Chapter 391 Raising A Little Ghost

After dinner very early, Yang Jian saw Wang Haiyan's fidgeting look and didn't procrastinate any further. Although he knew that Wang Shanshan's matter was not in a hurry, he still had to be considerate as a parent.

After all, he is also a single-parent family, so he understands the feeling of being a mother very well.

"Sister Jiang, sit with Aunt Wang for a while. Wang Shanshan, come upstairs with me. I'll settle your matter first." Yang Jian stood up and said.

Wang Haiyan's eyes lit up immediately, and she hurriedly urged her daughter to follow.

Wang Shanshan still looked very indifferent, as if she didn't care about anything, she just gave a soft acknowledgment, and then followed.

In the quiet stairs, only the footsteps of two people echoed.

Yang Jian, who was walking in front, was silent, and Wang Shanshan, who was following behind, was also silent. The atmosphere seemed a little strange.

"Maybe I shouldn't have turned you into this at the beginning, or you wouldn't have become this inhuman." Suddenly, Yang Jian stopped and turned to look at Wang Shanshan.

As classmates for three years in high school, the relationship between him and Wang Shanshan can't be said to be good, but it can't be said to be bad either, and they still communicate occasionally.

But after the occurrence of the supernatural events in the No. 7 Middle School, the survivors became much more cordial to each other.

However, few of the seven people who left the school alive ended well. They became ghost masters themselves. Zhang Wei died once, and Zhao Lei was left with only a body. Shanzhuan went to other places to take the college entrance examination…

"I can't blame you, I should have died if I didn't do that."

Wang Shanshan shook her head slightly, her tone was still very cold, but her thinking was normal, no different from ordinary people.

Yang Jiandao: "Living is sometimes more painful than dying. It feels very uncomfortable to be a different kind. I have experienced this very well, and you are not really out of danger. You didn't pass out before. After a while? That's because of my influence."

"Once I die, you will become that half-dead state again, and you will still die in the end."

"Then as long as you don't die," Wang Shanshan said.

Yang Jian shook his head and said, "Being a ghost master is very difficult to survive for a long time. If you control one ghost, there is a risk that the ghost will recover. Although you can prolong the time if you control two ghosts, you will still die sooner or later. I used a special method to solve the problem of ghost recovery, but my physical condition did not allow me to last for a long time… I have to continue to seek new ghost power, which has reached the requirements of personal survival and a new balance. "

"That's too difficult."

"At least we are still alive, aren't we? Much better than other students who died in school, so I should still thank you for letting me survive, and I think this state is very good, I don't feel scared, and I don't feel scared. I feel sad and sad, and my whole person seems to have been sublimated, and I have always maintained a clear thinking and rational state." Wang Shanshan said.

"This is a bad state, definitely not a good thing. It means that you are getting closer to the nature of ghosts. The only difference is that I am still alive, and your thinking can always be maintained. Once this thing is fully recovered, your thinking will be gone. Will be completely reduced to a ghost slave by the curse of the ghost eye."

Yang Jian pointed to his forehead.

A scarlet ghost eye opened its flesh, exuding a faint red glow, looking around strangely,

Wan Shanshan was not frightened by such words, she no longer had such emotions, but instead squeezed out a pale and weird smile: "So Yang Jian, you have to live, for yourself and for me, after all, I can I am very afraid of death, and I don’t want to die like this.”

"Try your best." Yang Jian looked at her with complicated eyes.

While speaking, the two of them had reached the fifth floor.

To make sure things were safe, he fetched a spare gold box, revealing the old straw rope wrapped around his wrist.

Today I have to go back to my old job.

If one day he solves all the problems caused by the ghosts by himself, maybe becoming an obstetrician and gynecologist is very promising.

"I'm going to take out the ghost baby in your stomach. Don't worry, there will be no pain. Just keep calm and don't panic when encountering anything." Yang Jian rolled up his sleeves and said seriously.

"Do you need to peel off your belly?" Wang Shanshan lifted her clothes, revealing her white and slender waist.

As expected of a figure who has learned to dance.

Yang Jian said: "Who told you to cut open your stomach? Am I so cruel?"

"Isn't that how it's done in horror movies?" Wang Shanshan said.

"I'm much weirder than the ones in horror movies." As soon as Yang Jian finished speaking, he took a sudden step forward and stabbed Wang Shanshan's stomach with one hand, as if he wanted to tear her stomach open A huge hole.

But the strange thing is that Wang Shanshan didn't feel any pain when his hand went in.

Like a transparent shadow.

With the experience of the last two surgeries, Yang Jian obviously got acquainted a lot this time. He opened his ghostly eyes and locked on the special ghost baby in Wang Shanshan's stomach, and then stretched out his hand and grabbed it violently. The story , using the power of ghost domain and ghost shadow, perfectly stripped this thing out of her body.


Yang Jian took his hand back from Wang Shanshan's stomach, but there was a baby bigger than a palm in his hand.

The baby was covered in a faint blue color, neither like a dead baby nor like an extremely vicious ghost baby. At this moment, the palm-sized baby opened a pair of red eyes, looking at the surroundings like ghost eyes. everything.

"Will you start eating people?" Yang Jian stared at the ghost baby in his hand and remained silent, his heart on guard.

According to the previous understanding of the laws of ghost babies, the ghost babies after birth will eat the people they see.

The first person to see is yourself.

The ghost baby should take the initiative to attack itself.

However, after waiting for a while, the ghost baby did not attack Yang Jian, nor did it attack Wang Shanshan next to him.

"Is this a ghost baby?" Wang Shanshan looked at what Yang Jian took out from her stomach, feeling a little weird: "It's like a baby I gave birth to."

"Little baby?" Yang Jian smiled suddenly: "Once this thing gets out of control, it can eat people in a city, even ghosts."

The ghosts eaten by the ghost babies are not dead, but are forcibly absorbed and become part of their own bodies.

"What do you want to do with it?" Wang Shanshan asked.

Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly, but he didn't answer.

He has been thinking about Wang Shanshan's question during the day.

This ghost baby is very special. There are so many ghost babies in the whole Dachang City, only this ghost baby conceived by Wang Shanshan is a different kind. The curse survived in a new way.

This situation, not one in a million, is caused by various accidents and coincidences.

Therefore, he has always had two ways to deal with the top ten stories about baby ghosts in Asia .

Kill to avoid future troubles.

Not real ghosts, derivatives of this kind can be killed.

The second method is to manipulate and raise them.

If it succeeds, Yang Jian can feed the ghost to it, and let it grow into a terrifying existence higher than the level of the starving ghost.

But there is a possibility of getting out of control, but if it succeeds, it will be of great value, and it can even affect the entire Asia, no, even the global situation.

After all, this thing is too precious.

"I'm in this situation now, do I still need to be greedy for life and fear death?" Yang Jian's eyes fixed, and he immediately made a decision.

raise up.

The risk is directly proportional to the benefit, and there will never be a chance if you don't give it a try.

"I decided to raise it."

An indifferent person like Wang Shanshan was stunned for a moment: "You want to raise a kid?"

"This is a dangerous investment, but the benefits are huge. I have no choice." Yang Jian said seriously that he would not change easily after making a decision.

"Then I'll help you raise it. After all, you can't keep this thing with you all day." Wang Shanshan said suddenly.

Yang Jian was a little surprised and said: "You help me raise it? That's not okay, if something goes wrong, you can't control it."

It is true that he cannot be brought with him to raise, after all, it will have a very bad influence on himself.

So he thought about throwing him in a safe house and seeing the situation, but he didn't expect Wang Shanshan to say such a thing.

"I seem to have some kind of connection with it, so it should be fine." Wang Shanshan looked at the ghost baby in Yang Jian's hand and said, "And this is also an attempt. If I can help you control it, it will be valuable, although there may be Dangerous, but am I still afraid of danger in this state?"

Yang Jian pondered.

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