In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a big family surnamed Du in the Qingcheng Mountains. The family had a hundred acres of fertile land and thousands of houses. Unfortunately, the population was small and there was only one son, Du Mingsi. Mr. Du is knowledgeable, talented and generous. Because he lacks a finger on his hand, he is known as the "nine-fingered benevolent man".

On this day, Du Ming Si, newly married for less than a hundred days, was riding horses with a group of servants, and suddenly saw an animal that looked like a fox appearing in the forest. Du Ming Si became playful and galloped towards the fox. His horse was fast, leaving the servants behind.

After going to Duming Temple, he didn't come back until after noon. The servants were anxious and looked around in the forest. The old servant Du Cheng was the first to discover Du Mingsi's body. He fell off the cliff with his horse and man, and fell to his death on the spot.

Du Mingsi, the only seedling, died, and the Du family seemed to be in a catastrophe. Mrs. Du cried so hard that she wanted to hit the wall several times to try to die. Master Du, who was nearly fifty years old, was also very sad. The most pitiful thing was Du Mingsi's newly married wife who had just been married for three months. Zhao Qingyuan was a widow at a young age.

Three days after Du Ming Si was buried, someone suddenly reported that a young man named A Zhan in the town had died of a sudden illness, and after waking up, he claimed to be Du Ming Si.

Is there such a strange thing? Master Du led people to find out what happened. When he saw that Azhan, he couldn't help being stunned. This young man in his twenties really resembles his son. As soon as A Zhan saw Master Du, he knelt down: "Father, I finally saw you. I fell down and passed out that day. Why did I wake up and run here?"

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Even the voices were very similar, but Master Du was sure that he had never seen A Zhan before, so he helped him up in confusion, and said, "But people say your name is A Zhan, and my son's name is Du Mingsi, are you sick?" Confused?"

"Father, of course I am Ming Si. Who is A Zhan? Look, I have the "General History" you gave me. You think I don't like reading, so I keep it." A Zhan took out a book from his arms. This book is coming. In that book, there were comments made by Mr. Du when he was reading it. Mr. Du was startled. The more he looked at A Zhan, the more he looked like his son Ming Si.

I heard from A Zhan's neighbors: A Zhan's father died at the age of 16, and his mother also passed away last year. There are no other relatives in the family. He usually makes a living by doing small business, but the day before yesterday he suddenly fell ill, and the doctor diagnosed him as dying, and when the neighbors were wondering how to bury him, he suddenly came back to life, and after he came back to life, he said that he was Du Mingsi.

Could it be that the son has returned from the corpse? Azhan's appearance, expression, and tone are very similar to his son's, but Mr. Du would not believe it. He has a big family business, and he is worried that someone will pretend to be a ghost to deceive his family's property. Master Du chatted with A Zhan calmly, but was shocked to find that A Zhan knew everything about Duming Temple clearly, and he also spoke clearly about his childhood.

A Zhan said: "Father, I was going to die, but I was unwilling. Unfortunately, my body was broken and I had to borrow someone else's body to come back. You don't believe me. child……"

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"Shut up! Stop talking." Master Du yelled, this is his secret. It turned out that Mr. Du lamented the frailty of his subordinates, and was afraid of his rich and powerful wife, so he secretly hooked up with the little woman who opened the shop. When he came out for a tryst, he was bumped into by his son. Because of this, the father and son almost turned their faces. Fortunately, Du Mingsi was still sensible and vowed never to tell anyone.

This is something only Ming Si knows, and Azhan knows it too. Master Du couldn't help wondering: there really is such a thing as resurrecting a dead body in the world.


A Zhan was taken back to Du's house, and Mrs. Du, supported by her daughter-in-law, greeted her at the door early. Ah Zhan got out of the car, knelt down to Mrs. Du, and cried, "Mom, I'm back."

A Zhan changed into Du Ming Si's clothes, except for his slightly thinner figure, he really looked alike, even Zhao Qingyuan was dumbfounded: "You, are you a human or a ghost? Are you Ming Si?"

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"Qingyuan, I wrote the word Du on your waist with my own hand, so how can it be fake?" Azhan knew about the private affairs of the boudoir, Zhao Qingyuan blushed and stopped responding.

A Zhan turned into Du Ming Si with his dead body, but is he really Du Ming Si? Of course, Master Du didn't believe it. He quietly said to his wife: "There are such strange things in the world? Isn't it too weird? Be careful, you are eyeing my family's property."

Mrs. Du said while counting the rosary beads: "That child looks very much like Ming Si, and he knows almost everything about Ming Si. Who is he, Ming Si? It must be that the child is reluctant to let me grow old and be lonely. When I come back, there will be no Azhan in the world." , only Mingsi my son."

Madam lost her son too much, she would rather believe that there is a resurrection. Fortunately, after returning home , Ah Zhan was filial to his parents in every possible way. He changed from his previous domineering and disobedient appearance, and he and his wife Qing Yuan are also more affectionate. They don't quarrel like they used to.

Although Master Du treats A Zhan like father and son on the surface, he privately tells his servants not to give A Zhan any chance to control his property, and sends people to follow him secretly. Ah Zhan didn't mind not having a lot of property and power. In the past, Du Mingsi was not interested in doing business. He admired flowers and went shopping every day.

One day, the weather was muggy, and Azhan, who was wearing a Chinese robe, was extremely hot. Seeing no one around, he took off his shirt and plunged into the big water tank, soaking himself thoroughly. He was enjoying himself, but he didn't pay attention to Madam Du passing by the wall. She suddenly saw A Zhan's back and couldn't help being stunned…

That night, Mr. Du dressed up as a woodcutter and sneaked into a wealthy small courtyard to die . A young woman in her 30s rushed over with a puff of powder incense. This young woman is Master Du's concubine, Taochun. She is young, beautiful, flirtatious and charming. She is five months pregnant, and Master Du loves her very much.

After loving each other for a while, Taochun said coquettishly, "Although you are kind to me, it's not a problem if you don't see the sun like this. When do you want me to wait?"

Master Du let out a long sigh, because he was afraid of his original spouse and the influence of his wife's family, he never dared to take a concubine, and had to secretly raise a woman. According to the customs at that time, if the wife was unable to bear children, she was obliged to take concubines for her husband. Mrs. Du was infertile and sickly in her fifth decade, and her only son Du Mingsi died. What more. But at this time, there happened to be a Zhan who "resurrected his soul with a dead body". If he came back, he would treat Du Mingsi as alive. If he took another concubine, Mrs. Du would definitely make a fuss.

Taochun sneered and said, "You really have a dead body in this world? Is there some ulterior motive?"

dead surname_dead surname_dead surname

Of course, Mr. Du was dubious, but everyone in the Du family believed that A Zhan was Du Mingsi, and he couldn't find any flaws in A Zhan for a while, so he could only let the matter take his time. He said, "Let's wait and see."

At this time, a burly man came in, he was eight feet tall, his eyes were like copper bells, he looked like Zhang Fei, and he stared angrily: "Master Du, I don't care if your son is real or not, I only have one. Let my younger sister marry into the Du family within a month, otherwise, heh heh, I will let you know how powerful I am Wuying Dao…"

Seeing this big guy, Master Du's legs trembled in fright. This "big brother" is not easy to mess with. He has a brush in the Jianghu and an extremely sharp steel knife in his hand. He is called "Shadowless Knife". Underworld and white ways take all. At the beginning, Mr. Du provoked Taochun just because of lust. He didn't expect that there was such a powerful brother behind her, and now he had to come in even if she was allowed to enter the house, and he had to find a way to enter if he couldn't let her in.


A month after Ah Zhan moved into Du's residence, one day, a servant came to report: "Young Master insisted on living in Young Mistress's house last night, and we couldn't stop them. Do you want them to sleep in separate rooms?"

It turned out that although Mr. Du, who had a dark heart, accepted A Zhan's status as "Duming Temple" due to the situation, but let him and his daughter-in-law live in separate rooms. Now that they want to live together, wouldn't it be a fake?

Mr. Du is suffering and cannot tell. Did the whole family really believe in A Zhan's identity as "Duming Temple"? The superstitious townspeople and Mrs. Du, who eat vegetarian food and chant Buddha, firmly believe in A Zhan's "resurrection of the dead", and Master Du can't help it. He is also very confused that A Zhan is so familiar with everything about Duming Temple.

In the evening, the family was having dinner, when suddenly Du Cheng stumbled to report: "It's not good, it's not good, outside, the young master outside… is back."

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