Evil Spirits In Ancient Temples (3)

They learned from the robbed pilgrims that there was a beautiful Miss Liu in Hengfa Temple, who looked like a fairy who had left the blue sky. The thief saw that the mountain gate was tightly closed and the high wall was difficult to climb, and he did not bring any climbing equipment. The monks inside were already on guard, and it was difficult to break in for a while. Donate it, otherwise all the garlands will be burned, the monks and laymen will be beheaded, and no one will be left alive.

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Could it be that the son has returned from the corpse? Master Du couldn't help wondering: there really is such a thing as resurrecting a dead body in the world. A Zhan turned into Du Ming Si with his dead body, but is he really Du Ming Si? Madam lost her son too much, she would rather believe that there is a resurrection. But at this time, there happened to be a Zhan who "resurrected his soul with a dead body". If he came back, he would treat Du Mingsi as alive. If he took another concubine, Mrs. Du would definitely make a fuss. Tao Chun sneered and said: "Do you think there is really a dead body in this world? … Continue readingResurrection

Ancient Temple Evil Spirits (3)

Zhang Xiluo came back to his senses, the beauty had gone, Lan Musk was still there, the sound of wearing the ring faded away, only a few young monks were left sweeping the floor, looking at him and laughing endlessly. They learned from the pilgrims who were robbed that there is a beautiful Miss Liu in Hengfa Temple, who looks like a fairy who has left Bixiao. The abbot first stopped the bandit soldiers in the courtyard, saying that he wanted to ask Liao Lihu to answer, so that outsiders should stop shooting arrows. … Continue readingAncient Temple Evil Spirits (3)