Short Ghost Story

Everyone has a hobby, some people like singing, some people like reading books, but I like listening to stories, or it would be more appropriate to say I like listening to supernatural stories, and I even don’t hesitate to spend money to buy the stories.

My name is Ye Tian, ​​and I am an ordinary office worker, but I have a very different hobby, which is collecting supernatural stories.

I received a phone call. On the phone, an old man told me that he had many stories to tell me, so now we are sitting in the cafe and I am ready to listen to this old man's story.

"Hello, old gentleman, my name is Ye Tian, ​​what story do you want to tell me? I asked respectfully to the old man sitting opposite me.

"Young man, my name is Li Ming, you can call me Uncle Li. As an old man who came here in 1955, I have experienced the Great Leap Forward, communes, three years of natural disasters, etc. I have seen too many cannibalistic villages. Ghost stories , there has always been a story hidden in my mind. This story has been buried in my heart for a long time. If I didn't tell it, I might have brought it to the coffin." The old man drank some water and seemed to recall the memory. The old man looked a little nervous about that terrible memory.

The village ghost story that eats people_The village ghost eating story character introduction_The village ghost eating story character pictures

For the convenience of narration, I will tell today's story in the tone of an old man…

At that time, I was still a ten-year-old boy. It was during the period of the people's commune movement. Every household went to the team to earn work points. Everyone ate from the big pot and worked together. It seemed like a beautiful era, but behind the beauty was The beginning of countless crimes. At that time, there were no chickens, fish, meat, eggs, or private property now. If anyone had a chicken or a pig, they had to hand it over to the state and everyone could enjoy it together. If you were found to have eaten it secretly, , then you are the public enemy of people, so at that time, all we could eat was the pitiful food we earned so hard from the commune. But for my family, that little food is not enough.

At that time, because of the backwardness of technology and the lack of progress in people's thinking, after eating in the evening, people had nothing to do but go home and sleep. So every household at that time had more children than now. Having many parts of life means that there are so many people to feed, and people often die of starvation or illness.

The village ghost eating story character pictures_The village ghost story that eats people_The village ghost eating story character introduction

There is a person in our village, we all call him Li San. This person came to our village with his parents who fled famine. Both his parents died when he was young. It can be said that he grew up eating the food of hundreds of families. In his thirties, he is still alone. This person is lazy and never goes to the team to earn work points. He usually goes around begging for some food to live. At first, when people were living well, it was okay to give him some, but as time went by, He was having a hard time, and he couldn't even eat enough, so who could care about him? By 1960, there had been three years of natural disasters, and everyone was in danger. The people in the village ate everything they could eat, even the bark and weeds on the mountains were almost eaten, and everyone gradually Li San was forgotten.

That was the first time I met Li San. I don’t know where this person went. I haven’t come back for a long time. I happened to have nothing to do that day, and I was standing on the mountain preparing to catch some game to eat, because I couldn’t open the pot at home. The youngest Lao Ba Because I couldn't stand it any longer, I fell ill. I lay in bed for more than ten days and then died. It was normal for individuals to starve to death at that time, and the people in the village were used to it. A coffin mound on the mountain behind the village was dedicated to the placement of these victims.

When I was wandering in the mountains that day, I suddenly saw a person walking from the back of the village. He was wearing shabby patched clothes. I took a closer look and saw that it was Li San. This person had disappeared for nearly a year. Why did he suddenly appear again? Appeared? I thought he had starved to death long ago, but I didn’t expect that Li San didn’t starve to death. When he walked up to me and greeted me, I saw that his face was rosy and he looked really good. Now everyone is skinny and hungry. Yes, this fat guy who eats for nothing while doing nothing serious, so I have a big question in my mind, what does he eat?

The village ghost eating story character introduction_Village Pictures of characters in ghost eating stories_People-eating village ghost stories

Li San saw me staring at him and grinned silly at me. I saw him showing his white teeth. A gust of wind blew and I smelled an unpleasant stench. The smell was a bit familiar, but also a bit strange. I couldn't remember where I had smelled it. At that time, I just thought it was the bad breath from his mouth that hadn't been rinsed for a long time. However, something I saw later made me laugh. I shuddered.

From the day I met Li San, I became deeply curious about him. Since he eats nothing and is fat, there must be some way to get food. Could it be that he grew by drinking air? Impossible, absolutely impossible.

But after I followed him for a day, I saw him sleeping under the crooked neck tree at the entrance of the village. I didn't see him go out to find food. Just when I was really hungry, a pitiful cry came from the village. I followed the sound and saw an old man walking from the village with a corpse wrapped in a broken straw mat, followed by the crying mother of the child. . It turned out that another child had starved to death in the village. I looked closer and saw that it was a four-year-old child. I knew that child.

The village ghost eating story character pictures_The village ghost story that eats people_The village ghost eating story character introduction

I didn't notice at this time that when Li San saw the corpse wrapped in a torn mat, his eyes showed a greedy green light, just like a jackal seeing its prey.

Night gradually fell, and my stomach was really hungry and I couldn't bear it anymore. At this moment, I saw Li San, who was sleeping beside him, suddenly got up. When I saw him getting up, I thought he must have gone out to look for food, so I followed him.

Slowly, Li San walked faster and faster. I followed closely and almost lost him. Finally, when I couldn't keep up, I saw Li San stop. The surroundings were dark and bare trees. There were terrible cries of crows and unknown animals, and I was surprised to find that I had arrived at the mass grave behind the village without realizing it! What is Li San doing here? My curiosity finally outweighed my fear. I hid under a tree and looked at Li San quietly.

The village ghost eating story character pictures_The village ghost story that eats people_The village ghost eating story character introduction

Li San slowly walked to the broken straw mat that had been thrown here during the day. He squatted down and violently opened the mat. I saw a livid-looking corpse in front of my eyes. I was so frightened that I almost screamed. At this time, an unexpected scene happened! I saw Li San let out a terrible laugh, and he actually picked up the arm of the corpse and stuffed it into his mouth!

"Boom, boom, boom" came a crisp chewing sound, and I saw Li San's mouth full of blood. He looked like a hungry wolf eating the corpse in front of him, from his arms to his belly, and then to his thighs. Watch him eat. I was really enjoying it, and I actually felt a little hungry, "I wonder if it tastes good?" A terrifying thought suddenly came to my mind, and in the end, even I was shocked by this thought.

When Li Bo talked about this, he suddenly stopped.

"Uncle Li, what happened next? What did he do next?" I looked at him with interest.

"Finally? There is no last. I finally knew why he was so fat. It turned out that he was a cannibal! In that era, maybe he was not the only one who did that. Hehe, in fact, the taste of human flesh is very… The sour village ghost story that cannibalizes people is very sour…"

Uncle Li grinned, revealing his white teeth, which shone with a cold light.

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