Horror Novel: Little Village Story Online Reading

This is a very peaceful little village.

People in this place say he is a villain.

In fact, he neither robbed nor stole. The only bad thing he ever did in his life was to make the village chief's little daughter cry. He was chased for two miles and imprisoned in the woodshed for three days.

By the time everything was clear and he was released, his legs were already lame.

In his own words, he just wanted to give the little girl a candy.

The reason people hate the villain so much is because of his face. His appearance was very strange. The corners of his mouth were wide and raised upwards, while the corners of his eyes were drooped. The bridge of his nose was flat and his nostrils pointed upward. His whole face showed a terrifying expression that was half a smile but not a smile.

Children cry when they see him, people stay away from him when they see him, he has no friends.

If a child in the village disobeys, everyone will coax him like this: "If you don't disobey again, I will call the villain over."

He is the cancer of this village and no one likes him.

The villain's ancestors had accumulated good deeds and left a few acres of land, which was passed down to his generation, which was just enough for food. The villain has been renting out the land since he became crippled. Occasionally he would go to Tian Wen and take a look at him from a distance before limping back. Some people have seen the villain at that time and said that he looked very strange. From the side, he looked like he was laughing at the cannibal village ghost story , but when he got closer, he felt like he was crying.

When the villain was still lame, the old village chief died, and the village chief's family asked the villain to carry the coffin and hold the deceased. All the promising young people in the village have gone to the city, and no one except him is willing to do this.

The villain tried his best to do his job well, and when he got the money, instead of buying himself food, he bought a local dog. He was yellow-skinned, as thin as him, and ugly.

From then on, the villains often helped the villagers carry the dead. When he was carrying people, the dog followed him silently, with its head lowered and not barking. Occasionally it raised its eyes to look at the road ahead.

People in the village said that the villain was too lonely.

The new village chief turned out to be a college student in the city. He couldn't find a job for a long time after graduation. Later, he signed up for the exam and was assigned to be the village chief here to support grassroots construction.

In the first month after his arrival, he implemented reforms to change burials into cremations. He said it was science.

On the first day he announced the reform measures, the villain took his dog and walked to the door of his house. In the middle of the night, he squatted at the door and shouted the name of the village chief.

The village chief rubbed his sleepy eyes, lit a lamp and came out. As soon as he opened the door, the villain screamed in fright. The lamp oil splashed on the villain's cotton-padded clothes, burning small black holes.

The villain looked distressedly at the good clothes at the bottom of the box that he had specially worn to meet people, and sniffed. The dog straightened up and tightened its fur.

The village chief looked at the villain, a little irritated. Of course he knows why the villain came here. If cremation is implemented, the villain will lose his business and will be even poorer than he is now.

The village chief did not let the villain enter the house, but blocked him at the door. The cold wind was blowing, and he crackled the words he had thought of long ago. He spoke out the truth and made the villain stunned for a while.

After he finished speaking, before the villain could speak, the village chief closed the door and said, "It's getting late. You can go back and rest." Then no matter how hard the villain knocked on the door, there was no response.

So cremation began , village ghost stories of cannibalism were practiced, and the villains quickly lost their jobs. The business of the funeral parlor in the town suddenly improved. The villain led the dog, wore more ragged clothes, dragged his bad leg and sat on the ridge of the field, watching the villagers carrying small boxes containing ashes back and forth, and then turned around , touching the native dog’s head and kept sighing and sniffling.

The dog snuggled up to him and made a sound that was close to a whimper.

The people in the village looked at them with disgust, saying that they were really like their masters, even dogs were so unlucky.

Later, the villain met the little girl from the village chief's family, and thought that if he wanted to please the child and ask her to go back and say something nice, the village chief might be able to accommodate him. In the end, the villain took the candy out of his pocket, and the little girl ran away crying, shouting for help as he ran.

People who do good things and people who don't know the truth unite together like never before, chasing the villains with sticks and beating them. The villain had blood on his head and ran as hard as he could. Halfway there, he heard a dog barking behind him. He turned around and saw the men grabbing the dog's leash and beating the dog with him. He turned around again, roared and rushed over to protect the dog.

In this way, one man and one dog were beaten for several hours while screaming.

Finally the dogs were pulled away and the villain was put in the woodshed. After the little girl explained the situation clearly, the village chief waved his hand and said "forget it" with a clear understanding of humanity. When the villain was released, the dog was so thin that it lost its shape. The villain lowered his head and dragged his lame legs slowly back home.

From then on, it was rare to see other people in the village, and people gradually forgot about his existence.

It happened that a certain villain was drunk at night, and he forgot to tie the dog's leash, so the dog sneaked out.

In the middle of the night, the supposedly quiet village suddenly heard screams one after another. Immediately afterwards, every household turned on the lights, put on their clothes and rushed out to watch.

The screams came from the village chief's house, and the villain bit the village chief's leg.

The village chief was lying on the ground, bleeding all over the ground, and almost fell into coma. The dog squatted on one side and looked at the village chief with its canine teeth. With its tail between its legs, its back hunched, and its bones rugged, it stood guard in front of the village chief, preventing anyone from getting close to him, and seemed to be waiting for an opportunity to bite the dying village chief at any time. From its dog eyes, people can even see something called hatred.

The sturdy young man surrounded it from several directions, took it unawares, and hit it on the head with a stick. The dog trembled, fell to the ground, and became motionless.

The village chief was carried to the county hospital. Although the wound was deep enough to see the bones and there was a lot of blood, it was not life-threatening. The village chief soon returned to the village and was received like a hero.

The villain limped over and cried so hard that he almost knelt on the ground and kowtowed to admit his mistake. He begged the village chief to return the dog to him and promised to take good care of his dog in the future.

The village chief looked at the villain with disgust, and his heart was filled with unknown fire. He asked someone to drag the dog over, and said in front of the villain that this dog hurts people and cannot be kept. Then he beat the dog to death with a stick.

The people in the village are still frightened when they think about the scene that day. The dog barked weakly, and the villain knelt on the ground and was pressed on his shoulders, crying hoarsely. Half of his face was scratched by the dirt, and blood flowed from his angular eyes to the corners of his terrible mouth, which was red. A piece of blood, like blood and tears.

Later, the dog lost his voice, the villain lost his voice, and the two ugly things faced each other. When everyone around him had dispersed, the villain was still rolling there, tremblingly reaching out his hand and stroking the dog's fur.

People whispered that the village chief was a bit cruel.

But it's just a discussion. After all, this is a favoritism and is raised by villains. Basically, once these two conditions are combined, another word can be spelled out, which is called a worthy death.

The villain took the dog's body back home and did not come out for many days. The children were curious and lay on his window to look, and found that the dog's body had been lying on the villain's bed. The villain looked at the dog blankly, stretched out his hand to touch its withered hair, then covered his face and let out a creepy cry. sigh.

It wasn't until about a month later that someone finally saw the villain in the town. He sold his only cotton-padded jacket, took the money into the shop, and bought a few bottles of wine. That money should be the villain's last possessions.

Those who saw it guessed that the villain wanted to sacrifice his own dog.

Then, for two consecutive nights, a crunching sound came from the villain's house, like the sound of teeth chewing bones. The children wanted to see it, but the adults stopped them. Everyone speculated that the villain might be eating the flesh of the dead dog.

But on the third day, people suddenly discovered another possibility.

This possibility made them shudder, and no one had the courage to verify it for themselves.

Because they discovered that during the three annihilations when the villains started chewing bones, the village chief and his family did not show up.

When the villain finally finished eating, staggered out of the door smelling of alcohol, and went to the cemetery outside the village alone, the villagers rushed to his house to look at him.

There was blood everywhere in the house, and the smell was so strong that it made people want to vomit.

They see the rotting dog on the villain's bed.

The villain didn't eat the dog.

After that night, the villain never appeared again, and no one saw the village chief and his family again. They disappeared into this world together, and no one dared to find out.

So the small village continued to exist peacefully in the world.

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