow tree nearby. The branches instantly caught fire and quickly turned into ashes.

People have longevity, but trees have time. It is God's will that the fire from heaven burn this tree, and the child's soul will be liberated. Wu Wu bent down and picked up half of the charcoal on the ground and put it into the treasure bag on his waist as a souvenir.

Bai Hu squatted on the ground and groaned, and Wu Wu realized that he was injured.

"This kind of sky fire can't hurt anyone." Wu Wu suddenly became nervous, "Is there someone plotting against us?"

While they were talking, a woman came out from behind the grave. After seeing her appearance clearly, Wu Wu was so happy that he almost rushed towards her: "Mu Qiqi, why are you here?"

Mu Qiqi rushed over like a leopard upon seeing its prey, holding a shining dagger in his hand, the tip of the knife pointed directly between Wu Wu's eyebrows. Wu Wu ducked out of the way, and Mu Qiqi, who had missed the opportunity, put the amulet in his hand on the forehead of Bai Hu, who came to help. Bai Hu blinked in anxiety, but couldn't move.

Wu Wu was anxious. He couldn't let a manipulated puppet woman bully him into hiding. So, he took out a golden bead from his treasure bag, and the light beam emitted from the bead covered Mu Qiqi inside like a net. Wu Wu put a talisman that could lift the heart-losing curse on her chest. Mu Qiqi immediately regained consciousness, looked at Wu Wu's hand, and cursed him as a pervert.

Wu Wu explained seriously, finally frightening Mu Qiqi. In fact, this kind of talisman is effective even if it is attached to the arm. When asked why Mu Qiqi was controlled by evil spirits, Mu Qiqi said that she did not remember it. She only remembered that she bought a phoenix tail headdress at a roadside stall and put it on. She had no memory of what happened after that.

Wu Wu took a breath of cold air. The phoenix tail headdress is full of aura and is obviously a magic weapon. Now it is being used to control ordinary people. The other party must be a person with evil intentions.

Who is stopping them from investigating? This mystery must be solved.

Tremble, devil

Wu Hao and Mu Qiqi actually lived in the same hotel. Mu Qiqi came here to investigate what her boyfriend said before the accident. Mu Qiqi's boyfriend is Haitao. They live in two places due to work issues. They happened to have a vacation not long ago and came here to travel on the recommendation of a colleague. Unexpectedly, something happened to her boyfriend after he returned home. In order to bring her boyfriend back from the brink of death, she decided to risk herself to investigate the truth herself.

Bai Hu asked: "What's your boyfriend's last name?"

Skeleton ghost bride_Background picture of bride and skeleton_Bride skeleton picture

"His name is Xie Haitao, and he is a network engineer." Mu Qiqi looked into the distance blankly, "I don't know how he is doing now."

Wu Wu was a little surprised, but quickly calmed down. After all, his reunion with Xie Haitao was short-lived, and it was normal not to know that he had a girlfriend. He briefly introduced his relationship with Xie Haitao, and Mu Qiqi burst into tears uncontrollably: "On behalf of Haitao, thank you. I didn't expect him to have such good buddies as you."

"What did Xie Haitao tell you before the accident?" Bai Hu continued to ask.

"He said he saw Mrs. Huang while swimming in the lake, and said he was going to make a fortune." Mu Qiqi recalled, "I guess his accident may be related to the legend of Chahu Town. I heard people say that here There once was a family named Huang. Mr. Huang was fascinated by a brothel girl and planned to divorce his wife. At this time, his wife suddenly became pregnant. Mr. Huang felt soft and sent his first wife to the temple of the empress. The newly married concubine racked her brains. Want to seize the right position.

Not long after, Mrs. Huang gave birth to a daughter. The concubine and the housekeeper falsely accused the child of being the bastard of boatman Li Si. Li Si, who took the housekeeper's money, admitted it. Mr. Huang was furious and wanted to bury his wife and daughter alive. Mrs. Huang begged Mr. Huang to let his daughter go. Unexpectedly, the obsessed Mr. Huang first sank his daughter to the bottom of Daqing Lake, and then buried Mrs. Huang alive beside the temple, letting her and her daughter live. Never meet again. Not only that, Mr. Huang also asked someone to place a willow tree soul-pressing array next to the cemetery to prevent Mrs. Huang from causing trouble after her death. "

"This formation is so powerful that it can suppress centuries of resentment." Wu Wu thought for a while, "Mrs. Huang's soul is obviously locked in the mountain. How could Xie Haitao see her in the water? There must be something inside. It seems like I’m going to take a walk in the water.”

"Aren't you afraid of water? When did you know how to swim?" Bai Hu looked at Wu Wu in confusion.

"I have a water-avoiding spell, can't I?" Although Wu Wu said hard, he was unsure in his heart.

The three of them were talking when Fatty Sun suddenly appeared. His limbs were stiff, his head was not lowered, his eyes were not squinting, and he stood at the door with a livid face: "You are not allowed to go to the bottom of the lake."

Wu Wu noticed that although Fatty Sun's clothes were dry, there was water under his feet, his eyes were glowing purple, and there were fine white hairs on his body. He must have been cursed.

Mu Qiqi was so frightened that he hid behind Wu Wu. Bai Hu hurriedly took out the paper charm , but before he could reach into his pocket, he was pushed to the window by a powerful force like a wave, and people and broken glass They fell together. White Tiger was covered in blood and lay on the ground groaning in pain.

Wu Wu suddenly remembered the emergency measures his grandfather had taught him, and hurriedly took out the jade pot and copper bell from the treasure bag. He walked with the steps of Da Milogang at his feet, pinched the Golden Light Technique with his hands, chanted the Qingyin Mantra in his mouth, and opened the square Gai Gai shouted at Fatty Sun: "Ten thousand corpses return to the clan, collect them!"

The other party didn't respond.

Wu Hao shouted a few more times, but there was still no response.

Seeing Fatty Sun approaching, he was helpless.

Countless fingers stretched out towards Wu Wu from all directions, holding him firmly in place, unable to move. Fatty Sun's strong hands strangled his neck. As the force increased, his breathing became more and more difficult.

"Ah——" Mu Qiqi screamed in fright. Wu Wu took advantage of Fatty Sun's distraction to fight back with all his strength, bit his middle finger open, dripped blood on seven calming charms, and stuck them all on Fatty Sun's forehead. Finally, he survived the disaster without any danger.

Seven evil spirits locking the soul

Wu Wu originally planned to take the swimmer Bai Hu with him when he went into the water, but Bai Hu was seriously injured and it was difficult to get down to the ground, let alone the water. There was really no other way, so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and do it himself.

The calm blue water of Daqing Lake is rippling, and there is no abnormality at all.

Wu Wu stood by the lake, his body already covered with water-avoiding charms. Even so, he was still very worried. He carefully stretched out his left foot and took a small step forward, then quickly pulled it back. The water was really cold. If he doesn't go down, it seems there will be no way to save Xie Haitao. If he can't save Xie Haitao, Mu Qiqi will be miserable. Somehow, Wu Wu felt his heart suddenly hurt. He let out a long breath, gritted his teeth and got into the water.

Not even a loach could be seen at the bottom of the lake. Everything was so green that it was hard to see what was moving. Wu Wu took out the compass from his pocket and walked forward according to the pointer. He didn't know how long he walked until he finally saw a large whirlpool. He judged that this should be the "eye of the lake" that his grandfather called, which was the center of the Great Clear Lake.

Nothing unusual, call it a day.

Skeleton ghost bride_Background picture of bride and skeleton_Bride skeleton picture

Wu Wu couldn't wait to leave here. When he turned around, he suddenly felt something push him. He lost his center of gravity and was quickly sucked into the whirlpool. The dark wind under the water cut his face like a knife. He could only watch helplessly. Watching the irresistible force pull him down. Water rushed in from all the five senses, and the painful feeling of drowning in childhood came back again.

At this time, a woman's high-pitched laughter came to his ears. Wu Wuxun looked around and saw a female bronze statue standing about half a meter away from him. The bronze statue is dressed in old-fashioned clothes and has a phoenix tail hairpin on its head. The laughter was not coming from it, but from the square stone platform behind it. It is said to be a stone platform, but it is actually a translucent glass coffin. You can vaguely see a woman kneeling inside.

Seven large iron chains as thick as arms tightly tied the bronze statue to the stone platform. The iron chains were also engraved with spell-like patterns, and a cloud of black air filled the surroundings of the bronze statue.

Could this be the long-lost Seven Evil Soul Locking Formation? There are seven acupoints in the human body that release yang energy, and seven acupoints in the ghost that emit yin energy. These seven iron chains lock the seven acupoints of the ghost to torture it in life after life. The Seven Evil Soul Locking Array is a very vicious magic circle. It is guarded by the Seven Evil Souls: Demon, Mei, Demon, Demon, Demon, Demon, and Demon. They torture the ghosts detained in the array day and night, just like human beings are subjected to dry swords. The torture of being cut into pieces is common. The ghost will never die, and the pain will never end. This kind of magic circle requires the caster to have very high mana, otherwise it will be impossible to drive the Seven Evils.

Wu Wu wanted to see clearly what was going on with the woman in the stone platform, so he couldn't help but get closer. This closeness didn't matter, he was unable to move as if he was attracted by a magnet, watching the water-proof charms on his body melting one by one. In desperation, he bit the tip of his tongue and spurted out his own blood. The blood quickly melted when it met the water, gradually forming a light red blister that wrapped him inside.

"Who the hell are you? Why are you so angry?" Wu Wu shouted, "Are you a heinous person?"

The female ghost cried and laughed: "Master Huang locked me at the bottom of this lake for nearly a hundred years, and my story has been passed down for nearly a hundred years. Seeing that these hundred years of resentment are about to break through the seven evil formations that bind my mother and daughter, you guys The magic stick is out to cause trouble again. I want you all to die!"

Wu Hao knew that this ghost was the legendary Mrs. Huang. After accumulating grievances for a long time, she was about to turn into a sinister and harmful person. It was God's will to be bumped into by him today. Since the Seven Evil Formation couldn't trap it, it would be better to dispel its resentment and let it reincarnate, which would be considered a good thing. However, before solving it, we must first find where Xie Haitao's lost soul is. If this problem is not solved, Xie Haitao will have to stay in bed for the rest of his life. This is also the reason for his trip.

Wu Wu said: "If you are willing to tell me how to save my friend, I will remove the Seven Evil Formation that trapped your mother and daughter so that you can be reunited. What do you think?"

The female ghost sneered: "Do you think I don't know that the formation that trapped my daughter has been broken? Today is the day you die!"

Before he finished speaking, the seven iron chains began to shake violently, and the surrounding temperature dropped instantly. The green plants at the bottom of the lake unknowingly condensed into a huge palm and rushed towards Wu Wu. The blisters covering his body burst because they could not withstand the increasing pressure around him, and Wu Wu once again fell into despair.

At this moment, a huge spiritual power came down from the lake. An object like a weight slowly fell to the bottom of the lake to suppress the shaking stone platform. Several men in black swam to Wu Wu like loaches, and quickly Get him out.

Wu Wu gradually lost consciousness due to choking on water. He didn't even see clearly who saved him.

Could it be the savior sent by grandpa?

Taiyin refining

Wu Wu felt that he had had a big dream, and he closed his opened eyes again. After a while, it opens again, then closes again. After several times, the person in front of me is still the same as before. He pinched his thigh hard, and the pain made him cry out, "This is not a dream." He sat up and looked at Xie Haitao in front of him: "Why are you here?"

Xie Haitao looked at him helplessly: "Should I ask you this?"

Wu Wu yelled in his heart that it was bad, he might have traveled back in time before Xie Haitao's accident.

"Come on, stop teasing him." Bai Hu, who was bandaged all over, punched Xie Haitao on the shoulder, then tilted his head and said to Wu Wu, "Thanks to your grandpa for coming back in time to save him."

"What about my grandpa?" Wu Wu looked around happily, "Is he here too?"

"Your grandfather left after explaining. He said he couldn't see you yet." Xie Haitao said.

"Hao Duanduan has lost his soul. It's really yours. Tell me how you got into trouble with dirty things?" Wu Wu gathered his thoughts and looked at Xie Haitao again.

Xie Haitao recalled: "It rained heavily that day. On my way back from Huangpizifen to make a wish, I saw a little girl swimming in the lake. I was worried that something would happen to her, so I called her back from the shore. Unexpectedly, she not only ignored me , and swam deeper and deeper. After a while, a human head floated on the water, which was the head of the little girl. For some reason, I wanted to go into the water to see that head as if I was possessed. What happened? Who knows when I got closer, the head suddenly opened its bloody mouth and bit me. I swam desperately to the shore, but was still caught up by that thing. At that time, I felt a tightness in my chest. It was like something passed through the middle, and I can’t remember what happened next.”

Skeleton ghost bride_Background picture of bride and skeleton_Bride skeleton picture

"It was really dangerous. Fortunately, everything is fine now." Bai Hu glanced at Wu Wu with great emotion and found that something was wrong in his eyes.

Wu Wu stared at Xie Haitao. Suddenly, as if he realized something, he took out a tattered thread-bound book from his treasure bag and opened it. The moment Mu Qiqi saw the book, his eyes straightened, and a greedy look appeared on his face unknowingly.

"That's right! He is not Xie Haitao. Bai Hu, do you still remember the method of Taiyin refining? The corpse will be resurrected after being buried for hundreds of years. The resurrected corpse absorbs the Yang energy and uses the energy of the person to gather the soul. The soul is Yang. The spirit is attached to a person's Qi and dominates his mental and thinking activities. The soul is the feminine spirit, attached to the human form and dominates the person's physical activities. This Xie Haitao must be a walking corpse with his soul imprisoned." Wu Wu shouted in his heart. Wonderful, he had only heard of this situation, but had never actually encountered it.

Bai Hu hesitated, then leaned into his ear and whispered, "But there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him, right?"

"It's daytime now, he's still him, but at night, he's not him anymore. We have to find something that controls Xie Haitao's soul. If it's too late, he really won't be able to come back." Wu Wu frowned and spoke as loud as he could. Put it down, "It must be the ghost child in Huangpizi's grave that is controlling Xie Haitao's body. That thing will definitely do all kinds of bad things to vent the resentment accumulated over the past century. Not to mention, the one at the bottom of Daqing Lake is the big trouble. I suspect that it has gathered the resentment and bad luck of heaven and earth into itself and turned into a vicious evil."

"It's not that evil, right?" Mu Qiqi fiddled with his hair as if nothing had happened, "It's just a hundred-year-old resentful spirit."

"Let's retreat!" Wu Wu shrugged, "The best strategy is to run away if you can't fight."

"What about Haitao?" Bai Hu looked at Xie Haitao worriedly, "He is innocent, we can't ignore him. You go, I will never give up my brother."

Wu Wu gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, then let's give it a try."

"Um, are you talking about me?" Xie Haitao looked at Wu Wu and Bai Hu blankly. He didn't understand what happened to them.

"No, we are talking about an anime." Wu Wu looked at Xie Haitao and then at Mu Qiqi, with an imperceptible smile crossing his face.

It seems that everything is under control.

Soul-splitting needle

Wu Wu rummaged through the treasure bag left for him by his grandfather for a while, and finally found a silver needle as thick as a chopstick: "This is the soul-splitting and soul-moving needle that the old man gave me. I haven't used it yet. I heard that it can remove invaders." All the ghosts in the human body are separated.”

"How to use it?" Bai Hu asked.

"You'll know when the time comes." Wu Wu deliberately kept it a secret. There were some things he couldn't tell him yet.

"If we really separate the ghost of the ghost child from Xie Haitao's body, will he die?" Usuo Hu was very worried about this issue.

"Don't worry, I will definitely be able to save Xie Haitao." Wu Wu said with certainty.

"What if you can't contain the resentful soul?" Mu Qiqi on the side couldn't help but express the doubt in his heart. To be honest, she really didn't like Wu Wu, an amateur Taoist priest.

"If you can't fight, run away." Wu Wu's answer made Mu Qiqi suffer some internal injuries, and she regretted the question she asked.

Seeing that it was almost midnight, Bai Hu was very anxious. But Wu Wu didn't look nervous at all. He was feasting on a pile of delicious food, and flipping through a tattered Taoist book in his hand. He didn't recognize any of the ancient characters printed on the cover of the book. It seemed very strange. It's ancient, and it's unclear whether it has any use.

Under the moonlight, the undercurrent of Daqing Lake surged, and Wu Hao and others stood by the lake one after another.

"Huzi, it's too dangerous tonight. You go back to the hotel and wait for me. I'm afraid something will happen and I won't have time to take care of you." It was the first time in Wu Wu's life that he spoke to Baihu seriously, and he felt a bit pretentious.

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"It's okay, don't worry about me. I'm not afraid of anyone now that I'm wearing mummy equipment. It's the ghosts who are afraid of me, the evil star." The bandaged white tiger smiled heartlessly, and the two brothers bumped into each other in tacit understanding. He fisted.

Dark clouds gradually covered the moonlight, and the lake was shrouded in haze by fog coming from all directions.

Wu Wu took the compass to calculate the most powerful direction, while Bai Hu carefully wrapped the straw rope soaked in rooster blood around Xie Haitao and tied it in a tight knot. After making sure that he would not be broken free, he used black dog blood to draw a soul gathering circle on the ground to prevent the resentful souls from escaping.

"Can you tell me what this is for?" Xie Haitao blinked and looked at the two people who were behaving strangely. He always felt that they were hiding something from him. There was also Mu Qiqi next to him who claimed to be his girlfriend but he had only a vague impression of her. She looked very much like a female liar.

"Play a game and you'll understand in a moment." Wu Wu said perfunctorily.

At midnight, Wu Wu took out a silver needle and searched for the Tianmen point on Xie Haitao's head. Splitting souls and moving souls requires both accurate and ruthless strikes. The key acupoint must be inserted at zero o'clock, and it must not be too deep to avoid hurting the body. It is not an easy task for a trainee like Wu Wu to survive, but since his grandfather is not here, no one can help him, so he can only rely on himself.

"It's midnight." Bai Hu shouted, and the silver needle in Wu Wu's hand quickly inserted into Xie Haitao's head. Xie Haitao's chest began to bulge, and his eyes swelled as if they were about to pop out of their sockets, sticking out a purple tongue like an inflated toad.

A wave of evil suddenly rolled up on the lake. The smelly lake water was like countless sharp swords piercing Wu Wu's body. He neither dared nor could move. The strange thing is that Xie Haitao didn't react at all. He was as motionless as an unconscious dead person.

"The three-legged cat is still here to run wild, but he doesn't know that he has already fallen into my trap. Xie Haitao is just a pawn to attract your attention. What I really value is this evil body. If it weren't for this moonless night, , I really can’t get on him. As long as my resentment and his evil spirit are perfectly combined, I can release the mother at the bottom of the lake, and all of you will die by then." The white tiger looked up to the sky and roared, letting out a burst of terrifying screams, howling It actually shook the ground.

The iron chains at the bottom of the lake kept ringing and bursting one after another. Seeing that the resentful spirits at the bottom of the lake were about to be released, Wu Wu shouted: "Qiqi, help!"

After a flash of red light, the white tiger's heart-rending wail came. The blood wood in Mu Qiqi's hand turned into a sharp sword and inserted into the back of his neck. The resentful soul attached to his body was instantly wiped out. That piece of blood wood was the half of willow charcoal that Wu Wu picked up as a souvenir when the willow soul-pressing array was broken that day.

Wu Wu rushed to Bai Hu and shook his body vigorously: "Huzi, wake up."

Bai Hu, who was breathing weakly, managed to squeeze out a smile: "I can't die if I die."

At the same time, a water column suddenly burst out from the lake, and the bronze statue at the bottom of the lake gradually emerged from the water.

The decisive battle in Chahu Town

"My soul has suffered for nearly a hundred years just to see my daughter again. Why did you destroy her? She is just a child. I hate you!" A group of black air surged up from the bottom of the lake and gradually gathered. She turned into a woman, her clothes were exactly the same as the woman on the bronze statue, but her face was completely missing. This was the legendary ghost.

"If you mother and daughter had not committed great evil, you would not have been locked up for so many years. We are just doing justice for heaven." Wu Wu said seriously, "I will send you to see the King of Hell now."

Wu Wu hid behind Mu Qiqi with a proud look on his face. Ever since Mu Qiqi uttered the arrogant words "It's just a hundred-year-old resentful soul", he realized that she was no ordinary woman. The strange things that happened before and after her appearance, as well as the fact that just a loud drink at the critical moment was enough to save him, all prove that Mu Qiqi is a woman with profound Taoist skills. Although she is not sure the purpose of her appearance here, nor is she sure whether she is an enemy or a friend, what is certain is that she will not let him die here.

"It's really embarrassing. I can help you, but the condition is that you give me that Taoist book." Mu Qiqi crossed his arms and didn't take Guixi seriously at all.

"Everything in that bag belongs to you." Wu Wuzuoyi said, "Hurry up and pack it away!"

As soon as Mu Qiqi took out the soul-falling weight in his hand, he immediately suppressed the ghost. Although he was quickly broken free, it was at least somewhat effective. The ghost turned from tangible to intangible and disappeared in an instant. When it reappeared, it was attached to Xie Haitao's body. The magic weapon was effective against ghosts, but it was useless against the human ghost. At this time, it seemed that even Mu Qiqi had nothing to do.

"Run quickly." Wu Wu shouted, picked up Bai Hu and ran away. After knowing each other for so many years, this is the first time Baihu has enjoyed such VIP-level treatment.

At this time, a melodious flute sound suddenly sounded in the air. Mu Qiqi stood by the lake like a fairy holding a jade flute. The sound of air passing through the jade flute holes pressed against the ghost like an invisible wall of gas. Wu Wu suddenly remembered his grandfather's words, and crawled to the jade pot. He opened the lid of the jade pot with his left hand, raised the jade pot with his right hand and shouted to the white tiger: "Ashes return to dust, soil returns to earth, and all souls return to the jade pot." "

I saw a ray of white light cutting through the black fog and shining on Xie Haitao. The painful wails echoed through the night sky. The bronze statue floating on the water sank into the water again. The lake kept swallowing bursting bubbles and gradually returned to calm.

The sky was slightly bright, and everything ended just like that.

The exhausted Wu Wu smiled knowingly at Mu Qiqi. He already knew the other party's identity.

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