Ghost Disease

★ Ghost disease

This topic is so big. In traditional Chinese medicine, this disease is divided into two parts, one is called Zhongyao and the other is called Zhongxie. Middle demons refer to tangible ghosts to harm people, such as vixen and the like. Bewitched nature naturally refers to the invisible, such as evil spirits and so on.

Let's talk about the demon first. Demons are generally those that become spirits among animals. According to folklore, "grey and white yellow willow foxes" are more common among five animals that become spirits, namely: mice, hedgehogs, weasels, snakes and foxes. Of course, rat poison can kill people , and it doesn't mean that all animals can become spirits. Just like humans have wisdom, stupidity, virtuousness and dishonesty, the same animal also has clever and clever ones, and some stupid and clumsy ones. This is called talent.

It is said that a gifted animal eats some special herbal medicine by chance, or absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon once, and feels very good and comfortable, so it tries many times, and slowly accumulates the way, for Become a fairy and make troubles to lay a solid foundation. However, the road is still long and tortuous. It is said that after a little practice, one must first learn the appearance and behavior of a person, and then learn the calls of various birds, and then learn how to speak. It seems that it is easier for parrots and mynahs to learn human speech, but it is not easy for higher mammals to learn it. There is a certain reason for this.

Talking about here interspersed with a small matter. I have a colleague who talked about his grandfather's personal experience. Their family is from old Beijing. They used to live near Xiannongtan, which was considered a wilderness at that time. The current Taoranting Park used to be a poor family’s graveyard, and children ran there to play without understanding. One evening, when his grandfather had had enough fun and was walking home, a weasel suddenly appeared in front of him, more than two feet tall, wearing a vest, a straw hat, and leaning on a small weasel in his hand. He is not afraid of people and does not run away when he sees them, and he speaks to him: child, child, what do you think I look like? The grandfather of my colleague talked a lot about this kind of thing to the elders, but he was not afraid. He knew that this was a weasel that was about to become a genius. If you want to say that he looks like a little old man, he will become a genius immediately. He was also a ghost, saying: You look like a bastard. When the weasel heard it, he said, "Oh, it's really bad luck, it's really bad luck." I don't want the vest anymore, I don't want the walking stick anymore, and I ran away in a hurry.

Ordinarily, these things require people to cultivate immortals first, and it should be easier for humans to become immortals than animals. Why are there more animals becoming immortals and fewer humans attaining the Tao? Theoretically, the human body is the most precious thing, and even the Buddha has to manifest in the human world when he becomes enlightened. It's a pity that there are too many things that tempt people in the world, such as gold and silver treasures, beauties, fragrant cars, high-ranking officials and rich salary, there are a lot of miscellaneous things, and there is no time to practice at all, but it is not as good as these spiritual animals. Hang on, eat enough and sleep enough to concentrate on absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, the essence of the sun and the moon, but it will be easier to attain the Tao.

Once these beasts have their own way, they may not all harm people.

There are some who come and go without a trace, and like to talk about mysteries with high-level scholars and improve their xinxing. Just like making friends with others, learning from each other is beneficial and harmless.

It is understandable that some people attach themselves to people, use supernatural powers to cure diseases and eliminate disasters, and accumulate blessings to become immortals. Some are possessed and covet the rewards of some wine, meat and cigarettes. As long as they are not harmful to others, there is no need to be harsh. All kinds of supernatural beings, immortals, etc., are mostly in this category.

There are also some who specialize in seducing people with their beauty in order to have sex, and then steal the essence of the human body. According to traditional Chinese medicine, human essence is the fundamental energy to maintain the body's operation and normal physiological activities. If you use a little less, it is difficult to replenish it. Once it is used up, you will die. The monster wants to steal some to help speed up his cultivation, but the more he steals, the more he becomes addicted until he drains people dry. Therefore, this kind of monsters often kill people. Even if they are rampant for a while, they will inevitably have the consequences of being struck by lightning in the future.

There are many examples of this kind. It is nothing more than a good girl on the side of the road, the young master brings it home, she is fascinated every night, and then she is skinny, and then a Taoist priest passes by, Barabara and so on. But having said that, the amount of men's things is also limited, not to mention goblins, even if they are fascinated by ordinary girls every night, they will be skinny in half a year. As a doctor, I guarantee this is true. So this kind of thing should stop.

Next is evil spirits. As for evil spirits, traditional Chinese medicine says that they are fascinated by ghosts, and patients are prone to auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, hallucinations, and insanity. Western medicine will uniformly classify them into mental illness or hysteria. As long as there is no predestined relationship, methods such as thirteen needles are easier to treat.

When a person spends his entire life in this world without practicing cultivation, doing any particularly good deeds, or making any serious mistakes, he becomes a ghost after death, waits for the opportunity to mature, and then reincarnates. Those who have practiced and done great deeds went directly to the sky to become gods. Those who are extremely vicious are directly dragged to hell to suffer, and they will not be able to get out.

Of course, ghosts are also divided into three, six or nine classes. Some are high- level ghosts, so-called ghosts and immortals, officials of the underworld, city gods and lands. If the heroic spirit is still alive, go there to be an official. In traditional culture, it can also be regarded as a low-level god.

The second ones have some supernatural powers, such as Fuluan Immortal, Pen Immortal, unknown small temple deity, and some cooperate with others, fortune-telling and practice together. The Maoshan Taoist school cooperates closely with some ghosts.

The rest are ordinary ghost people and lowly poor ghosts. Food, money, food and clothing for ghosts are all given by people. Why do Chinese people pay so much attention to incense for future generations? It is because they are afraid that no one will burn incense and offer offerings after death, and be a poor ghost in the underworld.

There is also a special kind, that is, those who have a lot of resentment before death or those who died before they deserved to die, this kind of person will be more fierce and easier to harm others. For example, a certain intersection is prone to car accidents, a certain pond is prone to drowning people, etc. This is basically the trouble.

Ordinary ghosts are as common as flies and mosquitoes, but they have different dimensions and cannot be seen. Usually everyone does not violate the river water, and occasionally there are naughty people who play pranks. They just want to get some benefits and let people burn some incense and paper money. Generally, they will not hurt people.

People don’t offend me, I don’t offend others, this principle is common in both worlds of humans and ghosts, so when dealing with ghosts, as long as you don’t provoke offense, it’s fine, and there’s nothing to be afraid of, at worst, I’ll die just like you, so there’s nothing to be afraid of Woolen cloth?

From the Han Dynasty until the liberation, there was a Tianshi mansion in China, in Longhushan, Jiangxi. This Taoist temple is very interesting. It belongs to a half-government organization and is highly valued. It is dedicated to helping governments at all levels coordinate the relationship between the human world and the ghost world. For example, if something weird happened in a certain place, the local people would write a letter to the Tianshi Mansion, saying that there was a plague in a certain place, did they offend some ghosts and gods, and the Tianshi would observe it and say what the reason was , What kind of temple do you build, or do a religious ceremony and it will be fine. After the officials receive the letter, they will follow the instructions of the heavenly master, and then the recession period of the severe infectious disease may arrive, and the plague will gradually disappear.

If you are suddenly bewitched by demons, bewitched by evil spirits, or often have nightmares, immediately find a pair of underwear worn by the patient and put it on the patient's head. Pretending to be Salted Egg Superman, the ghost will leave as soon as it is afraid, and dare not come again, one_one||. The last sentence is made up by me…, you can pretend not to see it.

The principle is: ghosts and ghosts like clean things the most, and dirty things will damage their practice, so put the worn underwear on their heads, and the dirty air will make them avoid them and dare not approach them. Such as excrement and urine, dog blood and so on. But too many of these things are too disgusting, and the patients themselves will not feel too dirty when using them, and the remaining smell can just keep the evil spirits away, which is really a good way.

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