The Streets Are Secluded

I come from hell, that place without temperature, life, or emotion. At least for me, that's the case. The only life is the blood-like flower on the other side. Looking at it, it merges with the blood-red "sky". Everything I see is blood-red and strangely beautiful.

Here, time becomes eternity, and there is no distinction between day and night. Every day, I am tired of watching the ghosts coming and going. I can see through life and death, and see through the world of mortals. This is what I think.

Spending my endless life here was my original idea, but that day, I heard a call from the world.

"Looking and searching, miserable and sad. Where is my friend?" That voice was cold and sad. For the first time, the heart that had been silent for thousands of years felt a trace of sadness, and suddenly there was a desire to leave here.

On the bank of the Forgotten River, I looked at the blood-colored river water, and jumped off the Death Lord Pavilion. Meabuki hated it , but under the bridge, there was a mechanism leading to the human world. This was when I saw a screaming ghost disappearing inexplicably. Maybe only I know about it when I discovered it, I think.

However, it is very dangerous to jump in like this, and I might be swept away by the Forgotten River. So, I picked up a flower from the other side, held it in front of my chest and silently said: "Almighty ferryman, can you give me a ride?" "After reciting the words, I threw the flowers from the other side into the river. A huge whirlpool formed where the flowers fell. Deep in the whirlpool, a boat slowly floated up. The ferryman was wrapped in a black cloak and his face could not be seen clearly. I jumped on the boat immediately to avoid being discovered, "Can you…"

"I won't tell them. This is the ferryman's rule." I only learned about the Forgotten River Ferryman by chance.

He slid the boat slowly, and the small hull was hidden under the Naihe Bridge. I stood up and pressed lightly on the seventh row from the front to the back and the thirteenth brick from the left to the right. In an instant, the world was spinning. Dizzying.

I was woken up by the sun's rays, which hurt like it could penetrate my body.

Suddenly someone brought a piece of shade, "Girl, why are you lying on the ground?" He helped me up and smiled gently, "Where is girl's home? How about asking Xiaosheng to take you back?" It was him.

"I…have no home." That home is gone long ago.

"Then how about I send the girl to the government and ask the Yamen to help?" There was some apology on his face.

"No!" The government, it was simply hell on earth.

"That girl…if you don't mind, just stay in my humble room." He looked helpless.

"Okay. Thank you, Mr. Master." Although it's not very good for him…

He gave me the umbrella and I slowly followed him.

"Girl's name?"

"They call me Qianmo."

"The streets are being demolished to the south when the flowers are busy, and the wind blows the willows from the east. The fleeting years are wandering and won't spare me, and the beautiful scenery is for whom. The world is bounded by three borders, and the green grass covers the suburbs for thousands of miles. The evening bell interacts with the near and far. , Mingniao flies up and down to follow. The girl’s name is so beautiful.” He praised with a smile.

"The little girl admires the young master for his sentiments. What is his name?"

"Just call me Hangbian."

"The city of Changlu is paved with green autumn grass, and the magpie bridge is red with the setting sun. Pipes are blowing in front of buildings everywhere, and boats are parked outside every house. The name of the young master is also quite poetic," I responded.

Hang smiled, "Young lady is so talented in literature, I hate you so much. I wonder if we can be close friends?"

I responded: "Okay."

From that day on, I wandered around the mountains and rivers with him every day, living a life of "a song about mountains and flowing water, a glass of wine at a gathering of seven stars".

I thought it would continue like this until he died and I would go back.

But there will always be obstacles one after another.

That day when I was adjusting my bamboo flute, I felt an unconcealable evil spirit. A cat walked slowly in the distance. She actually cultivated an entity in the human world that is not afraid of the sun!

"You shouldn't be here," said the cat.

"Why can you come but I can't?" I didn't intend to listen to her advice.

"You will understand when the time comes. It's too late to go back with me now. Also, even if you don't go back with me now, even if you can escape the disaster and wait for him to die, do you know how to go back? What did you do before you came here? Have you thought it through?" The cat stared straight at me, and I was a little stunned. Indeed, I had not thought about such issues at all, but I wanted to stay here.

When Hang came out, the cat turned its head and disappeared. I was lost in thought.

I didn't think about that incident very often after a while, but I was occasionally worried about it.

The one who really made me return to hell was Zhang Banxian.

That day I went deeper into the mountains and forests with Hang. I was made uncomfortable by a vague fairy spirit, and wanted Hang to take me back, but he pointed to a simple thatched hut in front of me and asked me to rest there. Unable to push back in every possible way, I had no choice but to move forward.

But it became more comfortable as we moved forward.

Arriving at the door, Hang stepped forward and knocked on the door. Just as he was about to knock down, the door opened.

Hang said politely: "Sorry to bother you."

The half-immortal inside the door gave him an arrogant snort: "You also know, let her come in, and you stay outside. Unless I let you in, don't even think about coming in."

I glanced at Hang, and Hang probably knew that this half-immortal was special, so he let me in with confidence.

The door slammed shut.

"You are a ghost." The half-immortal with white eyebrows stated.

"So what?" I felt really guilty in my heart.

"Since you know you are a ghost, how can you be with people?!" His long eyebrows twitched twice, looking a little angry.

"Old-fashioned god, why can't I be with people if I'm a ghost?" I pretended to be calm.

"You dare to call me old-fashioned! What you are doing is unreasonable! I kindly remind you that you are calling me old-fashioned! Do you know that even if I don't take action, as long as I don't suppress the immortal energy, you will die without leaving a scum?!" The old man Immortals are irritable. "I'll give you five days, no, three days, to leave him and spare your life!"

"Death? I'm already dead!" I turned around proudly, but when I opened the door, I saw Hang with a surprised look on his face, "You, are you a ghost?"

"No, I…"

Hang waved his sleeves and left. The immortal behind him smiled faintly.

I hurriedly caught up and rushed to the door. Hang ignored the door and let me slam the door until it almost collapsed. There was no movement inside. The only window was shut tightly.

I don't want to spoil this.

I spent three days and nights in front of the door. He didn't come out and I couldn't get in.

During this period, the cat tried to persuade me, or rather mocked me, but I ignored it.

That night, I saw the immortal energy rising extremely high, surrounding the hut, and Zhang Banxian arrived.

He swung out the whisk with great calmness and rushed towards me quickly. I waved my hand and pulled out the vines from the ground. The whisk had already broken into many strands before it came into contact with it. The whisk hit me hard on the chest. It was really unbearable, and a fishy sweetness surged up. I hurriedly swallowed it, pulled out more vines and rolled them towards the half-immortal. He was calm and composed, and quickly whirled the whisk to cut off all the vines.

Seeing that the situation was not good, I suddenly had the idea of ​​​​escape, but how could a half-immortal give me a chance? When I raised my hand, countless mirrors appeared and spun rapidly in front of me, making me dizzy. Just as I was about to run up, something suddenly appeared above me. An enlarged version of the talisman, not to mention under my feet, the effect of the talisman is simply too good, like thousands of insects crawling and biting under my feet, causing bursts of heart-piercing pain, and I simply have no room for resistance, if not for that Just a cat, I guess it has been made into a pill by that half-immortal.

Just when the half-immortal shouted: "Sleepy!" the cat suddenly sprang out, using the characteristics of cats, to rush in quickly through the gap in the mirror, grabbed me and ran away, or walked through the gap in the mirror, causing me to hit The glass broke several times, and a big living ghost squeezed through the gap. What a painful feeling it must be…

When the cat took me away, he said politely: "Goodbye, half-immortal~"

The half-immortal was not annoyed, and just said leisurely: "Humph, let you go." It seemed that he had known this would happen.

Until then, Hang didn't come out, just because… I'm a ghost.

The streets are secluded, I travel with you, you have no friends, I am willing to accompany you, abandon my ghost body, cast off my ghost bones, you can find a close friend in the mountains and rivers.

But, why do you abandon me? Even though I am a ghost, I can harm people? Even though I am a ghost, I can kill living things? Even though I am a ghost, I can do evil?

Who is the true friend in the secluded streets? On the banks of the River of Forgetfulness, when will the flowers on the other side be exhausted?

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