Butterfly Cemetery Ghost Beauty Chapter 756 The Appearance Of Old Lady Liu

() Passed over the old grave where Russell I was buried.

Yang Jian and others continued to move forward to Cemetery No. 78.

But before we had gone very far, a new knocking sound echoed in the dim and silent cemetery. This time the distance was also very close, not far behind us, separated by about five or six old buildings. grave.

This voice sounded.

Yang Jian's footsteps stopped inexplicably.

He stopped not out of fear, not out of fear.

Look back slightly.

On Yang Jian's cold face, a ghost eye emitted a strange red light, and his whole body revealed an inexplicable ferocity.

At such a close distance, the knocking sound had just begun.

The ghost is not very fast at carving names.

In other words, if you turn around and rush forward, you will most likely be able to find the ghost.

As long as you find it, you may not be able to suppress the ghost with your own abilities and deal with it so that the terrible knocking sound disappears.

But there are risks.

What if the ghost disappeared again after he turned around, or the process of suppressing the ghost didn't go smoothly.

This meant that not only did he do useless work, but he also had to waste time and bear the huge risk of being attacked by ghosts. At the same time, his mission of delivering letters would also be affected.

This is a multiple-choice question, and there is no possibility of separate actions.

In supernatural incidents, it is the stupidest behavior to act separately, because if a ghost attacks a teammate, at least others can analyze the ghost's killing pattern through the death of teammates, and even think of ways to deal with it, but if they are separated, only the ones who die will be. It makes no sense anymore.

"Do you want to deal with the ghost first?" Sun Rui noticed Yang Jian's sudden stop, and he immediately understood Yang Jian's considerations.

It would be safer to deal with the ghost first and then deliver the letter.

If it were him, he would also consider it.

After all, the cost of completing the task of delivering the message by simply staring at the ghost attacks was too high.

Li Yang originally wanted to ask Yang Jian why he stopped, but after hearing what Sun Rui said, he quickly understood what Yang Jian was thinking at the moment.

He was uneasy and prepared.

If Yang Jian turned around and went back to deal with the ghost, he would follow him without hesitation.

The three of them joined forces and were able to force back even the terrifying ghosts in the post office before. It might be possible to suppress the ghosts here.

"The numbers on the nearby tombstones have already reached the sixties. If you go a little further, you can probably find the grave No. 78. If you have to turn back to deal with the ghost at this time… it will be too delayed."

Yang Jian's ghost eyes glanced at the tombstone on the old grave next to him. His eyes flickered, and his thinking time was very short, because the conditions did not allow him to hesitate: "Ignore it, send the letter first."

Finally, I gave up the idea of ​​dealing with the ghost first.

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This means that Yang Jian has to bear the risk of the ghost continuing to kill people.

Make up your mind.

Yang Jian's footsteps suddenly accelerated, and he rushed forward without paying any attention to the knocking sound not far behind him.

Sun Rui's expression moved slightly, but he said nothing.

Now that Yang Jian has made a choice, he has nothing to object to. After all, no one can guarantee that his choice is correct in this situation. If he turns around to deal with ghosts, if something goes wrong again, he will die again. Man, maybe the result will be even worse.

"Is it because Yang Jian made the choice to deliver the letter first that he was sure to deal with the ghost attack? Russell Yi's previous death was because it was too sudden. If he was prepared, he might not be able to withstand it."

Sun Rui thought secretly in his heart.

Everyone was frightened and did not dare to speak. They just bravely ran forward after Yang Jian.

They had no choice. If they stayed where they were, they might be killed by ghosts. If they followed Yang Jian's words, they might be able to take themselves away from this ghost place when he finished handling the matters at hand and left.

Therefore, even though they knew there was danger ahead, these members of the supernatural forum were willing to follow Yang Jian instead of staying there with Lin Luomei to guard Russell's grave.

After all, no one wants to die in this damn place.


As Yang Jian ran, he restlessly peered around at the tombstones in front of the old tombs. The numbers on the corners of the tombstones were constantly changing, which meant that he was very close to the tomb No. 78. .

The tomb where the message is to be delivered is nearby.


Yang Jian's eyelids moved and he saw an old mark carved on the corner of a broken tombstone.


The footsteps stopped again, because as he continued to run forward for a dozen steps, the number on the tombstone jumped to eighty again.

Passed by.

But the tombstone of Tomb No. 78 was not found on the road just now.

"It's near here. Search carefully. We're already near Cemetery No. 78. Look at the familiar tombstone engraved on it. If you find it, this mission will be over. Then we can leave here. "

Yang Jian said in a deep voice, and the colleagues who gave them the task also gave them a glimmer of hope.

When the others heard this, they immediately looked around with frightened eyes.

Although they were scared, they also showed their desperate courage at this time. Each of them dared to go to the tombstone to look closely at the numbers engraved on the tombstone, because they all eagerly hoped that Yang Jian would finish the work quickly.

at the same time.

The knocking sound that just sounded suddenly stopped again. If we count from the time when Russell was attacked, this was the second time.

The ghost finished carving a person's name.

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But who could this person be?

For a moment, everyone froze and their breathing stopped.

Yang Jian, Sun Rui, and Li Yang couldn't help but get together.

Once one of the three of them is attacked and pulled into the dirt, the other two will not hesitate to stop the ghost's attack.

Liu Yuan's son and daughter, Liu Xinyue and Liu Hao, also nervously held each other's hands and looked at Yang Jian with frightened eyes.

If they were attacked, they would immediately call for help.

I don't know if it will work, but I should at least give it a try.

next moment.

A terrified cry came.

He was a member of the supernatural forum. Suddenly, his feet were in the air, and his whole body sank into the soil. He sank so deep that he was already up to his waist, and he sank very quickly.

In just a few seconds, the soil was at his chest.

He struggled hard, but to no avail.

In the dirt, he felt his body being pulled by cold hands, pulling him directly into the ground.

"Help, help."

He shouted for help, not wanting to die and hoping to get help.

"It can't be saved." Sun Rui looked on indifferently.

The others were pale and in shock, but for some reason they felt a sense of joy and a sense of survival after the disaster.

It seems that it is a very lucky thing that the person targeted by the ghost is not himself.

Li Yang didn't make any move in his eyes. He knew very well that Russell couldn't be saved alone, let alone an ordinary person. And at this time, there was no value in saving ordinary people, because there was no need to worry about the death of ordinary people. Even if the ghost is revived, it will not have any effect even if it is saved.

Therefore, Yang Jian is right.

Ordinary people should have the awareness of ordinary people and should not get involved in supernatural events. If they get involved out of curiosity or commit suicide, they deserve to die and are not worthy of sympathy or pity.

Of course, except for ordinary people who are passively involved.

"The others continue to look for Tomb No. 78." As Yang Jian said this, he strode towards the members of the supernatural forum.

But when he rushed over, the man was left with only one hand raised high and sticking out of the ground.

Just like the weird tomb Yang Jian saw before, a hand was exposed outside the tomb.

Yang Jian grabbed his arm and pulled hard.

As if without much force, one of the man's arms was strangely torn off.reading room

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There was no bleeding or tearing, as if it was just a puzzle or building block, the arm was casually removed from the living body.

This is the ability of ghosts.

He looked at the arm in his hand expressionlessly, then looked down at his feet.

Yang Jian knew that this man could not be saved, but he wanted to test it.

See if you will be attacked after you remove this man's arm.

The answer soon became clear.

Yang Jian was not attacked, and he was not implicated in the attack, even if he took away part of the person's body.

That is to say.

In the old graves here, it is allowed to bury a person with a few pounds, but it is not necessarily necessary to bury a complete person.

"Are you trying it?"

Sun Rui squinted his eyes: "What an incredible guy. At this time, he is still trying to break the rules of ghosts and try to find loopholes."

He had been in contact with Yang Jian for this period of time, and he had deeply felt the difference between Yang Jian and himself.

Others are afraid of ghosts and avoid their attacks, but he takes the initiative to approach ghosts, decipher their killing patterns, and then determine how to survive.

One is passive survival, and the other is active survival.

However, to ordinary people, Yang Jian's actions seemed like he was rescuing the person, but the rescue failed. The person was not rescued, but only an arm was saved.

"The ghost will kill one more person. Before the third knocking stops, find Grave No. 78 and complete this message delivery mission. Otherwise, a fourth person will die." Yang Jian said loudly, without any taboo. .

Speaking loudly here will not attract the attention of ghosts, so there is no need to whisper.

Others were horrified, woke up immediately, and hurriedly helped to find tombstones nearby.


In the silent cemetery, the terrifying knocking sound disappeared. The ghost did not start killing people after killing the person just now. As for the reason for this pause, no one knew, but they also knew, This cessation is only temporary.

Soon, the third sound will come.

"No, I found tomb No. 77 here, but not No. 78."

"This is No. 79."

"My side is Tomb No. 76."

Those who were looking for the tombstones reported the situation on their side one after another.

They walked around the nearby old tombs and found a person standing in front of almost every tomb, but they could not find the most critical 78 tombs.

"Are you kidding? I couldn't find it?" Sun Rui opened his eyes wide and held the cane tightly in his hand, wanting to smash these graves into pieces.

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Is the post office kidding itself?

The only thing missing here is Grave No. 78, but he has to deliver a letter to the owner of Grave No. 78. This is not a letter delivery mission, it is a death mission.

"Damn, this is a death mission. We shouldn't come here. We shouldn't continue delivering letters. Tear up the red letters. At worst, we can resist a ghost attack. I don't believe it. The three of us can't stop the post office. A ghost attack."

Sun Rui couldn't help but curse.

Taking such a big risk and getting such a result is unbearable for anyone.

"Calm down, it's not that simple. You should think about it the other way around. All the other graves here are in Butterfly Cemetery . Why is the grave of No. 78 missing? And could this be the reason for this letter delivery mission? "

Yang Jian said calmly: "We are not really here to deliver the letter, but to dig out the secrets behind the letter, determine the reason for the existence of the ghost post office, and understand the truth behind the supernatural events. If we are really here to deliver the letter, then don't we just go with other people? Are there no differences between people? Don’t forget our purpose.”

"How can you be calm at this time? The longer you stay here, the greater the chance of death. There is no solution for ghosts to carve words on tombstones to kill people. We have seen the situation of Russell Yi just now." Sun Rui's mentality was a little unbalanced, and he began Become anxious.

But this is a normal emotion.

Faced with the attacks of evil spirits and the threat of death, few people can calm down.

"If you can't calm down, just believe me. I can take you out of here alive." Yang Jian stared at him and said, "Don't get emotional. The newcomers have a better mentality than you."

Sun Rui glanced at Li Yang who was standing aside.

Although Li Yang looked uneasy, he was not anxious.

He has survived in the world of ghost paintings, participated in an operation to imprison ghost paintings, experienced a group annihilation, and experienced strong winds and waves. He has become a ghost controller for a short time, but he has great potential.

Sun Rui, a ghost controller in the same batch as Feng Quan, had not been exposed to many supernatural events because he stayed in Dahan City. He had been pampered for a long time, so he would inevitably lose his balance when encountering such an emergency.

But his ability is very strong, but his mentality is poor.

"I understand… I listen to you." Sun Rui took a deep breath. Now that he is here, he will bet his life on Yang Jian.

After all, Ghost Eye Yang Jian's name was not just blown away.

Rather, it was created through actual S-level supernatural events.

During this brief dispute.

The other side.

"Sister, I seem to have seen grandma passing by over there." Liu Hao's voice was a little trembling, and he pointed to the dim old graveyard over there.

"No, don't talk nonsense, grandma is dead.

Liu Xinyue, who was holding her brother's hand, was so frightened that she almost cried. She thought of her grandmother's emaciated and lifeless look on the hospital bed. She thought of her cold and unfamiliar look after she died, which made her even more… I thought of the horrible look with heavy make-up during the burial.

If such a person were walking in this dark cemetery.

Even if she is the closest granddaughter, Liu Xinyue will only feel more fear than others, not less.

"Really, it's true. I really saw grandma just now. Grandma was wearing a black dress…" Liu Hao said emotionally.

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He was very detailed and even saw the color of his grandmother's clothes before she died.

Liu Xinyue covered her mouth in fear. She was trembling slightly and didn't even dare to look in the direction where her brother was pointing, for fear of seeing something she shouldn't see.

But the more afraid I am.

The more people can't help but look in that direction.

Just one glance.

Make sure your brother is not wrong.

Liu Xinyue glanced over there unexpectedly. This glance almost made her spirit collapse.

Between two old tombs not far away.

A cold old man wearing a black burial suit, with a pale face, a thin body, and wrinkles on his face was standing there motionless and looking this way.

No, that's not looking this way.

He just stood there stiffly, facing this way like a corpse.

There is no doubt that this old man is really her grandmother.

Mrs. Liu.

Old Mrs. Liu, who died in a coffin and disappeared mysteriously, was mysteriously resurrected and walked in the middle of this silent cemetery.

However, what no one noticed was that Mrs. Liu’s hands were stained with dirty and smelly grave soil.

The nails are full of dirt.

One of the hands actually held a rusty nail.

That nail is huge.

It's like a nail used by craftsmen to carve words on tombstones, but it's more like… a coffin nail.

Liu Xinyue was confused. Fear overwhelmed her reason, leaving her frozen in place and unable to move.

She was so frightened that she lost her mind.

And Liu Xinyue's eyes still stayed on Old Mrs. Liu in the distance.


Old Mrs. Liu turned stiffly and left.

He obviously hadn't taken a few steps, but he had already disappeared from sight.

A familiar yet eerie voice came from the silent and empty cemetery.

"Ding, ding ding."

Ghost, he's carving tombstones again.

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