Green Bag Shroud Part 1

As soon as he said it, Han Sheng turned around and kicked a section of the stalagmite on the ground, then raised half of the stalagmite and knocked it towards the stalactite hanging from the stone wall, knocking down a small section of stalactite with a "bang". On the rocky ground, Han Sheng crushed the stalactites with stalagmites. After a while, the stalactites had been smashed into powder. He swept the stone powder into a depression on the ground with his palm, and then untied his belt, Pulled out the little brother and sprinkled a bubble of piss into the pit.

Benben found out, ran over in a hurry, raised his hind legs against the depression, and a sour heat rose…

It was too late for Han Sheng to stop him, Benben had already squeezed out dog urine into the pit, and then winked and jumped to the side to watch the fun.

Benben should also be a dog boy, and Han Sheng has not discovered any connection between him and the bitch in the village so far, so the medicine formulated should be usable.

Han Sheng quickly stirred with his fingers, and he didn't care about the smell of smell. After stirring evenly, he could wipe it all on the female bat's vagina.

The light of the flashlight gradually dimmed, and the battery was about to run out, so Han Sheng simply turned off the switch and waited quietly in the dark.

I hope this medicine can quickly eliminate the inflammation. It is recorded in the "Qing Nang Jing" that this prescription is called "Hua Ruishi San", and its efficacy is unique. Of course, each of the prescriptions in the scriptures has extraordinary efficacy.

In the darkness, the countless little red eyes on the top of the head looked down motionlessly, the two big blood-red eyes of the leader of the Yinbat were close at hand, and the voice of the female Yinbat gradually died down.

I don't know how long it took, and suddenly there was a weak "Zhi Zhi" cry, followed by a burst of chaotic "Zhi Zhi" calls that filled the entire empty cave.

Han Sheng immediately turned on the flashlight, surrounded by dozens of pink, fleshy newborn little bats that looked like little mice, their eyes hadn't even opened yet…

The female Yinbat sat up slowly, her blood-red eyes were full of gratitude, under the faint light of the flashlight, Han Sheng found that her inflammation had basically been completely eliminated.

The leader of the Yin Bat expressed his joy with a very soft whistle. At this moment, the female Yin Bat spread her wings, hugged the baby bats and began to nurse.

Han Sheng finally breathed a sigh of relief, everything in the world has a spirit. Benben leaned forward and stared at those little things, thinking it was very interesting.

The leader of the Yinbat signaled Han Sheng to follow him, and jumped towards the small hole on the side, which was the direction to Shidandan. Drilling through the small hole, and following the passage where Demon God Z faced the Dark General , the sound of running water became louder and louder, and they came to the cave that was entangled by Bai Tuo's beard last time – Tiancan Cave.

The broken stone egg was still there, and those white stalking silks were gone. The leader of Yinbat jumped onto the stone egg, blinked at Han Sheng, and Han Sheng walked over.

Han Sheng shone the already weak light of the flashlight inside.

Demon Z vs. Dark General

There is actually a person lying on the bottom of the stone egg…

This person has long white hair all over his body, and also on his face, so he can't see his appearance. Han Sheng was taken aback, how could there be someone in here?

According to Grandma Wang, this stone egg must be a celestial silkworm, but who is the person inside, and how did he get into the celestial silkworm?

Han Sheng was puzzled, there seemed to be something next to the head of the person in Cannei, most of which were covered by white hair. Han Sheng stretched out his hand, but couldn't reach it. He looked around, and found that there were no branches or sticks in the hole.

With a soft cry, the leader of Yin Bat signaled Han Sheng to get out of the way, and he shrank his body and got in. But seeing it brushing away its white fur, the two little paws on its wings picked up a thin booklet, and handed it to Han Sheng respectfully.

Han Sheng recognized the three words on it at a glance – Shi Yi Jing.

"…The silkworm reappears in the sun, and the corpse clothes accompany you." Granny Wang's words rang in her ears.

Oh, it turns out that the shroud refers to the "Shiyi Sutra"!

Han Sheng was startled, could this be the ancient book that people from Mount Wu and Chu once said had been lost?

The light of the flashlight dimmed, Han Sheng quickly flipped through a few pages, and before the lights were completely extinguished, he saw a few lines of words: I, Liu Ji, east of Zhejiang, styled Bowen, collect the methods of exorcising evil from the world…

In the darkness, only those two big blood-red eyes like copper bells can be seen.

A way to ward off evil spirits? This is a wonderful book. Recalling that night of thunder and lightning, on the big branch of the old camphor tree, the huge black bat stood majestically on the branch, looking up at the sky. The silk drifted with the wind, and its claws were lifted high above a menstrual belt… The left and right resisted the bombardment of lightning. The mountain man said that it came from the technique of warding off evil spirits in "The Book of Corpse Clothes".

It turns out that there are really many weird things in the world. Han Sheng carefully put the book into his arms, "On the day when the silkworm reappears, the corpse clothes accompany you on your journey." This stone egg silkworm has been broken and reappeared. It seems that Liu Bowen wants me to Carry this book with you at all times, and you can do many things well. Now that I have learned the technique of the green pouch, plus the technique of exorcising evil from the "Shiyi Sutra", wouldn't it be… Thinking of this, Han Sheng couldn't help laughing out loud.

The person inside the silkworm must be Liu Bowen 600 years ago. My mother-in-law said that he lived in seclusion in Wolong Valley, and no one knew his whereabouts. It turned out that he hid in the silkworm and died. But how did he get into the silkworm? In the future, if you have the opportunity, you must ask Shanren Demon God Z to the Dark General , he is a learned person, and he may know.

Now that I have obtained the "Shi Yi Sutra", then Liu Bowen should be my mentor, even though there has been a gap of 600 years.

Han Sheng silently knelt down towards Tiancan, and said to Liu Bowen in the dark: "Master, please accept your apprentice Han Sheng from Nanshan, Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province." After finishing speaking, he respectfully kowtowed three times.

Alas, the battery of the flashlight has run out, how to get out.

Han Sheng and Benzene still followed the old method, following the two red eyes of the Yinbat leader, groping forward in the dark.

I don't know how long it took, I walked through countless large and small caves, and finally there was a dim light in front of me. When I walked to the front, I saw that the outside of the cave was already in the Crouching Dragon Valley at dusk.

In the depths of Wolong Valley, beside the camphor forest, on the raised soil, Wu Daoming of Lingnan and Liu Jinmo of Qingtian are confronting each other with swords drawn.

The waning moon was like a hook, and the desolate moonlight sprinkled in the valley. There was silence in all directions, and everyone's heartbeat could be heard.

Liu Jinmo sneered, and first said: "Wu Daoming of Lingnan, what does this matter have to do with you?"

In Wu Daoming's hands, there are two yin cones hidden in his hands, which he dragged out of his crotch with pain from the tree just now. It is his code of conduct to be prepared.

"Hehe, this statement is absurd. Senior Liu Bowen is a generation of Fengshui masters, and he has always been respected by Wu. Besides, the 600-year Qingtian agreement is related to the safety of the people of the world today. If a cold-blooded thief enters Longting, Wouldn’t that be a catastrophe for the Central Plains? But it also ruined Liu Bowen I’s reputation. It concerns the people of the world, and although I, Wu, live in a corner of the South China Sea, I can’t just stand by and watch.” Wu Daoming spoke righteously and resoundingly.

Wu Chushan people heard it from the side, thinking in his heart, although Wu Daoming from Lingnan's conduct is both good and evil, but what he said is justified.

After hearing this, Liu Jinmo sneered and said, "Wu Daoming, it seems that you do know a lot. To tell you the truth, firstly, when I go to the appointment to hold the token promised back then, Crouching Dragon Valley must not refuse, and secondly, the descendants of the old man are generals. My son, China's future elites will definitely benefit the people in the future, and you are covering up evil nonsense, just based on this, you can be identified as a class enemy, and I can punish you on the spot on behalf of the higher authorities."

"Elite? To benefit the common people? Tell me the name of that person, who is it?" Wu Daoming said with a grin.

Wu Chushan people were also eager to know who the old man's son was, so it was great to have Wu Daoming here asking questions.

"Hmph, you're too deceitful! Get rid of him!" Liu Jinmo ordered coldly.

The two well-dressed men on the mountain bag pulled out their pistols from their arms with a "swish", and someone let out an exclamation…

It was too late and then it was too late, Wu Daoming raised his hand, and two hair-thin black lights shot out quickly, running towards the two big men respectively. Only two "ouches" were heard, and the pistol fell to the ground.

Everyone looked at it anxiously, the two men each had a black penetrating cone inserted into the back of their gun-holding hands, three points into the flesh, and the trembling penis cones were still curled at the end…

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